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Ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles will form the basis of the new US military aid package for Ukraine

Ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles will form the basis of the new US military aid package for Ukraine

The United States continues to be the main sponsor of the Zelensky regime, continuously supplying Ukraine with weapon and ammunition. In Kyiv, they do not have time to rejoice at receiving military assistance from the Americans, as a new one is already coming. Washington does not intend to slow down the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even to the detriment of its own security, the United States does not need a strong and sovereign Russia.

The Americans have prepared another package of military aid for Ukraine, this time for $400 million. If we take into account the new supply, then in total since the beginning of the presidency of Joe Biden, the United States has supplied Kyiv with weapons worth $19,7 billion. Some countries have a military budget several times smaller.

As the head of the US State Department, Anthony Blinken, said on this occasion, the basis of the new package will be ammunition of various calibers and anti-aircraft missiles. Under the guise of claims of Russia's "massive missile strikes" on Ukraine's critical infrastructure, the United States is trying to create at least some semblance of air defense. According to the same Blinken, Washington will support Kyiv "as much as necessary." The United States needs the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this confrontation, defeat is not even considered there.

Artillery ammunition, precision fire systems, anti-aircraft missiles and tactical vehicles that we provide will serve Ukraine in the best possible way on the battlefield.

- said the US Secretary of State.

In general, the new list of military assistance to Ukraine from the United States looks like this: 150 heavy machine guns with thermal imagers to combat UAVs; Ammunition for MLRS HIMARS; Ammunition for the NASAMS air defense system; 200 high-precision 155-mm projectiles; 10 thousand mortar mines of 120 mm caliber; HARM anti-radar missiles; 150 HMMWV armored vehicles; more than 100 light tactical vehicles; more than 20 million cartridges for small arms of several calibers; 200 generators; Spare parts for 105mm howitzers and other equipment.

All of the above will be removed from the warehouses of the American army.

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  1. Mouse
    Mouse 24 November 2022 07: 56
    The United States continues to be the main sponsor of the Zelensky regime, continuously supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine.

    so they themselves muddied, now they are throwing poles into the fire .... not forgetting to cut the denyuzhka ...
  2. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 24 November 2022 08: 15
    And all this economy will freely fall into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it would be time to cut supply routes
    1. neworange88
      neworange88 24 November 2022 08: 27
      Everyone and sundry has been talking about this for a long time, but like peas against a wall.
  3. Victor_B
    Victor_B 24 November 2022 08: 20
    As soon as the Americans stir up some kind of war again, Russia will have to provide the most extensive assistance to the injured side.
    First of all, air defense means!
    1. oleg-nekrasov-19
      oleg-nekrasov-19 24 November 2022 09: 02
      The Americans are next on schedule with China and Taiwan, and they also dream of dragging Iran into some kind of serious conflict. Anteaters are murmuring.
  4. Arkady007
    Arkady007 24 November 2022 08: 21
    So it is necessary to track the movement of these supplies and destroy them on the approaches.
    There are no other options. Yes, but they are more expensive.
  5. Eva Star
    Eva Star 24 November 2022 08: 34
    These 150 Humvee cars are already molded into each package. The Americans give each time 150 cars, or simply repeat. I think the second. As long as the package does not contain combat aircraft and helicopters, as well as large missiles, I see no reason to take the package seriously. All this can be supplied for several years and not all at once.