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US Air Force spokesman: Deployment of MQ-9 Reaper UAV at Greek air base is not a response to Russian actions in Ukraine

US Air Force spokesman: Deployment of MQ-9 Reaper UAV at Greek air base is not a response to Russian actions in Ukraine

Work at the airbase off the east coast of the Aegean continued through most of 2022. It was planned to include new maintenance areas, ramps and taxiway extensions. The construction contractor's $21 million contract work is due to be completed in the final weeks of the year.

The end of this upgrade was the reason for the arrival of several MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles at the Greek airfield. A US Air Force representative for Europe and Africa confirmed the arrival, stating:

The US and Greece have worked together to ensure that the Larissa base is capable of operating the MQ-9 UAV. Larisa Air Base is a strategic location allowing the MQ-9 to easily support both the eastern and southern flanks of NATO.

In addition, the aforementioned US Air Force spokesman added that the deployment of American UAVs at the Greek air base is not a response to Russian actions in Ukraine. However, this step should contribute to the containment and prevention of conflict between NATO and Russia.

Officials declined to state the number of drones based at the facility, citing operational secrecy, although local reports list eight drones. Their deployment was authorized under amendments made to the US-Greece Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA).

Among the changes last agreed in 2021, Washington is now allowed to use infrastructure, both at Larisa Air Base and others located in Stefanovikio and Alexandroupoli. The Larissa base performs the following tasks: operation, maintenance and support of US maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft, some technical ground work, and airlift and logistics support, including tanker aircraft.

The Greek military itself is also trying to get American MQ-9 drones into its arsenal. Athens submitted to its parliamentary armaments committee a program to acquire three such systems, which was approved in July 2022.

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  1. voice of reason
    voice of reason 14 December 2022 19: 36
    With the Greeks, NATO in general may turn out to be interesting in the end. These are still leftists, anarchists and anti-imperialists. Don't feed them bread, let them stage a coup. Now the standard of living will still fall and wait for some "black colonels" there ....
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 14 December 2022 21: 24
      Deployment of the MQ-9 Reaper UAV at the air base in Greece is not a response to Russian actions in Ukraine

      Rather, these are retaliatory actions against Turkey.
      Greeks are really anarchists. And Turkish ships or planes may well attack.
      Erdogan will respond adequately (from the point of view of a normal person). But from the point of view of the Greeks - "inadequately." A dozen Greek ships will sink their own ship fired from a machine gun.
      This is where additional shock drones will come in handy for the Greeks.
      It’s just that they somehow “don’t get it with their minds” that the Turks only officially had fifty bayraktars in 2021. How many now is still unknown, but certainly not less. And the conveyor, in which case, will start stamping them around the clock.
      Eight raptors (of which the Greeks will be given a maximum of a couple) against such an armada is nothing at all.
      For the United States, what kind of terrorist attack to commit - eight raptors are more than enough.
      1. Myths
        Myths 14 December 2022 22: 07
        Black colonels, like the Turks, were provoked by one island country. That she plundered all the resources that she could get in Cyprus, and even took out the rails with which they robbed. And their air base is still in the center of the island.
  2. Alien From
    Alien From 14 December 2022 19: 45
    Of course, of course, it’s not for nothing that they always have a piano in the bushes lol
    1. Quote Lavrov
      Quote Lavrov 14 December 2022 19: 59
      I wonder which answer will be correct: our missiles in Cuba or in Venezuela, or expressing concern about the actions of "Western partners"!
      1. Alien From
        Alien From 14 December 2022 20: 08
        I think the expression of concern, plus your nickname .... hi
  3. Arkady007
    Arkady007 14 December 2022 19: 46
    We need to make our own reconnaissance UAVs.
    There are no other options.
    Everything else is dancing with a tambourine around the fire.
    1. Adrey
      Adrey 14 December 2022 21: 41
      Quote: Arkady007
      We need to make our own reconnaissance UAVs.
      There are no other options.

      "Reaper" (gloomy) not quite reconnaissance request
      Are you sure it's time? Can we wait a little more? laughing
  4. Fangaro
    Fangaro 14 December 2022 19: 50
    Initially, the US may not have planned to use the MQ-9 as a show of support for Ukraine. But now it looks like a kind of warning for Russia.
    Should I go for Greece too? No need. Whatever decision the Greek government itself would like to make, there are a lot of levers of pressure on them from well-fed and prosperous countries.
    It is bad that TAM have influence on the government and opposition. Not us.
  5. Sobol
    Sobol 14 December 2022 19: 53
    It is clear to everyone that this action is against North Korea.
  6. Pharmacist
    Pharmacist 14 December 2022 19: 57
    The case when this action may not be against Russia, but against the disloyal Erdogan. So as not to frighten little Greece with his threats.
  7. ASM
    ASM 14 December 2022 20: 25
    Well, they would have said directly that Turkey is pushing too hard, and the Greeks have thrown everything to the outskirts. But no, they also managed to drag the Russian Federation. Dolbodyatly.
  8. Wolf
    Wolf 14 December 2022 23: 08
    Quote: [quote] [this is a strategic location that allows the MQ-9 to easily support both the eastern and southern flanks of NATO / quote]
    Everything is said, and especially the southern flank of NATO! wink
  9. Suslin
    Suslin 14 December 2022 23: 16
    I wonder why the United States needs these UAVs there? They are probably, according to the American, needed to fight ISIS. But they will fly along the Black Sea near the borders of Russia. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  10. Sniper
    Sniper 14 December 2022 23: 56
    I thought so too) it was they who, in spite of Iran, got them into it)
  11. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 15 December 2022 00: 34
    And if Russian missiles appear in Cuba, then this will not be a response to US actions to support ukroreikh.
  12. Eugene Zaboy
    Eugene Zaboy 15 December 2022 01: 22
    Indeed, it is not against Russia. The United States is thus preparing Greece for war with its NATO ally, Turkey. Naturally, no one will openly announce this. God works in mysterious ways. It is dangerous to be friends with the USA.
  13. Dkuznecov
    Dkuznecov 15 December 2022 01: 44
    it is high time to make our analogues of reapers larger in number.
    flying DLRO is not a machine, but a dream.
  14. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 15 December 2022 04: 03
    They could have thrown another "fool" - "protection against North Korean missiles". how they "protected" from Iranian geyropa. Only "Poseidon" at least one will stop this lawlessness.