Hidden booking medical vehicle LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB

Hidden booking medical vehicle LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB
LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB with hidden armor

The Shvabe holding from the state corporation Rostec is actively engaged in the medical field. In particular, special medical vehicles are being developed, incl. designed to work in difficult conditions. Recently, the holding has introduced several new machines of this kind, designed to work in the field. The protected medical vehicle on the Niva Legend platform attracted the most attention.

Exhibition exhibits

Since last year, the Shvabe-SpetsAvto company (Nizhny Novgorod) has been operating as part of the Shvabe holding. It is engaged in the development and manufacture of special vehicles for various purposes. To date, the company has managed to participate in several major exhibitions and presented interesting samples.

At the exhibitions of this summer, incl. at the Army-2022 forum, the company for the first time showed the Niva KUB NN multi-purpose minivan and the Niva Prima NN ambulance. Both of these products were made on the basis of the Niva Legend car from VAZ. It was reported that such vehicles can be used by the medical service of the armed forces and are suitable for work in the field.

On December 5-9, the exhibition "Russian Health Care Week-2022" was held at the Moscow Expocentre. The Shvabe-SpetsAvto company took part in it and showed several new developments. The central place in its exposition was occupied by ambulances and medical vehicles adapted to work in difficult conditions, incl. off-road and at the risk of shelling.

One of these exhibits was a hidden armored medical vehicle LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB, a further development of the previously shown Kub-NN. Like its predecessor, the new vehicle is intended for the evacuation and transportation of the wounded, accompanied by a medic. She is able to move on the highway and off-road. This provides for ballistic protection of habitable compartments and vital units, allowing you to work in hazardous areas.

A new line of medical vehicles from Shvabe-SpetsAvto

The armored Niva, like several other similar models, was created against the backdrop of the ongoing Special Operation in Ukraine and taking into account the needs of the army's medical service. The development company notes that current events pose special challenges for the industry, and they are successfully solved.

The prospects for the new car remain unknown. Probably, while there is only one copy, assembled for exhibition and demonstration to potential customers. However, after receiving the order, Shvabe-SpetsAvto will be able to quickly set up production at the required pace and in the required quantities.

Technical features

The special car Niva Legend 4x4 KUB is based on the chassis of the same name. The base machine retains a number of key components and assemblies, but a major design change and the introduction of new elements are envisaged. In one way or another, the chassis is being finalized, a new van is installed instead of the rear part of the body, armor is mounted, etc. It is curious that the installation of protection has practically no effect on the exterior of the car - it is as similar as possible to the previously presented KUB NN product.

The Kub-NN project provided for the preservation of a standard power plant with a VAZ gasoline engine with a capacity of 87 hp. The old mechanical transmission with all-wheel drive is also used. The design of the chassis does not fundamentally change. With all this, the new van body required to lengthen the chassis and increase the wheelbase.

A three-volume bonneted van body is used, made using some parts of the serial Niva. The driver's cab and the lounge for the wounded are separated by a partition. Both volumes are thermally insulated and air conditioned.

Unlike previous special vehicles, the new Niva Legend 4x4 KUB gets protection. The driver's cab and interior, engine shield, fuel tank and battery are covered with steel armor with protection level Br3 - from 5,45-mm automatic bullets or shrapnel with equivalent energy. All armor parts are installed discreetly, under the body panels.

Protected vehicle based on MAZ-365022

The van layout allows you to get the maximum possible volume of the rear cabin to accommodate patients and doctors. The cabin provides for the installation of a stretcher or wheelchair, as well as comfortable chairs. The car transports various equipment and medicines for first aid. The possibility of transporting up to four patients, probably sedentary, is declared. The available space is enough for only one bedridden person with accompaniment.

Access to the salon is provided by a door on the starboard side and a swing door in the stern. It is noted that the Niva Legend chassis has a limited clearance, which reduces the floor height and simplifies landing or loading, incl. in difficult conditions.

According to available data, the total mass of the armored vehicle exceeds 1,6 tons, which is significantly higher than that of the base commercial vehicle. At the same time, the preservation of high running characteristics is declared. The maximum speed on the highway exceeds 100 km / h, the car is able to move off-road and overcome various obstacles. Probably, due to the increase in mass, the medical vehicle is inferior to the base Niva Legend in cross-country ability.

For the front and for the rear

A new line of covert armor medical vehicles, including the LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB product, was developed to equip the vehicle fleet of the medical service of the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies. Probably, the manufacturer has already presented this technique to military doctors and is waiting for their decision. What it will be is too early to say. However, it is clear that the new design has both strengths and weaknesses.

The most important feature of the new project is the use of a serial commercial platform. This seriously simplifies production, and also allows obtaining sufficiently high technical characteristics. Also, unification has a positive effect on the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment. In addition, the training of drivers and technical personnel is simplified in a known manner.

Products "Shvabe"

On a modified serial chassis, it was possible to install a voluminous van with comfortable accommodation for people and the necessary equipment. At the same time, habitable compartments receive protection from widespread small arms weapons and some explosive devices. It is noteworthy that the appearance of the Niva Legend 4x4 KUB does not indicate the presence of protection.

However, you can also find disadvantages. So, "Niva" is constantly criticized for insufficient engine power. In the case of a heavier medical vehicle, these problems can manifest themselves more clearly, especially off-road. The characteristics of the engine also limit the possible load capacity. As a result, relatively thin armor is used, protecting only against machine guns. Installing a more powerful protection without loss in other characteristics is virtually impossible.

It is unlikely that the proposed machine will be able to work effectively at the forefront, which is characterized by bad roads or rough terrain, as well as constant shelling from the enemy. However, LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB can be used in the near rear, where the risks of shelling are reduced, but still remain relevant.

It is under such conditions that it will be possible to realize all the advantages of an operational nature, as well as reduce the negative impact of objective limitations and shortcomings. At the forefront, in turn, other vehicles with higher performance characteristics, such as the Lens serial armored car, should work. The presence of several models of equipment with different capabilities will allow you to create a more efficient system of evacuation and assistance, which has an advantageous ratio of different parameters.

New designs

Thus, by now, the already considerable catalog of Shvabe-SpetsAvto products has been replenished with several armored medical vehicles. They are able to work in combat zones and carry out the evacuation of the wounded, reducing additional risks. With all this, the new technology is built on existing platforms, which provides well-known advantages.

As far as we know, so far the LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB exists only as a prototype for testing and exhibitions. It is very likely that in the near future he will be of interest to potential customers and go into series. As a result, military doctors will have another useful machine that can positively affect the results of their work.
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  1. +3
    December 9 2022
    45 year old nuclear industry, still working ... far from retirement ...
  2. +9
    December 9 2022
    UAZ tablet/loaf is indispensable.
    With dimensions similar to this craft, a completely different carrying capacity / capacity, throughput, strength.
    1. 0
      December 9 2022
      Yeah. And zero armor with wood as part of the structure. Unlike this one, though far from the best, but relatively mass machine.
      1. +1
        December 10 2022
        Where did you see armor in a mass car? laughing
        Armor in a single copy, in which even the body had to be redrawn. What will the suspension and transmission of a "mass" machine say for permanent operation with an upper load limit?

        Who prevents to install similar protection on the "tablet"?
        At the same time, the stock of even the nominal load capacity will remain much larger than that of this craft. And even more actual.
        Farmers in a tadpole under a ton of potatoes are loaded and its rod along the dribens.

        Yes, constructively, the tablet is outdated, but the concept itself is quite relevant
        1. +1
          December 10 2022
          50 armored vehicles per month is already massive. They promise to put armor on all these armored vehicles. And this is a good ersatz solution (more precisely, not the worst). It can be better, because our industrial system can still pull a lot of things even now - from analogues of geraniums (albeit worse) to armored cars (the same GAZ or our stupid VAZ can be loaded).

          And the loaves are not just outdated - UAZ put a bolt on them for 40 years, otherwise the poor quality cannot be explained. And their concept, IMHO, is better then, comrade, to implement on Sadko or Lawns.
    2. 0
      January 20 2023
      That's right, in a loaf you can easily fit at least 2 recumbent
      But in the field behind, even one healthy sedentary adult will not fit

      And to book that cornfield, that UAZ is the same

      But the essence of this development is not in helping, but in the useless work of some thread of the bureau, PR against the backdrop of SVO, and receiving awards
      1. 0
        February 15 2023
        The driver's cab and the lounge for the wounded are separated by a partition

        For what? So that the doctor could not get back to the sick? Or in order not to pull the wounded driver back, as in the "loaf"?
  3. +10
    December 9 2022
    In my opinion, they crossed the incompatible, the old engine will not pull from the field - additional weight.
    1. +7
      December 9 2022
      It seems that the engine was installed more powerful, but you can’t get away from a small volume ... And there will be trouble with cross-country ability ... Just "hug and cry." It's better to finish the "loaf" like that.
    2. +2
      December 9 2022
      The geometry of the car is not much different from Largus, why suddenly the engine can not cope? 90 horses on Largus seem to be enough.
  4. KCA
    December 9 2022
    In Soviet times, LUAZ front-end conveyors were made, so not only did they not have reservations, they didn’t even have a roof, it’s good if it was canvas, on some models there weren’t even doors
  5. +7
    December 9 2022
    The Niva is barely moving, and then the armor was hung on all the same 87 hp, it’s still barely crawling along the road, then it’s probably sadness along the crossroads, and the motor resource with such a mass is small.
    1. +6
      December 9 2022
      Quote from ARIONkrsk
      The Niva is barely moving, and then the armor was hung on all the same 87 hp.

      At the same time, the phrase ".... the preservation of high driving performance is declared." sounds like a mockery of the abilities of the Russian auto industry and the lack of imagination of their designers.
      1. 0
        February 5 2023
        It's really strange why Niva was chosen, and not a loaf request
  6. 0
    December 9 2022
    useless show car, nothing more, worked at the ambulance depot. Maximum use in urban or rural environments with acceptable road infrastructure.....
    1. 0
      February 5 2023
      In my opinion, even for an exhibition, this is some kind of shame. negative
  7. 0
    December 9 2022
    If we are talking about what
    It is unlikely that the proposed machine will be able to work effectively at the forefront, which is characterized by bad roads or rough terrain, as well as constant shelling from the enemy. However, LADA Niva Legend 4x4 KUB can be used in the near rear, where the risks of shelling are reduced, but still remain relevant.
    The possibility of transporting up to four patients, probably sedentary, is declared. The available space is only enough for one bedridden person with an escort
    it's about nothing. Then use the UAZ Profi platform, where at least four recumbents can be accommodated and an accompanying person, the engine is more powerful and the car itself will obviously be more convenient.
    1. +3
      December 9 2022
      Is this UAZ named clearly more convenient? You are clearly over-praising him. There, one prohibitively stiff suspension can shake the soul out of anyone. And with the quality of workmanship and reliability, not everything is in order.
      And most importantly, the future of the plant is a big question. If the information from the open press is correct, then the plant is legally scattered in parts, and in this form will not be able to exist for a long time.
  8. +2
    December 9 2022
    this car is clearly not for evacuation from the front line. and then such a composition is not needed
  9. +1
    December 9 2022
    For the military, the version of the armored NIVA is not entirely suitable, the chassis remains the same, and the load and weight distribution only increases the load on the rear axle.
    Need something like this
    1. +1
      December 9 2022
      There are many eccentricities, that's generally a bomb, a super-SUV with rear axle steering.
      1. 0
        December 12 2022
        Quote: Sergey Alexandrovich
        There are a lot of eccentricities, this is generally a bomb

        This is not eccentricity, but the realities of the area. There is black soil, this Niva will simply disappear in the mud with one bridge, and given the booking and weight distribution, it has no chance on off-road.
        1. +1
          December 12 2022
          The copy itself is great. But, judging by the descriptions, it is assembled from components from several manufacturers, each of which can consider the plant a competitor and stop deliveries. The development of ZIL was taken as the basis, and this plant was distinguished by a creative and competent approach to design, without simplification and primitivism.
          Summing up, we can say that the production of such machines is possible, but in a small series. Then enemy agents will pull up and, feigning competition, will cut off supplies. If the industry were not so monopolized and there were separate plants for the production of units and components, then the development would have a chance to go in a large series.
          Even more frankly, if the designers assembled a car from Chinese parts, then there would be more chances for a long-term production of the product, but the car itself is more expensive.
    2. 0
      December 9 2022
      For the military, lenses are better, but they were made on a 4x4 typhoon chassis. Typhoon is everything. He died and was reborn as Akhmat. Ideally, an armored huntsman should also be made on the tiger chassis.
      1. 0
        December 9 2022
        Can you be more specific, please? What means
        Typhoon is everything. He died and was reborn as Akhmat.
        1. 0
          December 9 2022
          At the last exhibition, the lens was on an "updated" chassis, cat. outwardly one to one it is Akhmat, but in the 4x4 version. If I find it in my bookmarks, I'll post the link.
        2. +1
          December 9 2022
          Here's a video from the show. IMHO, while maintaining the old name, this is purely Akhmat, and not the old typhoon.
          1. 0
            December 9 2022
            Why "rebirth"? One is a wheeled BMD, the other is an armored frame truck ...
            1. +1
              December 9 2022
              Wheeled BMD is Typhoon-VDV. And the Lens was originally made on the Typhoon 4x4 chassis.
  10. +2
    December 9 2022
    Quote: Wildcat
    It seems that the engine was installed more powerful, but you can’t get away from a small volume ... And there will be trouble with cross-country ability ... Just "hug and cry." It's better to finish the "loaf" like that.

    That's right!
    The patency of the "Niva" was initially achieved by a small mass, a short base and a relatively high power density. In the same cadaver worsened all indicators. The base was lengthened, the weight was increased, the specific power fell. In addition, the weight distribution has changed. An armored booth was hung on the rear axle, albeit easily, which, again, would not have the best effect on both cross-country ability and handling in general. So you can safely forget about some "off-road" qualities of this product. I’ll add more about the sore point of all Nivs, the transfer case. Her resource was barely enough for an ordinary car. And on a heavier version, the resource will be completely ridiculous.
    Threat UAZ loaf looks like a much more promising object for improvement. And the "dubness" of the suspension is long in the past with the replacement of springs with springs.
  11. 0
    December 9 2022
    I’m wondering, bloggers accept old 4x4s from the people, restore them at their own expense and send them to the front, for various needs (from volunteer to combat) And what does Avtovaz do? There are quite working versions of the Niva from Bronto (there used to be a lot of collectors riding them) ABS is not needed there, the Injector is also not very special. Why are they not made for the front?
  12. +3
    December 9 2022
    Quote: Zaurbek
    There are quite working versions of the Niva from Bronto (there were a lot of collectors riding them before)

    So, after all, there are quite mass-produced, all-wheel drive GAZelles and Sables. You don't even have to upgrade the suspension. The carrying capacity will allow you to hang additional armor.
  13. +1
    December 9 2022
    Even a quick assessment raises a lot of questions...
    - how much glossy paint can be used for army cars, it's high time to use matte paint so that the equipment does not glare
    - preservation of a standard power plant with a VAZ gasoline engine with a capacity of 87 hp - is no longer suitable, and not only in terms of power, but also because the fuel used is gasoline. The army is intensively switching to a single diesel fuel
    - capacity one stretcher???????? And in two tiers, so that at least a couple can be re-arranged?
    1. +3
      December 9 2022
      Do not judge strictly, this is a good duplicate of Largus, very good. The reliability of AvtoVAZ and UAZ can be compared as 3 to 1 in favor of AvtoVAZ. So the decision is not the worst. Although, of course, there are questions.
  14. 0
    December 9 2022
    In NWO, the vehicle of the medical service is "Lens" !!! Niva, Lada and GAZelle are no doubt good even with armored inserts, but they are good away from places of active hostilities.
    1. +1
      December 9 2022
      Here the price and possible mass production are important. The presented instance wins precisely in this parameter.
    2. 0
      January 25 2023
      I think armored civilian counterparts are much cheaper.
  15. 0
    December 9 2022
    Take off the armor, send it to all the village paramedics, family doctors, that's where they belong.
  16. +1
    December 10 2022
    I don't know why they're picking on it, I personally like it. It is bad that the author did not strain to show the most important place in these machines to the public. Therefore, most of themselves began to turn on Schumachers and Alonsov. Such a machine is needed in large quantities. It is necessary for our state to start supplying the republics not only with pasta and tractors. The car is very necessary. And given the protection, though small, it is simply extremely necessary. Such projects should not be forgotten. Niva mass machine. The price is reasonable for this project. You can collect in series. So I am for a start in life for this project.
  17. 0
    January 8 2023
    For the frontline, analogues of the Luazik are needed, only with a normal motor - for growth. Simple, cheap all-terrain vehicles: take out the wounded, bring ammo and food. Preferably with the possibility of booking. And in commercial quantities. In the future, as platforms and tractors for mortars, UAVs, etc.
  18. 0
    January 20 2023
    Whom to carry in it? Dogs?
    How can a wounded man lie there? When there and healthy, then sitting closely!

    Or we just have something to do, it doesn’t matter that it won’t be needed, the main thing is to drag the CBO
  19. 0
    January 25 2023
    It is strange that they do not hang armor on the all-terrain Sable. KMK, it is better suited for a medical doctor: the volume is larger, the torquey diesel engine, there are already modifications of the ambulance based on the Gazelle - there is a proven medical layout.
  20. 0
    January 25 2023
    All armor parts are installed discreetly, under the body panels.

    A solution that is clearly unsuitable for a machine in the field. It's not like riding in the city to keep the look.
    It is much more logical to make a load-bearing body, albeit unsightly in appearance, with the reservation of the necessary zones.
    A separate issue with glasses. Are they bulletproof? There is not a word about this in the article, judging by the appearance - they were left from Niva. And what is the point in such a reservation with such glazing? Not a candle to God, not a poker to hell.
    For the city, no booking is needed, for a field near the LBS, a beautiful glossy appearance and large windows are not needed.
    A simplified, cheaper Niva with a suitable body without any hidden glamorous booking would have been more logical to do. Senseless waste of money.
  21. 0
    January 31 2023
    hidden booking? with loopholes for shooting? not funny.
  22. 0
    February 6 2023
    What for on the ambulance casting.
    Who are they going to show off in front of? Before the enemy?
    Green stampings are perfect.
  23. 0
    March 3 2023
    Only on the basis of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, everything else is a dull nothing, he himself left the front end for the mtlb and when bullets knock on it and under the goose pfm it’s scary to think what will happen to the fields and loaves and 300 in them.
  24. 0
    March 6 2023
    Reduce the volume of published articles to Ryabov by 2/3. Well, it's impossible to read it! One and the same through the paragraph!

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