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Russian Military-Technical Society now in Belarus

Russian Military-Technical Society now in Belarus

The seventh department is opened by the Interregional Public Organization for the Promotion of the Study and Operation of Military Equipment "Military Technical Society". This time in fraternal Belarus. Activists from the city of Bereza, Brest region of the republic, participated many times in armored runs and other events, together with their friends from the Military Technical Society, and in the near future, they will become its full-fledged branch.

Members of the future branch of the Military Technical Society in the city of Bereza, Brest region of the Republic of Belarus, participated in the rally through the places of military glory and burial places of the times of the Great Patriotic War "Belarus-Russia-2017", in the International armored run "Road of Courage" in 2017, 2018, as representatives of the participating city. In 2022, a delegation from the Berezovsky district of the Brest region took part in the fifth anniversary armored run "Road of Courage", timed to coincide with the 81st anniversary of the Battle of Smolensk along the route Moscow-Rzhev-Vyazma-Smolensk-Bryansk-Lyudinovo-Petrishchevo village-Moscow. During this armored run, which traditionally takes place with the use of demilitarized equipment, the team from Bereza decided to open a regional branch of the Military Technical Society in the Republic of Belarus.

"Our история began in 2010, when a museum of military glory of the units of the Berezovsky garrison was opened on the basis of the Berezovsky district military commissariat - the first such museum in the Brest region. We were united by love for our native land, knowledge of its history, and, of course, the desire to direct our efforts towards the formation of an objective attitude of society towards the historical past, the preservation and strengthening of the unity of the peoples of Russia and Belarus, - says the head of the future branch of the Military Technical Society in Bereza Brestskoy region of the Republic of Belarus Evgeny Skvortsov. - We believe that patriotism is really the strongest thing. But only if there is truth behind it. Truth is weapon patriotism.

Today, the members of the branch are a close-knit team of like-minded people, people with an active civic life position. The opening of a new branch is another step towards the formation of patriotism and patriotic education of young people, as well as the development of the Military Technical Society as an interregional organization of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.”

Thanks to joint work with the Berezovsky District Executive Committee, the military units of the Berezovsky garrison, the branch of the organization annually hosts
participation in military, military-patriotic and spiritual-moral events.

During a personal reception of citizens, the governor of the Brest region, Yuri Shuleiko, supported the initiative of the Berezovsky residents to create a division of the Military Technical Society in the region.

The Interregional Public Organization for the Promotion of the Study and Operation of Military Equipment "Military Technical Society" was created as a union of like-minded people from Russia and Belarus, passionate about the study and restoration of military equipment of the Soviet period. During its six-year history, the organization has twice entered the Russian Book of Records, for the longest mileage made in peacetime on military equipment, and also for crossing the Kerch Strait on amphibious armored vehicles. In addition, the Military Technical Society became the only civilian organization allowed to participate in the May 9 Parade on its own equipment (Victory Parade in Kaliningrad in 2019, and in St. Petersburg in 2022). Today, the organization has more than 40 units of unique equipment on its balance sheet - from the first serial Soviet armored personnel carrier BTR-40 to ZIL 49061 "Blue Bird" (a rare vehicle designed to rescue astronauts after landing in difficult conditions). Anyone who shares the views of the organization, first of all, love for national military history and the desire to study Russian and Soviet armored vehicles, can become a member of the Military Technical Society. Interregional public organization for the promotion of the study and operation of military equipment "Military-technical society".

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  1. Al manah
    Al manah 26 November 2022 09: 09
    the organization twice got into the Russian Book of Records ... and also for crossing the Kerch Strait on amphibious armored vehicles

    One of the three armored personnel carriers crossing the Kerch Strait as part of the annual action in memory of the soldiers of the Red Army and the sailors of the Black Sea Fleet sank.

    "According to the press secretary of the interregional public organization "Military-Technical Society" Andrey Konnov, the BRDM-2 passed a segment of about five kilometers, it moved first in the convoy.

    - BRDM-2 entered the segment where there is a strong current due to inhomogeneous depth drops. In addition, there was a strong side wind, which we were not warned about. He turned out to be stronger than we expected,” Konnov said.

    Read on WWW.CRIMEA.KP.RU:
  2. Fangaro
    Fangaro 26 November 2022 10: 13
    Military Technical Society...
    Do we need such organizations to preserve the memory of the Great Patriotic War? The story of a grandfather, rather a great-grandfather, about how he defended his native land, so that today's young man or girl could live in Russia, and in general live - isn't it better?
    Yes, it will turn out to be a conversation in the family.
    But a great-grandson or great-granddaughter would rather believe and remember what they heard at home.
    This is not a throw-in, but a misunderstanding why, in order to preserve the memory of what the Great Patriotic War was for many Soviet people, it is necessary to create departments and representative offices, and not invite the survivors to meetings of Veterans along with their relatives and report on these meetings.
    1. Cat Alexandrovich
      Cat Alexandrovich 26 November 2022 10: 37
      Guess where it is better to direct all the resources of this office (including money, fuel) in our difficult time?
  3. VladMirU
    VladMirU 26 November 2022 12: 06
    Run ..... parades ...... Bullshit, not the WTO. What will it really teach the younger generation? Well, just celebrate the holidays and arrange flash mobs. DOSAAF should be developed as before.