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In November, US ground forces will begin testing 155-mm self-propelled howitzer M-109A6 PIM "Paladin"


The US Army plans to launch in November the key test phase of the X-NUMX-mm self-propelled howitzer (SG) M-155A109 Paladin, which received the designation M-6A109 PIM (Paladin with integrated control).

According to the International Defense Review, citing Colonel Bill Sheeghi, the program of heavy combat brigade groups, limited testing by the customer M-109A6 PIM is scheduled to start from November 1 2012 at the Yuma training ground. Based on their results, it is planned to make a decision on small-scale production of advanced installations.

The goal of the PIM program is to extend the service life of M-109A6 howitzers for the long term (30-40 years) and increase their combat capabilities.

As part of the 2009 contract signed in August 63,9 million dollars to BAE Systems, in May 2011 supplied the USA 5 ACM M-109A6 PIM prototypes and two M-992A2 Ammunition Ammunition Replenishment Machines (Field Artillery Ammunition Ammunition Ammunition M-XNUMXAXNUMX FAASV) in May XNUMX

According to the representative of BAE Systems, Roy Perkins, so far, the total mileage of five prototypes exceeded 4 thousand miles, and more than 28 thousand ammunition was used during the shooting.

The M-109A6 PIM, retaining the newly reconstructed cockpit and 155-mm gun with a length of 39 gauges, was modernized using the most modern technologies, including the equipping with a digital fire control system and an improved semi-automatic loader system.

The electric drive of the gun replaced the hydraulic control systems developed at the beginning of the 1960s. The outdated chassis was replaced with an upgraded suspension and transmission designed for the Bradley combat vehicle. Detroit Diesel engine XHUMX HP replaced by a Cummins V440 diesel engine with an 903 horsepower, which is also equipped with Bradley. As a result, the mass of the PIM version has increased compared to the base version. The FAASV is also built on the Bradley chassis.

As previously reported, a total of X-NUMX M-975A109 “Paladin” self-propelled howitzers were manufactured. CB USA are planning to upgrade to the PIM standard to 6 ones. Draft budget for 580 FG includes the allocation of 2013 million dollars for the purchase of X-NUMX self-propelled howitzers M-206A17 PIM and 109 FAASV ammunition vehicles.

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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 30 October 2012 19: 07
    conditional opponents continue to arm ... it is necessary that more often the news about rearmament and modernization is about our army
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 30 October 2012 19: 13
      They are mainly being modernized, and we already have a bunch of new equipment beginning to enter the troops. So, at least not far behind.
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 30 October 2012 19: 33
        Yes, you just look, at this boogie, the tracks are entirely rubber! (well, except for the finger). This is not a self-propelled howitzer, but a SUV. And what a complex barrel capture system, with all the details out.
        1. Kars
          Kars 30 October 2012 19: 38
          Quote: crazyrom
          in this booger, the caterpillars are entirely rubber

          This booger has been operating for decades, from the jungle of Vietnam to the deserts of Iraq.
        2. Antistaks
          Antistaks 31 October 2012 00: 01
          But she has THREE canisters with beer on the armor !!
        3. edge
          edge 31 October 2012 01: 21
          not rubber, but rubberized ........... at the intersection are convenient, but in the mountains and on the asphalt are problematic. We have rubber rollers
      2. CRONOS
        CRONOS 31 October 2012 06: 10
        New - which one? Can you enlighten me? We’ve got new technology one or two times, and everything else is the modernization of Soviet groundwork. Moreover, for all branches of the military industry.
  2. Kars
    Kars 30 October 2012 19: 22
    Something is rather weak. The South Korean Thunder looks stronger, and Turkey is already buying it.
    And here the 39 caliber barrel, a closed turret for self-defense, is more like an instrument for exploiting the natives.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 30 October 2012 19: 30
      In my opinion, you were mistaken in the last words ...
      , more like an instrument of exploitation of the natives.

      not exploitation, but destruction.
      1. Kars
        Kars 30 October 2012 19: 33
        Quote: Wedmak
        not exploitation, but destruction

        And who will work? McDonald's victims?
        It’s better to destroy them with napalm and orange.
        1. Wedmak
          Wedmak 30 October 2012 19: 35
          And half of China works for them. Almost all of their production is already there.
    2. bask
      bask 30 October 2012 19: 45
      Kars Turkey doesn’t buy Korean, Samsung-thunder, but it also launched its licensed release from the end of 2011. The paladin is a modernization, a new automatic loader and a new ammunition, an escalibur, and the barrel has 39 calibers less barrel wear ... And range over 30 km. In the tactical division link is not needed. The rest, advertising, and cost savings., The main highest accuracy of the Paladin ....
      1. Kars
        Kars 30 October 2012 19: 56
        Quote: bask
        But also established

        I know that.
        Quote: bask
        ,, A barrel of 39 calibers less barrel wear

        It depends on the charge, not the barrel length.
        Quote: bask

        And why shoot at its cost? Golden trenches?
        Quote: bask
        And a range of over 30 km. In the tactical division link is not needed

        And who will be the counter-battery work of employment?
        Quote: bask
        . ,, The main highest accuracy of the Paladin

        Is there evidence that Thunder is less accurate than the Paladin? Or Donnar?
        Quote: bask
        In a tactical division link is not needed

        And if the opponent has pan2000 or AC90? I’m not talking about the G6 Rhino already.
        1. bask
          bask 30 October 2012 20: 20
          Kars 1st Barrel length directly affects its wear (((materials, sapromat)))) 2nd For amers, counter-drone, attack helicopters and ground attack aircraft will be engaged in counter-battery work.3 The 30 km range for destruction of duvalls in Afghanistan is quite. ..4 I agree with pan200, thunder, Akcher, G6 (((just a fairy tale))) But all these self-propelled guns are much more expensive. The Paladin self-propelled guns ,, economy ,, class ,,, deserving and angry .. Russia has thousands of self-propelled guns, , on the perfect GM GS 123. Upgrade and it will be no worse than the Paladin. Question Do you have infa on MT-S (object 306))) GS.Where I can’t find. Thank you ....
          1. Kars
            Kars 30 October 2012 20: 33
            Quote: bask
            The length of the barrel directly affects its wear (((materials, sapromat))))

            AS? Each particular section experiences its own specific loads, and they do not increase with the duration of the trunk.
            You don’t have to scare them with a neutral source; give a neutral source confirming your words. The mass of the charge, the pressure in the chamber, and therefore the initial velocity and structure of the projectile, is the main thing that affects the survivability of the barrel.
            Quote: bask
            Amers counter-battery work will be engaged in attack drones, assault helicopters and attack aircraft.

            Then why do they need artillery at all? Especially self-propelled which is more expensive than towed?
            Quote: bask
            A range of 30 km for the destruction of duval in Afghanistan is quite ...

            So it can return trunks in 23 calibers? They will be eternal in your opinion, and the range is then 16-20 km with duvals for the eyes.
            Quote: bask
            on MT-S (object 306)))

            1. bask
              bask 30 October 2012 21: 54
              Kars God forbid, I don’t scare you with a sapromate. I just expressed my thought. What is the barrel length longer than the initial speed. First .. speed of more than 1200 m / s leads to quick barrel wear. Optimal is 808 m / s. And application ((hold prophets NaCo type))) Depends on the type of ammunition. Sub-caliber ammunition reduces survivability by 30% And there are many other factors ... There is no specific neutral source ... Everything from the lines of articles ...
              1. Kars
                Kars 30 October 2012 23: 52
                Quote: bask
                The longer the barrel, the higher the initial speed

                It mainly depends on the charge and volume of the charging chamber.

                So, for example, a 305 mm Soviet / 52-gun long 300-caliber barrel survivability with a full charge of 1000 shots, an incomplete 25 shots, and if he sawed off the barrel to a length of XNUMX calibers will the survivability increase?
                Quote: bask
                Sub-caliber ammunition reduces survivability by 30%

                I would like to see the howitzer for the howitzer, especially the M109
                Quote: bask
                ... There is no specific neutral source ...

                But this is absolutely clear.
                It’s just that it’s still strange that in the sources when it is reported that the barrel length is increased in this case, howitzers there is no mention that this leads to a decrease in the barrel’s life, and this is quite an important point. Also, variable howitzers are characteristic of howitzers, which also increases the dispersion of barrel resources.
              2. cherkas.oe
                cherkas.oe 31 October 2012 00: 57
                You and bask and kars, smart lads, so you tell me please: -A salvo from "Smerch" is more expensive than this American self-propelled gun, or what "?
                1. Kars
                  Kars 31 October 2012 01: 09
                  Quote: cherkas.oe
                  A salvo from "Smerch" is more expensive than this American self-propelled gun, or what "?

                  The question is of course very interesting and contains a huge subtext.
                  If you mean that with Tornado you can cover the battery of the Paladins, and it will be very cheap this is one.
                  we can also say that a tornado rocket is more expensive than a Paladin shell, and so on.
                  but it’s customary to somehow compare the equipment of one class. And then you can start to ask a question which is cheaper than OTR MLRS or Msta-S, etc.))))
    BARKAS 30 October 2012 19: 29
    It seems that mobility is not going to shoot from it in the foreground, and firepower can certainly shoot by changing the path of the projectile, a bed of several shells at the target at the same time.
    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 31 October 2012 01: 06
      Quote: BARKAS
      a bed of several shells at the target simultaneously.

      Of course, I apologize dear "Barkas", but not a LIE, but laying, well, in extreme cases, KLADYA,
      1. CRONOS
        CRONOS 31 October 2012 06: 19
        First, some will lay shells, and those for whom they laid, already put in their pants after the volley. Perhaps this was the thought of the longboat laughing
  4. escobar
    escobar 30 October 2012 20: 06
    It is a pity the Russian machine never reached the conveyor.

    I hope the experience of modernization is not wasted and will be embodied in a new car.
    1. CRONOS
      CRONOS 31 October 2012 06: 21
      Not Russian, but Russian. I think that the Coalition was developed by people of more than one nationality. drinks
  5. Bars90
    Bars90 30 October 2012 21: 38
    Of course, like a technique, it looks beautiful ... Like a toy. But here's one minus, these are open tracks ... There are no skirts, even small ones, at all.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 30 October 2012 22: 31
      Quote: Bars90
      But here's one minus, these are open tracks ... There are no skirts, even small ones, at all.

      I think this minus is not the only one, although I do not see a minus here. It is an ACS, not a tank, the main requirements for self-propelled guns are mobility, rate of fire, high accuracy of fire, with sufficient survivability and reliability, and as low a cost as possible.
      You can twist a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles and create a "golden" monster that is not able to move independently
  6. Havoc
    Havoc 30 October 2012 23: 48
    And three canisters on each side, it probably would have burned better?
    1. Kars
      Kars 30 October 2012 23: 58
      Quote: Havoc
      And three canisters on each side

      Well, there are fuel and lubricants, and most likely water.
    2. Antistaks
      Antistaks 31 October 2012 00: 02
      Well, from the second side is not visible, and why would it burn with cans of beer?
  7. Nechai
    Nechai 31 October 2012 00: 45
    "... M-992A2 FAASV (Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicles) ammunition resupply vehicles."
    CRONOS 31 October 2012 06: 23
    Outside ones, can you argue your disadvantages to this article? Or is it customary on this resource to minus everything "theirs" and "nenashenskoe"? fool
  9. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 31 October 2012 06: 44
    From the outside it looks like a piece of laundry soap, they always had imagination problems due to their appearance, that of planes, that of helicopters, etc.
    1. CRONOS
      CRONOS 31 October 2012 07: 37
      Military equipment must cope with the task, be practical and convenient, not even talking about maintainability and efficiency. And let the SUVs flaunt in the chamber. Personally, I really like the look of the Paladin.
  10. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 31 October 2012 07: 54
    Here, as they say, taste and color
  11. sir.jonn
    sir.jonn 31 October 2012 09: 30
    Americans goats Acacia tore off
  12. kov
    kov 31 October 2012 10: 27
    Video review of the modification M109A6

    As well as shooting at the firing range