Volunteer Day in Russia: a new reading in the conditions of the NWO

Volunteer Day in Russia: a new reading in the conditions of the NWO
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For the first time since the 45th

Volunteering and a special operation are perhaps the two main challenges of 2022 in Russia. The snowball of problems, which was generated by the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, found a partial solution in civil society. In the future, this phenomenon will certainly be reflected in scientific research. In the meantime, we can state that the number of caring people in our country is not decreasing. Dry reports say that there are at least 3-4 million “professional” volunteers and volunteers. And they solve completely non-trivial problems. All the witnesses that our fighters met in Ukraine - to put it mildly, the discrepancy between the logistics and the realities of hostilities. The first streams of thermal imagers, UAVs and other property poured to the front through military correspondents and patriotic communities on social networks and instant messengers. Despite the opposition of the authorities of various forms, we are talking about the closed borders of the LDNR at the beginning of the special operation. Banks that carry out transactions did not always encourage assistance to the defenders of Donbass.

There is a scandal with Sberbank, which indicated assistance to the front "violation of the terms of the banking service agreement". And the kurtosis of the respected Fighterbomber with Alfa-Bank, which almost classified the person as a terrorist. These are far from isolated cases, confirming the main thesis - a volunteer in Russia is more than a volunteer. The lives of our guys turned out to be important to the country. The fact is banal, but for someone it has become a discovery. Some of the channels eventually stopped collecting for the necessary things for the military, some are still working. In an extensive list of demanded walkie-talkies, first aid kits, shoes, surveillance devices, bulletproof vests, and so on and so forth. This level of support for the army is demonstrated by society for the first time since the Great Patriotic War. The modern special operation in this sense has become truly popular.

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The leaders of public opinion did not lag behind. Not those who, after February 24, found themselves abroad and were ashamed of their country, but those who understood the tragedy and importance of the historical moment. For some, this is just a concert in front of the wounded guys in the hospital, but for some, it's a call to action. Chicherina, Samoilov, Gazmanov, Maidanov, Leps, Starovoitov, Galtsev, Rastorguev, Okhlobystin - the list is rather long, although it could be longer. And Sergei Puskepalis gave his life for a good cause. The armored car in which he was traveling to the Donbass with humanitarian aid got into a fatal accident.

Year of the Volunteer

The volunteer movement received a second wind after the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia. It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost every working citizen of the country made a feasible contribution to equipping the defenders. Someone voluntarily (and someone “voluntarily-compulsorily”) transferred the daily wage, and more than once, someone sewed balaclavas and warm socks, and someone bought scarce thermal imagers and quadrocopters for the guys. Assistance to the front and front-line territories has become as convenient as possible. For example, the Popular Front movement has created a website where a caring Russian can donate not just money to a common piggy bank, but purposefully to one of the liberated cities. The funds will be used to purchase the category selected by the user - "Grocery set", "Household set", "Children's set" and "Medicines".

Often people's initiative is more effective than the state machine. For example, in Vladivostok, the Golden Hands of an Angel volunteer movement does not have time to sew tactical stretchers that are not produced in Russia. According to Olga Ovsyannikova, the coordinator of the project, there is no such equipment either in army warehouses, or in military stores, or in online stores. Each stretcher takes up to 12 hours of working time for a seamstress - in total, the volunteers of Angel's Golden Hands have already made more than 20 items. Another example. In the village of Rudnyanskoye in the Sverdlovsk region, supplies of tactical five-point guns to the army were arranged. This is how the fabric heaters of the fifth point of a fighter are seriously called. Grandmothers from the Rudnyansk association of patchwork sewing left decorative art for a while and have already sewn several hundred five-pointers. And there are thousands of such examples all over the country.

One way or another, the special operation will leave a mark on every Russian family. In some families, an indelible mark. Mobilization made us think not only about the defenders of the Motherland, but also about their relatives. The state plays an important role in this, reorienting public organizations in a new direction. "We are together", "All-Russian People's Front", the Red Cross, Rosmolodezh, "United Russia" and others are involved to one degree or another in working with the families of the mobilized. Volunteers accept help from both individuals and organizations

For the manufacture of tactical stretchers. Source: apsmi.ru

A whole layer of the volunteer movement is associated with the Presidential Grants Fund. It so happened that Sergei Kiriyenko is simultaneously the chairman of the Fund's Coordinating Committee and the curator of the liberated territories in Ukraine. Assistance to Donbass, refugees from Ukraine and other vulnerable segments of the population has become one of the directions of the Fund's work. This year, 493 projects received support on a competitive basis (special competition 2022), among which are completely different initiatives. For example, “Russian Lessons” will be organized in Tatarstan for schoolchildren aged 7-15 who arrived from the territories of Donbass and Ukraine. Since October 1, the volunteer movement "Mom for an hour 2.0" has been working in Moscow. One of the main ideas of the project is to provide assistance to children and adults who arrived from the territories of Donbass and Ukraine with serious illnesses and injuries, their social adaptation and rehabilitation, as well as social support for their families. The Foundation supported the initiative of the Orenburg residents “Together we can do it”, which, according to the description, is directed “to assist in the comprehensive rehabilitation of participants in a special military operation in Ukraine, local wars and armed conflicts over 18 years old". And there are almost five hundred such projects.

Volunteer Day traditionally passed unnoticed. The holiday, widely known in narrow circles, did not cause much sympathy among the broad masses. 2022 has changed everything - the volunteer has become a symbol of citizenship and patriotism for every Russian. We finally began to understand what the Motherland is and that no one but ourselves can help us. Happy holiday to all involved!
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  1. 0
    5 December 2022 05: 25
    There can be no dispute here. Volunteers provide a lot of help. But they are good only in peacetime, when NVO is held. In more alarming times, the help of volunteers will not be in demand. The work of banks will be disrupted. that part of volunteering, the state should take over.
    1. 0
      5 December 2022 07: 24
      Volunteer apparently to distance himself from the Komsomol volunteers. Like plywood on the Mausoleum.
    2. +1
      5 December 2022 10: 04
      part of volunteering, the state should take over

      I would say even more categorically. Each revealed fact of material assistance to the front from non-state structures, in a good way, should have become an occasion for an immediate check of the governing bodies, through whose fault these funds were not received in a planned manner, with mandatory public flogging of the perpetrators.
  2. +4
    5 December 2022 06: 25
    The word volunteer is translated as a volunteer. But everything is in the spirit of modern patriotism. The Russian language is banned in Russia. You can’t say volunteer, let it be like in the West voluntarius
    1. +3
      5 December 2022 07: 13
      Quote: Gardamir
      The Russian language is banned in Russia.

      Good morning hi
      The Russian language is not forbidden, of course, but what can you do if you once joined the Western capitalist system ruled by the Anglo-Saxons. English words have become an integral part of any person of working age. Street signs, commercial signs and advertising, duplication at stations and subways. This can be changed, but then it is the Russian state that should begin to dominate the system, then the Russian language will become attractive, including for foreigners. There are other ways, but they are no less difficult than this one...
  3. +3
    5 December 2022 06: 50
    Volunteers are very good. The only question is: what does the rear service of the RF Ministry of Defense do if people themselves have to do all this now?
  4. +1
    5 December 2022 07: 40
    in the State Duma they are discussing the introduction of measures to control the collectors of aid to the military, since “bloggers steal it,” wrote Yu. Podlyak
    1. Alf
      5 December 2022 19: 37
      Quote: Micha456
      in the State Duma they are discussing the introduction of measures to control the collectors of aid to the military, since “bloggers steal it,” wrote Yu. Podlyak

      That's right, such loot and past them? First control, then tax...
      But, deputy Fedorov is not satisfied with this and he proposes to limit and take control of those who are engaged in this. The main thing here is to take control. Apparently it was a shame for the deputies that someone without their control is engaged in money matters.
  5. 0
    5 December 2022 08: 08
    Volunteers of Donbass are holy people.
    For example, Svetlana Olshevskaya.
  6. -3
    5 December 2022 08: 25
    the volunteer movement developed against the will of those in power (unfortunately) and this frightened them. Bankers who prevent this movement and send them to the war zone with the uniforms of the Ministry of Defense. Maybe then they will understand!