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The Pentagon called providing Ukraine with anti-aircraft systems a priority

The Pentagon called providing Ukraine with anti-aircraft systems a priority

Providing Ukraine with air defense systems is a priority for the US military, and the US continues to focus on the supply of anti-aircraft systems to the Zelensky regime. Brigadier General of the US Air Force Patrick Ryder said this was announced by the press secretary of the Pentagon.

The Russian Armed Forces launched another massive strike with precision-guided missiles on Ukraine's critical infrastructure on Tuesday, hitting multiple targets. According to preliminary data, from 80 to 90 sea and air-based cruise missiles participated in several waves. The Ukrainian air defense failed to cope with the raid, the anti-aircraft systems supplied by the West also turned out to be powerless, almost all the missiles hit the target.

After that, the Pentagon again declared support for Ukraine and providing Kyiv with air defense systems, also promising to "support" the energy infrastructure. In addition, the United States does not exclude the supply of weapons and equipment for the "winter period", such a possibility will be discussed.

We will continue to work with Ukraine on how we can best support them on air defense issues. (...) we will discuss other aspects of what support we can provide in terms of their ground combat capabilities, their capabilities in cold weather (...)

Ryder said.

Earlier, Deputy Ryder Sabrina Singh said at a regular briefing that the United States plans to build a layered integrated air defense system in Ukraine based on anti-aircraft systems of various ranges supplied to Kyiv. At the same time, she stressed that the supply of anti-aircraft systems should not be made only by the United States, Europe and other partners should also invest in the security of Ukraine.

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  1. mitroha
    mitroha 16 November 2022 07: 37
    And what, have the shtatovites already built a working missile defense system? The Saudis built air defense, also a feast for the eyes. The Houthis order on the way to their hero.
    And to build a system from a variety of sorts is such an occupation. This is without taking into account the lack of calculations.
    And the main problem is that it is no longer possible to blame Russia for hitting targets on the ground with missiles of air defense systems
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 16 November 2022 07: 44
      Quote: Mitroha
      And what, have the shtatovites already built a working missile defense system? The Saudis built air defense, also a feast for the eyes. The Houthis on the way to their hero

      So they need to say something? Here they shake the air. I suppose they won’t create anything special, it’s very expensive, and not fast. Therefore - to send 404 to the 19th century, they already got it.
      1. Evil 55
        Evil 55 16 November 2022 09: 39
        Well, air defense over all of Ukrostan is clearly unrealistic, but over Lviv, I believe, something is already unfolding .. It’s not for nothing that our flying Caliber was beaten with everything they could, right up to flying into Poland .. hi
        1. Alexander Salenko
          Alexander Salenko 16 November 2022 10: 01
          And what is the interest of Lviv? Well, the railway junction, still a beautiful city, people speaking through the lips, you can’t buy bread there if you turn to Russian, here it is on the shelf, and you: nema bread. It’s just that some Zdolbonov or Kovel are no less attractive targets, like Sarny, which Kovpak hit at one time without entering the city, but simply by slamming 4 bridges at the same time. There are opportunities to make holes in the Sumerians even without Lviv, and you can’t put air defense systems under every bush.
        2. Fisherman
          Fisherman 16 November 2022 10: 24
          well, they hit our missiles ... it was "what they could", you can even say "whatever" ... there is no concept of layered air defense defense completed to the mind, they relied more on strike systems, so the sky became full of holes in NATO while Russia in the footsteps of the USSR, it made the most advanced layered air defense systems in the world! The USSR won the air defense race against NATO as soon as the Union put on a high-explosive fragmentation defeat of air targets, and the Yankees foolishly ran into "a bullet to shoot down a bullet", here we have a map and flooded.
    2. Silver99
      Silver99 16 November 2022 08: 04
      So it seems that in Poland they have already built a high-echelon defense, so what? The arrival of the S-300 from Ukraine is credited. Will NATO now use Article 5 against Ukraine?
      1. seregatara1969
        seregatara1969 16 November 2022 09: 06
        Please put air defense in Ukraine so that it reaches Berlin! And then Germany gives little weapons and help!
    3. Fisherman
      Fisherman 16 November 2022 10: 08
      "You're under arrest!
      -Listen, Semyonov, do you have a pistol?
      "Then they're detained!"
    4. Parvis rasulov
      Parvis rasulov 18 November 2022 04: 47
      The US has its own National Missile Defense and it consists of several elements. The US missile defense system includes a ground-based ballistic missile interception complex in the middle section of the trajectory, known as Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GBMD), the naval Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System and the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) military missile defense system, the Space System for Early Detection of Ballistic Launches SBIRS missiles, and this is all without taking into account air defense systems and air defense aviation of the armed forces and the national guard
  2. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 16 November 2022 07: 38
    Well... Ukraine is turning more and more into a battering ram against Russia and is saturated with weapons to the fullest.
    Definitely prolonging the conflict is fraught with unpredictable consequences.
    1. Nastia makarova
      Nastia makarova 16 November 2022 08: 30
      there are pluses now in a real combat situation you can see how modern NATO weapons work
  3. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 16 November 2022 07: 41
    Now I won’t be surprised if de facto NATO air defense takes the memory unit under the roof, located along the border. To "prevent Russian missiles from entering NATO territory."
    1. HAM
      HAM 16 November 2022 07: 52
      Aron, it seems that you are right. If the missiles in Poland are not the clubhand of the Ukrainian air defense forces, then it is very similar to a well-planned operation of the special services ... only these two versions are the most likely.
      1. Sebostyuan
        Sebostyuan 16 November 2022 08: 12
        With the Romanian MIG, such a show was not arranged. And the incident was more serious.
    2. jonht
      jonht 16 November 2022 08: 14
      But this will already be drawing NATO into the conflict, while you give a gun for shooting - you are a huckster, as soon as you yourself start shooting from it in someone's direction, you are already a participant. And it doesn’t matter on your own or neighbor’s land you do it .... hi
    3. Evil 55
      Evil 55 16 November 2022 09: 41
      8 km is a fairly long time spent over the territory of a NATO country .. But not one memory device moved to destroy it. In total, there is nothing to boast about with a holey umbrella. hi
    4. Alexander Salenko
      Alexander Salenko 16 November 2022 10: 03
      Here our plane flew in, will they shy away from it or what? And if so, then this is a reason to shy away in response, and this is called escalation and involvement in the conflict, with what fright will they cover the sky over Western Ukraine? Tea is not dealing with Arabs.
    5. Fisherman
      Fisherman 16 November 2022 10: 25
      why not be surprised, Aaron, you will be very surprised that there is NOTHING to close the sky for them.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 November 2022 08: 19
    The United States plans to build a layered integrated air defense system in Ukraine based on anti-aircraft systems of various ranges supplied to Kyiv
    How much time will it take and air defense systems with trained crews, a year or two ...? Is it easy to integrate Western air defense systems and Soviet ones in service with Ukraine into a single system? And a lot more questions. The Americans want to share the financial burden with Europe, which, of course, will not dare to refuse this. Therefore, these are still "solid" promises and nothing more.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 16 November 2022 08: 25
    The Pentagon called providing Ukraine with anti-aircraft systems a priority
    In general, the task, the desire is understandable, logical ... that's just where to get them, in the right, sufficient quantity.
    It is clear that over time, with the infusion of a sufficient amount of babosiks, they rivet, then what is needed, how much is needed ... the question is, at whose expense will the "banquet" be ??? The amounts are not small, that's understandable.
  6. Stoler
    Stoler 16 November 2022 08: 56
    Air defense systems have already begun to arrive in Ukraine. The authorities are significantly silent without doing anything. Here are just the "sky" over Ukraine, we still have to fall in love with everything request
  7. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 16 November 2022 09: 14
    They will not succeed in layered defense ....... without aviation. At best, the Patriot will stand in Poland or somewhere nearby.
  8. megadeth
    megadeth 16 November 2022 09: 45
    The Pentagon called providing Ukraine with anti-aircraft systems a priority
    For shooting in Poland ... !!! laughing