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Information: how and for whom

For those who can think and reason.

Over the past 20 years the world has changed. Moreover, very much. For the better or not, it’s not for me to judge. And in general, so much has already been said on this topic that adding something new is already quite complicated. I just wanted to draw attention to some aspects and place a couple of accents. In the brain.

It is about him, the long-suffering brain, basically, and will be discussed. Because it is him who accounts for the main burden of the changes of our time. And not every mental apparatus can calmly and painlessly endure it. Therefore, many inhabitants of our world do not use it. For there is no need, and so it is easier. But for the exceptions that still use it, I suggest a couple of thoughts. Not in order to finish off the brain completely, but purely in order to think, suddenly where am I wrong.

The world has changed. Although the basic postulates remain the same: there are shepherds, and there are flocks. The first is a clear minority, the last - the vast majority. Only progress has made life much easier first. Mainly in terms of technical means. If you rewind the tape of time, and try to present modern politicians in less comfortable times, what would happen? Mummers Zyuganov and Mironov in the Roman Senate? Obama in elections in 1900 year?

Yavlinsky, bleating in the Duma model 1905 year? Serdyukov, in Churchill's place this year in 1915? After the failure of the Dardanelles operation? Clinton on the Roosevelt site? That and that ... Then there were people, and now - little people. But each time their orders. Although I can absolutely calmly imagine Zhirinovsky screaming in the same Roman Senate, after which the legions go somewhere where someone needs to be hung. Easy. Yes, it is unlikely that Mr. Schicklgruber with his eloquence would be out of business there. And Caesar at the head of some modern state can imagine. With his attitude to frames, it would be fun to see. And Stalin, pacing around the office in the British Admiralty with a pipe and reasoning on the topic that “we seem that our Spanish comrades are not interested in the development of wealth, but they didn’t see the firewalls for building new fires for firenews. Amariki two dapalnitsny squadrons with the aim of reducing the gas supply of Spain in this region ... "Presented? And would allocate ...

Why am I all this. But to what. If you take historical identity in digital format, it will come out roughly either zero or one. The unit, in my opinion, will be appropriate in any time period. And zero, I'm sorry, it's zero everywhere. Except in cases where His Majesty intervenes in technological progress. That is, in our time.

I'm not going to throw mud at everyone and everything. My goal is not that. I do not consider, for example, Putin, zero. But I think that at other times he would not have shone absolutely nothing. According to Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev just silently keep quiet. Everything has been said not by me. Like Mao, Kim, Castro. About each - his own.

Unfortunately, modern means of informing can make a lot of nothing. The whole question is how to file this. We are used to zombie chewing from a drawer, as we get used to everything that is ordinary. Mobile phones, skype, internet and more. We are getting used to the flow of information that is falling on our heads so much that we are not really responding to it. Running late. Grabbed upstairs, that's all. Because the rhythm of life has accelerated so much that it is simply impossible to isolate from the information Volga a trickle of pure and unclouded information. Therefore, we are content with info-fast food. And this, in fact, is necessary from us. Intercepted on the go, and good. We must run on. This is the life buoy for shepherds who need to hold the reins at all costs. And the easiest way is precisely to ensure that the average person simply does not have time to digest the entire flow of information and is content with, so to say, a shortened version in the volume of a 15-minute release News. It acts reliably and simply. Examples of the shaft, so let me just a couple.

It was the police. Something tired. Let's convert it to the police. And clean the ranks of bribe takers and all sorts of werewolves. Well, they did a show. Overheated stickers on the machines, dressed in a new form, staged idiocy with re-certification. As a result, we also received a reduction in the ranks. Here are just mostly those who did not want to pay that money for the passage, that is, experienced workers, who had so much left until retirement that the thrown million would not pay off. I don’t take a figure from the ceiling, they sounded so much to my friend, the lieutenant colonel. As a result, he works as a consultant in an agrofirm and saw in the coffin all this reform. There are young people who benefit. Only no experience, teach no one. As a result, the average person gets what? Well, you know. A lot of noise was around Kazan, so what? Such throughout Russia, both they were beaten and beaten, as with electric shooters, they continue like that, as they hang on crowbars, so they hang them. But Nurga reported on the purification of the ranks - so everything is in order. Rows are clean. The whole question is from whom. And then in the media, almost silence and grace ... Except for the reports of victories and rare resignations. And then, about the resignation to put it mildly, unintelligible. It seems to be ogogo, resigning a pack kicked out! And then it turns out that they didn’t get kicked out at all, but were sent according to length of service, well, or whatever one of the local residents wrote ... For some reason, I am more inclined to trust the local than the television.

About the actions of our native government just want to be silent. I'll keep silent. I am silent about the fact that all statements should be taken the other way around. That is, if they say that another record harvest of grain has been harvested, we must wait for the bread to rise in price. By the way, waited. If solemnly declare that oil companies are fined for lawlessness with prices - we must wait for the rise in price of gasoline. I am silent ... I am also silent about how one party before the elections screamed at all intersections that one of the main tasks was to prevent the rise in prices for housing and communal services. Either this party won not the way it wanted, or something else, but I am also silent about it ... Yes, and you all with me, too, keep silent. Because yelling like the law is prohibited. So now silent ...

How to submit everything is the main task of our time. The most important thing is a beautiful wrapper and a maximum of minimal information. That is, when you do not understand much. Here I am silent, as one retired representative of power structures decided to take care of the rooks. So that they can fly to the south. And for this you need to teach them to fly and navigate in space. The whole country watched this fascinating report for three days, as a man on an aircraft pretended to be the leader of the pack. But either the birds did not gain credibility, or something else, but then the mean information leaked out that the rooks did not fly away. And some other number died in the process of learning. It happens. Not always the initiative is useful. Worse, the example is contagious. Imagine that now someone in the government or the Duma decides that the case did not burn out due to a person’s lack of experience. And he will carry the speaker of the State Duma, the prime minister, or, God forbid, bring the President to the seat of an aircraft unit ... And is he still being crushed from heaven? Here it is necessary to monitor and stop initiatives ... In order not to harm. And the rook is a dull bird ... So now we are silent about all this. To hell with them, with the rooks, that there are no more pressing issues in the country?

About the Ministry of Defense close to every man’s heart, I am also silent. How much was said that the budget is too small? How much were we all screaming on the Internet, that it was impossible that the army and navy of the country should be? And they heard, probably ... Do you remember how everyone was happy when they announced the allocation of ... ty billions of rubles for this benefit? How did you discuss the figures for the numbers of airplanes and helicopters that are to be built this year? And how some of the faint-hearted on this site subjected these words, to put it mildly, to doubts? Faint-hearted are silent now, silent and all the rest. But instead of reports and reports on the acceptance into service of airplanes and helicopters there are materials about what thieves were in MO. The Zvezda channel told in detail and with figures how much money, valuables were taken from, showed apartments ... So I didn’t understand one thing, because it wasn’t covered in reports as useless: it was stolen before, or it was already stolen billions? About the fact that some of these people were known as friends of one person, very similar to one representative of the St. Petersburg intelligentsia, I am again silent. Because they all at one time worked in the team of this person along with another person. Who does not know how to fly attack aircraft, does not teach rooks to fly, can not stand the fight and tennis, cares about plumbing and, nevertheless, is an example for many.

So it turns out that technical progress is very handy when you just need to fool a certain number of people in a single country. The recipe is simple, everything is there, so why not? The world is spinning faster and faster, the time for analyzing everything that is happening is less and less, more and more, the majority trust in what is happening in the general information flow. And the main purpose of the information flow in our brains is to simply distract from what you really should pay attention to and discuss. Out loud and loud. And thus they are turning the population of a far from the worst country into a crowd of zombies, capable only of croaking on the topic “Thank you to your favorite party for the roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.”. And you know what is the biggest problem from my point of view? And the fact that after reading this all, every visitor to this site has the full right to send me to ..., to ... and to ..., because personally he is not a zombak. And he will be right. That's the problem: in particular, every person, and in general - a small handful in the country that he wants, he does.

I do not call for barricades. I do not urge to break into opposition rallies. This, of course, is nonsense. It is just entertaining for those who are at the top and the way of releasing steam is just for the gray biomass. But there is no doubt that it is necessary to do something. And then we sit here, smart and understanding, we argue, opinions are expressed. However, we forget that there was such a country in the last century, where there were also many clever and dissenters. And how they created for them, a dissident, all the conditions for dissent and for expressing their thoughts out loud. Fenced off, however, from the general mass, so as not to embarrass the minds with their dissent ... Providing food, work ... well, they understood what I was talking about. How, dear, do not finish badly? The Internet is, of course, good so far ... But in the light of some laws in the spirit of freedom of speech and thought, everything can be expected. This is theirs, there, Birkenau, a museum. And we still have all the lags, just lubricate the hinges on the gate and invite everyone in the Lenin room to the discussion. Yes, and not particularly stand on ceremony with those who do not want to argue there. Experience, glory ... what a won.

So I do not say goodbye, I have a couple more topics for which I would like to keep silent. And if someone adds something smart to me, not quite advanced, I will be grateful. Because I feel that there will be more ... fun. And informative.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 2 November 2012 06: 55
    I will not say anything. I sit down as in the photo in the article and just think.

    Hello to everyone. hi
    1. bask
      bask 2 November 2012 07: 20
      I think I’ll write Vanyok. We live in an era of neo-Darwinism and early feudal aligarchic capitalism. Everything is tied to one person on GDP. and political ,, pit ,,, He is not IVStalin..who could solve problems alone without hiding behind someone else’s back GDP didn’t agree to the televised debates, chickened, sent me instead ..... For I don’t I see a way out of the impasse. Yes, and the president, especially too. There is no clear balanced line of movement forward. AGAIN WORD AND WORDS !!!
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 2 November 2012 07: 28
        I thought. And there is something.

        Quote: bask
        We live in an era neo-Darwinism and early feudal aligarchic capitalism.

        Who are they? request

        Quote: bask
        There are no parliamentary parties

        LDPR, the Communist Party, there are opposition parties. Yes, EP crushes them with the number of votes. Nevertheless, this is the opposition.

        Quote: bask
        ,, swamp apazity does not count,

        Quote: bask
        GDP for televised debates and inadvertently did not agree, scared, sent in his place ....

        I think that besides televised debates there are more important things to do. Otherwise, everything that is done will remain so:

        Quote: bask
        1. bask
          bask 2 November 2012 07: 47
          Directly express how a man is one on one, express his opinion, his programs ,,. Having spent 1 hour in 12 years ,,, there was no time ??????? There were cases, tell us about the affairs of the president, about which you know . Besides ,,, blue streams 1 2 3 4 5 ,,,,,,,,,,, Unfortunately, some words and zero deeds. If you know about these, share ....
          1. Vanek
            Vanek 2 November 2012 09: 54
            Yes. I have no idea about his business. He is neither my matchmaker nor my brother. There was no time - well, that means there was no time. The swamps have plenty of time to shout on TV. Are they not enough for you? And besides, why are you so stuck in the TV debate? On the first channel (ORT) there is news every day, on the second channel (Russia 2 which) there is also news every day. No matter what news - so necessarily the plot with the participation of the "main". You, frankly, have little news?
          2. ughhh
            ughhh 2 November 2012 11: 00
            well, very interesting

        2. ronin
          ronin 2 November 2012 09: 53
          Quote: Vanek
          I think that besides televised debates there are more important things to do.

          Well, well ... there’s time to swim, but there’s no time for a televised debate. The other day it was reported that there will be no habitual communication with citizens live ... it says coldly.
        3. vezunchik
          vezunchik 2 November 2012 18: 26
          not by the number of votes, but by twisting the hands of the electoral committees, they force teachers to lie and lycify - and yet they must teach OUR children good and truth !!!
      2. Kaa
        Kaa 2 November 2012 09: 57
        Quote: bask
        He is not IVS Stalin .. who could solve problems alone without hiding behind other people's backs

        Good afternoon! The ability to speak beautifully in the Senate, at a rally or on a zomboyaschik - if these are the defining qualities of a politician - welcome to Ukraine. There were incendiary speeches on the Maidan, speeches in the local "senate", and convincing, heart-breaking speeches of the "blue thieves". But things are still there ... in the swamp of the Maidan, as a result - the layman's disbelief in the heated speeches of any politician and the growth of ultra-right and ultra-left sentiments. Stalin, as an orator, was also ... to put it mildly, not Trotsky. "You will know them by their fruits" (not by words). And as for the flow of information, which, according to the author, he cannot figure out, maybe not given? And those who latently wish to be “fooled” are “fooled”? And about the fact that nothing is being done anywhere, or is being done wrong, maybe it is worth remembering one not very friendly country with the famous saying: "Don't ask what America did for you. Ask yourself what you did for America!" - JFK. In this universal formula, everyone will find a place for themselves - some will take it literally and run for consultations at the embassy of this country, and the majority (for whom the flow of information is not an obstacle) will replace the term "America" ​​with "Russia", "Ukraine", "Belarus "" Kazakhstan "and further down the list. I do not exclude the option when America did something bad to the brow and he wants to do alaverdi ... yes
      3. Orik
        Orik 2 November 2012 11: 05
        IV Stalin "alone" would not have decided anything. Cadres decide everything, but now what kind of cadres are such "decisions". Who directs this footage? VVP, and everyone is singing hosanna to him, it's just that the majority are afraid to face reality. In my place, too, I see no way out, but in the place of the president there is. It was necessary for a long time to create new Transfiguration and Semenovites, but things are still there ...

        Ilyin wrote, “The national dictator will have to:
        1. Reduce and stop chaos;
        2. Immediately begin a qualitative selection of people;
        3. To establish a labor and production order;
        4. Defend Russia from enemies and robbers;
        5. Put Russia on the path that leads to freedom, to the growth of legal awareness, to state self-government, the greatness and prosperity of national culture. ”
        Putin “reduced and stopped chaos”, but that remained in the period 1999-2004 and, brave Ilyin, it was necessary to go to point 2 “IMMEDIATELY begin a qualitative selection of people.” Where are they? What do we see in government? The greedy crowd standing at the throne, ready to sell in the majority to the one who pays the most. With whom will he “establish labor and production order” and “defend Russia from enemies and plunders”? How can he, without imperial cadres, “put Russia on the path that leads to freedom, to the growth of legal awareness, to state self-government, the greatness and prosperity of national culture”? While the potential is falling like satellites, Russia is being plundered further, and instead of the growth of legal awareness and the flourishing of national culture, we see further, systemic debilitation of the people. Therefore words, words and words ...
      4. the polar
        the polar 2 November 2012 15: 47

        Stalin did not solve the problem "alone". Stalin assembled a team of like-minded people who believed that together they could build a superpower. But this team did not have enough time to find a replacement and bring up the same team of successors
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 2 November 2012 10: 14
      Hi Roman, I think you found yourself drinks I will not leave a comment, just a plus wink
    3. Andrey64
      Andrey64 2 November 2012 16: 02
      Well, perhaps I’ll start in my opinion with the main thing - WHAT TO DO? and then how it goes .. At this stage, comprehensive support is required for our national leader, i.e. Putin V.V. and the sooner he receives it, the faster the recovery processes will go. The message seems to be correct from the author of the article - addressed to those who can think and reason. Yes, only after reading the whole article for some reason it seems that the author himself became a zombie, while actively warning others of this phenomenon.
      It is probably no secret to anyone that a real information war is going on with regard to Russia. Most media outlets are directly dependent on the American rating system, and therefore can’t represent national interests, although there are really good people who support Russia, but they are in the minority and work for salaries, so you won’t get much out of it. As a result, what we have is a continuous negative constantly being fed: it crashed, it exploded, etc. The population, as usual, has the opinion that the government and specific individuals are to blame. This is partly true; one cannot but agree. But it would be more correct to say that the system that generates these specific personalities is to blame. For some reason, it is generally accepted that Putin is omnipotent and can solve any problem with a stroke of the pen. I want to send such people to read the constitution - it says in black and white who the president is and what his powers are. Yes, and many interesting things can be learned from this book, if there is logical thinking. The author is 100% right - the media is continuous propaganda, but only he thinks that this is propaganda of the government against the people. And I am sure that this is the propaganda of another country against our people. With the advent of Putin for a third term, this is evident even with the naked eye. Everything is used - both the opposition’s actions and high-profile corruption scandals suddenly surfaced (as if they hadn’t stolen before). They have one goal - to discredit the government and deprive the president of the support of the people. “URA-patriots” appear immediately with their slogans: it’s guilty to “shoot” and “bunks”. And what’s the most interesting on the basis of what ?! Based, as a rule, on information from "unnamed sources"? So it's just called - slander. The fact that there are enough villains everywhere is a no brainer, but they are fought with them whenever possible. Of course, everyone wants to quickly and immediately all. Let’s say let’s say some minister isn’t for you to dismiss the janitor or which manager. In the first case, you have a temporary inconvenience associated with not cleaning, in the second case, your campaign is guaranteed a negative reputation and, perhaps, the customer base will be taken away (and this is already not a small loss) Well, in the case of the minister, God forbid those who still have access to state secrets, I think it’s not worth explaining the possible consequences. In general, politics is such a thing that chess just relaxes. Therefore, one careless decision can have very sad consequences. It is sometimes not possible at all to figure out who plays for which gate without having complete information. And besides, continuous slop is pouring from the screens. And they didn’t try to ask themselves the question: who benefits from all this hype ??? .....
      You can certainly dismiss and say that all this is nonsense. But then please explain to me why I should listen to the news that a foreign poodle died at some foreign lord, or some kind of p_e_dik married another p_e_dike ??? Moreover, not a single dog even blundered that the State Duma is considering two major bills (on the central bank and on the prohibition of officials to have property and accounts abroad), which can fundamentally change the entire economic situation in the country. By the way, the president has repeatedly spoken out for the need to adopt these laws. However, they are once again trying to release everything on the brakes ....

      Do not succumb to various provocations, more common sense and logic!
      1. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 2 November 2012 18: 18
        With logic and common sense, the thing is bad, it seems to me that the main trouble in narrow specialization in the modern world is objectively you can perceive only what you know well and otherwise rely on the opinions of others, and here there is room for manipulation
  2. Lavrik
    Lavrik 2 November 2012 07: 05
    Serdyukov in place of Churchill in 1915? The Entente would have lost for sure.
    1. I-16M
      I-16M 2 November 2012 07: 34
      England would not have fought for sure. Because her fleet would consist of barges smile
      1. Joker
        Joker 2 November 2012 09: 08
        Because her fleet would consist of barges

        Moreover, Italian production laughing abroad, after all, they do great things, not like in Britain laughing
  3. bask
    bask 2 November 2012 07: 06
    After reading the article, I realized one thing. We live in a "pohё", early neo-feudalgo, neo-Darwinianism, When there is no normal parliament, political parties, governments that make uphearted decisions. Our country is fragmented into republics. In Chechnya, there are a little more Russians in Dagestan. Young people from the North, the Caucasus are not drafted into the Russian army. Because they immediately destabilize the suspicion in the unit. Interethnic and interreligious strife has reached a peak. Not a single Russian refugee believed in Chechnya ((((before the war there were 00.1 thousand))) The economy collapsed for collapse / B dc`? And everything is tied to one person. And, he did not overstrain, and if he does not know where to lead Russia. Then what ???????? There is no place for an ordinary person in the system built by the GDP ... (((I hope so far))) If this continues, there will be a collapse. And so, I'm an optimist ...
  4. I-16M
    I-16M 2 November 2012 07: 18
    It is useful to keep silent about this ... The media have long become propaganda, the Internet is turning into a garbage dump. The biomass will remain so, and thinking people will still rotate the Earth.
    Almost hokku winked
  5. Cat
    Cat 2 November 2012 07: 19
    We are used to zombie chewing from a drawer, as we get used to everything ordinary

    You are used to it. And we identified our box in a garbage container back in 2003 (for some homeless man lucky))). And we do not plan to buy a new one. And we do not advise you. Yes, and everyone else too.
    And now, if everyone takes it and foolishly hears the advice, life will immediately become better and more fun, I’m telling you exactly =)
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 2 November 2012 09: 51
      Quote: Cat
      And we identified our box in a garbage container back in 2003

      Well, it’s you who got excited! smile
      There are some good channels as well. An ideal Planet for example or Diskavery wink
    2. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
      R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ 2 November 2012 12: 47
      There is TV, but I don’t watch it either. Everything that interests me is on the Internet, and without annoying advertising.
  6. Averias
    Averias 2 November 2012 07: 55
    Nice style and nothing more. The obvious is described, and again the context - someone must do something, someone must, someone .... Again, someone, again, we translate the arrows. I also want to ask the same author for example. And what do we do? Since the author turns to BAT, I will turn to US. And when we stop throwing cigarette butts past the ballot box, when we stop drinking beer in the playgrounds, when we stop screaming in crowded places and piss in the hallways. When we stop teaching our children what - Dad stole from Vasechkina, why is this for children? When we stop expressing our anger on our wives in the presence of children, and indeed not women raising their hands. When we learn to drive cars without rudeness and park not on each other’s heads and then beat the mugs from behind such parking lots. When will we finally stop looking for the extreme (our favorite pastime) and ourselves will begin to do our best. Now, if you return the 30s, the heyday of squealing, now most of the citizens of Russia would sit. They would knock on any occasion, for insults, for insults, for the fact that he has a lot of money, and just like that - to amuse his rotten ambitions. And then, they are the bastards, they are the bastards - but actually they are our reflection.
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 2 November 2012 09: 58
      I will support Averias.
      The novel, of course, wrote correctly.
      Briefly, to the point, silently.
      But ..
      A word of honor, I go to work, I go through a hypermarket, on the street at the entrance there are two rubbish bins, meters 5 from each other.
      The nearest one is jam-packed and around it is srach. Away - empty.
      What brains should be - to see two urns, but DO NOT GO 5 meters, but, forgive me - "give a shit" right here. At the entrance?
      This problem is not the media, this is not the problem of the State Duma, the Government, not the pilots-leaders of the rooks.
      This is a parent-child problem.
      This is a problem of rampant chatter.
      Let's start each with himself - we will find the council and the overgrown legislators.
      I think so.
      1. Averias
        Averias 2 November 2012 10: 18
        The words of a sane person. Plus to you.
        As prof. Preobrazhensky - devastation in the minds.
    2. anoha68
      anoha68 2 November 2012 16: 22
      But as soon as I get into the ballot box by the bull, and immediately Gazprom will start to fulfill my dreams, gasoline, electricity and utility bills will drop right away, and AvtoVAZ will start producing cars, and I can make normal roads, and from the Far East I can to fly to Europe at least once a year for your salary, and the army will immediately become strong and well-armed, and many more, many miracles will happen — bribe takers and embezzlers from shame will hang and so on and so on. And all the problems are from the bulls, I didn’t drink beer and mate. For three days I didn’t drink, didn’t swear, and smoked near the urn, WHERE IS THE MIRACLE? Maybe we just didn’t put the bins in the bins on the right day? And why, in 12 years, if I didn’t get wiser, I gathered up worldly wisdom, but my reflection -no?
  7. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 2 November 2012 09: 23
    The article and the author are huge +. Especially for the style.
    Banshee drinks
    Very similar thoughts regarding the presentation of information.
    I, too, sometimes "keep quiet", although more and more often you ask questions from your article and want to ... really be silent. For you see all the worthlessness of "silence" ...
    You can, of course, like some, throw out the "zomboyaschik", not listen to the radio, blindfold and cover your ears, and ... as he writes Averias "start with yourself."
    Quote: Averias
    And what do we do?

    Я Averias I can answer like this - TIRED and USEFUL ... Rather, it’s even more useless than the first ...
    The information, state machine is large and multifaceted: TV, radio, print, the Internet. What, over the past 20 years, has been "pouring" from there and to what, maybe not directly, but calling? To love your neighbor? To a common idea, to do something for a COMMON future? And something is MORAL and CULTURAL now? ...
    It is impossible with this, it is a utopia - to fight alone, starting with yourself. A madhouse, at best, although it's probably better right away - a heart attack. And condolences at the funeral - "What a guy ... right."
    And meanwhile, the state, in the words of the president, should not interfere ... in short - IN ANYTHING. The media, to the masses, are carrying "opium for the people", and that's fine. As a result, we get richly cultivated media, base inclinations: hysteria, insults, gluttony, perverted lust, lies, deception, theft, etc. - and here we will "intervene" purely DECLARATIVELY ...
    So, on 23.10.12, commenting on the article, I wrote: "... But we are silent, because - EVERYONE has become - FOR YOURSELF. And this is a new IDEOLOGY.
    Look at what is happening: Volunteer fire brigades are created, VOLUNTARY helpers of patrolmen and traffic cops, people themselves drop off on the construction of bridges and roads, they survived, yesterday an article on voluntary assistance (created a fund to support the development and promotion of the aircraft) to the domestic aviation industry, etc. etc.
    A STATE hde ???! ... "
    So .... the author is huge + ...
    And I, too, will "keep quiet" -
    "The Federation of Migrants of Russia on the eve of the" Russian March "(RM) decided to appeal to the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin with [demand cancel the event. A corresponding letter will be sent to the mayor of the capital in the near future, the head of the federation, Majumder Muhammad Amin, told Izvestia. today
    1. Averias
      Averias 2 November 2012 10: 25
      As you yourself understand the power (system) cannot be changed, the system can only outlive itself, this system can collapse when it reaches a critical point (mass). It's easier to start with yourself and those around you than to fight with wind turbines. We get where all the good ones do not spit, then a natural question arises - why are there so many moral "freaks"? Somehow they asked me - do I want to be in power - answered NO. He explained simply, I am no worse and no better than the representatives of the authorities, and I cannot give a guarantee that I will not be "carried away" when I reach this power. The test of authority is a serious test. It can easily happen that I, all my bright ideas and thoughts, will be forgotten overnight. So why tempt fate?
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        2 November 2012 16: 53
        Quote: Averias
        I also want to ask the same author for example. And what do we do?

        I’ll answer you this way: precisely because I’m doing something, in fact, I wrote this opus. If I just sat and peered in front of the telecom - this is one thing, and since I do not only this, it’s another.

        It is not for me to judge how bad or good I am, great or not, I'm just the cog in the system of society. But a screw, which in its strengths and capabilities is trying to spin as it sees fit. At work (I work as a rehabilitologist in the society of the blind), my main task is to work with young people who actually do not see. The main task is to prove to them that they are not miserable invalids who are doomed to stay at home and not shine, because their capabilities are very limited, and they can (and have) every right and opportunity to live a normal life. they just have to prove it first.

        And in my spare time from work, I again ride with young animals. Not for money or recognition. I just love it. Moreover, despite all our surroundings, among those who now have 18-25 there are many who just want to strain their brains and just share their experiences. Again, it is not for me to judge whether I am good or bad in this matter, but since the project has lived for 5 years without taking a penny from the state, it means something is worth it.

        As if, I’m doing something. Therefore, I think I can ask some questions. And since such different opinions follow on them, it means that he didn’t ask in vain.
        1. Averias
          Averias 2 November 2012 17: 57
          I sincerely shake your hand. I won’t write about myself, but take a word, I’m not only sitting on the Internet. Many people can say a good word about me. That is how you look and society normalizes - when everyone will do something. And to you - success!
          1. Roman Skomorokhov
            2 November 2012 21: 06
            Willingly accept. In fact, here we know the minimum minimum about each other. This is part of what I was trying to say. And we mainly judge, according to the words, because we cannot judge by cases, again, due to lack of information. That’s why I wrote here, because I didn’t stay here for a couple of months, and I can assess who comes here and why. And I believe that you are not only sitting on the Internet, like so many others. So all of us who are not FSUs and who are trying to do something success and good luck.
  8. Sinbad
    Sinbad 2 November 2012 10: 14
    Let us recall how tyrants of all stripes came to power, however, zeros came to power in the same way ... And we are silent ...
  9. patriot2
    patriot2 2 November 2012 10: 29
    Thanks to the author of the article for trying to turn on the brains of those who read this article, but alas, the audience of those who read it is small. And the one who reads prefers to do this smoothly, since the brain system has become unaccustomed to the logical construction of cause and effect things.
    The world is ruled by PR-managers, fulfilling the loot paid by them!
  10. survivor
    survivor 2 November 2012 10: 55
    but I will not talk and I will not wet. To talk, it means to break into a cry, from the life that I see around, to be silent, to pass by the problemma. I read the news, watch TV and I want to live less and less, but I have to live. sometimes you need to live without even having prospects for it. so much slop is poured on our heads that you do not freely feel involved in what is happening in our vast expanses. okay, if you are involved in something bright, good, worthy of the title of MAN. like the construction of the Dnieper hydroelectric station or the BAM., like a flight into space or victory in a war, but not in that, you feel your involvement. everybody says that before on TV they tried to instill only good things. watch the program "Time" and pride in YOUR country, confidence in YOUR army, the understanding that you will not be poor or hungry. that there is always an opportunity to GET housing and there is a prospect for a future life. now the news without embellishment. "in the city n a maniac stabbed to death ...., in a military unit, a soldier killed, scams with apartments ... defrauded real estate investors, offers with food ... on the table instead of the GMO slop" everything seems to be fine, they tell us the truth, but from this truth, I want to hide in a corner, worse than 37. before, people watched their words, now, flaunt their verbiage! and you know, I began to miss the Vremya program. better not to know the whole truth! there will be no reason to lose faith in that reality. what surrounds us!
  11. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 2 November 2012 11: 07
    Author -REALIST. Correctly said about the situation. I would add on my own.
    Recently, Mr. MED --- In (I will not say who) does stupid things worthy of a beginner student.
    It seems that he and his government came to us from the moon.
  12. grandfather
    grandfather 2 November 2012 11: 07
    keep silent about the article.
  13. zMouze
    zMouze 2 November 2012 11: 55
    There is such a concept in medicine - "Do no harm .."
    So, we now more likely look like a slowly dying patient, not fast, but steadily moving to a certain end ...
    And the Doctor, unfortunately, has no effective means for a serious fight against the "disease", absolutely none. No blood, no antibiotics. And only at the expense of glucose, black, pungently smelling, which is measured in barrels, trying to maintain strength. Just sit and try to maintain everything as it is, and quietly hopes that the immunity will cope on its own and pull out the body ...
    And immunity is us, and the neighbor, and that same guy ... It all depends on us, on how we will WORK.
    So it turns out that either we slowly perish over time, or just as slowly but surely we will recover ... It is we !!!!
    And the Doctor ... Whom you don’t deliver, everything will depend only on us and you!
  14. Kite
    Kite 2 November 2012 12: 02
    Well, the author did the same! Allegedly, a topic for thought is stated, but it really composts the brain. (Oh, and the titans of the past scooped up resources for great deeds from the Cosmos? That's just it, to add to their deeds what it cost their people)
  15. dmb
    dmb 2 November 2012 12: 07
    Very interesting. But I cannot agree with the highly respected author in everything. More than a dozen works have been written about the role of personality in history. But personality does not arise by itself. Its occurrence is conditioned by the entire previous course of events. If it were not for the Versailles Peace, Schicklgruber would most likely be a well-known mediocre artist, and Putin, if he chose the Politburo, not Gorbachev, but, say, Romanov, would most likely be a personnel officer in an Astoria-type hotel. I'm not even talking about Medvedev. I agree that the existing information environment has made life much easier for rulers and contributes to the rise of mediocrity. But sooner or later, even the most active processing of consciousness cannot replace real problem solving. And in order to resolve them, PERSONALITIES are required. And here I agree with those who suggest starting with yourself. Yes, I admit that we, the older generation, will not live to see the day when they are needed. But if today we read with indifference what the 8th company is writing or talking about, then the youth may well choose a new Schicklgruber. So let's, each to the best of his ability, help prevent this from happening. It will be extremely difficult, but I believe it will.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      2 November 2012 16: 58
      In no case do I pretend to be true in the matter of the role of the individual in history. Indeed, a lot has been written and people are smarter than me. Moreover, with Romanov - this is you to the point. It could be oh how otherwise.
      Just why should we not live to see the time when PERSONALITY is required? We actually have to grow them. By my example, by my time spent.
      The ancient Greeks used to say in their time: "The future is with the gods on their knees."

      For some reason, I really do not want to see the future on my knees.
      1. dmb
        dmb 2 November 2012 23: 31
        And you think I want to. I really want to live up to the time when individuals are required. And I will be very glad to see that the little bit that I tried to put into them was accepted by them. I just remember my teachers. They were different and taught me differently. But the idea, not ideology, but the idea they probably had in common: "May Russia be exalted, may our names perish"
  16. Ohrim
    Ohrim 2 November 2012 14: 43
    But really, what should be done? Who knows? Ilyin? This is for GDP. And each "nezombie"? What am I, for example, today, right now?
    I think, few people can answer what specific actions, body movements should be performed by a thinking, thinking, caring person.
    Or, can we start a discussion on this topic in the forum? And then it turns out - oh how shitty everything is, oh he doesn’t do it, oh we waited so much from him, but he .....
  17. vezunchik
    vezunchik 2 November 2012 18: 22
    I agree completely - the theater of the absurd
  18. vezunchik
    vezunchik 2 November 2012 19: 49
    SLIDES, Nov 2 - RAPSI. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev confirmed that he considers it improper for the members of the punk group Pussy Riot to be in prison - “they’ve sat and enough,” but he puts this issue within the competence of the court.
  19. Simple
    Simple 2 November 2012 23: 13
    The article touched on a serious topic - some comments are worth it!
    And most importantly, its relevance is not limited to Russia alone.
    Article Respect.
    but I can not resist:
    Iosiv Vissarionovich, smoking his constant pipe:
    “I liked the article of this comrade, sensibly says,
    we need such. Invite him to me, I want to offer him a job,
    Well, for starters, an analyst compiling 15 minute news. Let him show himself. ”
    Come on?
    1. dmb
      dmb 2 November 2012 23: 33
      Would go. For the king is made by the retinue. This is me exclusively in a figurative sense.