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Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Ural" completed the transition and arrived at home port of Murmansk

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Ural" completed the transition and arrived at home port of Murmansk

The universal nuclear icebreaker "Ural" of project 22220, built at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, has completed its passage to Murmansk, having arrived at its home port. This was reported by the press service of Atomflot.

The second serial nuclear-powered icebreaker of project 22220 "Ural" left the Baltic Shipyard on November 22, 2022 after the ceremony of raising the state flag of the Russian Federation. After that, the nuclear-powered ship left St. Petersburg and began moving to the home port of Murmansk. The transition took six days, the nuclear-powered ship arrived at the berth on Tuesday evening.

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Ural" of Rosatomflot completed the passage, which took six days, from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. November 29 "Ural" arrived at the home port of Murmansk

- said in a statement.

Already on December 3, the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Ural" will set off on its first voyage, it will work in the Ob-Yenisei region of the Kara Sea. Project 22220 double-draft icebreakers can operate both in deep water and in shallow water in river beds, breaking through ice up to 3 meters thick.

The universal nuclear icebreaker "Ural" is the second serial and third icebreaker of project 22220, built to provide year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route. Laid down at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg on July 25, 2016, launched on May 25, 2019, after which it was completed afloat. The reactor plant was launched in May this year. The main power plant of the icebreakers includes two Ritm-200 reactors with a thermal power of 175 MW each, the reactors have a service life of 40 years.
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  1. Magic archer
    Magic archer 29 November 2022 20: 33
    I am glad that we can do it! The only country in the world that makes nuclear icebreakers! Yes, and the construction time is amazing! Keep it up! good
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 30 November 2022 18: 33
      Our icebreakers are power! and FNPP Academician Lomonosov, then generally a unique phenomenon in the world! Whoever understands what all this fleet means is undoubtedly proud of our achievements.
  2. Alien From
    Alien From 29 November 2022 20: 33
    You know guys, I like the word "atomic" the most!!! good
    1. novel66
      novel66 29 November 2022 21: 21
      We do these installations best of all, and autonomy in ice is any more
    2. Real Pilot
      Real Pilot 30 November 2022 01: 58
      How it glows beautifully in the photo! And he does not need to save electricity at all. wink
      1. Alien From
        Alien From 30 November 2022 02: 14
        I devoted a lot of time to light music))) the photo is of course with exposure, but this does not negate the power of this beautiful vessel! good
        1. Petr_Koldunov
          Petr_Koldunov 30 November 2022 16: 10
          And the sharpness of the water surface? With exposure, you can’t provide such water in any way. And the fact that the photo of the icebreaker is not superimposed on the water background, but actually it is on this water, is without a doubt ...
  3. antivirus
    antivirus 29 November 2022 20: 43
    Feat - 15 years up to this point, plans and construction itself + 40 years of work.
    And again the battle continues ...
  4. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 29 November 2022 21: 10
    The light is on ... Well, just like during the day.
    It’s always surprising why there is lighting in the workshop ... Well, so that you don’t stumble on the slipway a lot, or don’t really hurt your head request
    Presumably for camouflage. To vigorously.
  5. Chief Officer Lom
    Chief Officer Lom 29 November 2022 21: 15
    In general, sailors are superstitious people, so the name of the ship from this point of view is a little alarming. The fate of the auxiliary cruiser "Ural", a participant in the Tsushima battle, and the nuclear namesake of the unique SSV "Ural" is not very successful. I wish the career of the new nuclear-powered ship to be successful and put superstition to shame! puff-puff-puff....
  6. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 29 November 2022 21: 58
    good news ... the northern sea route is our good supply line and icebreakers make it year-round ... that's good[)
  7. Oleg Ogorod
    Oleg Ogorod 29 November 2022 22: 31
    Is nuclear fuel already being loaded into reactors in St. Petersburg?
  8. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 29 November 2022 22: 37
    In the port of Murmansk nuclear icebreakers Yamal and Ural, all the rest on the NSR, Vaigach in Dudinka.
  9. Or me
    Or me 30 November 2022 07: 59
    Built at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, the universal nuclear icebreaker "Ural" of project 22220 has completed its passage to Murmansk, having arrived at its home port.
    Thin ice, you "Ural"!!! Russia rules the Arctic!!! good drinks good
  10. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 30 November 2022 16: 12
    Well, he's just handsome! Glows like a Christmas tree to the envy of Eurocretins! Let the Burbocks and Habacks in the dark and cold wash their eggs for a minute once a month ... everything is in order with heat, water and light!