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US Senator: Transparency of spending funds allocated to Ukraine raises doubts

US Senator: Transparency of spending funds allocated to Ukraine raises doubts

Republican Senator Bill Hagerty said at a hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the upper house of the US Congress that the US government allocates huge funds to Ukraine as military aid, however, the transparency of their spending is highly questionable.

At the next meeting, held yesterday, November 29, Richard Weiner's candidacy for the post of member of the Board of Governors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) from the United States was considered. In this regard, he also touched upon the issue of allocation of funds for the restoration of Ukraine.

The oversight of the control of money, as well as its transparency, is vital. We just need to know that all of this financial aid is actually being spent as it is for our taxpayers.

Weiner added.

In response, Hagerty agreed with his colleague, especially when it comes to honesty when it comes to American taxpayers. The senator pointed out that the sums are already quite large, lamenting that there is no clarity about where and for what they will be spent.

At the same time, a member of the upper house of the US Congress from the Democratic Party Jean Hashin supported the legislators, expressing the hope that from now on this problem will be given more attention.

Recall that from the very beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, Washington has already allocated a fabulous amount of military assistance to Kyiv in the amount of $ 16,8 billion, but it seems that the States are not going to stop there, despite all the loud statements of the Republicans about its significant reduction, or even cessation, starting from January next year.

There is also a clear substitution of concepts: the US funds are mainly allocated not to Ukraine, but to themselves - primarily to their military-industrial complex.
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  1. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 30 November 2022 10: 04
    Why should the states stop? The printing press requires only a special matrix, paper, dyes, markers and the appropriate decision of the Federal Reserve System. Beauty, you can have nothing, but just print and own the world!
    1. Volodin
      Volodin 30 November 2022 10: 18
      Quote: Vladimir61
      The printing press requires only a special matrix, paper, dyes, markers

      in the age of computerization, the "printing press" of the United States most often does not even need this. It is enough to press a button on the keyboard and - voila: a billion, ten, twenty ... but who counts them there ...
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 30 November 2022 14: 03
        US Senator: Transparency of spending funds allocated to Ukraine raises doubts

        This is very MODEST the US senator said. Namely.

        Zelensky has a two-stage corruption scheme in Washington to LAUNDER AMERICAN money, allocated by the US Congress as financial assistance to Ukraine, in the form of "Kickbacks" personally to Biden's son and for the maintenance of the US Democratic Party.

        So Washington, most likely, will keep Zelensky in the presidency of Ukraine for a long time! And at the same time, Zaluzhny will not go anywhere for the Americans from Washington either!
  2. Myths
    Myths 30 November 2022 10: 05
    The next showdown in whose Korman funds will go.
  3. paul3390
    paul3390 30 November 2022 10: 09
    Transparency of spending funds allocated to Ukraine raises doubts

    That's just does not cause any. Stupidly plundered even in the citadel of democracy ..
  4. Mouse
    Mouse 30 November 2022 10: 10
    check your pockets and everything will become clear ... winked and transparent... wassat
  5. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 30 November 2022 10: 11
    Duc ... He confessed that the United States is directly involved in the conflict!
    And that doesn't count either?
  6. Bingo
    Bingo 30 November 2022 10: 11
    Moreover, they are from the USA and do not leave wink So where is the dark Ukrainian night?
  7. Nexcom
    Nexcom 30 November 2022 10: 42
    There was a settling and sticking of funds. Why are you surprised, Americans? Look, do not go out on your own when checking ... laughing
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 November 2022 11: 07
    their transparency is questionable.
    Well, they finally realized that not only in Ukraine, but they can warm their hands on the allocated funds. It's just that there's practically no point to it. Well, they will reduce the debit to the credit and even possibly determine a certain amount that disappears somewhere (?), but can you really argue against your military-industrial complex. So, as they allocated, they will continue to allocate as long as the country 404 exists. The American taxpayer is rich and probably, like the German one, he is ready to endure adversity for the sake of help, it is not clear to whom and it is not clear why (although why is the United States understandable).
    APASUS 30 November 2022 12: 59
    Those who rob half of the world began to suspect that they were scammed by their wards for money?