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Buggy for special forces from "Argo"

Buggy for special forces from "Argo"
Buggy at the exhibition "All-terrain vehicle-2022"

Some special forces of the army or other power structures need special vehicles, such as buggy cars. In recent years, the domestic industry has developed and brought to production several samples of such equipment, and its creation continues. A new project of this kind was recently announced by Argo. One of its main features was the maximum unification with serial automotive technology.

New announcement

In early December, Moscow hosted the annual Vezdekhoder exhibition dedicated to automotive and special off-road vehicles. A variety of samples were demonstrated at the event, as well as curious statements were made. In particular, the Argo company spoke about its new vehicle project for special forces.

According to RIA News, Konstantin Bagdasarov, CEO of the company, spoke about the development of a new "mobile tactical platform". This product is a special vehicle capable of transporting people and goods. The platform is made on the basis of one of the serial chassis of the UAZ brand and is equipped with units from an unnamed commercial supplier. The chassis design provides for several different "options".

For the all-terrain vehicle, high performance characteristics are declared. It is capable of taking on board at least 1,5 tons of cargo; in the future, the carrying capacity can be increased to 2,5 tons. High speed and power reserve are demonstrated on the highway. If necessary, the buggy can be transported by helicopter on an external sling, for which appropriate fastenings are provided.

The payload of the vehicle is placed on the rear cargo platform and can be made in the form of interchangeable modules. It is proposed to use different modules, incl. with weapons. The machine is capable of carrying even a 23-mm twin anti-aircraft gun. At the same time, replacing the module is not difficult and takes only a few minutes.

The CEO noted that the Argo company is now capable of building up to 40 new buggies per month. If necessary, it is possible to expand production to increase supplies - in case of obtaining a large contract. However, interest from real customers has not yet been reported.

On a ready basis

The exhibition also showed a finished sample of the new car. It has a fairly simple and utilitarian appearance and design, but generally meets the requirements. In fact, an open wheeled platform is shown with several places for the crew and a large platform for payload or any special equipment. At the same time, in the appearance of the car there are familiar features of the serial UAZ "Hunter".

The buggy can be equipped with internal combustion engines, gearboxes and transfer cases from the product line of one of the commercial suppliers. This simplifies the production and maintenance of equipment. In addition, the availability of a range of units allows the customer to choose the optimal configuration of the power plant. In all cases, the transmission provides drive to all wheels.

The undercarriage uses bridges borrowed from the Hunter. A spring suspension is placed on the front axle, and leaf springs on the rear axle. At the request of the customer, the chassis can be supplemented with air suspension, differential locks and final drives. A centralized wheel inflation system is also proposed.

In the military version, the car gets the original body with an open cab and no doors. In the basic configuration, the platform has only the front row of seats. Due to the lack of a roof, safety arcs are placed above them. The cabin gets a low two-piece windshield. The right half can recline - this allows the passenger to fire from a personal weapons. There are no doors, which makes getting in and out easier.

Almost half of the length of the car falls on the stern area for the payload. It is reported about the possibility of installing various modules and tools. The total mass of equipment and cargo can reach 1,5 tons with the possibility of upgrading the design and increasing the carrying capacity by another ton.

However, any payload options have not yet been demonstrated, although the most interesting features have been announced. Probably, customers will be offered a module with passenger seats, various products with attachments for weapons, etc. What modules will eventually be developed and will be able to get on serial equipment is unknown.

On the highway, the buggy can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. The parameters on the ground are not specified, but it can be expected that in this respect the "tactical platform" is not inferior to UAZ vehicles, from which the running gear is borrowed. Of particular interest is the possibility of transportation by air, originally provided for in the design.

in the hard class

Buggy cars appeared in our army and other law enforcement agencies in the mid-twenties. Such equipment entered the supply of special forces and is mainly used as a light, high-speed and maneuverable transport capable of quickly delivering fighters and the necessary cargo to a given area.

By now, they have gone into the series and ended up in several types of buggy units with different characteristics. First of all, they differ in carrying capacity and the operational and combat capabilities associated with it. At the same time, even the largest vehicles of this class, such as the Chaborz M-6, carry no more than a few hundred kilograms of cargo or 5-6 people.

Serial car "Chaborz"

The project of the Argo company proposes the creation of a heavier and lifting platform in the buggy format. Its standard carrying capacity has been increased to 1,5 tons, and there is a possibility of its further increase. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to use equipment of different types with similar running characteristics and different loads in one unit. The advantages of such an approach are obvious.

The increased carrying capacity expands the possible range of payloads. A "heavy" vehicle can carry more fighters or carry some kind of weaponry. If the existing "Chaborzy", etc. can only be equipped with a machine gun, the Argo machine is capable of carrying even small-caliber guns. There is also an opportunity to increase the ammunition load.

The existing buggies of the main types are built on the available units of domestic cars. The new project from Argo uses the same approach. Key components are taken from the production vehicle and/or from a commercial supplier. This gives a favorable ratio of cost, quality and characteristics, and also simplifies the operation of equipment.

As stated, the company-developer already now, at the existing production facilities, can make up to 40 cars of a new type. There are also opportunities to expand production. Such a production potential of the project is largely determined by the use of ready-made units.

Pending orders

In general, the concept of a buggy with increased payload may be of interest to potential customers. If they consider it necessary to expand the existing fleet, then we should expect the appearance of contracts. Shortly thereafter, new vehicles will be able to join existing buggies, increasing the flexibility of the fleet as a whole.

So far, no orders have been received, and the “mobile tactical platform” based on a serial chassis and units remains only an exhibition model. However, even in this status, an experimental car shows the potential of small enterprises in general, and also demonstrates their ability to create new curious samples and work out promising concepts.
Photos used:
"Vezdehoder" /, "Russian University of Special Forces"

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  1. mitroha
    mitroha 7 December 2022 06: 01
    The question arises as to how much diversity of equipment is again needed in the troops. After all, it is logical that the competition between manufacturers should end when the model is adopted for service.
    Why again produce assorted varieties, especially with delivery from "commercial suppliers", under this phrase you can put even enemy manufacturers, for example.
    1. Sadok
      Sadok 7 December 2022 10: 57
      So this is Hunter, just in body kit. no sorting
  2. Eug
    Eug 7 December 2022 06: 13
    A diesel engine would be a simple aspirated engine for him, but for Russia this is fantastic.
    1. Konnick
      Konnick 7 December 2022 06: 32
      A diesel engine would be a simple aspirated engine for him, but for Russia this is fantastic.

      Diesel will weigh one and a half times more. At one time, GAZ made a truck with an air-cooled diesel engine, such as for the village, but the villagers did not accept it, the usual GAZ-53 did not dig into the ground with its front wheels in the fall when harvesting, while the heavier diesel just elm in the autumn field even unloaded.
      1. YOUR
        YOUR 7 December 2022 08: 03
        There are all sorts of diesels. The neighbor has a 6-horse diesel walk-behind tractor. The weight is no different from my petrol. There are gasoline Kruzaks, there are diesel ones, the engine size and weight are almost the same.
        Another thing is that our priority is oil and gas, the industry somehow turned out to be behind. Where and who will produce. Chinese engines are installed on frigates, corvettes and boats.
        1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
          Sergey Aleksandrovich 7 December 2022 09: 19
          In priority, unexpectedly, were the norms of Euro-II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI ...
          Soon there will be no engines at all if the trend does not change.
  3. Konnick
    Konnick 7 December 2022 06: 25
    The cooler the jeep, the longer it takes to follow the tractor ... the pursuit of tons reduces the cross-country ability, or rather the ability to pull out a stuck car on your own.

    So far no orders have been received.

    Perhaps they won’t, there are enough ordinary vehicles, and leave raids to the rear for more technically advanced unmanned vehicles.
  4. Konnick
    Konnick 7 December 2022 06: 39
    Usually buggies are made in order to reduce the cost of equipment, so that it would not be a pity to drive off-road. Here, on the contrary, the buggy will be much more expensive than the serial UAZ. And yet, let the authors of this miracle travel 100 kilometers in winter without a roof and doors.
    1. YOUR
      YOUR 7 December 2022 08: 09
      During the Second World War, entire regiments rode motorcycles and nothing.
      Quote: Konnick
      the buggy will be much more expensive than the serial UAZ

      Why did you draw such a conclusion? Engine VAZ 21126, frame welded from pipes. The most expensive is a machine gun.
      1. Konnick
        Konnick 7 December 2022 09: 21
        During the Second World War, entire regiments rode motorcycles and nothing.

        I know, my grandfather fought in the 46th separate motorcycle regiment. When it was necessary to restore communications with the 29th Army near Rzhev in January 42, the regiment as part of the 30th Army marched from the left flank of the Kalinin Front to the right along snowy impassability, in frost and a snowstorm. And it was already a feat. And a motorcycle, even with a sidecar, is better for cross-country ability, the crew can pull the motorcycle out of any ambush on their own.

        Why did you draw such a conclusion? Engine VAZ 21126, frame welded from pipes. The most expensive is a machine gun.

        Serial production is always cheaper.
  5. Mustached Kok
    Mustached Kok 7 December 2022 08: 23
    very strange idea at the concept level. They are trying to make equipment in terms of capacity and carrying capacity comparable to a full-fledged military vehicle. But at the same time keep the layout of the buggy. And as a result, e will come out very much here and there. Because as a vehicle for the military, it has little protection and yet less capacity. And as for a buggy, it will be too heavy and less passable.
    1. Blackgrifon
      Blackgrifon 7 December 2022 17: 36
      IMHO, you are right. In fact, this is no longer a buggy, but a raid armored car. Is that just the point? It’s easier to make a raider on the basis of the Arrow, the Tiger (fortunately, it already exists on its base) or the Huntsman (the same UAZ-Patriot, but with strays). And there are already buggies - Chaborzy, BARS and Sarmat. The latter even fight a little.
  6. garri-lin
    garri-lin 7 December 2022 18: 38
    An excellent and more logical platform for Gorse than Typhoon.
    1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
      Sergey Aleksandrovich 7 December 2022 19: 26
      By no means! "Drok" is not only and not so much a mortar, but a well-armored vehicle for escort and escort. Such a car as "Drok" to Afghanistan in the 80s of the last century, for escort, would not have had a price. And what is characteristic, they could have done it even then, the inertia of thinking interfered.
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 7 December 2022 21: 24
        Ride as usual. Gorse is a small mortar on a big chassis. And very expensive. Due to the high cost of the chassis. Which means it's not massive.
        And 82 mm should be massive and flexible in use.
        And in Afghanistan there was Vasilek on Motolyga.
        No geniuses could shove the clever stuffing of Gorse on the elementary base of the 70s either into the Typhoon or into the Motolyga. Maximum in a railway car.
  7. GRAFIN_32
    GRAFIN_32 8 December 2022 10: 54
    Waiting for orders... Don't wait!
    Some more in the war want to make money, don’t understand what. And it's so funny to read about the ZSU-23. I understand that this is not a buggy as such, but a chassis with a piece of body, and there is no doubt about the carrying capacity, but the ZSU is too much. Better than the S-60))) Of course, I have an evil comment, I'm sorry, but honestly, the UAZ Hunter is much better, more necessary and more profitable than this garage creation, and judging by that advertisement of the representatives, there is a great desire to at least somehow sell this creation. In Ukraine, there are a lot of such garage design bureaus.
  8. Sergei N 58912062
    Sergei N 58912062 9 December 2022 01: 51
    Buggy should be light! And this is no longer Buggy, but it is not clear what.