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Turkish President Erdogan vows to continue military operations in Syria and Iraq

Turkish President Erdogan vows to continue military operations in Syria and Iraq

The strikes of the Turkish armed forces on the territory of the northern provinces of Syria and Iraq are "just the beginning" of a larger operation. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As the head of the Turkish state noted, his country allegedly has the right to conduct military operations in northern Syria on its own, without consulting with anyone and without asking anyone for permission. Erdogan explains the need for terrorist attacks in Istanbul, which were committed, according to the Turkish investigation, by Kurdish militants.

The authorities in Syria and Iraq should not feel that they and their countries are in danger. We intend to ensure the territorial integrity of these countries

It is known that the President of Turkey personally ordered the launch of a military operation in northern Syria and Iraq. This happened immediately after his return from the G20 summit held in Indonesia, on the island of Bali. It is possible that Erdogan received from the GXNUMX some kind of unspoken "go-ahead" for such actions. After all, he would hardly have decided on a large-scale operation against the Kurds, actively supported by the United States and the European Union, if he was not sure that Washington and Brussels this time would not stand up for their Middle Eastern protégés.

It seems that the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO in the end turned out to be a more significant goal for the West than supporting the Syrian Kurds. The latter were actually betrayed by the United States, which, however, is not surprising if we recall the fate of the same pro-American government in Afghanistan.

Recall that on November 20, the Turkish armed forces launched massive attacks on the bases of Kurdish formations in northern Syria and Iraq. The world community prefers to remain silent about these actions of Ankara, although Syria and Iraq are sovereign states recognized by the UN.
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  1. Edik
    Edik 23 November 2022 14: 22
    Well, Erdogan suffered everything! But where will it take him, or maybe take him out of NATO!
  2. Silver99
    Silver99 23 November 2022 14: 24
    A logical approach to the country's security, although "a little" not legal, but the Kurdish issue is not closed, Edik can also be kept on a short leash, but the Kurds are under the United States and this is their clearing for political games. By the way, who prevented us from starting the NMD with massive strikes on the energy system and life support facilities of Ukraine, without the introduction of ground units, would that be more logical? A month or two of strikes then cutting off the South-East, ...... well, what am I talking about, the main thing is to save the godfather and start grinding (((((((((Do not look for logic and rationalism in this strange military operation ((( (
  3. Wedmak
    Wedmak 23 November 2022 14: 25
    And no sanctions for you, prohibition of trade, and other executions. Shoot, bomb, kill - because Erdogan?
    1. oleg-nekrasov-19
      oleg-nekrasov-19 25 November 2022 14: 05
      No, because NATO and because they are solving selfish interests - both their own and the Biden clan, hiding behind "high and noble goals" to protect the sacred land of Turkey from Kurdish "terrorists". For the people, they "wrestle" in public, and shake their hands behind their backs. This is Erdogan's sanctioned NWO. The reason is a terrorist attack in Turkey, which was prepared by US specialists, supervised by the Turks, and the Kurds (who were used in the "dark") committed this terrorist attack. Politics, sir! hi
  4. bdfy_bdfy
    bdfy_bdfy 23 November 2022 14: 25
    In offscreen translation, it will sound like this, "I spit John, Vladimir and others, there is Ayatoll"
    1. Silver99
      Silver99 23 November 2022 14: 29
      Well, "John" of the Kurds also does not turn badly, but they are naive, they all believe him
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 23 November 2022 14: 27
    And how are the Greeks, and they even have air defense and planes! It would be better if he dealt with the Aegean Sea, it was more useful .. Next year, Erdogan has elections. He is preparing the ground.
  6. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 23 November 2022 14: 29
    The latter were actually betrayed by the USA
    The question is, under whose control will the oil production sites pass during this operation? Or will they remain with the Americans?
  7. ASM
    ASM 23 November 2022 17: 39
    I don’t understand why Erdogan is going to do this? Inflation is breaking records, the lira on the currency exchanges is below the plinth, in Turkey itself they are buzzing. True, according to Satanovsky, they have a lot of prisoners, i.e. labor force with minimum investment and maximum return. Well, such zeal of Erdogan cannot end for the Turkish people at least somehow acceptable.
  8. Daishi
    Daishi 25 November 2022 13: 53
    Uh, what about the sanctions???
    Oh yes, this is not Russia, here they are double standards