To win a battle for NATO from Central Asia will help the military base in Osh

Modern laws say that if a particular country has a genuine interest in the United States of America, how can it “unexpectedly” lead terrorists of various stripes. In this case, the “terrorist issue” Washington often uses in order to strengthen its military presence in a particular region. If such a law takes place, it becomes clear the reason for the serious activation of the Islamists in Kyrgyzstan.

To win a battle for NATO from Central Asia will help the military base in Osh

Kyrgyz media reported that in the Chui Oblast and the capital of the republic, anti-terrorist units took part in a whole series of operations whose main purpose was to identify gangs. Operations, it must be admitted, have been crowned with success. According to their results, terrorist acts that were planned on the territory of Kyrgyzstan were prevented.

The press service of the State Committee for National Security of the country reports that in Kyrgyzstan the security forces detained a group of five people. In the apartments in which the detainees lived, the investigators found a whole arsenal weapons: improvised explosive devices, hand grenades, firearms, thousands of bullets. In addition to this, the apartments were littered with extremist literature, which in the last few months literally flooded the cities of Kyrgyzstan, especially Bishkek and Osh.

After the first interrogations, the detainees announced that the arsenal of weapons and explosives was to be used for conducting terrorist attacks against state institutions and law enforcement agencies of the republic. At the same time, after analyzing the printed materials of an extremist nature, it turned out that the overwhelming percentage of this specific literature, calling on Kyrgyz citizens to fight the state and government officials, was most likely made in one of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula. It turns out that the detained terrorists were only pawns in a big game, behind which there are much more impressive forces. This means that in the territory of Kyrgyzstan five detainees are not the only terrorist group that is ready to destabilize the situation. And because the threads of control over the situation from the hands of the security forces can not be released.

But if so, then why the seemingly calming quite recently situation in Kyrgyzstan again began to boil down to an alarming option? After all, if it were not for the concerted actions of the Kyrgyz security officials, a series of terrorist attacks would have been inevitable, which would have led to new unrest in this Central Asian country. But Kyrgyzstan, perhaps, knows better than its neighbors what a series of mass unrest, as a result of which political leaders are shifting, and which lead to a new disorder and political chaos.

On this occasion, the following opinion. The unexpected activation of the terrorist underground in Kyrgyzstan is due to the fact that the current president Atambayev stubbornly declares that in 2014, the last American will have to leave the base in Manas. The Kyrgyz president connects this with the fact that US troops will leave Afghanistan in 2014 year (at least, the current US President Barack Obama speaks about it), and therefore the Manas base, according to the Kyrgyz political leader, the US will no longer need . Well - everything is quite logical. However, Americans are not impressed by such statements by Atambayev. After all, the loss of one of the key outposts in Central Asia is clearly not part of Washington’s plans. And if not included, then the American creatives are ready to offer a new scenario of how to keep their base in Kyrgyzstan intact.

The situation with the terrorist threat is an old and proven move. It is obvious that now in different parts of Kyrgyzstan terrorist activity can be manifested, which is born not without the help of one of the main world “democratizers”. The task of the Washington creatives is to make Alambek Atambaev understand the “whole danger” of the situation. They say, look, Mr. Atambayev, how terrorists and extremists breed in your country, and you still want to say “Goodbye!” To the American base. Is that what the leaders of small republics do ... In this case, you can lose your presidential chair, this happened with previous Kyrgyz leaders against the background of new movements of the democratizing machine.

Obviously, Atambayev himself understands the seriousness of the situation. This situation is now more or less under control, because the United States is occupied with its own political problems. But as soon as the American people make their “choice,” a new series of the film about the main world “protector” will begin, looking to protect from such epic monsters as Al Qaeda, Taliban and others generated by the USA itself. And Kyrgyzstan, in this case, is a target that may well become one of the main ones in the region. Still would! After all, the presence of a powerful American base in this country will allow NATO to monitor the situation of the frontiers of its main geopolitical "partners" - Russia and China at the same time.

By the way, in this regard, the recent inspection by NATO troops looks very noteworthy. aviation CSTO bases in Kyrgyz Kant. Representatives of Canada, the Czech Republic and Estonia arrived at the base. Arrivals reported that they are doing work under the Vienna Agreement on Building Confidence and Security for the OSCE. According to this agreement, processes of mutual control in the military and military-technical sphere should be held between the countries included in the OSCE.

The Estonian, Canadian and Czech military personnel with great zeal began to inspect the CSTO base, identifying its exact personnel and what status the military personnel in Kant (contract soldiers or conscripts) have. They were interested in the types of equipment in use and the percentage of Kyrgyz-made equipment. The “inspectors” decided to find out even if the rest was not dangerous for the Russian soldiers in Kyrgyzstan, because the state of the radiation background on the Kyrgyz lake Issyk-Kul, according to NATO representatives, is a matter of concern. In other words, Lieutenant Colonel Yakovlev (acting base commander) was hinted that the very presence of the Russian military in Kyrgyzstan was unsafe - they say, radiation and so on ...

True, the command of the base of the CSTO, if we speak frankly, could send guests back home, and not conduct heart-to-heart talks with them, for the Vienna agreements concern individual countries that are members of the OSCE, but not military blocs. And the inspection commission was sent by order of the NATO leadership, which in itself does not correspond to the letter of the agreements reached in 1990. Moreover, the objects were not inspected at all of a specific state (Russia), but also of a block - the CSTO ...

Such a move clearly indicates that the West has a genuine interest in Kyrgyzstan, and in the near future it will be more carefully implemented. If so, then it’s time to find counter-arguments so that Kyrgyzstan does not become a territory from which they want to make another springboard for solving their “democratic” narrowly focused interests.

And it seems that such counter-arguments are beginning to manifest to some extent. In particular, according to the MK-Asia publication, the CSTO military base may appear in the Kyrgyz city of Osh. If this information is confirmed, the base can play a serious role in stabilizing the situation in the republic. With the presence of the CSTO military base (CRRF), the desire of external forces to use the southern regions of the country, and Kyrgyzstan as a whole, as a new focus of terrorist activity in the region, will be less apparent. Moreover, official Bishkek in this case can already plainly declare to Washington that it does not need the services of the American army after 2014, because it is in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and is able to cope with any terrorist threat from both outside and inside. (although internal terrorism without external support in the modern world is difficult to imagine).

The presence of the Osh base will make it possible to establish cooperation with the 201 base of the Russian army located in the territory of Tajikistan, and the 201 base itself will not be a distant enclave. Moreover, the presence of the KSOR base in Osh is an excellent deterrent to the flow of weapons that can flood the river into Central Asia after the possible withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.
If a military base in Osh really appears, then the recently written off debt of Kyrgyzstan from Russia will be more than justified. Protection of the southern borders in the current geopolitical situation is a very serious matter.

In general, the big battle for Central Asia is just beginning ...
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  1. +19
    1 November 2012 08: 47
    The tougher Kyrgyzstan will demand the withdrawal of NATO troops, the stronger terrorism will be! No wonder their little god punished by sending a hurricane !!!!
    1. +6
      1 November 2012 10: 19
      All right! No. 1 terrorists in the world are the USA themselves! Everyone knows that!
      I remember how our "Sushki" (Rooks) from Tajikistan were hijacked to Kyrgyzstan, I remember very well ... Cool cars!
      1. +7
        1 November 2012 11: 15
        it is necessary to eliminate world terrorism (usa), sandy and katherine will help us in this
        1. +9
          1 November 2012 13: 06
          Duh, if all these scum were washed away to a famous mother, then the whole world would have rejoiced for a long time.
        2. Islam
          2 November 2012 13: 28
          the usa begins to liquidate themselves gradually And how will the Eurasian Union the countries that gravitate toward Russia give up the dollar will immediately fall apart here you will see, Only Americans don’t feel sorry for 300 million people to be the last bastards, so there are normal ones among them who deserve respect but not enough mostly colonists
    2. Kaa
      1 November 2012 12: 07
      Quote: JonnyT
      No wonder their little god punished by sending a hurricane !!!!

      Interestingly, who knows, they also write in the internet, by analogy with our Kuban misfortune, "Obama is to blame," or maybe Putin?
      1. +2
        1 November 2012 17: 07
        I doubt it. it is in Russia that the State Department until recently openly sponsored the fifth column and ordered music in the media. In the United States, this has long been prohibited by law, and those who dare to criticize the power of the American democracy will quickly have problems. democracy is such a democracy ...
    3. Alx1miK
      1 November 2012 12: 34
      The day before yesterday a special agent, codenamed "Sandy", staged a sabotage behind enemy lines. The special services did a great job, everyone thinks that a hurricane ... but we know that :)
      1. +2
        1 November 2012 16: 43
        who knows, maybe this is a test of our new weapon ... :)
    4. +1
      1 November 2012 13: 33
      But what about peaceful Americans who are not related to the Rothschild and Rockefeller wars ...?
      1. ivachum
        1 November 2012 14: 33
        There are either allies or enemies in the war ... they all have a bearing on the war: they work in their (enemy) factories, serve in their (enemy) forces, etc.

        And do not flatter yourself - they think the same about us.

        In modern warfare, the goal is not just the enemy’s armed forces, but rather those (who) support them, namely the population, industrial and agricultural facilities, etc. And the Armed Forces themselves are the last goal on the list — without food, uniforms, ammunition, and even with a hungry striker (advocating democratic values ​​and, of course, against the tyranny of power) the population will not fight for a long time. The population of the enemy countries is simply biomass for them. And you are human rights, human rights .......
        1. +3
          1 November 2012 17: 08
          the main goal of today's wars is the minds of people: whoever captured them won
      2. Anti
        1 November 2012 14: 35
        I wonder how they have a presidential election, then a disaster happens. winked

        An accident or?
        1. +1
          1 November 2012 16: 44
          Quote: Anti
          An accident or?

          God warns !!
      3. 0
        1 November 2012 16: 43
        We sympathize with them, sorry for the poor fellow ...
      4. Kaa
        1 November 2012 18: 12
        Quote: Bone

        But what about peaceful Americans

        Peaceful americans laughing does not matter. that highly intelligent Papuans or humane cannibals ... let them vote for other candidates ... am
      5. Kshatriy
        1 November 2012 18: 55
        Quote: Bone
        But what about peaceful Americans who are not related to the Rothschild and Rockefeller wars ...?

        And for them, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers prepared the necessary number of plastic coffins, concentration camps and prisons on wheels .......
  2. +7
    1 November 2012 08: 51
    And no brainer that terrorism is a convenient tool to achieve certain goals. And not only America. In all honesty, I can confidently say that with the notorious Osama Bin - Laden (turning his name into a cult, into a legend, letting go of mystery and other craps) they did not understand the serious only because he was needed. It’s not a secret that the elite special forces created for such purposes (and all major countries have them) would have dealt with Osama long ago. Such examples are a dime a dozen, but no, they were all looking for something, they were telling tales about his elusiveness. It is understandable if one of Osama’s brothers (or whoever he is) sponsored one of the parties in the United States, and there is much more to it. For example, how the Arabs almost bought the largest port in the United States, this is when the CIA went straight to the president and said - what are you doing? The strategically important port was practically bought by the Arabs. And if you trace the family ties of these Arabs - you can learn a lot of interesting things. Here is such terrorism.
    1. +3
      1 November 2012 12: 12
      what is there to follow? Osama bin Laden is a member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, such as the Arab prince Harry of Wales, a member of the family that is the Pentagon’s main creditor
  3. Lavrik
    1 November 2012 09: 03
    The threat from the south, in my opinion, is the main threat to the Russian Federation. Therefore, the deployment of a military base in Osh and the liquidation of an air base in Kant will significantly strengthen Russia's position in Central Asia. Debt forgiveness (only in October) of Kyrgyzstan, I think, I think it will help to solve these problems.
    1. Lucky
      1 November 2012 11: 59
      I agree with you, it is necessary to build buffer zones around Russia!
      1. +13
        1 November 2012 13: 07
        I was born and raised in Tajikistan ...... nothing in the West grows together here, they are strangers here ...
        1. +4
          1 November 2012 13: 35
          God give you !!!
          Not easy times for you ...
        2. Vanek
          1 November 2012 13: 47
          Quote: strannik595
          I was born and raised in Tajikistan ...... nothing here the West does not grow together, they are strangers here ...

          good good drinks
        3. 0
          2 November 2012 06: 15
          I would have smoked the pipe of Peace with you, but you are far away. I will smoke and think about you.
    2. +2
      1 November 2012 16: 52
      [quote = Lavrik] liquidation of the air base in Kant will significantly strengthen the position
      Sorry, but why liquidate the base in Kant, it’s Russian. Maybe you had in mind in Manas then another thing
      1. Islam
        2 November 2012 13: 32
        A sensible president has come to power in your country, and no one can directly order the United States to leave his country
    3. 0
      1 November 2012 17: 16
      this base is not only against the Taliban, there is also a more serious enemy - China. the fact that he considers Central Asia to be his "temporarily lost territory" requires serious consideration. they took part of Kyrgyzstan in the 90s, and in order not to lose the rest, not only politics, but also an army is needed
    4. +2
      1 November 2012 21: 04
      That's exactly it. only the base in Kant does not need to be liquidated. This is a RUSSIAN base. and the Americans in Manas settled. And from there it is necessary to evict them.
  4. +13
    1 November 2012 09: 08
    "... Representatives of Canada, the Czech Republic and Estonia arrived at the base ..."

    "... True, the command of the CSTO base, to be honest, could send the guests home ..."

    The command of the CSTO base, frankly speaking, must It would send guests home !!! Some shnyaga pinned to muddle our Kalash ranks, giants and beauties of world democracy, Greater Estonia, Greater Czech Republic and poking ... inspectors, damn it ... There are no legal grounds? Get on .. oh no, please go in such a direction.
    I wonder what would be done with our inspectors in a similar situation?
    Yes, to dick would be sent! And they would even stink loudly in the media, how steeply wrapped the pig-headed Ivanov.
    And ours all out of habit stand on ceremony with all sorts of limitrophs ...
    1. +4
      1 November 2012 17: 03
      Quote: Basilevs
      should have sent the guests home

      Well, why should it be so, let them look, let them be afraid of sleep. The base is large, the planes are beautiful, people live and are not afraid of anyone. And they are in Manas, as in the area behind the barbed wire in the open field, they are afraid of everything and run wild.
  5. borisst64
    1 November 2012 09: 18
    I remember in 1990. we flew to Osh, reassured the local population, or rather individual geeks.
    1. Lucky
      1 November 2012 12: 00
      Well, that’s the time to fly to calm the whole situation !!
    2. SSR
      1 November 2012 15: 20
      Quote: borisst64
      I remember in 1990. we flew to Osh, reassured the local population, or rather individual geeks.

      yes I remember .. only a little late you arrived then ... (and if you had arrived a little earlier .. who knows, the wick would smolder)
      but if you had arrived a little later .. then there would have been no repetition of events in 20 years ..
      You arrived when the common people were so angry .. that the men with karamultuks from the villages gathered and moved in a continuous stream to the city when shepherds far from the city shepherds from mountain villages began to descend into the valley ...
      When Kazakhs began to gather in Kazakhstan to help ..
      but why the Kyrgyz were so angry .. I will not write here.
      1. 0
        1 November 2012 18: 04
        When it’s not the simple warriors who decide to arrive, but the government and the commanders in the Ministry of Defense, the soldiers follow orders.
  6. +4
    1 November 2012 09: 35
    Good analytical article +
    Let's hope that everything will turn out and Atambayev will not turn on the back when he sees a tighter wallet.
  7. Vanek
    1 November 2012 09: 35
    MEN! Explain to Me, a 28-year-old idiot, why Nata and the United States can and do build bases everywhere, and We (Russia) DO NOT ??????
    1. +4
      1 November 2012 09: 54
      Well, we were not capitalists Ivan. And accordingly, we have less money. And on credit like the United States did not live using the resources of the whole world. And due to the fact that you just have and not that promise to compete with a money bag is difficult. wink
      1. Beck
        1 November 2012 17: 42
        Well, what are the bases?

        Specifically on the topic. Well, what is such a military base in Manas. Transshipment point of the route for the delivery of goods to Afghanistan is yes. And not at all military. Like in Ulyanovsk. But not the base. Cowards, socks and toilet paper, as well as groceries, are delivered to American soldiers through Manas. And business then. America will withdraw troops from Afghanistan and the transshipment point in Manas will be minimized. Only Kyrgyzstan will lose an additional income item.
        1. Kshatriy
          1 November 2012 19: 03
          Quote: Beck
          Specifically on the topic. Well, what is such a military base in Manas. Transshipment point of the route for the delivery of goods to Afghanistan is yes. And not at all military. Like in Ulyanovsk.

          Beck! Why is a vile ghoul, a subhuman, ok, a vile geek .... I drove a Russian in Manas at the base, like the last dog, from a machine gun ... and he was not tried ????????????? ?????? Who are you protecting !!!! ????? Your words :: ..... I want the unification of Russia and Kazakhstan ... "...... So whose side are you on ?????????????
          1. Beck
            2 November 2012 09: 01


            The fact that they killed I did not hear. This is of course regrettable. Of course, this must be answered in criminal procedure.

            I am for a firm, equal union of Russia and Kazakhstan. So the story has developed, we are next. China is useless to us. USA especially. But, in my mind, let the amers fight the Taliban, let them restore order. How to lead and leave. They left Iraq. If the amers now leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will again seize power. Having again begun provocations on the Central Asian border, they will again begin to send their filthy ideology. Which will seep into Russia.

            What do we do? I know that diplomacy and persuasion of the Taliban do not break through. I will have to answer forcefully, but I do not want Russian and Kazakh guys to die in a new war with the Taliban. Let the amers fight. And so that they, and not we fought, even use transshipment points in Ulyanovsk and Manas.

            I read your last message in personalities. It turns out I wrote the address wrong. I'm sending it now. Communicate about receipt.
    2. +3
      1 November 2012 12: 44
      Quote: Vanek
      MEN! Explain to Me, a 28-year-old idiot, why Nata and the United States can and do build bases everywhere, and We (Russia) DO NOT ??????

      Dear Ivan, We just print rubles for domestic use, and the United States prints bucks for the whole world and buy either the whole country or just the top. That’s all for a short time.
    3. +2
      1 November 2012 21: 18
      What would we pay for a foreign base - and this is not only rent, but also the maintenance of personnel, weapons, equipment, logistics, bashing by local rulers, etc. etc. - we need to lay out REAL money. Which people earn in mines, mines, factories, fields in the south and far north. Then give all this production for the pale green American papers, and with these pieces of paper already pay for the base. A very costly and ineffective enterprise. Another thing - the Americans - launched a printing press, then a paper shredder - and everything is at your feet. And behind all this paper is not at all real goods and products, or there - gold, but again paper - stocks and "securities". Which. supposedly very expensive and quoted in the world. Such is the thimble game, invented quite a long time ago and not by us. Gullible simpletons and temporary workers are caught on this bait. And we were all like that. Now some people have become smarter - they are already looking a little further. that's why they are trying to create associations like the BRICS. But the shredder doesn't like it. And they strongly press the dissatisfied. The dollar is a carrot in front of the donkey's nose. and donkeys are all of us.
  8. Brother Sarych
    1 November 2012 09: 42
    Why is it necessary to see the hand of the West everywhere? Why does no one want to face facts?
    Kyrgyzstan is just a mess, there is no government as such - and the Islamists simply offer simple explanations to the people and promise to rectify the situation in the very near future! If there was a healthy situation - there would be no social base for extremism!
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      1 November 2012 13: 13
      Brother Sarych,
      Quote: Brother Sarich
      there is no power as such

      There is everything! No mess! Everything is relative! who mess and who order.
      We need to look at everything differently. On the internet hackers are "naughty" - a mess ????
      In Moscow, they are constantly robbing collectors - a mess! Ships are falling in space - a mess ??? etc.
      To whom locks and to whom - lack of hairpins! To whom the cop and to whom the goat grandmother knocks!
      Just in time it is necessary to give arrogant horns !!! angry

      You need to remember how they cut hands for theft, thieves in the house, and now a thief from the USA!
  9. mar.tira
    1 November 2012 09: 50
    Two years ago, there was a report by analysts of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces that the Americans need Afghanistan not to destroy the Taliban and Al Qaeda, but to deploy their bases along the entire perimeter of the once Soviet-Afghan border. to prepare a springboard for a large-scale transfer of NATO troops, and the United States, as an additional lever of pressure on Russia, and the establishment of its own power, and the world order in Central Asia. And I must say that these predictions come true. The United States already has, and such outposts, from mercenaries, there are already agreements with the Taliban on the cessation of hostilities in these places. And even cooperation, in particular on the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. I think that these two years ours also did not sit idly by, and prepared something for "our" partners from overseas!
  10. Beck
    1 November 2012 10: 24

    And the elephant in the jungle cannot fart, without putting the hairy arm of the United States.

    I attribute the aggravation of the extremist situation in Central Asia and Kazakhstan to the short-sighted policies of the region’s states in the past. In the 90s, in the wake of religious freedom, free Islamic schools and madrassas began to emerge in the region, like mushrooms, most of which functioned as boarding schools with free meals .. And these schools were funded under the guise of humanitarian aid by Islamic structures of the Middle East and Iran. These schools did not teach mathematics, chemistry, physics, history, literature. They taught the basics of Islam of various directions and crammed the Quran.

    The power structures of Kazakhstan came to their senses about five years ago and these schools were closed. But the seeds were already sown. Those boys who attended these schools in 90, early and mid-00 have already grown up. And in their heads they do not have the general educational foundations of today's civilization, but a mixture of Islamic orthodox postulates.

    And now these young people are not let out of sight by those who taught them. And support them morally and financially. These young men are committing terrorist acts now. In Kazakhstan, among terrorists, there are no people older than 90-93 years of birth.

    And what does the USA have to do with it, if the political elites of the Central Asian region themselves, at one time, could not analyze the situation 10 years in advance.
    1. Brother Sarych
      1 November 2012 10: 49
      Exactly! Can not argue...
    2. atomic
      1 November 2012 12: 52
      It was not before that, in these years the elite was formed. The manuals were occupied with theft, sharing, and spit; they did not care about their homeland, the people, it was much more important for them to compose a family tree, originating almost from limurs. Beck with your post agrees 100%.
    3. nickname 1 and 2
      1 November 2012 13: 38
      BEK, hi! You can’t stand it!
      And besides - it’s simple - not to do gr ... n in Kyrgyzstan, and no one will smear! Are we so weak-minded? Well, why are we, for example, the Moldavians do not smear there ??? Although they are full of everywhere. Why, in schools, children were taught terrorism!
      Quote: Beck
      if the political elites of the Central Asian region themselves, at one time, could not analyze the situation 10 years in advance.

      = Where did you find them ??? A handful of people suddenly became very rich and remained in power alone - but where did you find the elite? Who raised them? Who selected by intellect? Who brought things up to date? Who conducted the educational program? Or today the cook is tomorrow princess ???
      At one point, both the KGB and Foreign Intelligence, etc., disappeared, but the United States and Company all were in place and everything was on top and they didn’t do anything ???
      Well, benefactors and selfless virtues! When did they transform?
      And you, Merikos, are already casting the medal as their most ardent supporter!
      1. Beck
        1 November 2012 14: 28
        Nick. Hi Hi.

        The concept of the elite implies not only good and higher, but also low and bad.
        In the DPRK, the elite is also in power.

        Here Atomic wrote correctly. Our elite was engaged in increasing capital, strengthening personal power, and they had no time to do something good to analyze.

        And I did not understand your first paragraph.

        Quote: nick 1 and 2
        And you, Merikos, are already casting the medal as their most ardent supporter!

        First for what? In my conclusions, I proceed from my own convictions. I just don’t consider that the presence of dirt under my fingernails is the machinations of the USA ..
        Secondly, I do not see Kazakhstan's sworn enemy in the Western civilization. If they are ahead in science, economics, technology, this does not mean that in ENVY I should declare the West a sickening strangler of "progressive" humanity in the form of Kazakhstan, North Korea, Syria, Russia.
        Thirdly. It’s somehow inconvenient for me to explain to the person who fell into the sewer well that the US State Department is to blame for this, and not the municipal services of my city.
        1. nickname 1 and 2
          1 November 2012 15: 34
          You, I hope, are friends with a sense of humor? Where I'm joking, you know?
          A mericos, omnipresent - a fact? Do you have a lot of Armenians (if you did not understand Moldova)? I think they (the Armenians) are everywhere full! (I traveled, and I visited Petropavlovsk-Kazakhstan). So, all dermocrats and revolutions from the merikos! The fact is proved! Their hand can be traced clearly! Often the United States does not hide it! Only then, it turns out, among the revolutionaries, the real ones are militants! How did they get there? Who hired them? Salvage gives the USA! Fact? No dough, no militants, no blood, no revolutions! Are there any rallies? Yes, occasionally.
          And neither of which, surprisingly, in the raids on the United States, for our part, and no. Remember, the USSR was the most hated country, where the USSR climbed the devil of invitations. And if the USA and the USSR are present in the country, then this happened. And there was a contest, which of the two would beat, whether the USA or the USSR was more successful. Now Russia is trying not to get into where, and there is nobody to find fault!
          Conclusion: "an unnamed guest is worse than a Tatar", etc.
          And the USA is not an invited guest everywhere! laughing
      2. SSR
        1 November 2012 15: 30
        Quote: nick 1 and 2
        BEK, hi! You can’t stand it!

        I did not quite understand the meaning of your objection .. but Beck wrote everything above correctly .. in the late 90s, the Kirghiz and the Turks had a "conflict" when in the summer
        cadets and students from Turkey returned ... the essence of the conflict was that the Turkish servicemen recruited students with threats and all kinds of goodies, that is, carrots and sticks .. some of the students agreed .. upon arrival for the holidays they went to complain to the relevant authorities.
    4. +1
      1 November 2012 22: 12
      Apparently, they simply trained terrorists. And Islam is just a tribute to local conditions. Or do you think that a simple study of the Qur'an, during 2-3 youthful years, aimed only at spiritual perfection, necessarily gives rise to extremism? But how then do people live in Islamic states?
      even from your post, it seems to me that in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, it was purposeful work to cultivate future terrorists that was carried out. "The general educational foundations of today's civilization" and "Islamic orthodox postulates" have too different areas of "application to replace each other. And there are certain forces behind the training of terrorists and extremists in the modern world. Today (and not only today) there is nowhere and Nothing is allowed in. As for me - your arguments are untenable. IMHO.
      1. Beck
        2 November 2012 10: 32
        Quote: ikrut
        Or do you think that a simple study of the Qur'an, during 2-3 youthful years, aimed only at spiritual perfection, necessarily gives rise to extremism? But how then do people live in Islamic states?

        Well, firstly not 2-3 years, but five or six.
        Secondly, not all without exception, these boys became terrorists. But the base is there.
        Thirdly, “General educational foundations of today's civilization” and “Islamic orthodox postulates” have too different areas of application to replace each other. ”And they did not replace, because only the same postulates were taught.
        In the fourth, I said that certain Islamic structures, not states of the Middle East. And these structures are Wahhabism and other rubbish.

        Dear everyone is free to have an opinion. But I live here. And once talked, in those years, with such boys of the Islamic school. In the conversation, they explained that there is the same Islamic school, but for girls. And they boys go there every week to talk. And that when they grow up they will marry the girls from this school. Because they are PURE. You see, they, under the influence of the mullahs, divided people into clean and dirty. And all the other people who are not in their sect are dirty. Here they are sprouts of terrorism. I repeat, not all boys became terrorists, but those who did not need to be.
  11. zz2003_1974
    1 November 2012 10: 33
    Everything goes according to the Octopus plan !! As soon as the United States deals with Syria and Iran, we will not have any more moves left to maneuver, the last not difficult task for the United States will remain - Central Asia and then not all of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan !!!! Uzbekistan will support pind .... owls !!! And all the guys we are in the ring !! Therefore, the country's leadership, well, they should not allow the defeat of Syria !!!! EEEHHHHHHHhhhh !!! It is necessary to accelerate the rearmament of our army !!!
  12. -1
    1 November 2012 10: 46
    Anticoranic Strategy of the West

  13. 0
    1 November 2012 11: 40
    Quote: mar.tira
    Two years ago, there was a report by analysts of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. That Americans do not need Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban, and Al Qaeda, but to deploy their bases on the entire perimeter of the once-Soviet-Afghan border. to prepare a springboard for the large-scale transfer of NATO troops, and the United States, as an additional lever of pressure on Russia, and the establishment of its power and world order in Middle Asia.

    Do not flatter yourself, Amers need Central Asia to put pressure on China, their actions along the entire perimeter of China, the creation of bases in Australia, the establishment of cooperation with Vietnam and India, all speaks about this. I think the Americans do not take Russia seriously as a threat, given that while we regularly supply them with raw materials and our so-called "elite" keeps everything in their banks negotiated honestly earned loot of cause for concern and the truth is not

    Although of course the geographical position of Central Asia allows its controller to exert pressure on the entire Asian region, it is no coincidence that the British in the XNUMXth century wrote so boiling water when Russia annexed these territories

    1. Cosmonaut
      1 November 2012 13: 31
      No one is flattering.
      The elite may change at any time. Russia is unpredictable.
      Simply, Russia is the only country in the world that this same world can destroy in 30 minutes.
      1. Beck
        1 November 2012 14: 37
        To the astronaut.

        Destroy the world can not only Russia. This can be done by the USA. China, France, Pakistan, England, India. They all have nuclear weapons. Here, after all, the glan is not the quantity. The main thing here is to launch the first rocket. Well, all will begin to answer immediately in all directions. After all, a chain reaction is not only the law of nuclear decay, but also the law of response.

        That's PESEC everything will be.
        1. Cosmonaut
          1 November 2012 19: 12
          There will be no chain reaction.
          It’s not enough to have nuclear weapons. You need to have delivery vehicles.
          There is only the USA and the Russian Federation ahead.
        2. Kshatriy
          1 November 2012 20: 49
          Quote: Beck
          China, France, Pakistan, England, India. They all have nuclear weapons. Here, after all, the glane is not quantity. The main thing here is to launch the first rocket. Well, everyone will begin to answer immediately in all directions

          No, they will not be able to .... The USA and Russia have "PRO systems" ... They will shoot down and all the cases .... There are only TWO countries, the USA and RUSSIA capable of waging a war at the strategic level ..... the rest are extras ...... enough to chew on the nonsense ...

          Quote: Beck
          That's PESEC everything will be.

          .... Yeah .... In your crazy fantasies .......
          1. Beck
            2 November 2012 09: 44

            They hit some missiles, I agree. But after all, those who are shot down will fall. And they can explode on their own, or maybe there are devices for self-destruction. Like in air-to-air missiles.
    2. +1
      1 November 2012 15: 32
      There is far from China alone.
      If you look at the map, you can see that Afghanistan is a unique springboard, territorial location and ethnic composition, which can be used as a very effective means of influencing India, Pakistan and Iran, and also plays an exceptional role in the gradual erosion of Russia's geostrategic position in Central Asia region.
      Those who control Afghanistan will hold these states tightly for I. The British understood this for a long time, they just could not do it in due time, now it is the turn of the Americans.
      1. 0
        1 November 2012 15: 52
        I object romb, I object.
        Afghanistan is no one able to control.
        He cannot control himself.
        Yes, and the impact - for anyone with 1500 for some year did not have. (I’m writing about Babur’s conquering in India). Afghanistan itself is somersaulting. From 1924, ours helped (while preparing a trip to India), then - by inertia they helped. Then they stopped helping, decided to direct and form.
        As a result, they themselves ... disbanded.
        It is not in Afghanistan.
        And in the policy of creating hotbeds of tension.
        It is not necessary to destroy and calm - it is simple. But tough.
        And to maintain smoldering, smoking, stinking is also simple. Through fooling.
        Beck wrote well about the above.
        Seriously, do you think - that the muftis, confessors in Turkey, Pakistan, where else - crave faith to move?
        His .. parishioners do not lose.
        And if - they pay .... "students" are rushed, the program is provided? That would not ... work.
        Afghanistan and Tajikistan ... one region, one and the same people.
        We are afraid of Afghanistan.
        And in 1990-1996, "vovchiks" with "yurchiks" went where they were in Tajikistan. Who was there knows. We are not afraid now.
        Who pays - he orders the music.
        and the whole tale.
        1. +2
          1 November 2012 16: 41
          Dear Igor, in general, I agree with you! Controlled chaos is one of the forms of the very control that the Americans need now. I am more than sure that they are quite happy with the current situation in this country.
          Even from how each of the two countries ended up in Afghanistan, one can conclude: who is who. For example, the decision to send our military contingent to Afghanistan, as a whole, pursued one clear goal, namely, ensuring the security of the state's borders. In turn, the Americans cannot be accused of the same "sins", because even a fool understands that the US state borders are located on another continent. And in general, to exhibit, and even more so to continue to believe that the Afghan Mujahideen are such demons - real opponents of the United States, who can easily arrange genocide of the American nation, is somehow completely stupid.
          All this long-playing canoe around the Taliban in Afghanistan, just an ordinary screen, hiding in fact much more serious global intentions of the United States.
          1. Beck
            1 November 2012 17: 24

            I do not agree in one. If there hadn’t been September 11, 2001, the explosions of a shopping center with 3000 casualties would have been interpreted differently as an attack on the United States. That America would not know would not know where this Afghanistan is located. And she learned and took action since the headquarters and organization of al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan. If Qaeda’s headquarters were in Saudi Arabia and local sheikhs supported bin Laden in everything, then American troops would now be in Saudi Arabia. And perhaps the patriots would shout now - Freedom to the poor people of Arabia.
            1. 0
              1 November 2012 18: 22
              Even now they don’t know where he is, this Afghanistan.
              But they regularly pay taxes on the war in Afghanistan.
            2. 0
              1 November 2012 20: 58
              Quote: Beck
              If it weren’t for September 11, 2001

              And not a fact, it’s all the amers themselves that they organized everything so that they could untie their hands and get it everywhere, it turns out all right! And in the Afghan super strategists it’s very hard to believe. Hitler I remember also burned the Reichstag. Nero burned the whole of Rome so that later on this soil to arrange a bloody bacchanal. And amers ... there are no methods of conscience ...
              1. Beck
                2 November 2012 09: 53
                Quote: stariy
                And not a fact, it's all the amers themselves organized everything so that they could untie their hands, yes

                Well, a sound government cannot simply lay 3000 of its citizens. It's like a fairy tale that the amers on the moon were not.
                1. 0
                  2 November 2012 16: 07
                  Quote: Beck
                  Well, a sound government cannot simply lay 3000 of its citizens.

                  A sanity cannot, but a prudent and obsessed with an idea can all the more so with the idea of ​​world domination
            3. +3
              1 November 2012 22: 21
              If the Union had not removed Amin, in a month the American bases would have already been in Afghanistan. In the underbelly of the USSR. We would quickly learn geography. Do you really think that the Union sent troops into Afghanistan to teach the Tajiks the omnipotent teachings of Marx ???
          2. nickname 1 and 2
            1 November 2012 18: 36
            romb, etc.

            Quote: romb
            All this long-running canoe around the Taliban in Afghanistan

            The idea is very true! Long ago, already gone if there was nothing to catch! What should they catch? What is valuable there. what could cover the costs. life? Yes, the United States itself, there they shoot and blow (pay for suicide bombers and militants)
            Beck, only a holy man - BEK, can believe in the good intentions of the United States in Agan, in other countries. Vietnam doesn’t prove anything to him! What did the United States get into Vietnam? Why did they water the Vietnamese with napalm and all sorts of poisonous and other barbaric methods of destruction ?? Why did they disagree with a better life for American Vietnamese they hung for me ..? who in a day became the size of a watermelon?
            Have they brought a better life to Afghanistan? Hundreds of tons of drugs?
            A hurricane is not enough for them, for the benefits that they "give" (according to BEK), what they did with Vietnam is on their heads!
            Scalp for a scalp! How many Indians did they destroy?
            The United States spawned militants! They will perish from them !! fool
            1. Beck
              1 November 2012 18: 49

              Well, you, by golly, have already crushed me below the printus. It's already hard to breathe. You Nick sometimes take a break and I'll take a deep breath. It seems to be a little you as a squirrel, but as you press so do not move.

              Throw it, walking, in vain, rinse my nickname. Pity a bit.
              1. nickname 1 and 2
                1 November 2012 19: 46

                L-ah-ah-ah-bottom! Live ....
                Toko - chur! Do not forget ours, Russians! Our then, not a few good deeds have done in the world! Come on, in many countries our bones lie! And that’s all for a good deed. And whom did we oppress? drinks
                1. Beck
                  2 November 2012 09: 48

                  Well, thank you. And where from Russia? One extension of the borders of what it means It seems the longest of all the borders of Russia with other countries.
      2. Cosmonaut
        1 November 2012 19: 13
        In the entire history of mankind, no one has been able to, and even less so for the Americans.
      3. Cosmonaut
        1 November 2012 19: 20
        No one could, the more Americans can.
  14. anchonsha
    1 November 2012 12: 05
    The whole difficulty is that the elites of the Central Asian republics sing different songs and mostly nationalist ones, which is supported by the local population. And here the sheep succeed by supporting such subjects directly. Clintons draw their line everywhere in the world, and we only reap their benefits in the form of terrorist attacks, protests and riots.
    1. 0
      1 November 2012 21: 18
      Quote: anchonsha
      reaping their fruits in the form of terrorist attacks, protests and riots.

      I don’t agree with you fundamentally. The revolutions in Kyrgyzstan were not anti-Russian but abarot. Neither Akayev nor Bakiyev were friends of Russia but quite the contrary. In the last months of his reign, Bakiyev even abolished the drug control department in order to control drug trafficking and Russia himself with gyroin and By the way, Baris Abramovich was in charge of all this, who came here quite openly. Only people didn’t need it at all. It’s not clear only the position of the Russian media that negatively illuminated the revolution, the slaughter in the south and the expulsion of the man-eater, which is a pity.
      1. Beck
        2 November 2012 10: 15
        Quote: stariy
        I do not agree with you fundamentally. The revolutions in Kyrgyzstan were not anti-Russian but on abarot

        I fully support.
        1. 0
          2 November 2012 16: 39
          Quote: Beck
          I fully support

          Thank you. Someone minus you on a saddle
  15. +3
    1 November 2012 12: 07
    the presence of the CRRF base in Osh is an excellent deterrent to the flow of weapons, which can flood the river into Central Asia after a possible withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.
    ahahah, modern military bases contribute to the the spread of drugs and weapons, not the other way around. Nobody inspects the load carried by the military in any direction. Almost all drugs from Afghanistan and India come to us through the military, this is no secret
  16. survivor
    1 November 2012 12: 13
    and you do not take into account this option? there is an attempt to pressure both China and Russia. Moreover, this pressure is not only from outside, but also supported by pressure from within. sort of 5 column. the distance to Russia is no longer visible with the naked eye. that's why such sums are invested in the forgotten army! after all, they were not afraid of NATO putting pressure on Iran and Syria at the same time. This is even taking into account the fact that in Afghanistan and Libya, oh, I don’t calmly think. In these countries, which are quite small compared to Russia and China, the war on the front is being waged! what for? I think that several tasks are solved in this way: a) approaching the borders of China and Russia in order to deprive the country’s data of the possibility of maneuver in foreign territory and to protect the invading troops from strikes in the rear; b) drastically reduce the number of countries potential buyers of Russian and Chinese military products. why? in order to deprive the country's data of the influx of finances from outside. c) block these countries and strangle them with economic or military methods. what for? at least in order to grab a tidbit of the territory capable of accommodating such a country as the United States on the continent. I ask you not to throw slippers, because they have experience in capturing countries with the subsequent gradual genocide of local rape!
    no one speaks of an attempt to capture both countries at the same time, but this cannot be completely ruled out
  17. to4kavserdce
    1 November 2012 12: 32
    FRIENDSHIP will win in this battle !!!!!!!! drinks It is necessary to unite the countries of Asia with Russia !!!!! The only chance for a peaceful future. soldier
  18. +2
    1 November 2012 12: 34
    Quote: survivor
    and you do not take into account this option? there is an attempt to pressure both China and Russia.

    Naturally, because now they are the largest players in this region, I’m just saying that China as the goal in this case is the main one, the problem is that in Central Asian affairs Russia cannot rely on China as an ally, because China has full of their interests contrary to the interests of Russia. This, to be honest, is infuriating, because 30 years ago neither the Chinese nor the Amers could even put their nose in there, and don’t tell me that now the inhabitants of the SA live better than under the USSR, they fucked up such a country

    Pin-s have more effective ways of pressure on Russia than Central Asia, it makes no sense to list them now
  19. djon3volta
    1 November 2012 12: 46
    After almost a decade of economic disruption and state default in 1998, the Russian economy began to function quite actively during the years of the presidency of Vladimir Putin. Russian oil and gas exports made a profit when, after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, energy prices jumped on the world market. Increased incomes allowed Russia to pay its debts to the IMF and create substantial foreign exchange reserves. For the first time in decades, the Russian economy has begun to rise.
    Starting from the first years of the new millennium, the new Russia was gaining influence not with weapons, but as a result of strategic steps, using its geopolitical assets in the energy sector - oil and natural gas. Russian leaders during the years of Putin's presidency realized that Russia would soon be surrounded and defeated by the United States if they did not act decisively.
    Over the next decades, China will not be able to become a truly independent world power if it cannot get rid of two strategic vulnerabilities - its growing dependence on energy imports for its economic growth and its inability to create reliable means of US nuclear deterrence.
    Russia remained the only power with sufficient strategic nuclear deterrence potential, as well as with a sufficient supply of energy resources to be a reliable counterweight to global American military and political superiority. In addition, the Eurasian combination of China and Russia, as well as related Eurasian states, was an even greater counterweight to the unilateral dominance of the United States. After the 1998 Asian crisis, Beijing and Moscow signed a mutual security agreement with neighboring states, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. In 2001, Uzbekistan joined them, and the group was renamed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
    1. -2
      1 November 2012 13: 21
      I agree with the majority of the written, but I can see that China is not as vulnerable as you describe in your post. The PRC is the owner of a huge amount of state treasury securities, in China there is a huge share of the US infrastructure (factories of the same epls), etc.
      so it costs China to withdraw its assets from the state economy and their financial system will simply be swept away by public debt. In addition, China today has a sufficient level of technology to deliver a nuclear strike to the states, and Amers know this very well.

      The SCO is not a military bloc. because no matter how we want, but the Russian Federation and the PRC have their own points of contact. The PRC in modern history has already tried to seize part of our territory and, as far as is known, is trying to do this, in any case, push our border into the interior of the country (even the article was similar). literature is constantly published in China containing claims to part of our Siberia and the Far East region.

      They more than cover their dependence on energy with deals with Russia. it seems that an energy package was adopted based on Russian exports to China of energy resources. if we talk about the energy itself, then the PRC in case of lack of energy can always solder a couple more nuclear power plants ...

      Slavs and Chinese are too different both in mentality and in views in general. Asians are accustomed to consider any issue from several sides, which is why they can benefit from each contract both mutually and promote their personal interests.
      You need to understand a clear line between allies and partners.
  20. +3
    1 November 2012 13: 00
    Back in 1980, I was in the 8th grade at that time, at the lessons of political information on Fridays we were told in detail about the introduction of troops into Afghanistan, about the international situation. Moreover, periodically, this was not done by the teachers of our school, but by professors from the faculty of journalism from the University. You can now have a different attitude to this. But one thing I know for sure - the whole scenario comes true around Russia (the USSR) with military bases and launchers. 32 years have passed and now it ... Come true ...
    1. Beck
      1 November 2012 13: 40

      Please list the geographical bases and US launchers in Afghanistan. NATO troops are located there and they are about to leave. Russia is concerned about this. Since it foresees the possibility of a revival of the Taliban. And the impact of her extremist views through Wed. Asia to Russia. After all, Putin directly said that Russia is interested in the United States putting things in order in Afghanistan, or else Russia will have to spend the forces and means again. Does Russia need this?
      1. +1
        1 November 2012 22: 31
        In the 80s about Afghanistan there were illusions both in the Union and in the States. It was believed that by force there it was possible to establish the order the invaders needed. The union for 10 years of the war realized that this was not so - and left it.
        But the Americans have an illusion. Now the States are FORCED to leave. And today, their presence there is beneficial to Russia. Since today it is already clear that apart from huge expenses, the Americans will have nothing more. They will never bring order there anyway, but they themselves will weaken greatly.
      2. 0
        2 November 2012 06: 34
        If necessary, then it is necessary!
      3. 0
        2 November 2012 14: 02
        NATO troops have been in Afghanistan for more than 10 years. What bases are there to list? And the fact that they declare the withdrawal of troops does not yet mean withdrawal. They can say for another 50 years that they will leave, and then find reasons to stay. Do you even understand why all the fuss in the world because of Afghanistan began? And when did it start? I don’t remember exactly now, but in the 70s huge deposits of uranium ore were discovered on the border of the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Do you know that the world economy is already experiencing a shortage of uranium?
    2. 0
      1 November 2012 14: 24
      Quote: mark021105
      Back in 1980, I was in 8th grade at that time, at the lessons of political information on Fridays we were told in detail about the deployment of troops to Afghanistan,

      Strange, my father flew there from 1982-86, but even in our family they didn’t talk about it, or rather didn’t even know, but he received the certificate and benefits of a war veteran already in 1988, and then when he retired.
      1. 0
        2 November 2012 14: 04
        So your father followed certain rules. Honor and praise be to him !.
  21. +2
    1 November 2012 13: 10
    mdaaa, all the same, Mr. Atambayev understands the seriousness of the situation and clearly does not want Kyrgyzstan to turn into a second Pakistan, where "peacekeeping" drones sow democracy and peace throughout the world, and the fact that after such democratization there are mountains of corpses, it seems simple "error in the fight against evil."

    the "metastases" of our overseas partners are spreading far and if we do not act as a medicine in this situation, we may lose this region, which is vital for us.
  22. Centaurus
    1 November 2012 13: 34
    Hmmm ... I shouldn't seem to be nice to NATO "observers" .... who let them go there?! .. Who is it? ... Is this NATO? belay 0_o ????
    Hopefully early. base at least fed / watered them with something in a "friendly" conversation.
    Although it may erupt on the road, the canals will no longer go angry
  23. +3
    1 November 2012 15: 26
    Here it is, the price broke the USSR.
    I believe that most of the republics of the former USSR will gather under
    wing of Russia: only countries with rich and successful survive in the world
    experience in conducting foreign and domestic policies, capable of any
    moment to argue the last, if necessary, by force.
    What I say is nothing new for you. I just want this
    say that you must never forget the lessons of history - everything repeats.
    And on the topic of Kyrgyzstan, the opening of the Russian base in Osh, the decision
    correct. And apply the formula to the Taliban and Wahhabism:
    they knock out a wedge with a wedge: by force, and in the long term -
    social well-being and education.
  24. +2
    1 November 2012 15: 51
    And the inspection commission was
    sent by order of NATO
    leadership that in itself is not
    matches the letter of agreements
    achieved in 1990 ... '... What is it to eat the last moron ..... We are morons because we pretended to be morons, but they already knew that we were morons since only morons can pretend to be
  25. KRAVEN333
    1 November 2012 17: 13
    One question, why ours do not?
  26. ambrose
    1 November 2012 17: 35
    Russia does not have enough money to build a base, here is a great American power that always helped in difficult times of small but proud Poland
    1. +1
      1 November 2012 22: 21
      Hojj to the dupes, scruffy pan. He has Russia with a small letter, but Poland with a capital. What, complexes torment.
    2. +1
      2 November 2012 07: 42
      Quote: ambrose

      Russia does not have enough money to build a base,

      Listen, you borrow some money, otherwise the crisis is imminent for you together with the "great" American power. And why we don't have enough money, we took all the gold from you, we have enough wink
      1. Islam
        2 November 2012 14: 22
        ha ha ha laughing
  27. Perch_xnumx
    1 November 2012 17: 50
    Central Asia can be kept, but only jointly and in alliance with China, China is vitally interested in this, however in the Far East.
    1. Beck
      1 November 2012 18: 10

      Central Asia, loyal and conscious of Russia can only be kept by a coherent and balanced Moscow policy. Which is what the Kremlin is doing. Here are just some awkward comments go against.

      And most importantly, we are China. We know about China from history. What do we have in common with China? And with Russia several centuries of shared living. In Central Asia they know the mentality of Russia and the Russian language. Well, on fig, do we still have to learn Chinese?
      We will make friends without China.

      Now, if Russia begins to be friends with China against Central Asia, then Russia will fail.
      1. Perch_xnumx
        2 November 2012 10: 35
        Everything is decided by money. No or not enough money - goodbye to Central Asia and hello fundamental Islam and American bases with the CIA network. And friendship between elephants is unfortunately just words.
        1. Beck
          2 November 2012 11: 20
          Quote: Perch_1
          Everything is decided by money

          Well, I'm not such a mercantile person. Money means a lot, but they won’t exchange money for Islamic fundamentalism in Kazakhstan. And not only because the government so decided, just the people, in their mass, are not as religious as in the Middle East.

          Historically, the Kazakhs have always been the least believers in Central Asia, since you can’t take the mosque with you, in the nomads. And 74 years of Soviet atheism left their mark.
  28. +3
    1 November 2012 22: 26
    Been in 80-90 years in Osh, a beautiful southern city, a little dusty, but cozy. Mount Suleimanka, around which the city is built, remembers thousands of Silk Road caravans and the army of Alexander the Great. Far from the worst place for the Russian base, and the population is loyal to the Russians.
  29. Islam
    2 November 2012 13: 34
    Great article
  30. Uranium_bullet
    2 November 2012 14: 10
    In the 14th year the Americans will not leave Kyrgyzstan, it must be understood that all the tricks up to the revolution will be used. They so simply will not leave their positions. Be realistic
    1. Islam
      2 November 2012 14: 19
      they would live to see 2014 they have an economy bursting at the seams it seems in 2014 they already will not care for Central Asia
      1. survivor
        2 November 2012 14: 38
        only until 2014, an agonizing pin ... camp, maybe oh, how much trouble can be done! judging by the map of armed operations, there is a gradual involvement of more and more states in the war. there is no longer any talk of a local conflict, I think we can already talk about the beginning of the 3rd world war. The essence of all world wars is the territorial redistribution of the world, the increased influence of one of the opponents on the territories occupied by it. what is happening now, in fact, is tough, decisive action, for now, you can try to stop this process, but who will try? Probably the most advantageous option would be to deliver a preemptive missile strike against one of the strongest opponents in order to get it out of the war. the option is reckless. there is a high probability of a retaliatory strike, but I think that after the main enemy leaves the war, all the rest will simply rub off and remain silent. a hand that once pressed a button can repeat this gesture, and only means for such a demonstration. no one knows where the next missiles will be sent, no one knows .... with such a rather risky step, one can either start a full-scale war, or restore peace in the whole world with one blow.
        1. Islam
          2 November 2012 19: 56
          Quote: survivor
          delivering a preemptive missile strike against one of the strongest opponents in order to get it out of the war
          that is, do you think that America will go crazy and it will be erased from the face of the earth by Russia or China? interesting theory you can write an article on it
  31. speentish
    2 November 2012 19: 55 Вступайте!
  32. 0
    2 November 2012 21: 15
    "Divide and Conquer" amers have long learned this old dogma, they themselves have a hard time, but they will never show it, but in general I remember how many people adored it back in the 80s, now they have seen something ... wink
  33. survivor
    2 November 2012 23: 45
    well, it won't come to an article, knowledge is not enough))), but the idea is actually good. just read the story. not a single empire left the political arena without slamming the door before leaving. at the same time, the cotton, with the development of civilization and militarization, became louder and louder. and our "sworn" friend is no exception. the only difference is that from such a hassle, the earthly ball can simply fall apart into pieces.
    I am often visited by delusional, on a superficial glance, ideas .... I was convinced by no means that if I was mistaken, then for days. and now several seemingly incompatible facts and hypotheses are spinning in my head.
    for example:
    possible supervolcano explosion in America. the government most likely already has information on the possible timing of this cataclysm. therefore, there are two solutions to this situation. and. it is to evacuate part of the population to Europe, but that is crowded. b. therefore, you need to look for a place to relocate. (Here is the link to the statement of individual politicians of the State Department about the injustice that Russia has huge territorial and natural resources.) What will the indigenous people do? I think everyone knows the history of the emergence of America as a state. To this of my delusional theory, the presence of plastic coffins in a huge amount fits perfectly. any overpopulation will not do without victims and riots of the population. but to this, the fact of the purchase by the army of a large number of ammunition fits perfectly. again, there is no guarantee that the enemy will not show resistance. and here, there is not a big moment. if several opponents are forced upon the enemy, then no matter how large and strong the enemy is, but the forces and reserves have the property, they will be depleted (here you have the role of Georgia, Estonia, Japan, etc., in this conflict), remembering the First World War led to the collapse of many states and alterations of the world. in other matters, like the Second World War. To this theory, it’s perfectly possible to link the wars and revolutions that are taking place now (Libya, Syria, Iran) are only local operations with a goal of tightly approaching the borders of the enemy, as well as preparing raw materials, material and human reserve. Adi did the same, seizing Czechoslovakia from France, Denmark, for the very same purpose. By the way, but with a direct enemy, they flirt until the very end, or at least they endure his antics ....
    because of the possible cataclysm in America, a place is being sought for the global resettlement of the people! a potential adversary, whose territory America claims, is "surrounded by flags" ...........
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      3 November 2012 13: 04

      Question to all members of the forum. Or just you. As it is not taken into account the fact that in the UN vote for the crazy ideas of the United States and only Russia and China, "knits" the hands of the United States. Question: why would it be? Why do Russia and China see US dirty intentions? Why are other countries in the mood: my house is on the edge!
      Another question: why go (relocate in case of disaster) to Russia, to a different climate, other water, etc.) are there many poorly populated countries that will gladly accept and go under the Merikos in the name of the arrival of high civilization in the country? (Israel is an example).
      Colonization! Is there no negative experience?
      1. Islam
        3 November 2012 16: 01
        Quote: nick 1 and 2
        Why the dirty intentions of the United States see Russia and China
        I wouldn’t say that. You see, everyone sees it and only Russia and China have the courage good . In fact, there are no more such powerful countries except the three of the above
    2. Islam
      3 November 2012 15: 58
      In general, I agree with you. As they say in a quiet pool, devils are found.
  34. survivor
    3 November 2012 14: 09
    You are absolutely right, but how do you explain then NATO's constant approach to the borders of Russia? and one more question. name me a country with a large territory, with huge reserves of raw materials, low population density, with corrupt generals (not all, but ...)? Answer this question, why did the USSR collapse and why, after the collapse of it and the termination of the Warsaw Pact, the NATO bloc did not cease to exist? There are many questions, few answers. oddly enough, but the answers all converge to one. again, God forbid, that I was, in this matter, wrong. theory is just theory.
    about Israel ... here, too, not everything is clear ... a super volcano can destroy not only America .... it will also go to Japan, Australia. to say nothing, the whole world will not be sweet.
  35. Region65
    5 November 2012 04: 47
    there will be no base in Osh, our rulers always props in this regard and think for a long time :(

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