NATO countries do not run out of tanks for Ukraine yet

Transportation of the T-72M1 tank. Source:
Transportation tank T-72M1. Source:

It's no secret that the main, however, and the only suppliers of armored vehicles for Ukraine are NATO member countries. And, despite sending various light-class combat vehicles to Kyiv, there are severe restrictions specifically for tanks - they must be exclusively Soviet-made. Who knows, maybe someday this qualification will be canceled, but for now we have what we have.

However, tanks, like any other weapons, tend to run out, but is the shortage of vehicles so acute? In this article, we will talk about how many Soviet-style tanks NATO has left. Spoiler: there are a lot left, but there is nothing to exchange them with yet.

Polish supplier

Perhaps we should start with Poland. This country was a major manufacturer of T-72 tanks under the Soviet license in Europe. It is understandable - before the mass purchases of the German "Leopard-2" its armed forces were fully equipped with "seventy-two" and its own version of their modification in the face of PT-91 Twardy. The Poles in general had a rather impressive arsenal. So, in 1991, there were 757 T-72 and T-72M / M1 units in the country. Not all cars have survived to this day, but most of them.

Before the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, according to The Military Balance 2022, Poland, in addition to almost 250 Leopards-2 of various modifications, had 232 RT-91s, as well as 318 T-72M / M1 and T-72M1R tanks of various degrees staffing and resource development.

The first to help Ukraine were the old men. Initially, more than 240 T-72M/M1 modifications were mentioned. Although such publications as Izvestia and Rossiyskaya Gazeta underestimated the number - 232 units. However, this discrepancy in numbers does not play any significant role. The Poles transferred them to Kyiv in full, which, in principle, was enough to fully staff four tank battalions.

PT-91 Twardy. Source:
PT-91 Twardy. Source:

Then they started talking about the transfer and PT-91 Twardy. In addition to the Leopards, these tanks are among the most combat-ready in the Polish army in terms of quality. To some extent, for the Poles, this is an analogue of our T-72B3 - not the worst workhorse, present in sufficient numbers in the troops. Therefore, no one planned to give them away for free.

Warsaw, in its radical plans, was ready to give up all 232 PT-91s in exchange for foreign tanks - the American M1A2 Abrams and the German Leopards-2A7. However, in the end, the Germans refused, and the Americans are in no hurry to quickly fill the Polish mechanized formations with their vehicles, therefore, according to various sources, only a few dozen RT-91s were transferred to Ukraine - no more than a battalion set.

One way or another, Poland has become the largest supplier of tanks to Ukraine, but today its reserves have been exhausted. In fact, the Polish Ministry of Defense will not dare to halve its tank fleet. Nevertheless, they definitely have a stash of two hundred and a few tanks, but they most likely will not receive a train ticket to the Ukrainian neighbor in the foreseeable future. In this case, it just cannot be said that the Soviet-style cars have run out - they simply cannot be replaced quickly.

Czech Republic

Czechoslovakia (the current Czech Republic and Slovakia, respectively) also produced tanks under the Soviet license, and not in such small quantities. During the years of the Warsaw Pact, this country, together with Poland, managed to send about 1 T-700 tanks to the countries of the Near and Middle East, and about a thousand more units to the European consumer represented by the NNA of the GDR, Hungary and Bulgaria. As for domestic consumption, in 72 the army of Czechoslovakia had 1991 “seventy-twos” in service.

In 1993, the country fell apart, the arsenal was divided, but not all of it has been preserved to this day.

So, according to The Military Balance 2022, before the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, the Czech Republic had thirty modern (for the Czech tank fleet) T-72M4 CZ tanks and about 90 T-72M1 tanks in storage with the aim of subsequent bringing up to the M4 level. However, the actual number of cars is likely to be much larger than the list.

Previously, information had already appeared from the Czech newspaper Mladá fronta DNES that batches with a total of up to 40 tanks were sent to Ukraine, but it was problematic to find out the ratio of units delivered and those still in storage with the Czech Republic. Now the situation has become somewhat clearer.


Not so long ago, there was information that the United States and the Netherlands would finance the supply of 90 T-72 tanks to Ukraine - each side would pay for 45 modernized vehicles. They will be taken, as it becomes clear, from storage bases in the Czech Republic. Thus, the supply of Czech "seventy-twos" will be almost completely used up. The stock of exactly those tanks that are in, so to speak, alive and more or less complete condition.

How many Czech tanks "lying around in the backyard", that is, completely understaffed and not listed in official papers, is not known for certain, so you should not take them into account. Restoring them, if any, is too expensive. Take the ones that are on the go.

Refuseniks: Bulgaria and Slovakia

Now you can dilute the topic with "refuseniks" from among the NATO countries. And first of all, we can talk about Bulgaria.

This country did not produce tanks, but before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it managed to purchase 334 units of T-72 vehicles from Poland and Czechoslovakia. However, at the beginning of 2022, the Bulgarians had only 90 tanks in service, without taking into account a certain amount in storage.

And here it would be quite logical to assume that Bulgaria, being in NATO, will try to “shove” this equipment into Ukraine in exchange for some bonuses. Even more than once there were reports that the Bulgarians sent a certain number of cars to Kyiv through the Czech Republic. Moreover, photographs of a T-72M1 of Bulgarian origin captured from the Armed Forces of Ukraine were published in Telegram channels.

Nevertheless, according to Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov, Bulgaria is going to continue to exploit the "seventy-two", so no one plans to undermine the country's combat capability by mass transfer of tanks to Ukraine. Tanks in the amount of 44 units will be upgraded with the help of the Israeli company Elbit Systems and will remain in service until at least 2030. But there is no hope in this case - the Pentagon can press down, and tanks will roll on trains across the Polish-Ukrainian border.


As for Slovakia, a slightly different situation has developed here, which a number of media outlets interpreted as a NATO arms crisis, which escalated after the start of deliveries to Ukraine.

The fact is that Slovakia, as they say, was open to cooperation and was ready to transfer its entire “running” tank fleet in the amount of 30 T-72M units to Ukraine. However, in return, the government of the country requested from Germany the same number of Leopards-2 - not to expose, after all, all fronts. But all that the Germans could offer was 15 tanks, that is, one for two Slovak ones.

This arrangement did not suit the Slovak government. The newspaper Hlavne Spravy (Slovakia) even cited the words of one of the military, who directly said that by giving away a battalion set of tanks, we would receive only half in return, which is clearly unacceptable. However, the German magazine Business Insider managed to spread rumors that the Slovaks nevertheless obeyed and agreed to such unfavorable conditions. Even the Slovak Minister of Defense Jaroslav Nagy reproached the German publication for lying, calling this approach a great professional failure.

The exchange, which was unequal from the point of view of the Slovaks, did not take place. But the hint that the tanks could still go to Ukraine under mutually beneficial conditions was made. It's not worth discounting them.


Slovenia is a young, small and not very rich country. However, she also managed to make a mark in the supply of military equipment to Ukraine. And here it is noteworthy that the Slovenes sent not the traditional "seventy-two", but modernized T-55s in the amount of 28 units, having the index M-55S.

Slovenian M-55S. Source:
Slovenian M-55S. Source:

Slovenia also has the M-84 (the Yugoslav version of the T-72), which, like the T-55, it received, let's say, almost militarily during the Ten-Day War of 1991 from the Yugoslav army, sent to pacify the rebellious republic. Then the Slovenes managed to grab equipment for almost two battalions. These trophies became the basis of the armored forces of the newly minted country.

If we once again turn to The Military Balance 2022, this year Slovenia has 14 M-84 tanks on the move in the active army and more than 32 units of this type in storage. The arsenal is not very gigantic, but quite decent by local standards.

Tank M-84. Source:
Tank M-84. Source:

Initially, it was the M-84 in the amount of several dozen that were considered as candidates for shipment to Ukraine. In return, Slovenia asked for the Marder infantry fighting vehicle and the Fuchs armored personnel carrier from Germany. But the deal didn't go through. And here opinions differ: some experts say that the technical condition of the Slovenian tanks turned out to be too depressing, while others say that the Germans protested, they say, we don’t have enough equipment to please everyone.

As a result, there was no exchange. But the M-55S went to Ukraine, for which Germany will pay a "bribe" in the form of 35 trucks and 5 tankers. So from the Slovenian side, 30-40 tanks, if, as they say, presses, NATO will be able to get it.

Other NATO countries

Now let's take a quick look at other NATO countries, which did not particularly flicker in the supply of heavy weapons in the form of tanks to Ukraine. There won’t be much comments here - we’ll see the number of cars, and that’s all.

Here, first of all, Hungary should be noted, but not in terms of a potential shipment of equipment to Kyiv, but simply because their prime minister is still resisting the general anti-Russian policy.

This country has not very many tanks in service (that is, directly actively used) - only 48 pieces. Of these, 4 "Leopard" modifications 2A4HU and 44 T-72M1. Whether or not these "seventy-twos" will be handed over to Ukraine is too early to guess, but we can write them down in a certain "reserve" of the enemy.

Romanians, as members of NATO, are in fact the "kings" of the T-55. According to The Military Balance 2022, they have more than 300 units of these vehicles in various modifications, of which 103 are TR-85s produced in Romania (the Romanian version of T-55) and 54 units of TR-85M1, which are deeply modernized tanks with enhanced protection and improved fire control system. So far, there has been no talk of transferring them to Ukraine.

Romanian TR-85M1. Source:
Romanian TR-85M1. Source:

It is worth mentioning again the countries formed on the ruins of Yugoslavia.

Croatia, according to The Military Balance 2022, has 75 M-84 tanks in use (the Yugoslav version of the T-72, as mentioned earlier). There is also a possibility that these tanks will appear in the special operation zone.

Another 31 T-72 type tanks were in service with North Macedonia. They were supplied by modern Russia as part of military assistance. This help, as it turned out, has already turned against us - the Macedonians managed to deliver some of the cars to Ukraine. Perhaps we are talking about a batch of no more than 10 units, but we have, as they say, what we have.


Of course, there is a crisis in the issue of armored vehicles of NATO countries, and it is getting worse, since each supplier, be it Poland or Slovakia, requires an equivalent, in their opinion, exchange - we gave the equipment, and you, please, send us something more modern. And, for example, the German military-industrial complex has already begun to burst at the seams with a decent ringing. So no one will deliver the hundreds of tanks desired by Ukraine in one fell swoop - the question is solely on payment and hung up.

Nevertheless, all NATO reserves for Soviet tanks have not yet been exhausted. Yes, there are disagreements and contradictions, but here, as they say, if the United States presses ... At least 400 tanks of the T-72 type and a hundred (or even more) T-55 Europeans will be able to issue "on the mountain", which will exceed the amount of equipment of this class, already transferred to Kyiv for the entire time of the special operation. They will give it back not in a day, and not even in a month or two, but if they wish (pressure), they will be able to saturate 7-8 tank battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and this must be taken into account.

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The Military Balance 2022
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  1. +8
    6 December 2022 05: 19
    How rich the USSR was in generosity to these allies in quotation marks ... until now, his legacy is being rolled out of their arsenals.
    Now it has come back to haunt our army ... they are fighting against us ... it was short-sighted to do so ... and there is no way to correct this stupidity.
    1. +39
      6 December 2022 05: 32
      It was short-sighted to promote Misha and Borey to power. And so everything was thought out in the time of Stalin. The country, plus a security buffer, plus as bridgeheads, are our zones of influence and trade. And this Misha stupidly and without a fight passed everything! Look at England. For the rocky islands sent a squadron to the other side of the globe! For the islands! And then they handed over entire territories! Now we are surprised. Why is NATO approaching us? Why are our neighbors against us? So we ourselves, under Misha, said that this is not for nothing for us! What are the claims now? We resent the fact that others picked up what we refused? Well, you shouldn't have given up!
      1. -1
        6 December 2022 18: 18
        And so everything was thought out in the time of Stalin.

        It’s badly thought out catastrophically badly, otherwise the Khrushchev would not have climbed to the very top.
        And the marshals would not have arrested Beria.
        And certainly the XNUMXth Congress would not have carried such a blizzard.
      2. 0
        24 January 2023 01: 19
        You would have learned more from Andropov. Misha and Borya is a consequence. The collapse began under Khrushchev. And then continued. Misha, Borya and all the rest. This is a result and a consequence.
    2. +13
      6 December 2022 05: 48
      How rich was the USSR for generosity to these allies in quotation marks

      what nonsense? The USSR also gave "these bounties" for a reason. The countries of Eastern Europe are members of the VD, and according to the strategy of 60-70s, they should have become the first obstacle in the way of NATO. Stalin knowingly sought to include them in the socialist camp, remembering the lesson of 1941. Therefore, we were interested in transferring technical documentation for tanks, in assisting in the construction of the BTZ, in the supply of armored steel, engines and other components. This is no "generosity" - it was our line of defense. The fact that he began to work against us was clear even when these countries in 1999-2004 en masse went over to NATO. Belarusians like it or not, but we are now babysitting them for the same reasons. And I hope the conclusions from the lessons of history were made at the top. In any case, I think during the last attempt at a color revolution in Belarus, we were ready to intervene by force
      1. -4
        6 December 2022 05: 50
        This line of defense turned out to be rotten ... and it was stupid to build it on a shaky foundation.
        How can you give weapons to countries that are ready to use it against a supplier ... absurd.
        The transfer of our advanced technologies to them from the same series ... it turns out that we contributed to the development of their economies to our own detriment, first it was necessary to tightly tie the elite of these countries to the USSR, which was not done.
        1. +18
          6 December 2022 05: 56
          and it was foolish to build it on a shaky foundation.
          How can you give weapons to countries that are ready to use it against a supplier ... absurd.

          you write without even the slightest attempt to think. In 1955, when the Warsaw Pact was formed, who do you think could predict the collapse of the USSR? You are now sitting in hindsight and fantasizing. And then the leadership of the USSR, even in a nightmare, could not see the events of the late 80s and early 90s
          1. -9
            6 December 2022 06: 13
            Quote: Ka-52
            You are now sitting in hindsight and fantasizing

            I don’t fantasize at all ... in the 80s, people who were in Poland told me about the mood in Polish society ... about the Polish anti-Soviet underground ... (Lech Walesa didn’t appear out of nowhere) I didn’t believe all this then, but the reality turned out to be worse ... Poland was one of the first countries to buzz. So leave your verbiage for yourself ... I have a different view on this topic ... I understand that you don’t like it ... but I won’t adapt to you. hi
            1. +6
              6 December 2022 06: 32
              in the 80s, people who were in Poland told me

              and what? The Bumar-Labendy plant in Gliwice already riveted the T-50-34 back in the 85s, and then (in the 60s) switched to the T-54 and T-55. Until the 80s, there were still 20 years and the USSR was in all its glory of its military and political power.
              but I will not adapt to you.

              and why do I need your "tuning"? I express my own opinion to the best of my knowledge.
              1. +5
                6 December 2022 07: 39
                How many T-72s are left in Ukraine? How many of them are now being transported to tank repair plants in Europe? According to The Military Balance, the Ground Forces of Ukraine were in service at the beginning of 2022: 858 tanks of various types and another 1132 in storage. Isn't it time to hit the storage places? Even if 30% is restored, this is more than 300 tanks.
                1. +2
                  6 December 2022 12: 24
                  They've been beaten more than once. Only this is TANKS. There, heavy FABs need to be plowed up, otherwise they will still pick up what to drag for repairs. Without air supremacy, only in workshops ... So they have long adapted the railway depot in different places for repair and restoration. Or they are dragged to the same Poland for repairs.
                  When the quality of NWO planning was (and partly remains) at such an outstanding level, you can jump up the tree as much as you like, towers and hats will choose the worst option.
        2. -1
          7 December 2022 21: 13
          The root cause is the fall of the USSR. Eastern Europe needs someone to lean on. There is no USSR, the Russian Federation is in ruins in the 90s. To whom do you order the elite to be "attached" to, to Yeltsin? Small countries have their own interests and it is naive, to put it mildly, to expect gratuitous devotion from them "to the grave". The USSR used them as a foreground, they understood this - tea is not fools. For this they received different nishtyaki.
          Prior to this, Hungarians, Finns, Romanians, Bulgarians, etc. leaned against Hitler, and he was safely thrown when things took a bad turn.
          And they are trying to use the States by joining NATO. Look how the Poles are roostering. They feed on the Germans, kent with the United States. And like, and with money and with influence in their region. It can, of course, fly in as a result, or maybe it will be possible to get hold of a land ...
      2. 0
        16 February 2023 10: 36
        The countries of Eastern Europe are members of the VD, and according to the strategy of 60-70s, they should have become the first obstacle in the way of NATO.

        Well, it was all so written on the water with a pitchfork, and in the event of a collision with NATO, it would be very naive to rely on Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc. No matter what buffer they provide, and rather vice versa.
    3. +16
      6 December 2022 06: 32
      It is worth noting that in Poland and the Czech Republic, tank-repair facilities are organized, which employ Ukrainian workers and engineers, which allows the Armed Forces of Ukraine to return to service a significant part of tanks that have received serious damage.
      1. +2
        6 December 2022 10: 10
        "...Former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, Jiří Šedivy, noted that it is not only about infrastructure, that is, about workshops and equipment. "It is also important to find people who can repair such equipment. Of course, this will not be entrusted to those who have not seen it before, "said General Jiří Šedivy. Czech defense enterprises are already facing a shortage of experienced personnel. Therefore, they plan, including in Ukraine, to hire those whose factories are idle or ended up in Russian-occupied territory.
        Lidovky: wrecked Ukrainian tanks are being repaired in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
      2. +3
        7 December 2022 14: 01
        Quote: Aron Zaavi
        It should be noted that in Poland and the Czech Republic organized tank repair production

        At least one sensible comment. A wrecked tank, or abandoned due to a breakdown, does not mean destroyed. Everything is being renovated. And only completely destroyed go to spare parts.
        As for Poland and the Czech Republic. If the conduct of this strange war allows the supply of weapons from Poland and the Czech Republic, then the option of repair in Poland and the Czech Republic suggests itself. Poland and the Czech Republic became a reliable rear of the Kyiv regime. There was no rear, but now there is. And all the lamentations "How so?" - for the benefit of the poor.
    4. +3
      6 December 2022 22: 34
      "How rich the USSR was in bounties"
      Started for health, finished for peace. But now there is no need to correct errors. For 20 years, Putin has not acquired his "galoshes". Everything Soviet wears out! And Lenin is to blame for everything.
    5. 0
      8 December 2022 15: 20
      Yes, no bounties .. The tanks were produced under a sold license and the armor on these tanks was monolithic and not combined, like on ours, which at times worsened their resistance to defeat. The USSR never shared or even sold similar equipment to its allies. And here the Russian Federation, yes, it sells exactly the best one in service .. one in service in the army. All exported samples and licensed ones were inferior to Soviet originals .. And with Putin everything is exactly the opposite .... NOT in all forms, but in tanks for sure .. ..
  2. +9
    6 December 2022 05: 44
    Quite a competent and balanced publication, sustained in a neutral tone! good Thank you, I read it with pleasure!
  3. +7
    6 December 2022 05: 46
    Mostly Soviet tanks are fighting against us! Wow how it all turned out!
    1. +10
      6 December 2022 05: 53
      Well, yes. Our sword is against us! But I think it goes much deeper than that. Disposal of our weapons. Then a truce-peace. And most importantly! Issuing loans to satellite countries for the purchase of American weapons, loading US military-industrial complex factories, making profits by US bigwigs and increasing living standards in the US! Quite so well-thought-out multi-move of American business. Of course, this is not mentioned directly. But that is exactly the goal. After the war, the old weapons will not remain. Sanctions against Russia. And you need a weapon. Where to take? Of course in the USA! Bravo to the Americans! Bred Europeans like rabbits!
      1. +1
        6 December 2022 06: 04
        Quote: North Caucasus
        Bred Europeans like rabbits!

        They are masters at this! All Eastern Europe is dressed for a pager (M. Zadornov)! Germany, France, England does not give their tanks - but squeezes out of our former friends!
    2. 0
      6 December 2022 06: 00
      Mostly Soviet tanks are fighting against us! Wow how it all turned out!

      if two former republics of one state are fighting, what other options can there be? It’s sad, of course, but we saw how the mentality was being reshaped in Ukraine after gaining independence in 91
  4. +2
    6 December 2022 06: 24
    Do not do good, you will not get evil .... This is about Russia's gifts to all kinds of friends
    1. +8
      6 December 2022 06: 34
      Quote from Voronezh
      Do not do good, you will not get evil .... This is about Russia's gifts to all kinds of friends

      All weaving is not Russia, but the USSR.
  5. +3
    6 December 2022 08: 09
    NATO countries do not run out of tanks for Ukraine yet
    Scraping through the bottom of the barrel can ...
    While there is such a lure as babosiki, many countries are from the list of former allies and clients of the USSR. ready and will be "shared" ...
    Also with air defense systems, minke whales began the process ... of replacement and other tricky schemes. It is obvious that air defense systems will be taken, for replacement, from the arsenals of those where they already exist !!! And then they will be supplied with newly manufactured, paid for by minke whales and other allies of the Kukuevsky.
    In general, not directly tomorrow, but by spring, they will be able to assemble and equip the assembled forces of foreign countries ... if they are not specifically interfered with !!!
  6. -1
    6 December 2022 10: 02
    The saddest thing is that on the inviolable railways, this equipment will safely reach the front and will kill our guys. And on the TV show, the experts will squat, piss with delight and shamelessly lie, saying that we will dispose of these tanks like two fingers on the asphalt. Because it is not them and not their relatives who will be killed by these tanks.
  7. -2
    6 December 2022 10: 08
    So these tanks also need to be delivered to the front line, the tanks don’t drive much, they eat a lot and the resource is not so hot. The only way to deliver equipment is by rail, and so our paper generals are not particularly in a hurry to eliminate bridges and other transport communications. All this is highly suspicious.
  8. 0
    6 December 2022 13: 41
    Quote: Lech from Android.
    Now it came back to haunt our army ... they are fighting against us ... it was short-sighted to do so.

    Not everyone is a Nostradamus. Who could have imagined 50 years ago that our allies (then the first line of defense in a possible war) would become our adversaries?

    Quote: Lech from Android.
    first it was necessary to tightly tie the elite of these countries to the USSR, which was not done.

    And what, in these countries the same elite rules as in the days of the ATS?
    In general, Gorbachev and his accomplices betrayed that former, communist elite and handed it over to the West.
  9. 0
    6 December 2022 13: 56
    Ultimately, Germany has to pay for everything. honorable duty.
  10. -1
    6 December 2022 14: 35
    There is only ONE question....
    And these, NATO tanks, also carry banderlogs in passenger cars? Or organized a screwdriver assembly in Kharkov?
    Not for nothing that ours moved further away from Kharkov. In order not to embarrass the "partners".
  11. 0
    6 December 2022 16: 19
    Assessing the number of Soviet-made tanks that can strengthen / have already strengthened the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one must also point out the significant trophies captured by the Ukrainians at the 1st stage of the NMD and during the "regroupings". The numbers vary, but we are talking about dozens of tanks (some vehicles have already fought on both sides).
  12. +1
    6 December 2022 20: 21
    NATO countries do not run out of tanks for Ukraine yet
    Amazing discoveries continue (or the obvious is the incredible)...
  13. 0
    7 December 2022 11: 01
    We should not forget that, despite the statements of our Defense Ministry, many "destroyed" tanks, in fact, are disabled. In order for a tank to be destroyed, it must be completely burned out from the inside, or it must bang BC. It doesn't happen that often, usually one in four. The rest of the "destroyed" tanks can be repaired, especially the T-72, it is the most maintainable and there are a lot of spare parts for it.
  14. 0
    7 December 2022 11: 02
    There are also variations of the T55 among the Romanians and there were deposits of all sorts of "tyrants" in Israel ....... and heavy armored personnel carriers from the T55 ..... so that they can collect a couple of hundred more. The Turks still have Soviet armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles from the GDR
    1. 0
      7 December 2022 20: 10
      Turkey imported: 300 BTR-60PBs from the stocks of the NNA of the GDR, 214 BTR-80A \ 80 from the Russian Federation and 23 BTR-60PBs again from the Russian Federation.
  15. +1
    7 December 2022 17: 14
    You definitely need to know the capabilities of the enemy. But here are the possibilities of Russia? How many tanks do we have left? According to some alarmist statements, we don’t have modern ones at all, and all hope is for 62 and 64
    1. 0
      7 December 2022 22: 19
      We have warehouses… Everything else will be delivered during restoration at the factory.
  16. 0
    13 January 2023 14: 17
    Of course, NATO countries will continue to transfer tanks to Ukraine. They will transfer not only tanks of Soviet and local production, but in the future, NATO models as well as the destruction of those previously delivered. There is no doubt about it. Another thing is that as previously trained personnel retire, the quality of newly trained tankers under the accelerated program will constantly deteriorate, which will negatively affect the conduct of combat operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine already have problems with the repair of equipment, spare parts and the delivery of ammunition. But one cannot count on the fact that all this will lead to easy victories. We see that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting stubbornly, the personnel are mastering Western equipment, the West is providing, for now, military assistance in the required volume, and therefore it is impossible to relax. However, our cause is just, victory will be ours.
  17. 0
    16 January 2023 11: 25
    For Europe and the USA, this is the last conflict in which they can bite Russia, but if America sits on its mainland and prints papers for the military-industrial complex, then do European countries think about tomorrow?
    1. 0
      8 February 2023 21: 26
      As for me, in the place of all these "tankmen", you need to take the button on the tunic of the zaluzhny, (there is no button on the zelka - everyone walks in sweaters), and just ask. You, asshole, had about a dozen tanks in the ranks, in varying degrees of readiness, and two more at storage bases, also in varying degrees of smartness. We also gave you under 400 of the former all sorts of different ones. Where is it all? Is it really like the Germans in the TTB and all sorts of different panzer divisions, the mustache itself broke down? Well, we'll give you a piss, where will it all be in a couple of months? Taking into account the fact that the SD of the Red Army, with its saturation of anti-aircraft weapons, in the form of battalion, regimental, divisional art. departments, department mouth PTR, and all sorts of other means of amplification, up to otd. The TBR and corps artillery somehow managed to control this entire highly organized menagerie with the support of enemy aviation and artillery. And this is despite the total superiority of Nemchur tanks, starting with long-barreled fours, not to mention all sorts of cats, shtugs, fedeks, rhinos, etc., etc. At the same time, I would like to recall that the basis of divisional and anti-tank artillery in the Red Army were 76mm ZIS 3 division, 45mm M42 gun. In Dep. TB were mixed T34-76, T60, T70. It seems to me that, taking into account the saturation of modern anti-tank weapons in the troops, all this splendor will burn out in battles in a couple of weeks.
  18. 0
    17 February 2023 09: 24
    To support their ram against Russia, Western partners have money, weapons, the same tanks will never run out, from the word at all ....
  19. 0
    28 February 2023 21: 41
    Under the SOYUZ, there was a doctrine after the strikes of nuclear weapons were struck by tank columns and tanks were more than in Europe - approximately 15000. A significant advantage was laid in the land component. Unless they were drank of course. If not, then in storage in abundance.
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    28 February 2023 22: 16
    The tactics of tank armies is a breakthrough in the deep rear and the encirclement of the enemy army with the cutting of supplies, with simultaneous several blows deep into the rear, to remove the blow to the surrounding forces. There is not a full-fledged army here, separate fortified areas, entry from two sides and the environment does not seem difficult. The supply will be cut, the forces shackled. The main offensive of tank armies is the encirclement of the enemy. How France capitulated (WWII), a magnificent offensive of mechanical units. Time and supplies play an important role in conflicts.