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IAEA Report: No Dirty Bomb Traces Found in Ukraine

IAEA Report: No Dirty Bomb Traces Found in Ukraine

When about a month ago, representatives of the Russian authorities at various levels, including the UN, began to raise the topic that Kyiv was going to stage a provocation with radioactive contamination (using a “dirty bomb”), these warnings were initially met with hostility in the West. But thanks to the political perseverance of Moscow and on direct orders from Washington, the IAEA sent a group of inspectors to Ukraine, who spent several days checking three nuclear facilities.

The Kyiv authorities at first not only denied Moscow’s accusations, but even called them a provocation, and President Zelensky called on the world to “react as harshly as possible” to the alleged threats coming from the Russian Federation and “another increase in rates”, calling reports of the production of a “dirty bomb” insinuations. Later, official Kyiv abruptly changed its rhetoric and even, almost on its own initiative, invited IAEA inspectors to check Ukraine's nuclear facilities where a bomb could have been created.

Now such a sharp change in Zelensky's position has become clear. On the eve of the inspection of the International Agency for Nuclear Energy completed the inspection of three Ukrainian facilities, which could be preparing to create a "dirty bomb". According to the results, a corresponding resolution was published on the agency's website, which states that there are no traces of the preparation of such weapons not found in Ukraine:

The Board of Governors welcomes the CEO's assessment that the agency found no evidence of undeclared nuclear activity or materials related to the development of radiation dispersal devices ("dirty bombs") at three locations in Ukraine.

It is obvious that the inspectors were shown pre-selected and prepared facilities, where it would be strange to find any signs of the production of radioactive weapons. With the same success, experts could draw up a report without leaving Kyiv. Especially considering the fact that when visiting the Zaporozhye NPP, the same inspectors from the IAEA “did not notice” obvious traces of shelling of the plant by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Russia, they reacted to the obvious profanation of the inspectors.

Ukraine still has the capacity to manufacture and use a "dirty bomb". These three objects are not all that the Kyiv regime has in this area.

- said Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, adding that the Russian side is not satisfied with the conclusions of the IAEA.

Therefore, Ryabkov believes, "there are probably no grounds to be satisfied with what the IAEA has collected and prepared." In assessing this issue, Russia will proceed from the additional information it has accumulated.
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  1. Zhopir Tumanov
    Zhopir Tumanov 18 November 2022 13: 41
    Damn, but they could surprise in the spirit of the old Biden, who said that the rockets that fell on the Polish tractor were Ukrainian
    1. Hypertension
      Hypertension 18 November 2022 14: 21
      "Dirty Bomb" is not as simple (including application) as it seems:
  2. Viktor Sergeev
    Viktor Sergeev 18 November 2022 13: 43
    They searched in Zelensky’s office and under Podolyak’s bed, well, no.
  3. Govorun
    Govorun 18 November 2022 13: 43
    IAEA Report: No Dirty Bomb Traces Found in Ukraine

    I did not expect to hear any other answer from the hopeless...
  4. Uprun
    Uprun 18 November 2022 13: 46
    "Well, that's it, we checked, we are clean, now you can bang ...., now Russia will definitely not wash off, finally - Hello nata, hello World War 3 ...."
    Something like that.
    PS If only it didn't work out like with Poland, you can't trust your Krivorukov with anything, you'll have to pay foreigners for the script and performance. The texts have long been written, it's time to voice them.
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 18 November 2022 13: 48
    As evil tongues write, two IAEA inspectors for three objects. "Sex bombs" are satisfied in Koncha-Zaspa, their inspectors were found all of them and more than once. will be?
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 18 November 2022 14: 11
      Quote: tralflot1832
      their inspectors were all found and more than once. "Dirty bomb" is an unwashed homeless woman, who in their right mind from the IAEA will look for it?

      And unshaven Zelya was found in a torn T-shirt, and in the photo what a servile and flattering physiognomy the "man in an IAEA jacket" has, even without soap he is ready to climb into Zely's tukhas.
  6. SKVichyakow
    SKVichyakow 18 November 2022 13: 50
    So the West has never found anything in Ukraine, not even the coronavirus. So-as they send to check the deaf, the blind, and the dumb in the compartment.
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 18 November 2022 13: 55
    A negative result is also a result. If it suddenly appears, it will be a huge blow to the prestige of the IAEA.
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 18 November 2022 14: 01
      Quote: parusnik
      If it suddenly appears, it will be a huge blow to the prestige of the IAEA.

      Will not. On the contrary, this will be a reason to accuse Russia of "provocations", the VNA did not find anything!
      1. parusnik
        parusnik 18 November 2022 14: 03
        VNA they didn't find anything!
        And we have everything in sight, reports, reports.
      2. Vita vko
        Vita vko 18 November 2022 14: 32
        Quote: Mountain Shooter
        Will not. On the contrary, this will be a reason to accuse Russia of "provocations", they did not find anything for the VNA

        Radioactive isotopes that will definitely be detected and available to all experts are like fingerprints. Their origin will be established immediately and unambiguously. And then it will be difficult for the IAEA to get out. Although, in principle, the OSCE did not notice the shelling of civilians in Donetsk for 8 years. And the UN did not even want to investigate documentary evidence of the development of the United States in the Ukrainian biolaboratories of biological weapons. Those. The world continues to exist according to the concepts of "who is stronger is right." And to show Russia weakness in such conditions would be fatal.
    2. mavrus
      mavrus 18 November 2022 14: 51
      What a prestige...
      In the west, those who struggle are quickly bent over.
      And in Russia and normal countries, after the visit of the magate to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, there was no trace of the prestige of this sharashka
  8. Amateur
    Amateur 18 November 2022 13: 58
    When the Ukronazis detonate this bomb, not only the IAEA, but also the eastern part of Western Europe will "wipe out".
  9. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 18 November 2022 14: 04
    Therefore, Ryabkov believes, "there are probably no grounds to be satisfied with what the IAEA has collected and prepared."

    After the IAEA representatives visited the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and Grossia itself, as well as the assurances of Guterres, there is no doubt that they will not find any "bomb". Washington's "tame tigers" are incapable of telling the truth.
  10. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 18 November 2022 14: 12
    What is the IAEA, what is the OSCE one damn thing I don’t see anything I don’t hear anything
  11. Kuroneko
    Kuroneko 18 November 2022 14: 18
    IAEA Report: No Dirty Bomb Traces Found in Ukraine

    "It's hard to find a black cat in a black room... Especially if you've been ordered not to look for it." (With)
  12. Evrepid
    Evrepid 18 November 2022 14: 47
    Who doubted this decision? it was obvious from the start
  13. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 18 November 2022 15: 11
    IAEA Report: No Dirty Bomb Traces Found in Ukraine

    - "So that there are no traces, swept everywhere" ...
  14. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 19 November 2022 01: 18
    What a challenge, what a result!
    Go there, I don't know where
    Find something, I don't know what.