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Transport of the future: over-relief platform for the Russian army

Transport of the future: over-relief platform for the Russian army
"KamAZ-5350" - one of the main vehicles of the Russian army

It became known that one of the specialized institutions of the Ministry of Defense began to develop the concept of a fundamentally new vehicle for the army - the so-called. relief platform. As the name implies, a machine of this kind will move above the ground, without contact with the surface. The platform will be characterized by increased mobility and cross-country ability in different areas, which will make it a convenient means of providing army logistics, incl. at the forefront.

Concept level

The TASS agency reported on the development of new ideas on November 27. Information about these works came from an unnamed source in the military-industrial complex. There have been no official announcements on this yet.

It is reported that the Center for Advanced Weapons at the 46th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense is engaged in a new project. One of the main tasks of this organization is to study and study the prospects for the development of weapons systems, a fleet of vehicles, etc.

A TASS source indicates that the current Special Operation in Ukraine has shown difficulties in the field of logistics. Thus, the speed of movement of people and goods was insufficient. Existing vehicles do not have time to carry out transportation at the required pace.

Truck "Ural-4320"

In this regard, the 46th Central Research Institute is working on and developing the concept of the so-called. overrelief transport platform. Such a machine, with the help of appropriate propellers, will be able to rise above the surface of the earth and move around the terrain. How exactly the tasks of lifting and movement will be solved, the source did not tell. Technical features of the new concept are not disclosed.

At the same time, he noted a special approach to operational issues. Despite the separation from the surface, the promising platform is not considered as a full-fledged aviation complex. A system of this kind would be expensive and would also require highly skilled personnel to maintain. The new concept provides for the creation of a simpler transport with reduced requirements. Ease of maintenance and maintainability are laid down at the level of technical requirements.

At the moment, the project is at the stage of developing a general concept, but work will continue. After 2025, it is planned to build and test a prototype. Perhaps by this time the Ministry of Defense or sources in the defense industry will be able to reveal certain features of both the basic concept and the real project based on it.

above the surface

A TASS source spoke only about the existence of the project and some requirements for a promising platform. How exactly it is planned to solve the set technical tasks is not reported. Nevertheless, it is obvious on the basis of what schemes and architectures it is possible to create a vehicle with the desired capabilities.

"UAZ Pickup" as a carrier of an unmanned complex

The new project provides for the creation of a land transport moving above the surface of the earth, but without contact with it and without direct support on it. It is on this principle that hovercraft work - a well-known and fairly common class of transport. In general, they are intended for movement over flat surfaces, but they are also capable of overcoming some obstacles.

It is possible to use another scheme. The over-relief platform can be a kind of multicopter - an aircraft with a suitable propulsion system and rotors. At the same time, the specifics of its application makes it possible to drastically limit the flight height, but it is necessary to ensure a high carrying capacity. Samples of such a scheme are already being created and tested abroad, and such a concept seems to have the right to life.

In the context of flights over the surface, ekranoplans should also be remembered. This technique has certain advantages, although it faces objective limitations. Due to the latter, its use in land logistics, incl. military is not possible.

Dimensions, weight, carrying capacity and capacity, as well as running / flight characteristics of the promising platform are unknown. An air cushion or a multi-rotor scheme allows you to create equipment of different dimensions with a wide range of performance characteristics. Obviously, the requirements for a specific model of military equipment will be determined taking into account the needs of the troops, technical capabilities and other factors.

Landing hovercraft project 12322. This principle of movement can also be useful on land

It is possible to create light unmanned platforms for the transportation of small loads weighing no more than kilograms or tens of kilograms. Equipment of this kind will complement other vehicles and in a certain way expand the capabilities of the logistics system. Foreign experiments demonstrate the fundamental possibility of creating and effectively using such UAVs.

Also of interest may be medium-sized chauffeured/piloted vehicles capable of carrying people or comparable cargo. They will complement existing vehicles of various types. The appearance of heavy models replacing high-capacity trucks is unlikely.

Perspective direction

Thus, our army plans to develop logistics and does not exclude the use of fundamentally new vehicles. This time it became known that in the future, some kind of over-relief platform may be included in the transportation system. What it will be is not yet known. But the reasons for the interest in such technology are understandable - even at the level of a general idea, it has certain advantages over traditional automotive technology.

The main advantage of the hypothetical overrelief platform is the virtual absence of restrictions on patency. Unlike a car, such transport does not depend on the state of the surface, its bearing capacity and terrain. It is possible to move at the required speed and load with virtually no restrictions, and in addition, the platform does not risk getting stuck on the road. High cross-country ability and mobility are also an additional factor in increasing survivability.

Israeli experimental transport UAV AirMule / Cormorant UAV

Transport of this kind can be used to provide transportation in areas with poor roads, in hard-to-reach areas, on the front line, etc. At the same time, in areas with a good road network, cars can still be used. In addition, vehicles of a traditional design and an over-relief platform should complement each other on the ground and solve common problems in different conditions.

However, with all its advantages, overrelief transport has disadvantages. First of all, this is a general technical complexity that affects production and operation. In addition, there may be additional technical risks associated with novelty. In this regard, hovercraft or multicopters are noticeably inferior to cars.

The army may need a large number of new equipment, which will ensure the performance of tasks in all anticipated conditions. Starting the production of platforms at the required pace will not be easy and not cheap. The task of mastering technology in the troops will also be quite difficult.

Distant future

However, it is too early to talk about the results of the project. At the moment, it is at the stage of concept development, and the appearance of the first experimental sample is expected no earlier than 2025. The specialists of the 46th Central Research Institute have enough time to carry out all the necessary research and form the optimal appearance of the new vehicle. In addition, during this time, the Ministry of Defense will be able to decide whether it is worth developing such a concept, or whether it should be abandoned for objective reasons.

Regardless of the result of the current stage and further development of events, the concept of an over-relief platform is of some interest and can be useful. In the coming years, the relevant institute will evaluate these ideas, find ways to implement them and determine the required technologies. Even if the project does not progress beyond these stages, the necessary data will be collected and important experience will be gained for further developments.
Photos used:
RF Ministry of Defense, Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Amateur
    Amateur 29 November 2022 06: 30
    How exactly the tasks of lifting and movement will be solved, the source did not tell. Technical features of the new concept are not disclosed.

    And what is there to think. Everything has long been thought of. We take the simplest antigrav and hook a body from a KAMAZ to it, and use an ordinary gravitsapa as an engine. Like this one.

    ps True, such a platform will not pass everywhere. Objects in the antitenture are inaccessible to it. Yes, and she overcomes ravines with difficulty. wassat fool
    1. solar
      solar 29 November 2022 11: 11
      We use a conventional gravipapa as an engine. Like this one.

      Better than a simpler classic model. And then they mess with her. smile
      1. Amateur
        Amateur 29 November 2022 13: 25
        Nope! This gravitsapa is imported. Either Iranian, or North Korean, or maybe even fluctuating. And mine is ours, import-substituted, from the Research Institute of Nanotechnology "Pylvglaz" named after. A.B. Chubais. drinks
        1. solar
          solar 30 November 2022 01: 16
          Nope! This gravitsapa is imported.

          And there is. Plukanskaya, for 2200 chats. Original 100 percent :))
          1. Serafim
            Serafim 4 December 2022 14: 58
            Today we have a lot of KeTse. You can take imported, even Turkish gravitsaps.
            1. solar
              solar 4 December 2022 16: 35
              Today we have a lot of KeTse.

              When there are a lot of CCs, they are exchanged for raspberry pants and show-offs in front of different etsilops
              If I have a lot of KVs, I have the right to wear raspberry pants,
              and in front of me and the patsak should squat 2 times, and do the chatlanin,
              and etsilopp has no right to beat me at night. Never!
  2. Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 29 November 2022 06: 40
    so-called relief platform

    visionaries, Chinese quadrocopters cannot make-copy and gps-guided tornado missiles negative
  3. FoBoss_VM
    FoBoss_VM 29 November 2022 07: 54
    Campaign antigravity is our everything laughing waiting for space plows and annihilation
  4. evgen1221
    evgen1221 29 November 2022 08: 40
    We sawed sawed and got an analogue of the American pillow. And it will be huge to eat and make noise with no payload being transported.
  5. the same doctor
    the same doctor 29 November 2022 08: 55
    I believe that it is necessary to invest in bulldozers and graders, which will rake the road over virgin soil in one pass. For forcing rivers - ferries, pontoons and bridges from prefabricated modular structures. Metal flooring for difficult areas.
    If military roads meander according to the terrain, then their construction will be quick and cheap.
    The solutions proposed in the article are means of cutting the budget with zero output. It's like Putin's torsion generators, making oil unnecessary, like a weapon based on new physical principles, like SDI, finally. Those. this is a sabotage by agents of the West to force us to waste money and divert us from necessary projects.
    1. Genry
      Genry 29 November 2022 15: 56
      Quote: also a doctor
      What is it like Putin's torsion generators,

      Please provide more details and a link.
      Or did you react to a long review of the moon?
  6. ohka
    ohka 29 November 2022 09: 15

    System "Y", railway without bridges.
  7. cpls22
    cpls22 29 November 2022 09: 57
    If the purpose of such a platform is the transportation of goods, then the only solution is the maximum distribution of the support area over the entire area occupied by the platform. To pass a complex terrain, this area of ​​support must be variable. Variability complicates the drive problem. Previously, it was unsolvable, but now, when electric wheels appeared, you can try to do something. In general terms, this should be a platform, with a sole of independent computer-controlled electric wheels, with the possibility of their quick replacement when hit by anti-personnel mines.
    In theory, these rollers should be controlled by an electronic system that scans the terrain, and takes into account the speed and direction of movement.
  8. fiv
    fiv 29 November 2022 09: 58
    It is necessary to develop engine building - from a motor engine to a marine diesel engine so that there are no empty spaces. And then the flying boots are fast walkers, but the dviglo is imported.
  9. Graz
    Graz 29 November 2022 10: 35
    overrelief platform

    and who said that a mine cannot be made for such equipment?
  10. Carib
    Carib 29 November 2022 11: 23
    Everything is correct. You need to start working on it already. Maybe not the best moment, on the other hand, at such a time, everything is moving faster, and bright non-standard solutions come.
  11. acetophenone
    acetophenone 29 November 2022 11: 45
    Sawing the state dough is a very interesting sport. And completely safe.
  12. Knell wardenheart
    Knell wardenheart 29 November 2022 12: 17
    It is unlikely that it will be an "air cushion", too bulky and slow moving, there are restrictions on height and type of terrain.
    I would put it on a cyclolet or a multicopter as a platform - in the variant of medium payload and external control (for example, through a repeater) or directive control, in which the device is mostly autonomous in flight, guided by a satellite map and satellite navigation. First of all, the device as a concept would be interesting for multi-medium (over land, over the sea, if necessary, for some period, much higher than the surface in the air) and high (relatively) speeds. These are incredible tactical possibilities. I would designate the maximum carrying capacity as ~ 300-400 kg. In this range lies the weight of three to four evacuated soldiers. The evacuation of the wounded and the transport of specialists, as well as the delivery of the average weight of tactical cargo - these are, in fact, all the tasks of such a platform. Regarding the distances - I would estimate the maximum as ~ 100 km. one way. Greater autonomy would require large sizes - and they would be significant without this. Autonomy within this value will allow the device to work on electric motors and be generally more compact, predictable and less noisy. In addition, I do not consider this tool as a "trucker's tool" - it is a short-range tactical supply tool.

    If you look at the minimum border, then ~ 200 kg of weight (evacuation of 2 soldiers), ~ 40-50 km. one way.
    The smaller apparatus will actually "carry itself".

    The tool is primarily interesting for the ability of short-range and medium-range supply and evacuation. For a greater carrying capacity, and even more so for transporting more than 3-4 soldiers, at the moment I doubt that the copter would be suitable, because in this niche it is already starting to compete in terms of properties and price with helicopters.
  13. Conjurer
    Conjurer 29 November 2022 12: 39
    The main advantage of the hypothetical overrelief platform is the virtual absence of restrictions on patency.
    For this to happen, you need to move not over the terrain, but regardless of the terrain, that is, at a height exceeding at least the trees (and then it doesn’t matter the height above the terrain, it doesn’t make much sense to dive into ravines even in terms of camouflage, just spend fuel ). Based on this, only wings or propellers can be used, i.e. we are talking about aviation.
    And, then, the main property of this platform is gluttony. Consequently, she has a very limited range of tasks and range, otherwise all the fuel in the army will go to her.
    Well, what could it be? Why is it worth burning so much fuel? Delivery of ammunition remotely (maybe in a local environment) to active units and removal of the wounded.
    That is, small-sized unmanned vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing with a payload capacity of 100, 400 kg.
  14. cpls22
    cpls22 29 November 2022 12: 53
    "and who said that a mine cannot be made for such equipment?"
    - a mine can be made against everything, even against low-flying equipment already exists.
    The meaning of the platform is the ability to supply positions on the front lines without being tied to roads.
  15. KSVK
    KSVK 29 November 2022 12: 56
    overrelief platform

    Another "RosPil". Everything has long been invented, and in different versions:

  16. mark1
    mark1 29 November 2022 13: 22
    I understood - it will be a discord (Alex Orlov)! We were born to make a fairy tale come true! ..
  17. Genry
    Genry 29 November 2022 16: 02
    It became known that one of the specialized institutions of the Ministry of Defense began to develop the concept of a fundamentally new vehicle for the army - the so-called. relief platform.

    Who became aware?
    What institution?
    Link to the source?

    In short - throw!
    The author had nothing to write.
  18. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 29 November 2022 19: 03
    Instead of such projectors, I’m ready (like a person from the couch) to give the task:
    1. Launch of serial bridges of 9-10 tons
    2. Serial launch of diesel truck 500-750 hp
    3. Starting the automatic transmission with the digestion of the moment d 3000NM
    4. Production of an armored cabin in series
  19. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 29 November 2022 23: 18
    "Distant future"... Let's break up. For some in the NWO zone, the phrase: "to live to see tomorrow" ... is not an empty phrase ...
  20. Mint Gingerbread
    Mint Gingerbread 30 November 2022 10: 15
    Reminds me of the dropships from Starship Troopers laughing
    1. Oleg Ogorod
      Oleg Ogorod 5 December 2022 22: 59
      I remember 10 years ago we were told about flying tanks based on new physical principles ...
      The second series is now visible.
  21. Dmitry Smetanin
    Dmitry Smetanin 30 November 2022 22: 11
    Not bad, not bad. The new one drank the budget. They also exploit the ZiLs 131s with shishigs in the army, and here is the “over-relief platform”. Nothing will ever change in this country fool
  22. Oleg Ogorod
    Oleg Ogorod 5 December 2022 21: 36
    As soon as I mentioned the 46th Institute of the Moscow Region a couple of times, it immediately came out of the shadows, that is, from a state secret.
    But let's ask, what did his doctors and candidates of sciences do until today? How did they promote and develop military-technical thought before in the light of the results of the NWO today?
    The Kherani shoheds were presented to us by the Iranians as the most effective weapon against Bandera.
    We diligently abandoned artillery before the NWO and spread rot. And now here they sharply remembered and fussed. Since now it is the main means of waging an undeclared war. However, we cannot do anything other than guns from the 60s of the last century. Yes, and not all of them. And modern systems for calculating the guidance of weapons, it's like an iron man's nuclear reactor, can only be seen in cartoons of Western cinema.
    And these doctors of science of military-technical thought, what if now they will tell us the whole truth about the super-duper weapon of victory?
    The whole institute should be sent to visit Seryozha Nosov. Without shoulder straps. To the Magadan Territory, where he is a taiga prosecutor, that is, a governor. Let them drink there.
  23. gromovanton
    gromovanton 18 December 2022 12: 29
    Perhaps my thoughts on this matter are the thoughts of a renegade, however
    1. The use of massive quadrocopters as a means of delivery is a utopia in the short term, since even the analogues of maviks in the proper number of domestic ones have not been riveted, and transport and logistics tasks will require 3-4 orders of UAVs more to solve. (Economically just nonsense, even with technical feasibility)
    2. UAVs, if they are different types of airships, they can probably occupy some niche ...
    3. More work in the USSR convincingly proved that hovercraft is an extremely niche solution because of its high cost.
    4. Both surprising and not surprising at all is the formulation of the problem and the direction of its solution: Problem: “The special operation in Ukraine showed difficulties in the field of logistics.
    A way to solve: "Creating a child prodigy"
    At the same time, the central question remains outside the brackets - the speed and timeliness of delivery are 99% questions of supply organization - in fact, questions of organizing army logistics. And these are like questions of having an integrated battlefield control system and how its subsystem is a logistics system, part of which is transport, for example, special. But of course, they won’t let you deal with org issues, and yes, this thing is boring :).
    The fact that people will take up an interesting topic, perhaps conduct research, maybe not very necessary, but useful for their development, I even consider it useful. You won't spend a lot of money here, I hope. I will even express a heretical thought: let the youth engage in even stupid things, but gain experience ... Everything is better than doing nothing, to be without a topic, development. Inflation will simply gobble up the money, the partners will once again freeze their accounts, we will never have money for them ...
  24. Voronezh
    Voronezh 8 January 2023 04: 12
    It seems that it’s not the first of April .... Or is the virus of British scientists contagious?
  25. genpierbismarck
    genpierbismarck 18 January 2023 12: 18
    The jet engine on the platform, and all the thrust will be redirected down at an angle. So even a jacuzzi will take off above your surface.