Who, whom, where and why hung?

Who, whom, where and why hung?

Europe is just beginning to discuss the published footage from the supposedly LPR, which depicts five people executed by unknown persons.

It’s probably worth starting with the one who disperses the topic. And it is dispersed by Seryozha Sternenko, a thief, a swindler, a murderer and a bastard from Odessa. He added to his titles the title of Zelensky's personal licker, because he did not imprison Sternenka by his will. A pity, there is a reason.

You can immediately tell who Seryozha's audience is. These are the fascists and their admirers from Europe, moreover, of the lowest intellect and the most vile poshiba. Excuse me, but my Ukrainian friends gave me such a description, and they are well versed in the varieties of local non-beer.

Where did the pictures, replicated by Sternenko, come from, is a separate question. Well, there will not be such a beast on the land of Lugansk (I sincerely hope so) that will begin to communicate with Sternenko. And how did it happen that the photos of the events in the LPR first came to the Ukrainian fascist.

Sternenko says that the photo he has is from a certain Vladislav Pozdnyakov. Pozdnyakov is a personality no less remarkable than Sternenko, two boots are really a pair. Misogynist, leader of the "Men's State" community (banned in Russia), who became famous for scandals and persecution of women who did not meet Pozdnyakov's ideas about morality. Pozdnyakov himself repeatedly called himself "the father of Slavic extremism." He was repeatedly convicted of provocations, including imitation of his own death. He has not lived in Russia for a long time, although with the beginning of the SVO he increased his pseudo-patriotic activity on his channels.

And so Pozdnyakov, living in Europe, began to fiercely "patriotize", throwing in various slogans. The main message is the dehumanization of the Ukrainian community and its subsequent destruction.

In general, it is very cool to bear thereby CIPSO. Directly their ideas, which they throw into the heads of idiots, and then put the Russians on public display to the "democratic world" as barbarians and sadists. And thus, simply perfectly removing from the agenda and painting over Bucha, Kupyansk and other unsightly actions of their army and SBU. Everything is very logical, and, looking at the activities of Pozdnyakov, I, perhaps, tend to believe that he lives in his abroad not on rubles, but on hryvnias or zlotys.

And from somewhere this couple gets photos “which were taken in the LPR”, despite the fact that neither Pozdnyakov nor Sternenko have a go there. Of course, agents, volunteers and so on.

Sternenko writes that "... collaborators were hanged in the LPR." In fairness, I note that the term "collaborators" is a purely Ukrainian "trick".

But nevertheless, after a short period of time, these photos will be where? That's right, in Europe and the Americas. In some committees on observance or protection, up to the UN.

What for? Well, it’s just fine with the help of such “crowbar” evidence that the crimes of Ukrainian executioners are hushed up and hushed up. And at the same time, Russia's attitude towards the "terrorist state" is getting tougher. Well, it’s understandable, further sanctions follow, for example, from the IAEA, which will prohibit the use of Russian-built nuclear power units. Considering that now Rosatom is building about a dozen of them around the world, the “hello” will turn out to be nuclear. As an option - yes, everything that climbs into euroheads.

What do we see in the photos? More precisely, not so: what do we not see in the photo? Even without special skills, you can immediately say the following:

1. The place of "execution" cannot be determined. Some kind of industrial zone, moreover, its darkest and cramped corner, maximally littered with rubbish. Photos, of course, will not have geotags, after all, there are less and less fools in the world. But more on that below.

2. All those executed have the same bags on their heads, which clearly do not allow them to be identified.

3. The inscriptions “Traitor of the Lugansk people” and “He passed information to the enemy. SMERSH.

4. It is impossible to see the gallows, it is behind the scenes. But people are definitely dead. In the picture, where there are two corpses, there are barrels in the frame, as if hinting at the fact that they carried out the execution. All those executed have their hands tied behind their backs.

A modest set, but coupled with other things, there is already something to think about.

Let's get on with this thankless task.

What is execution by hanging? This is a rather painful way of taking life, which in all ages and times has also served as a method of intimidation. How did they hang before our times? Well, yes, in the squares, with a confluence of people, with the reading of all the sins of the executed.

Well, nowadays everything is a little easier, you can do it through online broadcasting.

Thousands of people watched it. Some with approval, some with hatred, but they watched.

There are no details about who these people are, what they did, what court they were convicted of... And the place of execution, by the way, also plays into the barbaric version. Without trial or investigation, in some kind of landfill - well, who can do that? Only Russian barbarians.

Who are the boards for? Ah, photo plates. That is, the confluence of people was small. A few people, nothing more. Or maybe even one, but I’ll talk about this at the very end, in my version.

That is, there is no people who would see this and receive such a message that there is no life-threatening transfer of information to the enemy and betraying the people of the Luhansk region. Then the method suggests itself through the media and the Internet. But excuse me, Sternenko, a representative of a completely opposite side, began to promote.

Doesn't fit at all, does it?

Move on. Item 2, bags. Why are there bags on the heads of the supposedly executed? For one thing only: for the impossibility of identification. Considering that the execution did not take place in a crowded place, there is no need to protect the nerves of the audience, there is only one meaning in the bags. More precisely, even two.

The first meaning is to show that this whole thing is not a staging. That these people are dead, that they are killed. The question is how. If, for example, a headshot, then the bag is very useful.

The second is that any person can be identified. Yes, there may be exceptions, when the executed person is muzzled beyond recognition, this may well happen. But even then, by individual signs, a person can be identified. And, accordingly, determine where it all happens.

But we are all shrouded in mystery. There is no data on date, place, people. But that is why we can draw the following conclusions:

1. The action, most likely, takes place in the recently "liberated" territories of the same Kherson region.

2. Those executed are most likely people who collaborated with the Russian side. Not so active, and therefore did not go into exile. Or, alternatively, they are victims of shelling. It is important that after a little preparation they were used in this way. In staging.

And then the bags on the heads and the inability to identify people look completely normal. Because it will be completely clear that it was far from being in the LPR.

In general, the execution of "traitors" in the LPR is nonsense. There, sentenced mercenaries were not executed. Released in peace (exchanged).

If I am right according to paragraph 2 and paragraph 1 (in that order), then we draw the following chain:
- unknown persons carry out the execution of unidentified people, or stage the execution;
- photography is carried out;
- the photos are sent not to the brilliant mind, but to the very stubborn pseudo-patriot Pozdnyakov, who is on the run, and from Pozdnyakov the photos get to Sternenko, who begins to unwind the “case”.

I have a question: where are the Lugansks? Where are the soldiers? Where are our Z-channels, who are ready to take anything and promote it?

Agree, it would be much more efficient to work that way. But no, the Lugansk “patriots” send the photo abroad, to Pozdnyakov, whose whereabouts are kept secret, but some TikTok videos allow you to locate settlements in Poland, Western Ukraine and Moldova.

A beautiful combination. That's just not for Pozdnyakov and Sternenko, whose IQ for two barely scratches a hundred (and mostly Sternenko). This is the work of smart people. My opinion is the work of specialists who have their headquarters on Rybalsky Island in Kyiv. Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine. This is their handiwork.

And this also explains the use of not the most popular, although well-known blogger Sternenko. The main thing is to start the topic, and then the information will go "where necessary."

In general, another provocation, but rather neatly done. Considering that it will most likely be voiced by some officials of Ukraine (I am sure that this will not be the case), which will give this provocation a certain weight in Europe.

Well, then everything is on knurled. Ours, as always, will remain silent, Europe, as always, will draw its own conclusions. But the impact on the reputation will be very tangible. They also love it when they make nonhumans out of people.
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  1. +10
    6 December 2022 05: 46
    And so it can be seen from the photo that there is some kind of provocation ... To intimidate the population, such things are done publicly, and not with a fig in your pocket and with a candle under the covers .. On the other hand, anti-provocative work is not being carried out.
    1. +8
      6 December 2022 07: 54
      There are hostilities, there is an information war, which means that such phenomena will be constant.
      1. +9
        7 December 2022 00: 39
        What can I say about the photo.

        In the photo, where three are hanged, apparently, a family is hanged. Namely.
        From right to left:
        1. RIGHT. A man bleeding from a recent wound. Perhaps the father of the family: husband, grandfather ...
        2. IN THE MIDDLE hangs exactly an old WOMAN of 35-40-45 years old. The proportions of her body are precisely female: the hips are wide, the waist is narrow, the shoulders are rounded and lowered forward and down, the chest is not flat, like in men, but a slide forward. Probably wife, daughter, daughter-in-law...
        3. A teenage boy of school age aged 14-15 is hanging on the LEFT. Probably son, grandson.

        All in all. It was a family from one farmstead (a private house with a plot of land) that was killed.
  2. +13
    6 December 2022 06: 03
    Those executed are most likely people who collaborated with the Russian side.

    Undoubtedly ... you can see the handwriting of the Ukrogestapo and their curators from the CIA ... pay attention to the details of the font on the posters, to the phrase ... resembles the style of the Nazis who hung underground fighters and partisans ... almost one to one.
    The puncture is clear.
    Messages from Kherson about the executions of citizens loyal to Russia come from various sources. This Ukrainian Gestapo beast has gone crazy... after the liberation of Kherson, terrible things will come up.
    Such is the price of leaving this territory and citizens at the mercy of the Ukronazi executioners.
    1. 0
      13 December 2022 14: 43
      People were asked to evacuate. And who wanted to do it. What the rest expected is unclear.
  3. +10
    6 December 2022 07: 33
    Hi all. Dear author, as I understand it, Ukrainian friends are Shariy? Just in his video on this topic, theses are one to one.
  4. +6
    6 December 2022 08: 47
    Why don't we do such provocations? We want to stay white, it won't work. Since we got into all this, we need to act at least the same way as they did, but better ahead of schedule. Why didn't we do the same production before?
    It is high time for us to engage in disinformation and provocations, and moreover, to approach the matter creatively, which is why we have so few directors and actors. So let all sorts of Mikhalkovs, Mashkovs Pevtsovs and others show their skill and invention.
    1. +5
      6 December 2022 08: 51
      Why don't we do such provocations?
      And we are honest, correct and firm. Steadfastly, without objection, we endure the blows of provocateurs.
    2. 0
      11 December 2022 01: 39
      Why didn't Mashkov and Pevtsov please you? Although what am I talking about?
    3. +1
      12 December 2022 14: 31
      Why don't we do such provocations?

      Yes, because on the other side they don’t give a damn not only about provocations, but also about the well-known crimes of the Ukronazis! Was there a lot of reaction from the "world community" to the burning of people in Odessa? And it was shown live! With a clear fixation of the participants. So what? Fuck everyone! Then what for provocations, if real and undisguised crimes find ardent support?
  5. +7
    6 December 2022 08: 49
    But the impact on the reputation will be very tangible.
    Something like blows, a lot lately a lot .. Did the Boeing shoot down shooters? By court decision .. They kept silent .. But they kept silent, they recognized .. And they recognized it, you will get more ... That's how it is .. And who is to blame for being silent? West?
  6. +5
    6 December 2022 08: 53
    If traitors had been hanged from the first day of the SVO, then Ukraine would have been liberated long ago.
  7. +4
    6 December 2022 09: 13
    From the fact that you pick up a piece of a chair thrown at you and throw it at the offender, you won’t become cleaner. Even vice versa. You will only equate status with the insane.
    And he has already spoiled himself. Everything will become clear in time.
  8. +5
    6 December 2022 09: 20
    Is it really executed people? Maybe mannequins or even old jackets and pants stuffed with shavings? The bags hide the heads, and the angle is chosen such that the hands are not visible. Or as an option, people, but the rope was passed behind the collar under the clothes and attached to the belt, so that after shooting the required shots, the "executed" were resurrected. Where is the video of the execution?
    1. +3
      6 December 2022 20: 33
      Quote: Nagan
      Is it really executed people? Maybe mannequins or even old jackets and pants stuffed with shavings?

      These are those executed by the SBU, which passes off their crimes as someone else's. The US State Department and the CIA have long ordered their mercenaries in the Ichkerian bandit underground to dress up in the uniform of the military and the police and in this way attack the Russians.
    2. 0
      13 December 2022 14: 45
      According to anyone, a crooked fake for the needs of the Western public. Especially SMERSH (which has not existed for a hundred years). Still would have left a portrait of Stalin there.
  9. +4
    6 December 2022 10: 44
    Not very natural poses for hanged men. Pay attention to the feet, left and middle characters. The feet are parallel to the ground, as if they are standing on the ground. After death, the hanging muscles relax, the toes sink to the ground, like the right one, even though he is wearing boots.
    1. +8
      6 December 2022 13: 10
      Quote: Kotofeich
      After death, the hanged muscles relax,

      Moreover, I don’t see any streaks of urine and feces on clothes.
      I assume that corpses have already been hung for a photo provocation.
      1. +5
        6 December 2022 13: 13
        Quote: Mishka78
        I assume that corpses have already been hung for a photo provocation.
        Yes, that's what I thought too.
      2. +1
        6 December 2022 20: 35
        Quote: Mishka78
        I assume that corpses have already been hung for a photo provocation.

        Quite possibly, they were killed by Ukrainians after being tortured.
  10. +7
    6 December 2022 12: 34
    Europe, as always, will draw its own conclusions. But the impact on the reputation will be very tangible. They also love it when they make nonhumans out of people.
    End of quote.
    Calm down: the institution of reputation is discredited. Fully. Instead of "Europe" - you should write the EU and NATO. The EU and NATO are the enemy. To raise your reputation in the eyes of the enemy, it must be destroyed. Patamushta the enemy thinks that we are the enemies and destroys us.
    Or do you not believe me?
  11. +6
    6 December 2022 12: 47
    What hasn't the author said yet? All the "hanged" do not see the slightest open area of ​​the body. The most "chlamydo-like" clothes (sweatpants, sweaters, and as old as possible). Bags on the head have another "hidden function": to hide and "shape" the head and neck at once.
    Considering a certain angularity of the bodies in the photo, it is quite possible to assume imitation, mannequins.
    1. +4
      6 December 2022 12: 58
      Some "throw in", others spread the infection. What is there to analyze? That's right: the quality of the photo, the composition, the plausibility of the imitation... or its implausibility. Based on the results of the discussion, adjustments will be made. And next time the shortcomings will be eliminated (in whole or in part). This is how a neural network works.
      1. 0
        11 December 2022 05: 48
        Everything is correct and there is nothing to make further manipulations, there the one who cannot be trusted threw it in, then Skomorokhov threw it in. The stuffing took place, now the fermentation process has begun, we will wait for Solovyov's tantrums and Mikhalkov's "wise" exhortations
  12. +3
    6 December 2022 15: 02
    Imagine the bitterness of the public on both sides of the front, plunged into a (essentially civil) war, I would not be surprised at such manifestations of cruelty. However, the whole complex of details shown in the pictures, which some of the discussants have already mentioned, casts doubt on the truth of the captured unpleasant scene. And what prevented those who filmed this “hanging” from not limiting themselves to photographing, but to filming a video loop? Takskat, more impressive and clearer. Especially for Europe, although they don’t steal such things there.
    1. +2
      6 December 2022 20: 41
      Quote: Frank Muller
      And what prevented those filming this “hanging” from not limiting themselves to photographing, but to filming a video loop?

      The killers had to keep their victims incognito. The Syrian terrorists left alive a boy on whom they imitated the fake use of chemical weapons by Russia, and the boy then innocently said that there was no poisoning, but there were filming of feature films. Russophobes from the State Department, headed by M. McFaul, this time demanded from Ukrainian punishers not to leave alive witnesses to the production of Russophobic fakes.
  13. +2
    6 December 2022 19: 13
    It looks like there are stuffed animals hanging there.
  14. -1
    6 December 2022 21: 37
    I do not rule out that these are generally dolls. It is impossible to determine.
    The fact that this is a provocation is unequivocal, the Ukronazis are churning them out one after another.
    And I'm FOR that to hang the Nazis, but by the verdict of the court and in public. As they did with the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War.
  15. +1
    6 December 2022 22: 52
    Unclear. Toli Shariy A. read an article on YouTube. Toli, the author of the article reprinted his video.
  16. 0
    6 December 2022 22: 57
    Complete crap, apparently for a Western layman.
  17. -1
    6 December 2022 23: 09
    If the original photo was taken digitally, sometimes you can find crumbs of truth there.
  18. +1
    7 December 2022 00: 24
    It looks like people are hanging. But no more. Alive or dead - it is not clear. What kind of people - it is unclear.
    Conclusion. Just black PR. And even the authors have nothing to show. Edge creative. fool
  19. 0
    7 December 2022 00: 58
    Here the media is on the face, and in the LNR they take out and spank behind the slag heap. Knowing dill, it can be argued that the victims are normal people ((
  20. 0
    7 December 2022 02: 18
    Are they people at all? It could very well be mannequins.
  21. 0
    7 December 2022 23: 52
    Of course, you can't play by the opponent's rules. But still, immediately, until the infection has spread, demand an investigation, detection and bringing Pozdnyakov and Sternenko to testify. Is the West interested in the investigation? Not? But we are interested. Refusing to help? Declare this a provocation at the highest level, accuse the accomplices of harboring and promote this topic as actively as possible.
    Maybe then at least Sternenko will end up committing suicide with three bullets in the back.
    1. 0
      11 December 2022 05: 51
      It’s easier to write on the forehead of the whole country - we are not guilty ...
  22. 0
    8 December 2022 05: 58
    Why does no one consider that it was made by their own?
    Many would have done just that. After the exchange of mercenaries, "leaders of Azov" and other things, the locals have no confidence in the authorities. Caught on the spot, red-handed. They carried out the sentence themselves.
    Everything is done secretly so that their organs are not put in jail.
    There is a war, many have personal scores. Then bam, your neighbor works for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Two choices: go to the prosecutor's office and other bodies, hand over. There is an arrest, an investigation, and it is not known how much more they will give. Or go and fix it yourself.
    You go in the comments with videos on YouTube about sentences to real killers and maniacs. People do not have confidence in the authorities, everyone wants the death penalty, more severe punishments. In war, there is an opportunity, from the point of view of the layman, to bring a fair trial on the spot, which means it is necessary.
    If the mercenaries were really hanged in June, even the place of execution was ready according to Pushilin, then there would be trust. And so, the civil war, the bitterness of the peoples.
    What would you do if you found out that your colleague, neighbor, relative in captivity turned gray from torture and died? Are all openings: mouth, ears, anal, nose filled with mounting foam? The desire to take prisoner will disappear from you.
    Everything will be like Furmanov's. "Despite all efforts, the next day, not a single prisoner could be brought to the headquarters."
    Is it right to do so? From a civilized person's point of view, no. From the point of view of an ordinary person from the trenches, a civilian in the area of ​​shelling, perhaps yes. But everything comes from distrust of higher authorities.
  23. BAI
    8 December 2022 12: 31
    But people are definitely dead.

    But this is a very big question. Shoes fall off a dead person. And here the sandals are held.
  24. +1
    8 December 2022 18: 54
    Only the state should have a monopoly on death. Yes, there is a wild and cruel confrontation, but let's not forget why we came to Ukraine and our guys are dying there. Only those citizens who, despite the cruelty of this war, will remain human beings, will win this war, and this is unequivocal. Let's remember when our army entered the territory of the Reich, the leadership of our country had the intelligence and endurance to forbid our thirsty for revenge, just fighters and commanders to cut, hang, rape, peaceful and non-civilian population of defeated Germany. In Afghanistan, if a soldier or the officer was caught on torture and bullying by the Afghans, then tough disciplinary and criminal measures were taken against these military personnel. And this photo is another provocation of the Ukrainian special services.
  25. 0
    11 December 2022 05: 11
    Why don't any of these demons choke on a bone or go out the window? Are there no liquidators, or does our guarantor and Zorkin guarantee everyone's life? Are anti-fascists and communists also silent through inaction, or have they already become "corrupt girls of imperialism", or maybe they have been for a long time?
  26. 0
    12 December 2022 10: 29
    Everything is very simple: our media or diplomats need to get ahead of the Ukronazis in terms of providing information and declare that, they say, the Nazis in Kherson dealt with the family for loyalty to Russia. You don't have to sit and wait to see what happens next. How Europe will react to this. And then again make excuses and carry some kind of nonsense, that, they say, it's not us, it's all a setup. We need to act. And act quickly, working ahead of the curve.