New questions about cooperation between Russia and Belarus

Twelve years ago, the Treaty on the Establishment of the Union State of Russia and Belarus was signed. A lot of time has passed since then, a lot of steps have been taken to integrate, but many problems remain. One of the main elements of the economy of the Union State is the constant cooperation of Moscow and Minsk in various fields. Among other areas, there are mutually beneficial agreements in the military-technical sphere. Judging by the events of recent years, such cooperation will not only not cease, but also intensify.

New questions about cooperation between Russia and Belarus

The leadership of Belarus in plain text confirms such intentions. In mid-October, the country's president, A. Lukashenko, stated that the Belarusian military department plans to use all the possibilities for the renewal of the armed forces with Russian assistance in the future. It is quite obvious that the Belarusian army now cannot be called a world leader, but it cannot be recognized as an explicit outsider either. After a series of recent updates, the armed forces of Belarus in some articles do not lag behind a number of European states. With the help of Russia, the team of Lukashenko hopes to raise the defense capability of the army and protect his country from attack.

One of the last News about the Russian-Belarusian military cooperation came in September. After a meeting with Russian President V. Putin, his Belarusian counterpart spoke about the existence of agreements for the supply of new fighters intended to cover the western borders of the Union State. Soon the first information about the type of aircraft appeared in the media. The most likely “candidates” for sending to Belarus were named Su-30K fighters, which had once served in India. Recall that in the late nineties, about two dozen aircraft of this type were transferred to the Indian Air Force as a kind of temporary measure in anticipation of the start of production of Su-30MKI fighters with higher performance. After the production of the latter was established and India received them, the “temporary” Su-30Ks returned to Russia. Now they are waiting for repairs and modernization, which, according to some sources, will produce the Belarusian 558th aircraft repair plant (Baranavichy). The choice of the enterprise is explained by the economic features of updating the machines - the installation of new components and assemblies in Belarus will be much cheaper than in Russia.

However, in a repaired and updated form fighters still more expensive. The total cost of 18 boards will exceed a billion dollars, which is too big a sum for Minsk. The obvious way out of the situation is a loan, but Moscow may not take this step. In turn, the exchange of aircraft for goods, a share in Belarusian enterprises, etc. It may also not be very realistic due to the established relations between Russia and Belarus. Nevertheless, Moscow is likely to have to make certain concessions - the air force of the neighboring republic is not too strong and, as a result, cannot provide adequate protection for the Union State.

As you can see, the situation with the supply of fighters looks ambiguous and quite complicated. Russian and Belarusian officials will have to find a mutually beneficial way to solve the problem and agree on the transfer of the aircraft. Perhaps this method will be the exchange of one technique for another. For example, payment for the purchase of aircraft products Minsk wheel tractor. For the Belarusian side, this method of calculation is convenient, first of all, because a large part of the money invested will be spent on maintaining its own production and improving the social situation in the country. It is worth noting that Russia really has reason to agree on the supply of Minsk-made wheeled chassis. Despite the twenty years that have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, a considerable number of Russian military equipment continues to be mounted on the basis of Belarusian vehicles, including mobile Topol ground-based missile systems, which are one of the most important components of Russian nuclear forces.

However, more and more often new Russian equipment is assembled on the basis of wheeled platforms assembled at the Bryansk Automobile Plant. At one time, there was even a rumor saying that the military and political leadership of Russia secretly ordered the transfer of all new domestic equipment to the chassis of domestic production in order to minimize dependence on foreign organizations, including those belonging to friendly countries. As confirmation of this rumor, anti-aircraft missile systems C-400 and other equipment assembled on the basis of Bryansk-made tractors were cited. At the same time, the Belarusian wheeled vehicles continue to be actively used in the army and remain one of the chassis options for the new military equipment. For example, the above-mentioned Topol and Topol-M soil complexes, the Iskander operational-tactical complex launcher, as well as the recently created wheeled version of the Tor-M2E air defense system can be cited.

Thus, it turns out that even if there is an order to switch to domestic chassis, Belarusian cars will still remain in the army for some time. Moreover, the adaptation of existing models of the BAZ brand to use in new missile systems and other military equipment will take some time, during which you will still have to buy wheeled platforms from Belarus. In the context of the separation of their own and others' products, it is worth remembering another recent statement by Lukashenko. Speaking about the negotiations with Putin, he mentioned some agreement on changing the status of the Belarusian equipment. The presidents of the two countries managed to resolve the issue of importing defense products from Belarus, and soon it will have the same “rights” as the Russian one. If desired, these intentions can be considered confirmation of the version of the supply of aircraft in exchange for wheeled chassis.

Anyway, the Union Treaty, the geographical proximity of Russia and Belarus, as well as the joint past, leave no special choice and require continued cooperation in the field of common security. It is worth noting that this cooperation is beneficial for both parties: Russia receives good equipment and an ally from the western borders, and Belarus - the support of a strong country and new weapons with favorable purchase conditions.

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  1. topitop
    November 1, 2012
    In turn, the exchange of aircraft
    at the moment it’s more likely to come from a field of science fiction in Belarus. After a year or two, it’s quite possible, real money is more important for him. For 18 years, Lukashenko believes that Russia is obliged to give weapons for protection free of charge. He preferred to buy a Turkmenbashi Boeing instead of a dozen fighters.
  2. 0
    November 1, 2012
    Old Man is cunning, wants everything for free, it won’t do that. He seems to be friendly, but on the other hand, the duties on importing goods to Belarus are almost the highest for us, I read an article recently, it turns out that in addition to some European countries and the USA, it is in Belarus, most of the restrictions, taxes and fees for our products. And do not forget that the Old Man promised to recognize South Ossetia as independent, he still hasn’t recognized it, the turbulence with oil is also not clear, so the impression is twofold and it’s worth giving nothing in vain, you gave in at the time, you want to pay fighters or offer what something in return. In my opinion, everything is honest.
  3. +12
    November 1, 2012
    Old Man is not Gaddafi whose nurse received 1000dol. but at the same time the armament park was not updated and new equipment was not purchased. How it ended is well known. In Belarus, from the Soviet times, a powerful military-industrial complex cluster was preserved, for example, an enterprise such as Agat, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, Tetrider, 558th Aircraft Repair Plant.
    All these are world-class enterprises, and for us, for Russia, cooperation with them is extremely important. The MZKT was already mentioned in the article. "Agat ”is a recognized system integrator for military automated systems of tactical and strategic level automated control systems.. Just in case, for those who like to blame that we are lagging behind in the ACS field, that’s why all the immediate monetary losses are still compensated by huge pluses from a long-term strategic partnership
  4. +6
    November 1, 2012
    Russia and Belarus should always be together and support each other, although Belarus needs more support now
  5. sq
    November 1, 2012
    Belarus is a shield for 200 years of RussiaMoscow from the West. If it is unsupported now, then later you can get a small but very unpleasant pill in the future.
    Although for most of Russia, Belarus is a kind of nostalgic attractive island of the former union.
  6. +4
    November 1, 2012
    For the past four years I have been regularly in Belarus. MotherlandWell, there is no sensation abroad. Relationship problems will always be, big or small, but BROTHER PEOPLES must be together!
  7. +7
    November 1, 2012
    Guys, Russia supported Lukashenko in 94 in the presidential election, not Shushkevich and Kebich, but Lukashenko, this already says something. Therefore, I believe that all statements on all defense issues in a negative sense are redundant here. Lovely to armor - only amuse. We have been together for the last years of 250 (I will not tell how hard this unity has come to be), we will continue. Russia and Belarus, like two sisters, will cry and help one another. Belarus also helps Russia, knowledgeable people are well aware of what, it’s not customary to talk about it out loud. So to live as relatives to us further, and God forbid, that would be in peace and harmony and mutual assistance.
    1. Dimonanet
      November 1, 2012
      Belarus also helps Russia, knowledgeable people are well aware of what, it’s not customary to talk about it out loud.

      And do not know people?
      1. 0
        November 2, 2012
        If you know, answer. You yourself know the answer, say it out loud. We Belarusians are modest people, it’s not for us to say or tell this.
  8. Georgest707
    November 2, 2012
    It would be nice for us to get closer, and the protection of borders is important, since we do not have a large ground group there, and creating it for ourselves is more expensive than the cost of fighters.
  9. terp 50
    November 6, 2012
    For the "NEXT" generation: NOT EVERYTHING is measured in money.
  10. 0
    November 7, 2012
    Belarus! Live and hello! Lukashenko gave a press conference in October for Russian journalists. He bluntly said that Russia could consider the Belorussian Armed Forces to be another military district. So why do some people think that Belarus does not need help? Who will calculate how much money our businessmen send abroad? And here we are in a union state, and therefore our borders must be common. In general, I advise you to go to Belarus, you will not regret and do not want to go back. For example, you will be surprised that people pay 30% for housing and communal services, and 70% - the state and a lot of things will surprise you. A.G. Lukashenko is a wise man, not like our lawyers, and he needs to be elected as President of the Union State. But, after all, they won’t.

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