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Option Kolokoltseva

Option Kolokoltseva

The Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation: “Our department has long reassured itself: oh, how glorious we have worked this year compared to the same period last year! More of this will not be "

The headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs on Zhitnaya looks as if nothing has changed in it since Soviet times: cracked parquet, cheap chipboard panels on the walls and dull carpets. The only bright spot on a faded background is the minister’s cozy chambers. “But this is a symbol of the current state of our Ministry of the Interior,” I thought, after spending almost two hours with Vladimir Kolokoltsev. - A structure that has lost faith in itself and public trust over the past two decades. And the new minister, who is perceived by all as hope. ”

But will not these hopes remain only hopes? General Vladimir Kolokoltsev is sure: he will not let the police or the public down.

- Vladimir Alexandrovich, let me start with the most cruel question. The level of public disbelief in the possibility of positive changes in the Ministry of Internal Affairs has gone so far that some citizens are now equally afraid of thugs and the police. What can you say to these citizens of the Russian Federation?

- What can I say to these citizens? Only one. If, God forbid, trouble comes to you and you come across bandits, call 02. The police will not leave you in trouble.

Of course, scoundrels and criminals come across everywhere - in all areas, including ours. But if you look at the operational reports today, then make sure that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is now in a very powerful struggle for the purity of the ranks. As a minister, I consider this task to be my main task. At the same time, my principle is not to hush up negative facts.

Another thing is that the duplication of cliché is absolutely unacceptable. You can not discredit the whole profession in a crowd. This destroys not only the state, but also society. The media should not manipulate the facts. In addition to accidents and emergency personnel, there are now plenty of examples of how our employees perform real feats. But does it attract media attention? Not usually. Is that right?

- Do you exaggerate the importance of the media? Or do you think that most of the problems are not within the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but in how this system is perceived by society?

- I believe that these two areas are closely interconnected. If we solve problems within our system, then the level of citizens' confidence in it increases. The level of trust rises - we have more opportunities to fulfill our duties. We do not impose order - to our employees there is no trust of ordinary citizens. And as a result - it is even harder for us to work.

I will say more. Without a radical change in the mentality of citizens and their relationship to people in uniform, we will never make a qualitative leap in the fight against crime. In the West, it is not considered shameful to inform the police about the illegal or criminal actions of your neighbor. This is how much of the crime is revealed or prevented. And in our country past epochs left an indelible imprint on people's minds. Do I need to contact an employee with some information about my neighbor or not? There is a very rigid stereotype in us that “squealing” is harmful and immoral. This word alone disgusts the majority.

Therefore, I will answer your question like this. By itself, the police can do a lot in the fight against crime, but not everything. Without the active support of society, our hands are tied.

- Let's still talk about what the police can do. I heard an assessment from people respected in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: even with the best possible scenario, it will take five years for the police to overcome the negative phenomena. And only then can we hope for improvement. Do you agree?

- I expect that noticeable improvements will occur much earlier. And this is not a duty of optimism "on duty." This is realism dictated by my knowledge of the situation in the Interior Ministry from the inside.

Here you ask me: do I deny the existence of a crisis in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? No, I do not deny it. Problems, certainly, are. But, on the other hand, today in Russia almost everything is called a “crisis”. Especially if you read the press. And now, fold your arms and do nothing? Need to work. Moreover, I am faced with an absolutely doable task - if there is a desire, effort and means, of course. Therefore I responsibly declare: a part of positive changes can be seen in the very near future. And finally, the problem can be solved in a few years.

- Some years?

- I repeat once again: in my life I am not a pessimist and not an optimist, but a realist. I do not set myself unrealistic tasks. A part of the planned changes depends on the internal capabilities of the system and on my management decisions. This is primarily the improvement of discipline and increased accountability of police officers. Here the term will be shorter. And there are moments that require changes in legislation and increased financial opportunities. Solving these problems will take a longer time. I do not set myself impossible tasks.

I understand your skepticism. We can give promises from high tribunes as much as we want. But as long as a specific person in a particular locality does not feel a change for the better, for him all this will remain just words. But noticeable so far only for specialists, changes give me reason to hope: the result will not take long.

- What exactly do you want to achieve?

- I have already said about the first one: until we bring order to our own ranks, everything will remain good wishes.

The second. Simplify the bureaucratic and paperworking part of our work. What I have now, except for the diversion of forces and means from fulfilling our direct duties, I cannot name. Just like Raikin: give me a certificate that I have a certificate. The first steps in this direction have already been made.

Third. We must change the law. Perhaps think about the introduction of the concept of criminal offense. If a citizen stole a piece of sausage in a store, he should be punished administratively, not criminally (I don’t talk about pickpockets here - the situation is completely different). It is impossible to produce “criminals” in such numbers and divert forces and means from real tasks.

But this is exactly what we are doing now. The other day I was interested in one of our regional divisions: what kind of affairs are mainly in production at investigators? It turned out that approximately 35 criminal cases per each inquirer. And most of them are cases of theft with average damage in 1000 rubles.

What does it mean? And that's what. In some European countries, if the damage from theft is less than Euro 500, criminal cases are not initiated. Indeed, in these cases, the cost of the investigation will exceed the cost of the stolen one. And in our country only in one regional division of 350 people will be held criminally liable for theft with insignificant damage!

- Or maybe this is not our law? Maybe the police just easier to investigate the theft of the sausage, and not unravel a complex contract killing?

- Unscrupulous employees, of course, easier. But in the units that investigate contract killings, do not engage in small things.

The next item. We have for many decades distorted the scale of priorities. The issue of quality of public safety is actually replaced by bureaucratic competition. We were required to 100% detection of all recorded crimes. In developed countries have long abandoned this. And with our system, the department still calmed itself: oh, how gloriously and successfully we worked this year compared to the same period last year!

I am an implacable opponent of the cane quantitative crime system. At the first meeting I held in the rank of Minister, I warned all leaders: I will evaluate their activities not by the numbers of reports, but by the level of security and calmness of citizens living in the territory under their jurisdiction. But here we run into a serious problem. In our large country, it is difficult to determine the uniform criterion for the capacity of a regional ATC. In the Far East, the police are faced with some problems. In the North Caucasus, with completely different ones. In other regions - with the third.

- So, for the time being, alternatives to the crime crime record system have not been invented?

- Again, this takes time. Now a group of experts from a variety of people is working on it. There are veterans of our system, and its tough critics. I will not impose my opinion on them or have any influence on their work. I am waiting for weighted recommendations from them.

- Any successful transformation in a system such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs is unthinkable without serious financial costs. Therefore, I will ask simply: do you have money to carry out your plans - to pay decent salaries to employees, for example?

- In 2012, the federal budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, compared to last year, was almost doubled - by 570 billion rubles. The staff allowance increased compared to December 2011 in 2,2 times. Thus, the police lieutenant receives at least 33 thousand rubles per month. The salary of a district authorized police officer, a senior lieutenant with a length of service from 5 to 10 years, is after the deduction of taxes an average of about 38 thousand rubles.

True, in some regions, for example in Moscow, after the abolition of regional supplements, even the additionally taken measures did not lead to an increase in the money supply by more than 1,5 times. Therefore, we are now working on the issue of introducing the possibility of establishing additional payments to individual employees at the expense of regional budgets.

So, on the whole, today the situation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs can no longer be called “consistently heavy”. Now our task is to rationally allocate the allocated funds.

- If the police get good, why do employees continue to take bribes?

- You yourself know the answer to this question. No matter how much the crook pays, he will still cheat. If a crook in epaulets and earlier took bribes, no salary increase will affect him. And it's not about the mentality as such, as some believe. The root of evil is in the sense of impunity.

It is with this feeling that I intend to fight. And there is only one way - strict control over the actions of employees and the uncompromising decision of the leadership to bring them to justice for their misdemeanors.

The mechanism is already running. And the feedback from the grassroots divisions, which comes to me as a minister, testifies: we are on the right track. Those employees who are committed to unearned income, submit a report on dismissal. Such people openly say: I do not want to expose myself or my leaders. That salary paid to me by the police is not enough. I'd rather go work in a commercial organization.

“I was expecting a question about the“ Georgian miracle ”. And in response, I can only offer to be more careful with “miracles”. You cannot compare small Georgia with big Russia. ”

And it is right. A person must determine what is more important for him: either guaranteed normal existence today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Or the desire to earn more, but with known risks.

- But is it possible to overcome corruption only with administrative power levers? And can we deny that police officers have mental problems? After all, for many bribes - the norm, is not it?

- Excuse me, but why are you talking only about police officers, and not about the whole society? During the period of initial accumulation of capital, moral criteria in our country have changed for everyone. Yes, it hit hard on the MVD system. I remember very well what was happening in our units. People fired in the tens, hundreds, even thousands. They could not compare their notions of morality and the foundations of society with what was happening around them. And these people were replaced by other employees - people, as you rightly noted, with a completely different mentality. But then again, is this just a police problem? These people with a different mentality did not fly to us from another planet. They are flesh of the flesh of their society!

- And what is your opinion: until the generation that came into 90-s leaves the Interior Ministry, nothing will change? Maybe we should take a closer look at the experience of Georgia, where they replaced all the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

- I was expecting a question about the “Georgian miracle”. And in response, I can only offer to be more careful with “miracles”. You cannot compare small Georgia with big Russia. Yes, in their specific socio-economic situation, they were able to recruit new people as soon as possible. But in Russia, given its vast territory, this is unrealistic.

To declare in our conditions a vote of no confidence in a whole generation of Interior Ministry employees is not only immoral. It is also deadly. The consequences of such a step can only be imagined in a nightmare. Sensing the departure from the police of experienced personnel, crime will raise its head. On the streets will be scary.

We must work with the police officers we have. Of course, at the same time, they should be professionally educated, tuned to what is expected of them in society. Somewhere they need to be corrected. And others really need to be fired.

- Is it possible that you will say the right things here, and on the way to the regions your impulses will disappear?

- My track record is such that I know the situation from inside the system and measure my management decisions with how they will be implemented. I understand what my instructions will turn into, reaching a specific employee at the very foundation of our system.

It happens, of course, that I do not know something. Or, in principle, I do not have confidence that in our objective reality this decision is doable. In such cases, it is better to postpone. I make a decision only when I am firmly convinced that it will achieve the predicted result.

- Well, how exactly do you intend to make other police chiefs "rigidly control subordinates and uncompromisingly bring them to justice"?

- With the help of such a management tool as the principle of personal responsibility of a manager. When I entered the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the 1982 year, this principle was strictly adhered to: if a subordinate commits an offense, his supervisor answers. Unfortunately, in our recent past, this principle has receded into the background. But now I am actively pursuing it again. And if only recently, the heads of local police departments doubted that this would affect them, now all doubts have disappeared.

Of course, this principle has weak points. We have a clear shortage of personnel in the police today, especially at the middle management level. And who makes the most misdeeds? Employees of grassroots divisions. And who is responsible for them? Their immediate leaders. They are more under the principle of personal responsibility. But I do not know any other levers of influence on the situation.

- And how, against the background of personnel shortage, can you afford to dismiss employees for any misdeeds?

- Now there are plenty of examples when even generals fly from their homes. And for those who still hold their posts, this serves as a powerful incentive to better control the behavior of their personnel.

The fact is that top and middle managers today are not afraid of such punishments as reprimands and deprivation of bonuses. But they fear my decisions such as dismissal and dismissal from the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And you need to use those levers that act.

- And what levers do you intend to use to combat such a phenomenon as the spike of regional police commanders with local shadow bosses?

- Even the outward manifestation of this “symbiosis of interests” is immediately noticeable. Criminal cases are terminated. No measures are taken against violators of the law. By means of checks competitors are eliminated. In such cases, the sequence of actions is the same — to contact the higher services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’s own security. When confirming these facts, we react very harshly. And in terms of punishing criminals. And in terms of the dismissal of all, without exception, officials who were to intervene in the situation at their level. Should have been, but did not take the necessary measures.

- There was a strong conviction among the metropolitan intelligentsia: the police became one of the tools of the government to combat political dissent. What do you say to that?

- The fact that you yourself probably understand: this position is absolutely not justified. And as a citizen, and as a minister, I respect dissent as such. But when it passes a certain edge and turns into a wrongful act, it is no longer dissent. This is a crime that deserves appropriate qualifications. Police must enforce the law. And if you do not like these laws, then this is to the legislators.

- Well, I will ask in another way. Until 6 in May 2012, the tradition of peaceful and civilized protest against government actions gradually took shape in Russia. Do you have a version of why everything collapsed that day?

- Why May 6 all collapsed, and September 15 all suddenly recovered? I think it is better to ask those who organized the action in May. But if you are interested in my opinion, then it is. Until 6 May, the protesters behaved within the law. And that day a completely different scenario was planned in advance. I personally saw the development of the situation on the monitors. The organizers of the procession purposefully blocked the movement in a narrow place and began to call for illegal actions. Cobblestones flew into the police. Naturally, they answered the only possible way.

“And why was there a bottleneck on the march?” Maybe the whole thing in a bad organization of the action by the police and other authorities?

- I declare responsibly: all mass actions are carefully planned and coordinated with their organizers. The May 6 march was no exception. As always, we acted on a certain algorithm, which, until that day, had always allowed us not to allow violations of public order.

You ask: why the neck was formed? The police were ready to expand the corridor - this was done more than once without any problems. But the platform agreed for the rally was empty, and remained empty. The rally participants were not allowed into the corridor by the organizers themselves.

- Is it possible: on Sunday, unknown masked hooligans attack police officers, and on Monday, in retaliation, the police are extremely cruel to citizens who are completely uncomplicated by this attack? Don't you think that something like this happened in Moscow 6 – 7 May 2012?

- Everything that the police did in these days in Moscow has been carefully analyzed. There are video filming. There are eyewitness accounts. Therefore, it was concluded that the police acted absolutely legally. This is a fact that can not be disputed. There will be a court that will evaluate the actions of the violators of order.

Moreover, it is impossible to deny that the Moscow police acted quite restrained. Have you seen how the supporters of the movement “Capture Wall Street” were dispersed, what happened in Spain, Greece? The police are doing their job. And she does it about the same all over the world.

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  1. andrey9031
    andrey9031 31 October 2012 08: 10
    It is necessary to get rid of such a phenomenon as drug slipping. Due to this, you can always improve statistics and put pressure. In addition, police officers are corrupted. Naturally, why work, disclose when it is easier to put drugs
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 31 October 2012 08: 41
      Quote: andrey9031
      It is necessary to get rid of such a phenomenon as drug slipping.

      You need to get rid of the plan for solving crimes. Then there will be no sense in slipping. Traffic cops must make up a certain number of protocols per day and the cops have the same system.
      1. Joker
        Joker 31 October 2012 13: 39
        Nurgaliyev still canceled the stick system, but the regional bosses didn’t get it, they do everything the same way as before and every day they measure pipelines in departments, who open up how much and who get less reprimand, because of this, it’s also said poor things it was for the police to disclose, she needs help, an informer, not an informer, but noticed a violation; please tell the police, all have telephones now, almost everywhere they have video cameras on them, remove them, call the police and video as you give me the evidence, good going to pass the law h Oba video citizen is a piece of evidence in court. In the traffic police, at least it already works. When the violators come across the registrar in the car, I cut out a piece of the video at this moment at home, then as I drive past the traffic police, take it all there, write a statement so that the video is accepted and everything, everything goes for everything about all the minutes, 30 leaves, well, the biggest thing is 2 hours I sat, a great video was. For this reason, some lovers of an oncoming lane were deprived of their rights, someone would say a snitch supposedly, and I will say so when these cattle fly to you on an oncoming lane and you get into an accident, God forbid, with a fatal outcome, I think you will remember my words. Know your local police officer, take a phone to him, get acquainted and take whatever is happening around your house to shoot video or act as a witness, but you will lose some personal time, for that you will protect the health of hundreds of people, if everyone did this, then the level of disclosure in the departments it would increase, the crime rate would drop and the evil police wouldn’t take the underdeveloped people there, but because nobody would want to go to the ordinary people, everyone had their own affairs, their own feelings, when they steal something, everyone runs to the floor They demand help and help them, so you don’t help them and they will neglect your problems, I know a lot of police from my department in my area, if something happens near my house in the evening they call me right away, and what do I it’s not a bit of a misunderstanding for 15 minutes, when they always need something for me, they always have such a relationship, and then they won’t send you to departments to hell when you get there. And about corruption, so you don’t give bribes, we ourselves take bribes to them and always make them ourselves hi and then we complain that they say they are bribe takers, and there is actually an article on us, for giving bribes, all the troubles of not knowing the laws, for all administrative violations, for a very rare case, fines are provided that are less than the amount that you as a bribe, Well, get to the department with them, they will write you a fine and pay later how time will be in his bank. This is also a plus for honesty and the police do not need to give a bribe. If you want to break, have a conscience and accept the punishment as it should, so that after giving a bribe you don’t go and scream what cops You need to look for the cause in all problems first, and then in the surrounding people, in the 90's, cops saved the country from gangs, God forbid health to those who at that time worked and honestly performed their duty. The work of an officer in 90% is simple communication with people, the more friendly and open people the easier it is for an opera to solve crimes, this also applies to district police officers. So unilaterally, the police-citizens will not work out well, but the police-citizen-police will be fine.
        1. Denzel13
          Denzel13 1 November 2012 12: 05
          Joker, respect your citizenship hi , however, taking into account the legislation of the Russian Federation and the current practice of enforcement, the videos transmitted by you to the traffic police along with the application cannot be unconditional evidence in court when deciding on an administrative offense, if only because the DVR must be certified by an authorized body, it must undergo periodic survey (again in the organization having the authority for this), etc. It is for such reasons that quite often there is recognition of video and sound recording as unacceptable evidence in court, data received by radars and other technical means used by the traffic police. Of course, if the violator had enough literacy to demand that the data on the applied technical means and their serial numbers be entered into the protocol on the administration of the offense. Although all passports, certificates and data on the inspection of the traffic police should be with you and presented upon request. If someone was deprived of the rights on the materials you provided, then this is more likely the lack of qualified protection of the interests of the violator.
          Well, another subjective observation is that it’s almost impossible to violate traffic rules in the Russian Federation, since the organization of traffic in our country is sometimes directly aimed at creating conditions for violations.
      2. Denzel13
        Denzel13 31 October 2012 15: 49
        Sasha is right, but not only the police are sick with "sticks" - all the power structures. But all these "reforms" do not have any prospects at all until the principle of inevitability of criminal punishment is in effect, regardless of social and official status. When we see examples (in the plural) similar to Italian with Berlusconi, then we can talk about something. At present, the criminal liability of a major official basically says that he has "fallen out of the cage", and his corrupt activities are being pulled to the surface, only as a reason to remove him.
      3. APASUS
        APASUS 31 October 2012 20: 12
        Quote: andrey9031
        It is necessary to get rid of the phenomenon of drug palm

        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Traffic cops must make up a certain number of protocols per day and the cops have the same system.

        It is necessary to observe laws ..... from and to, tips on how to stop corruption are already tired
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 31 October 2012 20: 23
      The structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is one of the most corrupt in Russia, this is already clear to most citizens who are capable of thinking. Everyone knows about the kickback system that goes from the lower ranks to the minister. So if someone does not understand, then I will explain. Here is an interview with the person who is leading this corruption pyramid! The Russian proverb "what is pop - so is the parish" is still valid! Believe or not believe the words of this citizen - decide for yourself.
      And by the way, it’s just in my head, when reading this interview, the song from the comedyclab was spinning "Ah, I'm not like that, I'm not like that, I'm not like that - they're all like that, but I'm not like that!"
      1. mazdie
        mazdie 31 October 2012 23: 25
        Who guards, he steals ...
  2. Fox
    Fox 31 October 2012 08: 54
    I’ll look at the results when they remove the shoulder straps from criminals and double-dealers, putting on handcuffs then the result will be.
    1. mazdie
      mazdie 31 October 2012 23: 26
      The fish rots from the head
  3. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 31 October 2012 08: 58
    I agree that with the arrival of Kolokoltsev, the Ministry of Internal Affairs somewhat improved their spirit, which was absolutely killed by a certain Bakatin and was sought through the media by Minister Nurgaliyev ... The employees finally waited for the police minister who was not indifferent to the fate of this department and its employees. The minister’s interview, in general, I liked. I just would like to correct it about the employees of the early and mid 90s. I will not remind you what was going on in the country during these years connected with the general redistribution of property and rampant crime, however, it was during these years that the Ministry of the Interior appeared with what the whole country, at the moment, is making the appearance of a struggle ... this is corruption. ..In these years, looking at the lawlessness in the country, delayed salaries for an indefinite period, corruption schemes began to develop in the center and regions to seize money from businessmen by forcing the latter to take protection ... I will not disclose what everyone knows BUT those employees who started this, they live to this day ... Now they are lieutenant colonels and colonels and the fate of honest guys who came to the service depends on them ... So these colonels, moving up the career ladder, to their places put their loyal followers, and those in their turn ... Thus, this scheme exists to this day ... The same employees who do not want to participate in this, and are forced to write reports on dismissal, as they are subjected to laziness .... This is not a joke and quitting will cost less than the corruption system crushing you ... I would like to add that under Nurgaliyev, it was these heads who were entrusted with cleaning the ranks and attesting, and it was they who cleaned up the MVD system for themselves and their own kind. ..Why did I write this? Yes, this is an answer to Kolokoltsev’s statement that employees voluntarily write reports on leaving for commercial structures ... Sometimes it’s better to say such a letter and write a dismissal report than to be under the pressure of corrupt officials .... I understand that it’s dangerous to deal with it .... but you have to! Or is it still necessary to leave everything as it is and make the appearance of a struggle? And the rest, Kolokoltsev is right, and I think that it is he who must cope with this difficult task .... Good luck to you, Vladimir Alexandrovich in the fight against crime in the country and around him !!!
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 31 October 2012 09: 45
      God forbid!
  4. grizzlir
    grizzlir 31 October 2012 09: 10
    I’ll share the latest observations in the field of traffic police. A few years ago there was an administrative regulation that clearly states that a traffic police officer has no right to stop the vehicle for no apparent reason (the reasons are clearly stated). Later on, there is an order to cancel the stick system in traffic police years, the letter of the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the ban of radars without video recording (the letter is real, the acquaintances of traffic cops said that they brought it to them). And about a miracle, I’ve been listening to Kolokoltsev’s interview about a month ago, where he states that in the traffic police will be prohibited stick system, stopping drivers for no reason, and a ban on radars without video recording. It turns out that before all these decrees and decrees were, but no one complied with them. And who will guarantee that all his decrees will be implemented?
    One gets the impression that the subordinates "hammer" on the instructions of the ministers. Or the minister does not really insist on the execution of his orders. And this is in the power department.
    1. Gorchakov
      Gorchakov 31 October 2012 12: 27
      Quote: grizzlir
      One gets the impression that the subordinates "hammer" on the instructions of the ministers.

      I was referring to this layer between the minister and the executors, this colonel’s layer, which locally ignores the orders of the minister .... And if the young subordinate still dares to execute the minister’s order, he will be subjected to strong pressure and, at best, dismissed ... and at worst, with the help of his faithful satraps, the boss will let you down or substitute an article ....
    2. s1н7т
      s1н7т 31 October 2012 12: 38
      Quote: grizzlir
      Kolokoltsev’s interview, where he states that the stick system, stopping drivers for no reason, and the ban on radars without video recording will be banned in the traffic police soon. It turns out that all these decrees and orders were there, but no one complied with them. And who will guarantee that will all his decrees be executed?

      Gee! And they stop, and without video recording - everything is still.
    3. Joker
      Joker 31 October 2012 13: 42
      Learn the laws and no one will ever fine you in the traffic police.
  5. volcano
    volcano 31 October 2012 10: 15
    In addition to incidents and emergency situations with personnel, now there are a lot of examples of how our employees perform real feats. But does it get the media attention? Generally not. Is that right?

    And where does the media ..... Are we talking about PR or something?

    A citizen must SEE with his own eyes, every day, that the Guards, patrol officers, detectives, traffic cops and others on the ground and honestly do their duty, and not engage in hell ... ...... And then you will be respected and respected ...

    A month ago, he witnessed a situation from which ofigel ....

    crossroads .... on the one side next to the crossroads the Gaytsy .... check something at the driver ...... On the other side of the crossroads there is a pretty banal accident ..... some decided that it would slip through, the other decided that the horseradish slip through .... Thank God no one was hurt .... both came out ... began to bark .... Do you know what the actions of Gaytsov were? Haha .... they looked at this disgrace FROM ..... quickly got into the car and left ........
    Of course ... here it is already WORK, FORMULATION NEEDED ...... But we only fuck loot drove off drove love .....
    So what respect can we talk about? And where does the media? It’s not they who NEGATIVE CREATE ...... IT IS YOU

    In RI there were 10000 police officers throughout the country, and there was much more order.
    Now you are 2 million and there is no order AT ALL ...... START YOURSELF TO CREATE YOURSELF WITH YOURSELF
    1. mark021105
      mark021105 31 October 2012 12: 46
      Quote: volkan
      In RI there were 10000 police officers throughout the country, and there was much more order.

      Who told you that? Where such confidence?
      1. volcano
        volcano 31 October 2012 15: 53
        Quote: mark021105
        Who told you that? Where such confidence?

        Yes, I have often heard on the box in different programs ..... and more often than not just as a statement of fact, and not as a stone in the garden of the current Ministry of Internal Affairs .....
        And in general, I’ll quite admit ...... Neither the traffic police or the traffic police nor the extra-departmental security at that time was .... so it’s quite possible ..... And it’s just from people's memories that the policeman (city ) have seen quite rarely ..... And now they stand on each corner with poles, only they are worse ..... Poles at least give light.
  6. Igor
    Igor 31 October 2012 10: 16
    I expected a question about the “Georgian miracle”. And in response, I can only suggest being careful with “miracles”. One cannot compare small Georgia with large Russia. Yes, in their particular socio-economic situation, they were able to recruit new people as soon as possible. But in Russia, given its vast territory, this is unrealistic.

    Audible nonsense! After reading this, I got the feeling that I live in a country of cops, where everyone works in the police)))

    - What can I say to these citizens? Only one. If, God forbid, trouble comes to you and you come across bandits, call 02. The police will not leave you in trouble.

    Yes, yes, yes, the inhabitants of Sagra did just that, though no one came))))

    In the West, it is not considered shameful to report to the police about the unlawful or criminal actions of your neighbor. This is how a significant part of crimes is revealed or prevented. But in our past eras left an indelible imprint on the consciousness of people. Do I need to contact the employee with some information about my neighbor or not? There is a very strict stereotype in us that “squealing” is harm and immorality. This word alone disgusts the majority.

    In the West, people know that if they report to the police, the offender will be in prison and that if he goes free, none of the cops will tell him who handed him over. He rented a huckster’s apartment in my house and we just didn’t go there with statements, to be pressed, it was all a breeze to all services, then he talked with the peasants with this huckster and moved out.
  7. TROG
    TROG 31 October 2012 10: 51
    The budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is being raised, and their efficiency, personally, my opinion is falling proportionally.
    That's when Valya glass was our mayor, everyone said “why does she hate St. Petersburg so much. No, a new mayor came and in the very first days bazaars appeared at the metro stations again. (The only thing for which I respected Matvienko was that they were removed)
    Hmm, how to say, so as not to receive a warning, I will call them "tourists." near the metro, moving along a row of traders. And there was a feeling that the police and traders stupidly ignored each other or did not notice.
  8. grizzlir
    grizzlir 31 October 2012 11: 25
    In any case, the officer will never consider himself equal to a police officer, no matter what rank he is.
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 31 October 2012 12: 47
      "In the days before historical materialism" a policeman had no right to enter an officer's house - God forbid! Any actions of civilians (police, prosecutors, etc.) against an officer - only with the permission of the commander! It is necessary to remove the word "officer" from the cops, etc. Let there be an inspector, Art. inspector, commissar or something. For me, an officer is always only a military man!
  9. wax
    wax 31 October 2012 12: 02
    Kolokoltsev is not Nurgaliev, obviously. What is, is already there, and we must work with what is. The vector is marked correct. Medvedev reform and recertification spoiled a lot - they were selected on the basis of personal loyalty, i.e. there will be no weak opposition against Kolokoltsev innovations. But with the support of President Putin, progress is possible. It seems to me that in order to break ties, and they are not only with the criminal world, but also with local administrations, it is necessary to recall and make wider use of the Stalinist method of transfers from place to place. Shoulder straps oblige to obey. You can think about how to do this without injuring your family, but in Moscow and Moscow Region I don’t see any particular problems.
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 31 October 2012 12: 48
      Good comment +
      Even the minister would have realized. winked
  10. s1н7т
    s1н7т 31 October 2012 12: 52
    Chukhnya, however. When the law "On Police" was announced, it was clearly defined - the police are focused on protecting the law, not the people - this is not the police.
    Let the old name be returned. Precinct, beg. ROVD together with the prosecutor - to elect. Remove shoulder straps from them.
  11. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 31 October 2012 13: 02
    Moscow police, suspected of killing an Azerbaijani citizen, inflicted at least 77 stabs on their victim. The investigation will solicit the arrest of suspects.
    The body of the deceased was found on September 11 in the forest near the village of Zagoryansky, Moscow Region, by local residents. A criminal case was initiated under Part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Murder").
    According to the investigation, on September 5, the suspects tried to take possession of a BMW-530 car, which belonged to their 22-year-old friend. "In the car, they stabbed his owner at least 77 times with a knife. When the man died, the suspects hid his body in a forest and fled in a stolen car, which was found in the courtyard of one of the police officers during investigative actions," he said ITAR-TASS official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin.
    On October 30, 2012, three officers of the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki police department were detained on suspicion of committing a brutal murder: police drivers Dmitry Kolotovkin, Alexander Vlasenko and Artem Skubak. The policemen were complicit in two of their unemployed acquaintances, one of whom, Andrei Alekhin, is currently on the wanted list.
    In connection with the state of emergency, the head of the Moscow police fired five officers: the deputy chief of the police for the protection of public order of the district police department, the chief of the district police department, his deputy, the assistant head of the personnel department and the platoon commander of the teaching staff. The entire staff of the department will undergo an extraordinary re-certification.

    Everything is stable ...
    1. 1 November 2012 03: 07
      Quote: Lakkuchu
      Everything is stable ...

      That's it:
      Be proud.
  12. Lavrik
    Lavrik 31 October 2012 13: 58
    It is respectable that the minister declares himself as an irreconcilable opponent of the system of quantitative accounting of crimes: “At the very first meeting I held in the rank of minister, I warned all the leaders: I will evaluate their activities not by the numbers of reports, but by the level of safety and tranquility. citizens living in the territory under their jurisdiction ". The flag is in your hands, General. Only now develop effective criteria for assessing this safety.
  13. Sorry
    Sorry 31 October 2012 18: 15
    For the third year now I have been trying to punish two traffic police inspectors of the city of Nevinnomyssk, and they always answer me that there is no reason to initiate a criminal case. Although there are witnesses. They passed the certification and now the policemen. Also, my scammers lured a large amount of money, there are receipts where they sent them in December last year. Again the same story, there is no corpus delicti. Here is all the Ministry of Internal Affairs. About small Georgia. Our country is large, but the subjects are not so large and the population is not rich, with a few exceptions. So put things in order in entities such as Georgia and Belarus, learn, and then bring them to Moscow. Those who do not need anyone go to the police. Women go because the form is face to face and the money is like that, it doesn’t will be able to earn. It is necessary to abolish all ranks, such as those of the military. Why are there so many ranks in the police? How is this justified? In the Defense Ministry, his deputy, the head of the civil departments. Many officer posts were replaced by sergeant ones. And in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, people in officer pagons disperse demonstrators. This is not an officer matter at all. Special ranks should have special insignia.
  14. mazdie
    mazdie 31 October 2012 23: 23
    For the Ministry of Internal Affairs to work properly, the salary should be 3 times higher than the average for the region, and the payback 5 times higher than for an ordinary citizen.