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French ship integrated supply BRAVE

French ship integrated supply BRAVE

Update fleet The French Navy's supply ships, scheduled for the end of the decade, returned to discussion again. This was due to the zeal of some members of the Defense Committee of the French National Assembly, who adopted the amendments to the 2012 budget. As a result, about 5 million euros were allocated for research in the field of new logistics ships of the French fleet, as a backup plan for the modernization of the existing fleet. According to parliamentarians, these ships are important for force projection operations, and an existing fleet about thirty years old can complicate these operations. "The deployment of forces abroad and the intensive use of the naval grouping leads to a large workload of these ships in combat zones. Indeed, they determine the ability of the fleet to carry out long and long campaigns. To avoid the weakening of these capabilities, it is necessary to do research today and consider replacing or upgrading these ships, "Marguerite Lamour told the Defense Committee.

A member of the committee also drew the attention of her colleagues to the fact that current tankers are not double-hulled: "These vessels are single-hulled, that is, they no longer meet modern standards. In case of an accident, France may be blamed for this, and therefore subject to high risks. Our allies may even oppose our deployment of these ships in international operations, and in the event of the slightest incident, the entire fleet of tankers will remain in the port, and this will significantly limit the ability of the naval fleet to operate. lot ".

The French Navy currently has four support vessels, the Meuse oil tanker, and the Var, Marne and Somme control and support vessels, commissioned in 1980, 1983, 1987 and 1990, respectively. In October, 2009, the French Ministry of Defense decided to start research to determine the characteristics of the future of the supply fleet (Flotte Logistique). At the moment it is assumed that this project can be implemented in cooperation with the UK. New ships will be commissioned between the 2015 and 2020 years.

Interest in this program was expressed by the French shipbuilding association DCNS, which developed an updated version of the advanced integrated supply ship BRAVE (Bâtiment RAVitailleur d'Escadre), the concept of which was first presented at Euronaval 2010. One of the variants of the BRAVE ship is distinguished by an innovative bow section, close to the well-known X-BOW architecture.

To carry out various functions related to the logistics of the fleet, BRAVE is divided into three main parts. In the bow are accommodations designed to accommodate personnel, a control center and a bridge. In the middle of the ship are Tanks with liquid loads and spare equipment. In the aft part of the ship there are other auxiliary rooms (workshops, warehouses, vehicles, etc.), and additional modules can also be located.

The middle part of the ship can be increased (by adding one or two hull sections), for example, to increase the volume of transported fuel. During the design process, considerable attention was paid to the standardization and interchangeability of assemblies, sections and mechanisms.

The BRAVE family of support ships was designed to provide the fleet with all the necessary logistics functions: transportation of solid cargoes (including ammunition), liquids (including various fuels) and naval headquarters; replenishment); various onboard workshops, spare parts, etc. In addition, if necessary, BRAVE transports special containers, such as command posts or additional medical modules.

Secondary tasks (except logistics):
- Transportation of heavy loads;
-Car transport;
- Container storage;
-Modular hospital;
-The location of helicopters and UAVs;
-Management and control capabilities;
-Training of cadets of the Navy.

Performance characteristics:
Type of. Multipurpose ship supply and support
Modular design. It can be equipped with two double cargo masts allowing simultaneous work on 4 platforms. Able to carry up to 30 special containers.
The payload is 9 double hull tanks with a total capacity of 16.000 cubic meters and an 2 drinking water tank with a total capacity of 1500 cubic meters. 2000 tons of food, medicine, spare parts
Ballast - about 2500 t
Armament - air defense system
The area of ​​working utility rooms - 1400 m²
4 bunker area 700 m² to accommodate 300 tons of ammunition (torpedoes, missiles, shells)
2 helicopter pads on the 1 medium and 1 heavy helicopter
Crew - 100 people. plus space for more 100 people.
Maximum speed - 20 nodes
Navigation range - 10.000 miles
Speed ​​- 18 nodes
Hangar capacity - 2 medium class 10 medium helicopter
Displacement - 30.000 tons
Length - 195 m
Width - 28 m
Maximum draft - 8.7 m

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  1. Greyfox
    Greyfox 31 October 2012 09: 25
    Russia's next purchase for Mistrals?
    1. aktanir
      aktanir 31 October 2012 10: 33
      What? it would be nice ... Why not follow global practice and not only actively develop and build new weapons ourselves, but also acquire all the best from advanced countries. Personally, I'm all for it! Moreover, the Russian Armed Forces are currently poorly equipped, especially the fleet. And while our domestic shipbuilding is growing and expanding, it is quite possible to order high-quality equipment with petrodollars from countries that are seized by crisis and unemployment and are ready, as they say, to share technologies.
      The existing ships of our fleet are aging, decommissioned, and new ones are being built and a very long debt is being introduced. Plus, bureaucracy, corruption, and over-estimated estimates. It is easier temporarily (!!!), until everything is fine with us, to acquire such thorough armaments as, for example, ships, abroad.
      The point is not that we can and can do something better and more powerful, but that all the ships are needed now. Buying equipment abroad will simply allow us to restore our military power in a shorter time, that's all.
      1. Greyfox
        Greyfox 31 October 2012 12: 27
        If they will be unified in equipment with the Mistrals, it makes sense to think ...
      2. harrymur
        harrymur 1 November 2012 01: 27
        I support, if you don't have your own brains and capacities, orders should be placed on free advanced shipyards, especially since the architecture is "fashionable" and corresponds to the future, not to reproach our shipbuilders, but we still build sailboats in the sense with a huge amount of spars and rigging on the open upper deck , as a practitioner, I can say that it all rots and requires repair and maintenance, although it looks like in the pictures for the day of the navy, and on American holidays, they also like our ships
        but even the future is precisely for such architecture, francs are well done, their traditions of shipbuilding are one of the oldest and most advanced in the world
    2. Civil
      Civil 31 October 2012 15: 08
      Quote: Greyfox

      Russia's next purchase for Mistrals?

      will have to, because they sold everything for pennies in the 90s, and mind you, they still haven’t planted them
  2. Nickname
    Nickname 31 October 2012 09: 46
    Our Berezina was no worse - they cut it.
    Now you can buy a Frenchman.

    Our KKS features and weapons are even better. were
    1. Professor
      31 October 2012 09: 54
      Well, you would post these characteristics. I am particularly interested in the placement of helicopters and vehicles.
    2. atesterev
      atesterev 31 October 2012 12: 57
      For that, they look pretty futuristic smile
    3. Konrad
      Konrad 1 November 2012 06: 43
      Quote: Nickname
      Our KKS features and weapons are even better. were

      Who would doubt that ?
  3. Aleksys2
    Aleksys2 31 October 2012 10: 20
    Quote: Professor
    Well, you would post these characteristics. I am particularly interested in the placement of helicopters and vehicles.

    Integrated supply ship "Berezina"
    Displacement: 24900 t.
    Dimensions: length - 209,7 m, width - 25,1 m, draft - 8,32 m.
    Maximum speed: 21,3 knots.
    Navigation range: 10100 miles with 18 nodes.
    Powerplant: GTU (TUK), 60000 hp, 2 shaft.
    Payload: fuel tank for 2500 tons, 1600 tons of water, 900 tons of dry cargo.
    Armament: 2x2 57-mm AK-725 gun mounts, 4x6 30-mm AK-630 gun mounts, 1x2 Osa-M air defense system (20 missiles), 2 RBU-1000 rocket launchers, 2 Ka-27 helicopters.
    Crew: 290 people.
    1. sergey05
      sergey05 31 October 2012 13: 34
      Chic boat.
    2. Professor
      31 October 2012 13: 39
      Thank. Both ships are very similar, only the crew in 290 versus 100 people are not comparable ...
      1. Kir
        Kir 31 October 2012 17: 56
        Firstly, thanks for the article, but many of the photos from the exhibition have perceived some questions as photographed or is this the way the photo was made or what? And about 100 versus 290, so on our submarines, in comparison with the West, what is the number of the same officers and the years of commissioning are different.
        1. Professor
          31 October 2012 18: 31
          Photos from the exhibition did not photoshop.
        2. not good
          not good 31 October 2012 20: 36
          There are more people, but the "Berezina" had good weapons, and the French just had a dry cargo ship, and was built 30 years earlier
          1. Nickname
            Nickname 1 November 2012 01: 30
            The people are even bigger. a man under 320. More saboteurs were taken (not marines, but diving guys)
  4. F-22
    F-22 31 October 2012 20: 46
    It would be nice to get hold of everything French. Our ships are no good at all. Especially terrible engines and electronic parts. And if, in addition to the Mistrals, it’s also bought at the Pacific Fleet, in general there will be beauty.

    Yes, yes, they knew how to build.
    er_ "Berezina" .JPEG? uselang = en [/ img]
    1. Nickname
      Nickname 1 November 2012 00: 45
      You, my friend, a provocateur. He served on the Berezina DMB 90. The French will smoke nervously on the sidelines. We were on a campaign for 8 months in the Mediterranean. And only three times they went to Libya and Syria to get water (Egypt did not let the bastards enter the base but sold it, and at the end they were saving water - they washed it with desalinated water).
      So, our 5th flotilla, led by Baku, has been supplying all this time with food and solarium.
    2. Nickname
      Nickname 1 November 2012 02: 40
      Yes, yes, they knew how to build. I agree