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How Washington Worries Chinese Uygurs


On Monday, the Chinese authorities requested to the entire international community, urging it to show “high vigilance” and at the same time intensify cooperation in the fight against terrorism. The reason for such an ardent statement was the actions of Uygur Islamist militants in the north-west of Xinjiang Province, where they clashed with government forces.

Information on the clash in Xinjiang was confirmed by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Hong Lei, who stated that the militants were in "collusion" with international terrorist groups. He did not name “al Qaeda” directly, but said among other things:

“This not only seriously undermines China’s national security, but also creates threats to other countries of the world and destroys stability. The international community must be on high alert and step up a joint struggle against all terrorist organizations. ”

Anonymous officials from China who are responsible for the fight against terrorism, said in parallel that the leaders of terrorist organizations from the so-called "Eastern Turkestan" are sending their militants to Syria - to participate in jihadism.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government supports President Assad in Syria. The militants are fighting on the side of the “opposition”, which is trying to create a Shariah state in Syria - instead of a secular one.

The Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and the East-Turkestan Association for Education and Solidarity (ETESA) in their struggle for the “independence” of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have intensified since the 1990s. Uygur Muslims of Turkic origin oppose the Chinese there. Since May 2012, the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan and the East-Turkestan Association for Education and Solidarity, speaking with Al-Qaeda, send their “fighters” to Syria, where these guys are fighting for the money and rations fighting against the Al-Assad government. It is believed that they penetrate into Syria across the Turkish border, although the Turks deny this.

ETIM in China is involved in drug trafficking, as well as trafficking in human beings and weaponsin addition, members of this organization are involved in robberies and abductions for ransom. ETIM is a gathering of separatists and criminals who once fled from Xinjiang and studied terrorism abroad. So say Chinese officials.

As for ETESA, its activities are aimed at “educating and training Muslims” in Xinjiang and “their liberation”, which will be achieved through the creation of a Muslim state.

Ii. Autonomy and extremism

Bao Hongbiao, a fellow at the Academy of Social Sciences in Ningxia, saysthat the Uighur Muslims, who were repressed by the government in the western province of Xinjiang, failed to assimilate to the local population. Part of the problem consists of insurmountable language differences: the Uigurs speak their own Turkic dialect and write in Arabic. In addition, they have a strong desire for autonomy. Finally, they are characterized by national extremism, which explains the “stern” approach of the Chinese government to them.

“Some Uighurs in Xinjiang are extremists. They want to secede from China, ”Bao says.

Alim Seitov, President of the American Uighur Association, saysthat the government constantly forbids the Uighurs to practice Islam. In addition, the Han population in Xinjiang, thanks to government policies that encourage migration to the west of the country, has increased dramatically: from 6,7% in 1949 to 40 percent in 2008. This contributed to the incitement of ethnic hatred, including due to the problem of resources and jobs.

Seitov believes that the policy of the Chinese government is like a message to the Uyghur people: give up your faith, or you will be accused of extremism, even if you just express your religious beliefs. All these measures, according to Seitov, "further alienated the Uygurs from the Chinese - if only this was possible at all."

In July, 2009, riots broke out in the regional capital of Xinjiang, Urumqi, as a result of which, around 200, people from Han and Uygur were killed. The Chinese government attacked the province with repression.

Human Rights Organization “Human Right Watch” sounding the alarm: While Beijing supports the Muslim religion, for example, in Ningxia, this is far from the case in Xinjiang. Here, minors (up to 18 years) are prohibited from participating in Islamic practice, and therefore thousands of people are detained every year for “illegal religious activities”.

It is strictly forbidden to celebrate religious holidays and study religious texts in public institutions, including schools. In fact, human rights activists believe that Xinjiang for Beijing belongs to the same broad category of political problems as Taiwan or Tibet. The very requirement of secession or autonomy is already seen in Beijing as a threat to the preservation or viability of the Chinese state.

“Religious extremism is closely linked to violence and terrorism, and fighting it is one of our top priorities,” said government spokesman Hou Han.

Thus, the Chinese authorities unequivocally identify the Uygur separatists as enemies of the state. The Uighurs themselves, inclined to nationalism and terrorism, add fuel to the fire.

And if human rights defenders from Human Right Watch, and at the same time from Amnesty International, are demanding to defend the Uygur rights, then in Washington they approach this issue bilaterally, so to speak.

Iii. Bilateral approach

The Uyghur question is an ideal example of the application of the US double standards policy.

Как пишет Tatyana Kaukenova, when Uygur separatism intensified in 1990's, the United States drew attention to Xinjiang: this region has an important strategic position (common borders with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, and the states of Central Asia). Separatism in Xinjiang received the official name of the “movement for national self-determination” in the United States. And no terrorism. B double standards too.

The implementation of the past has contributed to the date 9 / 11. The military campaigns in Afghanistan and then in Iraq demanded a single logic throughout the world's space. In addition, China joined the fight against international terrorism, quite timely declaring that it is highly susceptible to terrorist attacks - just by the Uyghur separatists associated with Al-Qaeda.

And 26 August 2002, the US State Department and official Beijing announced that the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is now included in the list of international terrorist organizations. 28 August all financial assets of this organization in the United States were frozen. Moreover, the relevant State Department document stated that ETIM is responsible for all the atrocities committed for 11 years in China. 11 September 2002 of the year and the UN included ETIM in the list of international terrorist organizations - in accordance with the resolutions No. 1267 and 1390 of the Security Committee.

Apart from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, the United States did not recognize any separatist groups in Xinjiang as terrorist. This is where the double standards of American politics emerged. The fact is that Washington’s support for the “peaceful struggle of the Uyghur people for national self-determination” has by no means ceased. As it turned out, the Uyghur map for the United States is convenient as a potential lever of pressure on a growing China.

T. Kaukenova writes:

“The friendly attitude of Western countries towards the representatives of the Uyghur liberation movement is also not a secret. The main centers of this support are the United States and Germany. In 2005, the United States adopted one of the most active fighters for national self-determination of the Uyghur people - Rabiya Kadyr, who established the International Uyghur Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy in the United States and became president of the American Uighurs Association. After that, Ms. Kadır was elected President of the World Uygur Congress (WUC).

As for the international structures led by Rabiya Kadir in support of the Uigurs, the fact of funding by their US government is not a secret. A week after the 5-7 riots in July 2009, in Urumqi, which killed 197 people and more than 1,6 thousand were injured, US State Department spokesman Ian Kelly confirmed that the Uygur World Congress accepted funding from the US National Donors Foundation for Democracy. It is worth noting that these funds come mainly from the United States Congress. According to the Renmin Jibao, the American Uighur Association received each year from the US National Donor Foundation for the Defense of Democracy in the form of funding $ 215 thousand. By the way, in the July tragedy, the leadership of the PRC accused the US-based MSC. ”

And there was no direct condemnation of China in connection with the bloody events of July 2009 from official Washington. Rabiya Kadir insisted on opening the US consulate in Urumqi (“beacon of freedom”), but her call was lost in vain.

Currently in Guantanamo prison still sit three Uighurs (nineteen of their compatriots were transferred to other countries from 2008 onwards). Before the election of 2008, Obama promised to close Guantanamo, but this is also in the area of ​​double standards. 166 is now languishing in this prison - although Obama promised to release all the prisoners within three years of his inauguration.

Thus, Barack Obama, the crisis president, has been wondering all these years how to play the Uyghur card. One thing is clear now: Obama will remain in power, or Romney will replace him, the United States will continue to support the "right to self-determination of the Uyghur people." Because neither Obama nor Romney will give up the role of leader, which the United States should, in their opinion, continue to play on the world stage. Former hegemon is difficult to accept a multipolar world of free will, and therefore China for America is first a geopolitical adversary, and only then a trade and industrial partner. The hegemon does not tolerate the strengthening of its neighbors around the globe, and therefore it will be slowly little by little to sway China from the inside.

As for the fight against terrorism, it, as before, will perfectly illustrate the State Department’s democratic approaches. The United States does not object to Al-Qaida’s participation in the war against the Syrian government, but Al-Qaida is officially listed as one of the main enemies of the American people. Similarly, Washington considers the terrorist organization ETIM to be terrorist, but does not object to the struggle of the Uyghur people for self-determination, in which the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement sets the tone.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 2 November 2012 08: 01 New
    Slowly they begin to find out what the main terrorists are - United States of America.

    Thanks to Oleg for the work.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 2 November 2012 08: 15 New
      Quote: Vanek

      Slowly they begin to find out what the main terrorists are - United States of America.

      Hi Ivan, but it wasn’t clear to anyone who the main thing was on the planet Earth belay нет не одного конфликта,который бы прямо и косвенно не поддержал или разжег "миротворец" со звездно полосатым флагом.не важно.кто победит на выборах,суть не изменится,не может изменится.
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 2 November 2012 08: 28 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Привет Иван,а что кому то было не понятно,кто главный завадила на планете Земля нет не одного конфликта,который бы прямо и косвенно не поддержал или разжег "миротворец" со звездно полосатым флагом.не важно.кто победит на выборах,суть не изменится,не может изменится.

        Well, money, business and nothing personal! laughing
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 2 November 2012 09: 35 New
          Quote: tronin.maxim
          Well, money, business and nothing personal!

          Yes, Maxim, most likely just business and nothing else.
    2. alauda1038
      alauda1038 2 November 2012 08: 31 New
      согласен, с начала американцы создают организации затем объявляют её террористической и предлагают решение проблемы параллельно помогают этим организациям, получается каша которую расхлебывают все,что касается уйгуров то с момента принятия ислама они стали задирать соседей соседи их стали в ответ бить поэтому превратились в "притеснителей" и "угнетателей" "свободного" уйгурского и это относится ко многим народам исповедующих ислам
      mainly to small nations, especially in the Caucasus, how they converted to Islam, so the war with the infidels began, since it’s not handy to rob neighbors as a Christian, and so we are fighting the excuses
      1. Guun
        Guun 2 November 2012 08: 58 New
        You don’t know anything about Islam. Study the history, at least, it used to be the territory of the Golden Horde, 1312-1342 Khan Uzbek converted to Islam and made it a state government! Then the Uyghurs didn’t like nations
        In 1279, becoming the ruler of the north-west of China, Ananda converted to this religion the 150 thousand Mongols who were under his rule, and the entire population of his area (Tanguts, Chinese), immigrants from Central Asia. Already in the XIV century. they formed a single community of Hui (Chinese - “Muslims”) - residents of China, who spoke mostly Chinese by this time. According to unofficial data, more than 100 million Muslims live in China, and 65 million and 40000 mosques according to official figures.
        China is also multinational, if anyone has seen the northern Chinese and the southern, then he will understand that these are 2 different peoples.
        1. skullcap
          skullcap 2 November 2012 11: 34 New
          Guun Today, 08: 58
          Nothing you know about Islam
          I know the anecdote:
          "Требуем немедленно признать ислам религией мира и добра. Иначе всезаложники будут расстреляны"
          1. Beck
            Beck 4 November 2012 18: 01 New

            Something you Guin completely historical facts perverted. Uyghurs as a people have been known since ancient times. It was they who, with a sudden attack on the headquarters, scattered the First Turkic Haganate in the 8th century. It was they who converted the Turkic runes into a capital Turkic script. And Xinjiang - East Turkestan has never been part of the Golden Horde. He entered the Chagatai ulus, and then into Mogolistan.

            Finally, Xinjiang, translated from Chinese as the New Frontier, became part of China in 1860, after the signing between the Russian emperor and the Chinese goddess of the Beijing Treaty, delimiting the spheres of colonial possessions of Russia and the Celestial Empire. Russia Semirechye - southeast of Kazakhstan, China Xinjian.

            Since then, Uyghur uprisings for independence have flared up regularly. In 1946, Xinjian was actually liberated from Chinese troops. Beijing invited the leadership of the liberation movement to meet in Beijing to negotiate Xinjiang’s independence. Provided for this plane. 16 leaders of the uprising flew on this plane to Beijing. In the air, the plane exploded. The headless independence movement, after that, was crushed. The popular movement intensified again in the 90s.

            As always, the liberation movement, as the dominant idea, is adjoined by a variety of political forces. From religious orthodox to liberal democrats. And they use different methods of struggle. Enlightened forces are fighting against the Chinese army and government institutions in China. Islamic orthodoxy applies terror methods to everything.

            These orthodox people were recognized by the US government for the terrorist organization. And at the same time, the United States supports those forces of the Uyghur people who demand independence without using terror methods.

            All is correct. And there are no double standards. The USA recognizes the right of the Uyghur people to independence. And at the same time, bus explosions with civilians who hold Islamic orthodox do not recognize.

            The Chinese government is strenuously advocating the idea that any liberation movement is terrorist. By this, securing his right to possess, the power captured by Xinjiang. Therefore, China supports Assad. Since China is also ready to apply Assad’s methods to Tibet and Xinjiang, if they arise. So that the world community could not, by UN resolutions, intervene in the possible bloodshed in Xinjiang and Tibet, as is now happening in Syria, where the UN cannot take effective measures because of the taboos of China.
        2. borisst64
          borisst64 2 November 2012 12: 55 New
          China has dealt with Tibet, and it’s dealing with Uyghurs.
          1. Lucky
            Lucky 3 November 2012 11: 47 New
            Uighurs need help, there Kalashin is written off and let China torment them, and we will analyze what the Chinese army is really capable of!
    3. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 2 November 2012 10: 04 New
      Quote: Vanek
      Slowly they begin to find out what the main terrorists are - United States of America.

      And what is quiet?
      Here the blind can see, but the deaf can hear the ghoul from around the world dispersing the wave.
    4. Sasha 19871987
      Sasha 19871987 2 November 2012 10: 44 New
      ну штаты о наших оппозиционерах так же "заботятся" да и на Кавказе без их долларов точно не обходится... везде суются,подонки...
    5. Lucky
      Lucky 3 November 2012 11: 46 New
      I think they, too, will soon see Islamists appear!
  2. Lavrik
    Lavrik 2 November 2012 08: 14 New
    Для России поддержать уйгуров в борьбе за независимость все равно, что согласиться с отделением от РФ некоторых субъектов федерации. И в отличие от США , в которых национальный вопрос решен уже давно "положительно" (индейцев истребили, а остатки загнали в резервации) для многонациональной России эта проблема остается важнейшей.
    1. Yeraz
      Yeraz 2 November 2012 12: 27 New
      Quote: Lavrik

      For Russia, supporting the Uyghurs in the struggle for independence is the same as agreeing with the separation from the Russian Federation of certain subjects of the federation.

      Russia has already set a precedent when it allowed Kosovo to secede (more precisely, it wasn’t enough to stop it) and the second time it separated South Ossetia from Georgia.2 precedents. And you shouldn’t refuse to support the Uyghurs. Not in an open and bright form. But all the same, leverage influences It’s worth it to fuck. Because whatever the Far East says, it’s a threat. And it would be worthwhile to have leverage over China.
      1. hrych
        hrych 2 November 2012 14: 21 New
        The PRC security service, the intervention of our special services will be known and our relations will deteriorate, and the Chinas in response can begin to finance anti-Russian groups in the Caucasus and Wed. Of Asia. In general, neither we nor the Chinese need this, and the hypothetical threat to our D. Vostok is eliminated by the good state of the Strategic Missile Forces.
        1. Yeraz
          Yeraz 2 November 2012 20: 08 New
          Quote: hrych
          and the hypothetical threat to our D. Vostok is eliminated by the good state of the Strategic Missile Forces.

          It is not at all hypothetical. Moreover, I didn’t mean fighting, but a quiet capture of the Far East, when the Chinese, without weapons, slowly populate it.
    2. zadotov
      zadotov 2 November 2012 15: 58 New
      Russia does not need to support the Uyghurs; it is necessary to support the Texans - they have long wanted their oil republic laughing
  3. Guun
    Guun 2 November 2012 08: 33 New
    The situation in the Uyghur autonomies was tense to the limit. In 2009, the PLA introduced a small army into this autonomy, let’s say there was a Uyghur rebellion. According to the media, the picture was not quite complete, the Chinese brutally crushed the rebellion so that others were not guilty, as well as a warning. Any attempts at mutiny The PLA will suppress quickly and cruelly. For us, a clash with the PLA will lead to a disastrous result. We know little about the armies of China, but they cleverly do the sneaky blitzkriegs (remember the Indo-Chinese conflict)
    1. ronin
      ronin 2 November 2012 09: 10 New
      Quote: Guun
      For us, a clash with the PLA will lead to a disastrous result.

      And what does our clash with the PLA?
      1. Guun
        Guun 2 November 2012 09: 14 New
        Despite the fact that in the near future this will happen.
        1. Averias
          Averias 2 November 2012 10: 40 New
          Хе хе, еще один "стратег" и "аналитик". Абы чего сказать, а чего неважно.
        2. hrych
          hrych 2 November 2012 14: 33 New
          In the current state of the Strategic Missile Forces, neither Russia nor Kazakhstan is at risk of war with China, much less in the East China Sea there is an outbreak due to islands with hydrocarbon deposits.
        3. ikrut
          ikrut 2 November 2012 17: 44 New
          По какой-такой причине случится? По причине наличия этих глупых сказок о перенаселенности Китая и нехватки территории? тогда вероятнее ждать конфликта с Бельгией или Бангладеш. И даже с Украиной. Поскольку на Украине сельхоз "нагрузка!" на землю выше, чем в Китае примерно на треть.
    2. romb
      romb 2 November 2012 10: 35 New
      I agree with you! If there is a conflict with the PRC, then it will be simply inhumanly cruel in all its manifestations. Here, anyone will have to take very extreme measures, forgetting all conventions, international agreements and the notorious human rights there.
      Мне к несчастью довелось наблюдать отдельные эпизоды подавления этого мятежа.(((( Если бы большинство из комментаторов хотя бы мельком увидели, какими средствами и методами устраняли "уйгурскую" проблему, то все эти зверства происходящие сейчас на Ближнем Востоке, показались бы им обычной детской забавой.
      1. hrych
        hrych 2 November 2012 14: 29 New
        There are no young ladies gathered, say the details.
    3. akbarr
      akbarr 2 November 2012 18: 33 New
      Quote: Guun
      For us, a clash with the PLA will lead to a disastrous result

      The Chinese are not soldiers. These are peasants who did not win a single war. No need to inflate in their own minds their supposedly powerful army. Now is not the XIII century, and the number of infantry plays a secondary role.
      Китай- страна многоплеменная , и народности живут в "вынужденном" мире друг с другом. Случись какое мероприятие и каждый создаст свое государство.
  4. Sibiryak
    Sibiryak 2 November 2012 09: 11 New
    Washington takes care of its own w ....., hanging noodles to everyone else! And most of the rest are led to this xp .... b! The truth must be put in place, that’s the whole answer.
  5. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 2 November 2012 09: 28 New
    The Chinese are tough guys, they don’t particularly stand on ceremony. A few years ago, the Uighurs were already buzzing there, so Beijing did not bother and sent in troops. As a result, the rebellion was crushed so to say: with an extremely high degree of cruelty. With terrorists the only way it is necessary!
    It is rightly noted in the article that Uyghurs are prone to separatism, etc., and on the basis of religion, the slate will be demolished by anyone. If the Chinese believe that Islam is healing negative processes, it is logical to take measures to reduce its influence.
    1. Averias
      Averias 2 November 2012 10: 43 New
      Китай в этом плане всегда был радикален. Проще сразу пресечь все попытки, чем потом расхлебывать последствия. Жертвы - это всегда чья то трагедия. Но позвольте, это не Китай начал. Китай выставил правила, эти правила нарушены - а ведь их предупреждали. "Вас же предупреждали" (слова доктора Ватсона адресованные Лестрейду).
    2. Petrospek
      Petrospek 2 November 2012 16: 41 New
      a good idea, maybe we’ll start from our Caucasus, it’s next to it, huh?
  6. Mostovik
    Mostovik 2 November 2012 10: 18 New
    "Бао Хонгбяо, сотрудник Академии социальных наук в Нинся, говорит, что мусульмане-уйгуры, которых репрессирует правительство в западной провинции Синьцзян, не сумели ассимилироваться с местным населением."
    Hello, the Uighurs for the Chinese are not the indigenous people of East Turkestan. He probably wanted to say those Uighurs who do not want to assimilate with the Chinese resettled here, in order to consolidate the region.
  7. marshes
    marshes 2 November 2012 10: 37 New
    But everything could be different ...
    Meanwhile, the uprising of the Ospan Islam-uly was supported by the Kazakhs living in Altai, Tarbagatai and Ili district. The Soviet consul wrote to Dekanozov: "The Kazakh group headed by Ospan under favorable conditions can play a decisive role in the preparation of a new Kazakh uprising in Altai." Later, Stalin called the Ospan-Batyr a “social bandit,” however, in view of the change in the priorities of the central Chinese government in Xinjiang, Moscow made a temporary bet on the Kazakhs and Uyghurs. The weapons of the insurgents of Ospan Islam-uly were supplied by the Mongols - the delivery of one of the parties was provided by the son of Sukhebator Damdin. In the spring of 1944, Ospan-Batyr took several thousand of his fellow tribesmen to Mongolia, who refused to comply with the requirements of the authorities, to move to the southern part of Xinjiang, with Mongolian and Soviet aircraft covering the withdrawal from the air.
    In 1943, with the assistance of Soviet intelligence, the organization of freedom of East Turkestan "Azat Tashkilaty" was created. On November 8, 1944, the underground Military Revolutionary Committee, which met in the city of Gulja, announced the beginning of an armed uprising. By order of Beria in December 1944, the Department of Special Tasks of the NKVD of the USSR was formed. His main tasks were to lead and assist the national liberation movement of Xinjiang Muslims. Then, a group of people who underwent special training in the Medeu region was formed from among the local residents. Then she was abandoned in Xinjiang, where she proceeded to create partisan detachments. The commander of one of them was Tatar Faty Muslim, a native of Dzharkent, later he took a responsible post in the military department of the East Turkestan Republic.
    1. Mostovik
      Mostovik 2 November 2012 11: 36 New
      And then they merged the East Turkestan Republic
    2. Rockets
      Rockets 2 November 2012 16: 03 New
      Quote: marshes
      But everything could be different ...

      COULD NOT!
      Everything is correct, but with one nuance. The fight was against the JAPANESE.
      After the Japanese surrender, for almost 4 years, essentially a civil war was fought.
      Which won the CCP, with the support of the USSR
      And on October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was formed.
      1. marshes
        marshes 2 November 2012 16: 54 New
        In the summer of 1949, the Kuomintang in China were finally defeated, and in the fall the Communists appointed the convening of the People’s Political Consultative Council with the aim of proclaiming the People’s Republic of China. Mao Zedong called the revolution in the three districts of Xinjiang part of the Chinese revolution, and delegates from the East Turkestan Republic were also invited to Beijing. The delegation departed on August 27, but when flying through the Gobi, the plane crashed and crashed, passengers and crew died. A new delegation was sent to Beijing, led by Sayfutdin Azizov, who agreed to the East Turkestan Republic joining the newly formed People’s Republic of China.
        Quote: Rockets
        Everything is correct, but with one nuance. The fight was against the JAPANESE.

        Only the Japanese were defeated in 1945.
        1. marshes
          marshes 2 November 2012 17: 08 New
          On November 12, 1944, the East Turkestan Republic (WTR) was formed in the city of Gulja. Its leadership, led by Mullah Alikhan-Ture (Alikhan Tura Sagoni), an ethnic Uzbek who created the Freedom Organization of East Turkestan in 1943 in Kulja, was anti-Chinese and pro-Muslim. The government included Uighurs Akhmetzhan Kasymov, Hakimbek-Khoja, Rakhimdzhan Sabirkhodzhaev, Tatars Anvar Musabaev and Nabiev, Kazakhs Urahan and Abdulkhair, Russian emigrants Ivan Polinov and Fotiy Leskin, Kalmyk Fucha. On January 5, 1945, at the fourth meeting of the Provisional Government of the World Trade Organization, the 9 Point Manifesto was adopted. According to this document, the dominance of the Chinese was abolished on the territory of East Turkestan, and a sovereign republic was created with the equal rights of all nationalities, the need for the development of industry, agriculture, livestock, private trade, and the improvement of the material well-being of the people was proclaimed. The government announced its intention to support Islam, as the religion of most of the population of East Turkestan, but at the same time proclaimed freedom and protection of other religions. The development of culture, education and health was also declared; establishing friendly relations with all democracies, and especially with the government of the USSR, bordering East Turkestan; networking with the Chinese government in the economic and political fields; organization of an army of representatives of all nationalities of East Turkestan; nationalization of banks, post offices, telegraph, forest and natural resources; the elimination of the harmful manifestations of individualism, red tape, nationalism, greed and corruption .
          After leaving the political arena, Alikhan-Ture (he was arrested by Soviet security agencies, was taken to the USSR and lived in Tashkent until his death in 1976, where he wrote a book about the prophet Muhammad), the Provisional Government was reorganized and frankly pro-Soviet groups came to power . The army of the republic, numbering about 30 thousand people, was under Soviet control. The army, the main organizer of which was Minister Akhmetzhan Kasymov, was created in April 1945 from detachments of partisan volunteers. Basically, it consisted of Uyghurs, the Chinese were not drafted into the army. The second largest nationality in the army became Russian emigrants. The army consisted of two infantry divisions and a separate cavalry regiment, commanded by a former white officer, Colonel Fotiy Ivanovich Leskin. Successfully operating in the Tarbagatai and Altai districts, he formed a cavalry brigade and a separate infantry battalion on the basis of the regiment .//////////////
          In 1955, the WTR finally ceased to exist as an independent state, becoming the Chinese province of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. So in the mid-1950s, after the death of Stalin, the period of Soviet influence in Xinjiang ended. This coincided with the conclusion, by the decision of Khrushchev, of the Soviet troops from Manchuria and the transfer of all bases of the ground forces and the navy of the USSR to China9. At the same time, the joint-stock companies Sovkitmetall and Sovkitneft were liquidated. Soviet specialists, most of the Russian emigrants and more than 150 thousand Kazakhs who received assistance from the Soviet government during the resettlement left Xinjiang. //////
  8. Fox
    Fox 2 November 2012 10: 38 New
    Uighurs exist in Kazakhstan, and I remember, in the early 90s, they were not very friendly with the Kazakhs ...
  9. tm70-71
    tm70-71 2 November 2012 10: 44 New
    Uigurs live in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, they do not assimilate with us, on the contrary, they live separately, they are very united, smart, I haven’t met a single Uighur who spoke Russian with an accent, that is, they speak pure Russian Knowing his own well, understanding all the Turkic languages. With regard to his state, it was already 10 ages and stretched from Tuva to the Himalayas. The people-creator, no less ancient than those Chinese women, are very religious. In conclusion, I’ll say that In the near future, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will face problems with both the Uighurs and the Dungans, this is my opinion, I hope it is erroneous.
  10. Averias
    Averias 2 November 2012 10: 53 New
    Я вот одного не пойму, особенно Guun, мы сейчас что должны сделать? Мы сейчас должны в один голос сказать - ууу Китай плохой, что мы вообще знаем об этой проблеме? У нас своих хватает. Помнится мне что с Тибетом Китай то же долго не рассусоливал. И ничего, все живут и все довольны, даже Далай-Лама( а чего ему вообще то волноваться). Тот же господин Guun попытался перевести стрелки на Россию, дескать НОАК это что то из ряда вон выходящего, дескать она вся окутана тайной. А тайной она окутана во многом потому что Китай во многом выдает желаемое за действительное. И вот эти спекуляции на тему войны с Китаем - я считаю неумелой "геополитической" проституцией.
  11. Oleg S.
    Oleg S. 2 November 2012 10: 59 New
    Dear Hun. In order:
    1-Islam The false religion of the Tramp Mohamed, as a vagabond actor needed to earn money, he was not literate, but his entourage yes ... well, they rewrote the Bible + a great many Apocryphal texts (supposedly texts from the Bible) to help them.
    2. Well, why did you get distribution ???? And you look for centuries, Islamic countries have led aggressive paths of development. And then a religion appears justifying it !!!!!!!!!! that is, Islam at the spiritual level allows you to slaughter women and children - they are unfaithful .....
    3. "Белое-Чёрное" Заблуждаются те кто считает что чорные любят белых... они так же ненавидят нас как и мы их!
    4. Terrorism is subject to extermination as Islam has pleased him.
    5. Previously, there was no good choice in what to believe ... Now he is and he is Huge !!! here people are cunning and use it (sects, Islam)
    1. Averias
      Averias 2 November 2012 11: 06 New
      Смело, но по факту Вы правы. То что религия это давно инструмент в умелых руках - не для кого не секрет. Огнем и мечом!" – под таким девизом рыцари Тевтонского ордена(крестоносцы) завоевывали новые земли, жестоко истребляя язычников.
      1. ikrut
        ikrut 2 November 2012 18: 11 New
        далеко не "по факту". Тевтонцы (их сложно назвать "крестоносцам",. поскольку они не участвовали в классических крестовых походах, а воевали, большей частью с соплеменниками) язычников и в самом деле уничтожали (особенно поляков), но причем тут ислам?
    2. hommer
      hommer 2 November 2012 11: 38 New
      That's where such people like this Oleg come from ?!
      Quote: Oleg S.
      1-Islam False religion Rogue Muhammad, as a vagabond actor needed to earn, he was not literate, but his entourage yes ... well, they rewrote the Bible + a great many

      Неуважаемый, не зная ни истории ислама, ни истории христианства беретесь судить о серьезных вещах. Как говорил профессор Преображенский - " ...космические глупости космического же масштаба!"

      Further I do not even want to quote you. Sharikov is Sharikov.
      Yes, learn to write without errors, even grammatical.
      1. Oleg S.
        Oleg S. 2 November 2012 13: 16 New
        Why are you cetrating not completely ??? or are there too many well-known truths ?? discrediting your false religion ??? But the Bible spoke of a false prophet ... And this is not my invention or ignorance, this is an occasion for you to open the Bible and read !!!
        Далее касательно всего мной сказанного Аллах обещает за убиство "неверного" сколько наложниц неподскажите??? Мне до боли интересно во сколько ваш Бог оценил мою жизнь????
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 2 November 2012 13: 53 New
          In, friend Oleg, you have read nonsense.
          Аллах за убийство "неверного" наложниц не обещает.
          He is about the righteous in paradise - he says.
          Numerically - 73 ... daily girls.
          If they are also the same - this is fraught with glitches.
          If they are different, then specifically, to the righteous, it does not matter. Non-violent.
          Talking about religion (anyone, by the way) as you say is not serious.
          Simply put - frivolously.
          The attitude will be the same.
          It saddens me more that little is said about the women in the Qur'an.
          If every faithful .. nightly by 73 boy was driven, it would be cool.
          In Pakistan ... women began to pound for this. For infringement of the rights to the afterlife.
          Cool so you can .... fool around. True?
          "..там слишком много истин общеизвестных??" Их везде много. Эта жвачка - насчет истин - в зубах уже завязла.
        2. ikrut
          ikrut 2 November 2012 18: 16 New
          Where are you from, so dense ??? Where did you find or who told you that Allah promised something to someone for the murder ??? Spit in their face. They are brazenly lying. Well, try to write your comments in Word first. Errors are indicated there. And then transfer it here. Although .... it is unlikely to help. The right word, sometimes it's hard to understand what you wrote. Nothing personal.
      2. Averias
        Averias 2 November 2012 16: 45 New
        Раз уж начали так аргументируйте. А то сказал свое -фи и на этом все. Черт с ним, пускай мы плохие и религия наша неправильная, пускай. Обмани и убей неверного - пускай. Раз уж Вы такие "правильные". А сами то кто? Почему своих же единоверцев обманываете, убиваете, в рабство захватываете, своим же наркоту толкаете, алкоголь пьете в тихую. Распутством занимаетесь. Это Вы у себя в странах(республиках) такие все из себя правильные. А как на свободу вырвались - так во все тяжкие. И Вы нам диктуете как правильно жить? Да единственного достойного кого я припоминаю из истории, это - Салах ад-Дин. Он сказал что нам делить нечего, что мы должны в мире жить. А иначе война между нами истребит всех. Чего то я не вижу что бы Вы следовали его заповедям. Как быть с тем что у бедных семей забирают детей(за копейки) и воспитывают экстремистов и террористов смертником. Прикрываясь красивыми словами и идеями посылают их на смерть. Почему же те, кто этим детям промывает мозги сами не одевают пояса шахидов? Да все потому что все что они вбивают в головы детей - ложь. И не подрывают они себя из за того что денежков много и жить ой как охота, и жить красиво. Все эти "пророки" современности что вещают и выносят мозг бедноте - сами очень не плохо чувствуют себя пользуясь благами цивилизации. И м не чужды блага богатой жизни(хорошие машины, особняки и солидный счет в банке). А взрывает себя кто - беднота с промытыми мозгами и с лживой верой о рае на небесах. Чего то я не припомню что бы теракты совершали обеспеченные и преуспевающие мусульмане. Или это не так?
    3. ikrut
      ikrut 2 November 2012 18: 01 New
      Уважаемый Олег С. Вам приходилось читать басни И.А.Крылова? Думаю, что вряд ли. Так вот у него есть прекрасное выражение, говорящее о человеке ( в басне - сапожнике), который взялся делать не свое дело и судить о вещах, о которых он не имеет никакого предстваления: "Суди , дружок, не выше сапога...". Это словно о Вас сказано. Не примите в обиду. Не буду комментировать Ваш опус с 5-ю пунктами. Совершенно излишне. Просто примите совет. Не позорьтесь перед людьми и быстренько его удалите. Ну, право же, стыдно. Совершенно безграмотно и наивно судить о том, о чем ВООБЩЕ нет ни малейшего представления.
    4. Turdaun
      Turdaun 13 November 2012 12: 40 New
      Олег С., многонеуважаемый большой Вам минус ! Ограниченное серное вещество в коре Вашего головного мозга и злое сердце мешает Вам видеть истину. Лжерелигия ? Бродяга ? Резать женщин ? Вы хоть Коран читали ? Мне Вас искренне жаль, быть может в виду своей тотальной ограниченности Вы так далеко забрались, в "стране гейзеров" и своих чудиков хватает, но в Вашем лице этот остров явно прибавил в безумии...
  12. Bumerang
    Bumerang 2 November 2012 11: 12 New
    terrorists, and in Africa must be terrorists! double standards can not be allowed !!!!
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 2 November 2012 11: 14 New
      In this case, you can ask the government of the Russian Federation to recognize Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist.
    2. smprofi
      smprofi 2 November 2012 12: 55 New
      terrorists — and in Africa must be terrorists - What about the partisans?
      those. You, Bumerang, you want to say that the Germans in Belarus, for example, did the right thing, that they destroyed the partisans and burned the villages that supported the partisans?
  13. smprofi
    smprofi 2 November 2012 12: 51 New
    HM interesting.
    gringos are bad. This is clear. a-priory. more precisely, an axiom.
    Gringos Support Uyghurs - Are Uyghurs Bad? is not a fact.
    ни один из комментаторов как-то не вспомнил, что уйгуры "отошли" к Китаю благодаря Великому Кормчему и НОАК. причем последняя применялась в полном формате: танки, артиллерия, авиация. и наверняка среди уйгуров немало в живых, кто помнит это "воссоединение". и вы считаете, что они просто обязаны обожать хунхузов и цитировать Мао?
    By the way, in the 60s, when Mao captured the Uyghurs, the Soviet Union opened the border and received very many refugees on its territory (I don’t remember exactly about a million). Was the USSR bad too?

    in general ... before you judge something - you need to know the story. at least a little.
    1. Turdaun
      Turdaun 13 November 2012 12: 50 New
      smprofi. A small amendment, the USSR accepted about 440 - 570 thousand refugees. Mostly Uyghurs, settled mainly in Kazakhstan - Almaty region; in Kyrgyzstan - the northeast; in Uzbekistan - mainly in the north.
  14. Islam
    Islam 2 November 2012 13: 39 New
    I hate those who call themselves Muslims and go to kill themselves in the name of Allah. the Qur'an clearly states KILLING IS FORBIDDEN and it also says that Muslims should be tolerant. and jihad is a victory over your vices and not that you put an explosive in your pocket and put it on the street and explode so DO NOT ENTER THE PROBLEMS OF A MUSLIM
    1. The gentleman
      The gentleman 2 November 2012 14: 19 New
      classical Islam does not deny that there are other religions and everyone believes in God. but categorically forbids it to do evil by the name of Allah. BUT (forgive me, I myself believe in Allah), today religion has become like the right interpreted as it favors either other clans, i.e. To some extent, there is a policy of double standards. And they allow us to make such mistakes in the United States, in a country where morality, spirituality, etc.
      1. View
        View 2 November 2012 19: 17 New
        Your voice, alas, is in the minority. If not in the minority, it drowns in the choir of fett and calls of mullah extremists who rule the ball on Muslim street
      2. Islam
        Islam 2 November 2012 20: 00 New
        I agree with you completely
    2. Was mammoth
      Was mammoth 2 November 2012 14: 45 New
      Quote: Islam

      Well done!!! Just why are Muslims? It provokes everyone.
      1. Islam
        Islam 2 November 2012 20: 03 New
        but nobody is going to explode anymore, and the Middle Eastern countries are so devoted to the Koran that everyone believes everything (in short, Americans use the naivety of believers to make them slaves of their will and ministers, excuse me, hell), although I believe in their allegiance to Allah, but alas, they do not understand the concept of TREDITION
    3. Yeraz
      Yeraz 2 November 2012 20: 33 New
      Quote: Islam
      the Qur'an clearly states KILLING IS FORBIDDEN

      Che you wrote this one-sidedly. That is. if they try to steal your house, kill your relatives, the Koran forbids to kill these people?
      1. Islam
        Islam 2 November 2012 22: 39 New
        If you encroach on the life of relatives, I don’t think that anyone will be guided by the Bible, the Koran or another holy book, but just figure it out with the moron and that's it
        1. Islam
          Islam 2 November 2012 23: 06 New
          The Qur'an reports: the one who kills a person is equally considered him who kills humanity. He who saves man saves mankind.
          1. Islam
            Islam 3 November 2012 10: 22 New
            So please do not confuse Muslims with those who want to justify their heinous actions by religion
          2. Yeraz
            Yeraz 3 November 2012 13: 38 New
            Quote: Islam

            The Qur'an reports: the one who kills a person is equally considered him who kills humanity. He who saves man saves mankind.

            But sometimes in order to save a person it is necessary to kill. Honestly, I’m not sure that you’re right, but I won’t argue without combining facts either. I know one thing in the Caucasus that traditions are closely intertwined with religion. And given the fact that I belong to the mountain people there are more traditions than religions, religion slowly begins to increase influence. Therefore, in the war for the Karabakh, I will certainly kill enemies with shouts:
            Allah Akbar, Ya Ali, Ya Huseyn !!!
  15. Oleg S.
    Oleg S. 2 November 2012 13: 51 New
    Почему тогда при взрывах, отризании головы на камеру, убиство беременной женщены колом в живот(Чечня) сопровождается криком "Аллах акбар"???????
    Почему в чечню привезли "Священную чашу ислама"??? почему????
    And they can be attributed to Wahhabis !!!! or there is supposedly on different trends of Islam!
    Daniil Sysoev was killed in his church ... Is that how ???
    Russians at least once killed Muslims in a mosque during prayer ???
    Muslims so far we endure ... we endured all enemies for the time being ...
    "Русский долго запрегает, но быстро пашет" помните эти слова и устрашитесь кары за страдания вами принесённые....
    1. Islam
      Islam 2 November 2012 14: 15 New
      Quote: Oleg S.
      Почему тогда при взрывах, отризании головы на камеру, убиство беременной женщены колом в живот(Чечня) сопровождается криком "Аллах акбар"???????
      do not blame it on Muslims, these people are bastards and not Muslims
    2. hommer
      hommer 2 November 2012 15: 06 New
      What a mess in your head, I am truly sorry for you.
      These topics have been discussed repeatedly, or are you here recently?
      Посмотрите на этом же сайте коммент Boris55 на статью " Выиграть у НАТО схватку за Среднюю Азию поможет военная база в Оше". Коммент называется Антикораническая стратегия Запада.
      But it is more likely that you are sitting in Iceland, practicing American grandmothers, trying to arrange inter-religious turmoil in Russia.
    3. The gentleman
      The gentleman 2 November 2012 15: 09 New
      there are really different currents, it’s in the order of information.
    4. Turdaun
      Turdaun 13 November 2012 12: 52 New
      Oleg S. - You are hopeless ...
  16. The gentleman
    The gentleman 2 November 2012 14: 15 New
    статья конечно написана размыто и носит общий характер.но хотел бы остановится на следующем."Алим Сеитов, президент Американской ассоциации уйгур"-опять же,всякого рода недовольные сидят в штатах и говорят о том,что их обижают."Правозащитная организация «Human Right Watch» бьёт тревогу"-данную организацию давно необходимо признать как саботажную,занимающуюся строго подстрекательством.которая работает не ради интересов людей,а строго ради государств (думаю,все понимаю о каком государстве идет речь). и последнее,если всех этих радикалов не держать под контролем (при чем крайне жестким), то религиозной войны не избежать.в качестве примера киргизия,когда масса нелюдей убивала и сжигала узбеков,при этом слышались крики не только антинационального характера, но и религиозного.
  17. SIT
    SIT 2 November 2012 15: 44 New
    Now Syria, then Iran, and then they will proceed to those for whom it was all up to - China and Russia. 5 columns are being formed. We have more than enough of this column in the Caucasus, and now also Tatars and Bashkiria. In China, the Uyghurs will be the conductor of the Muslim brothers. The Chinese economy, upon closer inspection, is rather fragile, and from a creeping civil war in the cities it can even collapse if the Mujahideen throw up their weapons and ammunition regularly.
    1. wolverine7778
      wolverine7778 2 November 2012 16: 44 New
      In China, the conductor of the Muslim brothers will make Uyghurs
      By the way, Uyghur volunteers from China went to Syria to help the Syrian Mujahideen and rebels)
    2. View
      View 2 November 2012 20: 05 New
      Everything in the world revolves around Russia, absolutely! It's time to change the heliocentric model of the world to the Russian-centric
      1. SIT
        SIT 2 November 2012 23: 57 New
        Quote: View
        Everything in the world revolves around Russia, absolutely! It's time to change the heliocentric model of the world to the Russian-centric

        Astronomical knowledge is not necessary here. Enough knowledge of geography for the 5th grade.
        Look at the map and see that the normal supply and transfer of forces to the Xianqiang Uygur region is possible only through Central Asia, and there 201st Russian base and mutual assistance agreement with Kazakhstan are on the way.
  18. View
    View 2 November 2012 19: 12 New
    Да, плохо жить в империи. Нельзя смешивать огурцы и молоко, всегда начнутся "терки". Завидую Японии - монолитное государство, глыба!
  19. andrei332809
    andrei332809 2 November 2012 19: 21 New
    вот ведь неугомонные "друзья" из-за океана. никому спокойно жить не дают. амбиций у них выше крыши
    1. smprofi
      smprofi 2 November 2012 21: 35 New
      wait a minute andrei332809, скоро "мирные" хунхузы начнут "возвращать" "свои законные территории". вот тогда притязания гринго с овчинку покажутся