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The creators of "Thor" are preparing a personnel reserve

The creators of "Thor" are preparing a personnel reserve

Today, when Russia defends its geopolitical interests, freeing the Donbass from the Russophobic forces of the collective West, air defense systems and complexes acquire their special significance.

And that is why the Tor family complexes, designed and built at the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol, and deservedly considered the best in the world in their class, are becoming a key element of the air defense of the Russian group fighting in the Donbass.

Over the years of its existence, Thor has been modernized several times.

Responding to the development of new air weapons, "Thor" solved various combat missions, protecting military and civilian targets from low-flying targets and anti-radar weapons, as well as repelling massive missile and UAV attacks.

Today, complexes of this family of air defense systems created at the Kupol can hit almost all types of targets in their range of altitudes and ranges - from small targets to missiles moving along a ballistic trajectory.

Izhevsk gunsmiths, at the same time, do not stop there, and continue to improve their best product, increasing its technical and intellectual capabilities.

Izhevsk even hosts the Torah Day, which gathers on its site current and future participants in the process of creating an anti-aircraft missile system - for example, teachers and students of the Technical University, including "targets" from the Kupol plant (today there are more than 200 of them in IzhSTU human).

During the Torah Day, the organizers not only inform the students of the university about the current state of affairs at the Dome. Here they are working on the formation of a personnel reserve of the enterprise.

It is clear that in order to create modern air defense systems and science-intensive civilian products, trained specialists are needed. And the "Dome" for the Izhevsk youth is, in a sense, a synonym for unique opportunities:

“The enterprise already today produces the widest range of short-range air defense systems in the world. At the same time, it conducts more than 50 global research and development projects. Behind each - improved characteristics of technology and new products that are unique by world standards. The scientific and technical activity of the plant is such that we have not "fit" within the boundaries of Izhevsk for a long time. Research centers and engineering divisions of IEMZ "Kupol" are created in the regions where the competencies necessary for the enterprise are concentrated. Working at Kupol, you can work in Izhevsk, as well as in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in Mytishchi and Kazan, ”says Igor Krasnov, Deputy General Director of the plant for general issues and personnel.

Indeed, attracting young professionals is an important part of the personnel policy of IEMZ "Kupol".

Among them are monthly adaptation and incentive payments, personal allowances, the opportunity to receive an interest-free housing loan of up to 3 million rubles after three years of work, free care in private clinics, and other useful benefits and support.

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  1. lexseyOGK
    lexseyOGK 2 December 2022 15: 45
    Another scribbler. About benefits one paragraph. Not a single one about the personnel reserve. The rest is water
    1. Evil 55
      Evil 55 2 December 2022 16: 07
      Destroy education and medicine, in 30 years the country will embark on the path of self-degeneration .. I hope that we have not yet passed this boundary limit. hi
    2. GO-TO-GO-TO-GO
      GO-TO-GO-TO-GO 2 December 2022 16: 29
      As usual and without the name of the author. Such constancy of news feed on VO is not inspiring. Unfortunately.
  2. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 2 December 2022 15: 57
    Young personnel are the future of the enterprise ... The main thing is that the school for creating domestic air defense / missile defense systems is constantly improved and grows with new "skulls" and "geniuses" ... And of course, for the fleet, something "sort of" needs to be bungled so as not to the tragedy of the Black Sea Fleet was repeated.
    1. GAF
      GAF 2 December 2022 16: 26
      Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
      Young people are the future of the enterprise

      Serious "offices", having "weight", sent the Ministry of education out of the forest. We prepared the programs themselves and told the universities: please, prepare specialists for us in these programs. We don't need bachelors. Thanks to them that despite all the devastation in education, at least something was preserved in the training of personnel for the military-industrial complex, Rosatom, ...
  3. Corrosion inhibitor
    Corrosion inhibitor 2 December 2022 16: 04
    "Thor" can not do anything with a swarm of UAVs. The United States has already demonstrated what a UAV swarm is. They will just eat Thor like African ants eat a cow.
    Could spawn with the Carapace swarm, but needs other melee ammo.
    I suppose we'll have to shoot with buckshot and act in pairs. The rest is dead poultices.
    That will be Horror when they bring it to the test smile
    In fact, no one now has effective air defense against a swarm, but in the USA the swarm is already being used. I won’t be surprised if we are already talking about the mass production of standard weapons.
    1. huntsman650
      huntsman650 2 December 2022 16: 13
      But maybe, special ammunition, an electromagnetic pulse, and the swarm fell!
      1. Corrosion inhibitor
        Corrosion inhibitor 2 December 2022 16: 18
        All this is nonsense.
        How do you turn off synchronously all your equipment in a radius before firing from an EMF?
        The magnetic pulse cannot be focused and can only be used on stationary objects, and then only if everything is automated.
        Otherwise, the desynchronization of actions will lead to blindness and destruction of their own equipment. And that is certain death.
        1. akropin
          akropin 2 December 2022 16: 30
          This means synchronization is needed. An impulse from the drone suppression station, and the synchronous shutdown of everything else. But since this is almost impossible, everything else apparently needs to be shielded.
          1. Corrosion inhibitor
            Corrosion inhibitor 3 December 2022 03: 43
            This means synchronization is needed. ...

            You are not Joseph Vessarionovich to say this. This is the whole point, that it is unattainable, not only technically, but even mathematically. There is no such model in which it is possible to link the actions of the defensive circuit and the use of EMP on a local scale. This can only be done globally. And there is already a way for this, too. EMP is one of the factors of destruction by a nuclear explosion.
            The strategic air defense system is partially equipped with nuclear charges for atmospheric use, EMP and beam strike reign there, therefore, everything within a radius that is built on processor power burns out in a second and flies further to nowhere like a blank, even if by some miracle it did not crumble into dust and did not burn like a matchbox in the wind ...

            This means synchronization is needed. ...

            laughing !! .. If you need it, then it is somewhere - it remains only to "take" and bring))
            You can do this at your leisure. In the same place, somewhere nearby, there is a bucket of tractor compression and a cylinder with a spark - grab them too, for the future. And do not forget to unsubscribe later)).
            1. akropin
              akropin 5 December 2022 10: 19
              You can do it at your leisure

              Even Academician Sakharov, during his working hours, managed to describe only mathematical methods and a certain laboratory setup in order to obtain a local EMP without using a nuclear charge. So, alas, not my level. But I have the right to fantasize.
        2. Dart
          Dart 2 December 2022 22: 05
          Well, even during WWI they were able to invent a synchronizer for firing through an aircraft propeller, at first the task seemed impossible ... and then ... precise time quartz and synchronization of all army devices in the army grid ... do not multiply entities ..
          1. Corrosion inhibitor
            Corrosion inhibitor 3 December 2022 04: 07
            The machine gun can be directed, so it only needed to be synchronized with the propeller, and the EMP spreads in all directions, then see the comments on the floors above.
            1. Dart
              Dart 3 December 2022 09: 54
              The mechanical synchronizer was given as an example, my friend!
              Believe me, synchronization methods exist in networks, at least industrial ones, and even public networks.
              1. Corrosion inhibitor
                Corrosion inhibitor 3 December 2022 10: 50

                What an amazing analytics - I'm already directly "imbued with confidence."
                If only you knew who you are writing to now. And, most importantly, what and about what ...
                Everything that is more complicated than electricity in a single-phase socket is further than "networks" and their "synchronization", which is just a word for you, you apparently have not developed.
                If you say that you have studied electrodynamics since childhood, I will readily believe it. I even dare to suggest that not all electrical wiring in your childhood was well insulated. ... Do not write to me anymore, I will not answer.
                1. Dart
                  Dart 3 December 2022 19: 38
                  Lavrov apparently answered you too. Volkov, when they kick you out already ... The stench of you is all over the place.
                  You can complain about me to the teachers
      2. wladimirjankov
        wladimirjankov 2 December 2022 17: 57
        where this impulse in the NWO is neither seen nor heard. And the torus cannot do anything with the drones that hang right above it. They track its location and transmit its exact coordinates. Everyone has probably seen the video taken from the Polish drone.
        1. Corrosion inhibitor
          Corrosion inhibitor 3 December 2022 14: 18
          Well, Thor saw this "operator", he was probably empty, so he rushed along the road. The Polish drone is an easy target, just like the Turkish one.
          And that's what I meant, it's really serious and very dangerous. For our permanent fleet at sea - in particular:

          Thor is resting here, but Pancia, working in pairs, has a chance. But, as I wrote above, other ammunition is needed, and this is just a start.
          1. Corrosion inhibitor
            Corrosion inhibitor 3 December 2022 15: 01
            smile .. The war of modernized Shells against a swarm of UAVs will look something like this:
          2. Alex777
            Alex777 5 December 2022 17: 42
            Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
            Thor is resting here, but the Shells working in pairs have a chance.

            I agree. The prospects for TOR are in the fog.
            And the Shell SM has "nails". But it is not exactly.
            They showed it live only at the parade.

    2. vova1973
      vova1973 3 December 2022 12: 58
      shell object air defense. The difference between them is that the Carapace well shoots down targets that fly at him, in a simplified way, he will cover himself and the one who is nearby, and the TOR will cover the one who is aside.
      1. Corrosion inhibitor
        Corrosion inhibitor 3 December 2022 15: 30
        Your logic is correct, as is mine. Unless the Shell also has missiles, almost the same as Thor.
        In addition, Thor will not cover anyone from a swarm of UAVs, not even himself. Above the floors, I'll post the video.
    3. ZeeD
      ZeeD 4 December 2022 10: 30
      Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
      "Thor" can not do anything with a swarm of UAVs. The United States has already demonstrated what a UAV swarm is.

      Quote: Corrosion_Inhibitor
      That will be Horror when they bring it to the test

      Those. Thor is useless, the United States has demonstrated everything, but has not yet been tested? Did I understand correctly?
      They have "that's such a cannon", they demonstrated, to everything and everyone, the kabzda ... But they haven't tested it yet ... A serious argument)
  4. zenion
    zenion 2 December 2022 16: 15
    Good expression - the best in the world in its class! And what about the best in this school, what will he be? What class is it, first, second, third, graduate, or repeater?
    1. Corrosion inhibitor
      Corrosion inhibitor 2 December 2022 16: 23
      Thor is a short-range air defense system. This defines a "class". The best American systems have a hit rate of 56 percent, so they fire 2-3 missiles to increase the rate to 75-80 percent. All our air defense systems have the same figure, always over 90 percent from the first shot. The S-300 has a 98.9 percent chance of hitting the first shot.
  5. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 2 December 2022 23: 15
    And imagine, this complex could not exist. After all, it was developed on its own initiative by a small team. It was only later, when there were certain results, that the ministry officially launched this project. But in the days of the USSR, for this one could lose one's head, not only the position. It's like with that designer Grabin, who during the war in 1941 himself designed the ZIS-3 gun, without permission, made several samples and tested it at the front. Then this gun turned out to be the best weapon in its class and served in some countries right up to 2016.
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 5 December 2022 11: 43
    It's time to do TOR on the chassis of trucks like Typhoon or BAZ ...... With such a war, you need a lot of them.