Indian prime minister asked Russian president to tell him about the situation in Ukraine

Indian prime minister asked Russian president to tell him about the situation in Ukraine

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a telephone conversation, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to talk about the situation in Ukraine. For Modi, the assessment of the situation by the Russian leader is reportedly important.

The main topic of discussion was the prospects for practical cooperation in the fields of energy, agriculture, transport, logistics and mutual investment.

The head of the Indian government asked the President of Russia to give fundamental assessments in the context of the current situation in the Ukrainian direction.

During the conversation, both sides expressed satisfaction with the development of cooperation between the countries. The interlocutors noted the important role of mutual coordination in the format of international organizations, especially given the start of India's chairmanship of the GXNUMX and the SCO.

Putin paid an official visit to New Delhi in December 2021. There was also a separate meeting between Putin and Modi during the September SCO summit in Samarkand.

The press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the international telephone conversation between the heads of state, also added that French President Emmanuel Macron also wanted to talk with Putin and discuss the withdrawal of weapons from the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Macron's obsession to withdraw something from the ZNPP? If so, then he can, for a start, withdraw all his troops from the territory of Africa, as well as his weapons from the territory of Ukraine.
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  1. 0
    December 16 2022
    Like, of course, we suspect that the United States and Ukrainians are brazenly lying to us, but tell us at least how much ?!
  2. -1
    December 16 2022
    Poor this Mod! He doesn’t have assistants who would translate Putin’s speeches, would make a cut for the boss ...
  3. +1
    December 16 2022
    It seems that Modi refused to meet with Putin, citing Russian aggression in Ukraine. But apparently, after another traditional massacre between the Indians and the Chinese, he decided to call his old friend. Everything in its own way: beating determines consciousness.
    1. 0
      December 16 2022
      Indian prime minister asked Russian president to tell him about the situation in Ukraine
      Does he have a TV? our citizens here believe the first and second channels ... what to explain to them after that? and there Putin explains...yes...and believers, the sea.
  4. +1
    December 16 2022
    Mr. Modi, do you really want to become a tool of the US in the war with China? Yes, China is not a gift, but the United States is even worse about them is the proverb "God save us from our friends, and we will deal with the enemies ourselves."
  5. -2
    December 16 2022
    There shouldn't be any difficulties for Putin.
  6. +1
    December 16 2022
    I look forward to a telephone conversation between Medvedev and Arestovich. Let two "stars" telegram meet. For a heap, let Peskov take part.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  7. +1
    December 16 2022
    . For Modi, the assessment of the situation by the Russian leader is reportedly important.

    In other words. When will you guys start? Already everyone (BRICS) is tired of this bodyaga for the 9th month in a row.
  8. 0
    December 16 2022
    Indians insist on seeing themselves as the star of the ball and comically ask others to see them as the center of attention.

    We Chinese have always laughed at this inexplicable self-confidence of India.
  9. 0
    December 16 2022
    Probably Modi offered Putin to read Wikipedia, as at one time the Indians put their violently mad pro-American non-brothers in their place. And the English transport Harmattan, together with the Venus Challenger carrying lend-lease from Saigon, was not spared, and the Panamanian tanker was blown up, and they did not report to anyone and did not offer a truce.
  10. 0
    December 16 2022
    Let Zelya explain the "situation in Ukraine". The situation on the site of the former Ukraine is still stably difficult. We still have to "wait".
  11. -1
    December 17 2022
    Ouch! Well, do not wait for the French from African countries to leave by themselves.
    Or the national liberation movement will kick them out, with civil wars, the massacre of everyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; or the appearance of kind, but strong ...
    From Russia, from China, from the States, from Europe.
    Good overseers for resource miners.
    Russians have always been the kindest.
  12. -1
    December 17 2022
    India in its economic development is moving forward not even by leaps and bounds, but by some twenty-mile steps.
    The fact that their castes have not disappeared ... And in Europe and the United States is a solid democracy? Are those who managed to rise in one or two generations immediately cease to be considered nouveau riche in white countries?
    Now the confrontation, economic, between China and India can begin. States will help India. And Europe.
    Therefore, allegedly, the interest and attention of the head of India to the problems that the head of Russia has is nothing more than diplomatic communication.
  13. 0
    December 18 2022
    It's just a mild offer to report back. Well, you, in fact, have never dealt with, umm ... how would it be ... with power structures? There, only "managers of a very middle level" splatter with saliva.

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