American F-35B fighter crashed at US Naval Air Station Fort Worth in Texas

American F-35B fighter crashed at US Naval Air Station Fort Worth in Texas

The latest American F-35B fighter crashed during a training flight, the incident occurred at the US Naval Air Station Fort Worth in Texas, the pilot survived, having managed to eject. This was reported by the press service of Lockheed Martin.

As explained in the company, the aircraft involved in vertical takeoff and landing had an accident. It is not possible to say for sure whether it was a combat aircraft or a company aircraft participating in the tests, since the Fort Worth air base is used not only by the US Navy, but also by Lockheed Martin.

We are aware of the F-35B accident (...) and understand that the pilot ejected safely

- stated in the company.

Judging by the video, the pilot of the F-35B fighter tried to land the plane in a vertical way, but failed. When landing, the plane jumped, after which the front landing gear broke and it “pecked” with its nose, turning around its axis and hooking the ground with its wing. Just before the plane came to a stop, the pilot ejected. Whether he has any injuries is unknown.

The reasons for the incident are not known, the leadership of the Fort Worth military base initiated an internal investigation.

The previous incident with the US Air Force F-35 fighter occurred in October, the plane from the 388th Fighter Regiment crashed on the runway, the pilot ejected. Details of the accident, as well as its causes, were not disclosed.

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    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +4
      16 December 2022 07: 05
      The first photo is cool, but then it turned out not so rosy.
      1. +1
        16 December 2022 08: 12
        Yes, I was also interested because of the photo laughing . Thought dives laughing
    3. +8
      16 December 2022 07: 07
      Rare sykun pilot "The text of your comment is too short and, according to the site administration, does not contain useful information."
      1. +4
        16 December 2022 07: 13
        I would turn off the engine ... By the way, our Yaks had an automatic ejection system, at a certain roll angle
      2. +3
        16 December 2022 07: 13
        Ssykun is not a ssykun, but he will receive good health insurance.
        1. +1
          16 December 2022 07: 39
          And a medal...
          1. 0
            16 December 2022 08: 54
            I even found a medal with which he will be awarded. "Pilot's Medal" - for heroism not related to military operations.
          2. +1
            16 December 2022 11: 09
            They give medals for any reason ... He arrived in a new unit to serve, a medal, he also left a medal.
    4. +2
      16 December 2022 07: 17
      Sometimes it's a matter of life. What is characteristic, the pilot did not eject immediately, but probably after he assumed that the plane could ignite. And the airplane costs a lot of money - 122,8 million greenbacks.
    5. +1
      16 December 2022 07: 20
      How much is this toy worth ... 300 hundred million?)))
      1. 0
        16 December 2022 09: 30
        And it does not matter, they will always have money (besides, it seemed to be cheaper - about 100 million per unit). At the end of November, more than 850 cars of all versions have already been produced. We need to blow off the dust particles from the Su-57, of which, according to official data, there are no more than a few dozen.
        PS: chlamydomonas - free wink
    6. +2
      16 December 2022 07: 21
      Of course, they are enemies, but the plane is a pity! I was already startled when his stand gave way.
      1. +2
        16 December 2022 07: 25
        Even the second time in a row the rack bursts. Probably a system flaw.
        1. -1
          16 December 2022 07: 36
          I can not answer, not an expert. Maybe the pilot screwed up. But sorry for the car.
        2. 0
          16 December 2022 07: 43
          You can see a large load on the front strut, so it broke. Judging by the video, there were problems with engine control and fans in the position for vertical takeoff and landing, or pilot error, although it is already clear that the rate of descent is too high, hence the bouncing and then how it happened ...
          1. +1
            16 December 2022 08: 07
            It feels like the vertical speed is too big. Well, the rack due to a hard landing
            1. 0
              17 December 2022 05: 42
              there is also an article on topcore, it says about the preliminary cause of the accident, problems with engine pulsation ..
      2. +5
        16 December 2022 07: 56
        Quote: Poloskun raccoon
        Of course, they are enemies, but the plane is a pity! I was already startled when his stand gave way.

        It's a pity? Why's that? To me - not much. Even if they did the same thing every month for a dozen, I would only be glad. But the fact that mattress covers have a good catapult is a fact. I hope we don't get worse.
        1. KCA
          16 December 2022 08: 29
          So this is ours, in the holy 90s they sold documentation from Zvezda
    7. -1
      16 December 2022 07: 25
      We should not hope for such incidents, and that all F-35s will soon be killed by themselves. If we want to adequately resist the Americans, then we will have to create our own aircraft that can compete with the F-35 in quality and quantity.
      1. 0
        16 December 2022 07: 30
        after such a video, talking about the quality of their overseas friends ... can only grow. liberalism.
        1. +1
          16 December 2022 08: 57
          And what do you think real Russian patriotism should be expressed in? In inappropriate enthusiasm for samples of the latest Russian technology released in single copies? Or is it still in an attempt to convey to the chicken brains of the jingoistic patriots that we really lag behind the Americans in all areas, and this circumstance poses a mortal threat to us?

          By the way, the video most likely captured a test landing with a clear excess of the rate of descent. Such a conclusion suggests itself because if the excess of the rate of descent was not included in the terms of reference for the flight, then the catapult would automatically work even before touching the surface. Therefore, the accident is not a consequence of a technical flaw, but a regular result of the test program.
    8. +2
      16 December 2022 07: 36
      VO editors, put a couple of missing zayats in the text and learn Russian, literate! tongue Do not disgrace!
    9. +3
      16 December 2022 07: 58
      PCS: here is a photo of the corpse of the F-22, I didn’t know that they were buried in a bag))) I went to write off)
    10. 0
      16 December 2022 08: 44
      Another confirmation that penguins do not fly.
    11. -1
      16 December 2022 09: 38
      It's strange that Ge flies at all ..
      Why was it necessary to eject from the ground? Fed up with something..
      1. +1
        16 December 2022 10: 50
        Scary. At the moment the nose touches the ore on mg and close the stopcock. Well, I would break the main racks, but I wouldn’t have to jump. But this is on condition that the pilot must be ready for this situation, otherwise he just went crazy and was confused.
        1. 0
          16 December 2022 14: 00
          Why don't you consider the order "Eject! Eject! Eject!"?
        2. 0
          16 December 2022 14: 04
          Quote: Fachmann
          but you don't have to jump

          It seems to me that the automation worked here when the plane took a horizontal position. Although .... not an expert.
          1. 0
            16 December 2022 15: 10
            Or maybe after replacing Chinese parts with NATO pumps, they began to act up. And incomprehensibly, the tail lifted up - when it fell, either the computer, or the pilot's brains hit.
    12. -2
      16 December 2022 10: 14
      how many times I wrote here - the F-35 is an unsuccessful "raw" and expensive aircraft!
      there are wise men - minus for this)))

      Oh well
    13. 0
      17 December 2022 16: 12
      the pilot survived

      And this is bad news.

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