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Nuclear missile cruiser K-150 "Tomsk" project 949A "Antey" put on modernization

Nuclear missile cruiser K-150 "Tomsk" project 949A "Antey" put on modernization

The nuclear submarine missile cruiser K-150 "Tomsk" of project 949A "Antey" was put for repair and modernization at one of the ship repair enterprises of the Far East. This was reported by a source familiar with the situation.

The fact that the Tomsk is undergoing repairs is not surprising, the submarine has been waiting for modernization for a long time. This news interesting in that the submarine was sent to a shipyard, although at the end of March of this year it was reported that Tomsk would restore technical readiness at a permanent base. It can also be concluded from this that in the near future the nuclear submarine missile cruiser "Irkutsk" of project 949A "Antey" will return to the combat strength of the Pacific Fleet, since the "Tomsk" was supposed to be repaired only after the completion of work on "Irkutsk".

Submarine "Tomsk" is currently being repaired and modernized at one of the enterprises of the Far Eastern Center for Ship Repair and Shipbuilding

- leads TASS source words.

Nuclear submarine missile cruiser K-150 "Tomsk" was laid down on August 27, 1991, launched on July 20, 1996. March 17, 1997 became part of the 1st flotilla submarines of the Northern Fleet, in 1998 transferred to the Pacific Fleet. Port of registry Vilyuchinsk.

Underwater displacement 23860 tons. The length of the longest waterline is 154 meters, the width of the hull is 18,2 meters, the average draft of the waterline is 9,2 meters. Surface speed 15 knots, underwater 32 knots. The working depth of immersion is 520 meters, the maximum immersion depth is 600 meters. Autonomy of navigation is 120 days. Crew 130 people. The main armament is the Granit anti-ship missile, but in the course of modernization it can receive modern cruise missiles Caliber, Onyx, and possibly Zircon.

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  1. Aerodrome
    Aerodrome 15 December 2022 14: 40
    Give me zircons! times are different, "onyxes" are no longer channeling.
    1. Civil
      Civil 15 December 2022 15: 07
      31 years of the Soviet nuclear submarine cruiser.
    2. 41 REGION
      41 REGION 15 December 2022 15: 18
      We are waiting for Tomsk in our native harbor, after modernization.
    3. Yerasyl
      Yerasyl 16 December 2022 20: 02
      Do not channel!? Good device Onyx too
      the main thing is to correctly use it for its intended purpose, taking into account the increasing air defense of the aircraft
  2. Barracuda 148
    Barracuda 148 15 December 2022 14: 44
    Everything will come down to cost. And Zircons, like Onyxan, need target designation, and the Navy has a big problem with this.
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 15 December 2022 14: 52
      Quote from Barracuda 148
      The Navy has a big problem with this.
      tell me the branch of the army where "there are no problems" ... even the Armed Forces of Ukraine, bombarded with gifts, have problems. and we have .. from one pocket ... wow.
    2. navycat777
      navycat777 15 December 2022 16: 27
      The constellation of satellites of the Liana series is deployed almost completely, and in some ways even in excess. There are no problems with targeting.
      1. sanches-nk
        sanches-nk 15 December 2022 17: 05
        Most likely, it also cannot do without problems, but in general, yes, there is a target designation and guidance system.
  3. Subtext
    Subtext 15 December 2022 15: 12
    at one of the ship repair enterprises of the Far East
    - but this is very disturbing. Will we see this ship again as part of a permanent readiness force?
  4. Osipov9391
    Osipov9391 15 December 2022 15: 17
    These are good submarines for combating aircraft carrier and ship groups.
    Here is their main purpose.
    But. For all other characteristics, these are strategic submarines.
    Their only difference is that its missiles are not ballistic, but cruise.

    This means that such valuable submarines themselves need cover and protection in the form of multi-purpose nuclear submarines.
    There are problems with them at the Pacific Fleet.
  5. newtc7
    newtc7 15 December 2022 15: 22
    Well, in 15 years they will now write it off. After spending about 70 billion rubles for the whole process. And for writing off another 5 will be thrown. We know we know
  6. navycat777
    navycat777 15 December 2022 16: 19
    The current "loaves" graze mainly in the Pacific theater. Great expanses, fat pastures of prey await them. Huge grounds for every taste, waiting for the signal to start the hunting season.
    1. Osipov9391
      Osipov9391 15 December 2022 18: 48
      It's true. It's easier for them there. They go straight to the ocean.
      Or they can ambush American UDCs and AUGs right off the coast that ply between Alaska and Japan.
      But in SF it's more difficult. There are small depths saturated with NATO PLO.
      Yes, and there are not particularly adequate goals - AUG and UDC very rarely go beyond the Arctic Circle.
      1. agond
        agond 15 December 2022 22: 25
        How to know easier or not, 23860 tons. a bit too much underwater displacement for a hidden ship
        1. Sergey39
          Sergey39 15 December 2022 22: 50
          Boat, boat strife. Trident - 18750; Borey-23000, Akula-48000. Our boats have more underwater displacement!
          Our boats are structurally stronger and dive deeper.
          1. Osipov9391
            Osipov9391 16 December 2022 00: 32
            In terms of displacement, autonomy, crew size and hull size, the Antey is a purely strategic submarine.
            Only her missiles are cruise missiles.
            And there are 24 of them, like Ohio's SLBMs.
            This is a SSGN that has no analogues in the world - no one has built such.

            Of course, the Antey can only be compared with the carrying 154 KR converted into the Ohio SSGN.
            1. Sergey39
              Sergey39 16 December 2022 00: 59
              On loaves after modernization there will be not 24 (Granite), but 72 rockets (Caliber, Onyx, Zircon).
              1. Osipov9391
                Osipov9391 16 December 2022 02: 30
                If the mine launchers themselves, standing at an angle, are not touched, then they will probably follow the American principle.
                Only with the scale of conformity.
                This is when something of a revolving-type cell for 3-7 cruise missiles is placed in the mine.
                And this cell is electrically connected through the shaft with the electronic equipment that is being finalized.

                And the "Ohio" is a rather old submarine, much older than the "Anteev".
                Especially those that are converted into SSGNs.
                But they still have a special lock and a pressure chamber fixed instead of 2-4 shafts for the delivery of swimmers.
                1. agond
                  agond 16 December 2022 09: 09
                  Quote: Sergey39
                  Our boats have more underwater displacement!

                  The large size of the boat is a minus, not a plus, boats are built for the sake of discreet placement of weapons, if the issue of stealth is not worth it, then surface ships are built, Stealth decreases with increasing size, this is an axiom, the larger the size of the boat, the faster it will be detected and the less its combat value, other things being equal.
  7. AdAstra
    AdAstra 16 December 2022 10: 12
    It's a long time... """"