An American expert said that Europe is tired of Ukraine, calling it a "black hole"

An American expert said that Europe is tired of Ukraine, calling it a "black hole"

Ukraine is a "black hole", constantly absorbing the money of European taxpayers, Europe is already tired of sending funds and weapons to the Zelensky regime, which every day demands more and more. This was stated by retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor.

The American expert commented on the next meeting of the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin with representatives of Europe, the so-called "Ramstein format", where the US Secretary of Defense will require European countries to allocate additional funding for Ukraine. According to him, Europe is already tired of Zelensky and his wishes, the allocated funds and weapons are disappearing in Ukraine as in a "black hole".

Secretary of Defense Austin is making a desperate attempt to fight Ukraine fatigue. In truth, the Europeans are tired of pouring money into it. They are tired of sending technology into this black hole

McGregor said.

Yes, and in the United States, the most sober-minded politicians and the military are against financing Ukraine, and the chairman of the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Mark Milli, generally stated that Kyiv could not win in this conflict and called for peace talks.

Meanwhile, the White House has asked Congress for additional funding for Ukraine, according to preliminary data, we are talking about $37,7 billion. It is speculated that Congress, still controlled by Democrats, will approve this amount. If the discussion drags on until January, then this proposal may not pass, the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats.
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  1. -1
    16 November 2022 07: 12
    What geyropka, does your hole hurt? Well, nothing, cool in the winter!
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      16 November 2022 07: 25
      Most likely, officials from the military-industrial complex of the states can be called a "black hole", because the allocated money probably does not reach Ukraine.
      1. +1
        16 November 2022 07: 35
        Most likely, these funds, or rather a part, are returned there again.
      2. -1
        16 November 2022 09: 34
        because the allocated money probably does not reach Ukraine.

        In fact, it turns out that Ukraine is at war with Russia with Russian money, brilliantly "donated" 300 billion. So it's all right
        both in Europe and the USA.
        Well, if without "diplomacy", then by blowing up gas pipelines, the Americans showed Russia where it belongs, in their opinion. They're not afraid of a damn thing - so they know for sure. Endure our
        "godfathers". And even tribute will be paid.
    2. 0
      16 November 2022 11: 00
      Well, nothing, cool in the winter!
      There will be nothing out of the ordinary in Europe, infa 101%.
  2. +2
    16 November 2022 07: 13
    Russophobia is extremely expensive. And it may end with changes of governments and presidents in many Western countries. Because you can’t smear Russophobia on Russophobia and you won’t serve tea
    1. 0
      16 November 2022 07: 51
      Well, the mice cried, pricked, but continued to gnaw at the cactus. Nowhere to go, the striped uncle ordered
    2. 0
      16 November 2022 10: 59
      Russophobia is extremely expensive.
      Any whim at the expense of the Russian Federation.
  3. +3
    16 November 2022 07: 14
    The concept of "Black Hole" in the United States is firmly entrenched in Ukraine after a mistake with showing a video about a cosmic black hole in the news:
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    16 November 2022 07: 23
    Well, if the entire economy of a semodan without a handle is based on Western infusions, then naturally they will do it until their gas storage facilities are full and everything is normal with energy. They will print money, there are enough fools to buy Western IOUs and they can write off all the debts of Ukraine and start over.
  5. +3
    16 November 2022 07: 59
    announced Europe's fatigue from Ukraine, calling it a "black hole"
    This is not the first American expert to draw such conclusions. They showed an amusing American street advertisement for chocolate bars where Mars is a planet, Milky Way is the Milky Way, Black Hole is a portrait of Zelensky. But this will not stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine.
  6. 0
    16 November 2022 08: 01
    again soothing mantras from an unknown expert? the same thing since spring, the West is tired, there will be no more help, weapons are running out, we ourselves need to .... but in fact Ukraine is being pumped exponentially with weapons, and since the old Soviet one is ending, it is gradually being replaced by modern NATO models, which, if not to lie to oneself is superior to the samples that the RF Armed Forces operate on.
  7. 0
    16 November 2022 08: 05
    Something is doubtful against the background of the fact that the issue of saturating the outskirts with air defense systems is being considered. And these "toys" will be more expensive than any art, there are complexes of equipment that do not work one without the other + staff. Draw your own conclusions, such statements are worthless if the words disagree with the deed.
  8. 0
    16 November 2022 08: 33
    An American expert said that Europe is tired of Ukraine, calling it a "black hole"
    Yes, it doesn’t matter who is there and how tired ... a formidable roar will be heard from behind the ocean and rustle, the chosen ones of the people, the leading elite ... in general, stimulation from behind the ocean RULES!
  9. +1
    16 November 2022 08: 44
    Well, what other hole, since the light was turned off again))) In general, after the well-known events, Zelyuk is not called otherwise:
    1. 0
      16 November 2022 09: 22
      Quote from Bingo
      Well, what a hole, since the light was turned off again

      Black holes are always without light, because light quanta cannot get inside. I think this photo reminds us of where the "quanta of billions of dollars" fly away, and everyone knows where this "hole" is.
  10. 0
    16 November 2022 09: 14
    Ukraine is a "black hole", constantly absorbing the money of European taxpayers

    Well, how can one not remember the saying - "if you want to ruin the country's economy, give it an aircraft carrier", but a more accurate definition would be - "If you want to destroy Europe, give it Ukraine!"
    This is what we are seeing, as the world's greatest demolition man Mishka Marked (Gorbachev) said - "the process has started" and is picking up speed.

    PS Shanovni tsipsoshniki, I'm waiting for your minuses (pack the foam in plastic bags).
  11. +2
    16 November 2022 09: 31
    "Europe" cannot get tired as long as the States retain their hegemony. And those who disagree with the general line will quickly be rolled into asphalt (or something like that). Here in Ukraine, no one gets tired.
  12. 0
    16 November 2022 13: 23
    The destruction of the Ukrainian economy through the destruction of its energy system will increase by 10 times the costs of its Western partners to maintain the country's accounts. That is why it is in Russia's interests to continue the war. Russia will win a war of attrition. At the same time, it must wear down the Ukrainian army from suitable well-fortified defensive positions.
  13. 0
    17 November 2022 22: 29
    I don't know what retired McGregor came up with,
    but certain US financial groups combine business
    with increasing influence on European creditors.

    Also, Britain wins by destroying the European Union and dispersing the Ukraine project.

    The impoverishment and division of Europe is the main goal of the British Empire.

    And, in fact, it's already been done.
    My opinion.