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Indexing is canceled

Indexing is canceledThe Ministry of Finance decided to save on the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

When in 2011, a draft of the future federal law “On the monetary allowance of military personnel and the provision of separate payments to them” was considered, many different opinions were expressed on its substantive part. But at the same time there was a common opinion: there appeared a well-earned, deeply thought-out document that would radically change the lives of people in uniform. Starting 1 on January 2012, payments clearly confirmed this. But, apparently, it was not possible to foresee all the parliamentarians and officials.

The military-industrial courier weekly 13 on April 2011 for the first time published documents, the preparation of which was then completed in the relevant commissions of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Interdepartmental Working Group. They determined the size of monetary allowances and pensions for servicemen of the Russian army, internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia from January 1, 2012, as well as soldiers of other law enforcement agencies.
Counted - wept

Not much time has passed since then. But today the implementation of one of the provisions of the law was in question. It is about the abolition of indexation, which takes into account annual inflation. The 9 clause of the 2 FL article “On the monetary allowance for military personnel and the provision of separate payments to them” reads: “Salary rates for military posts and military salaries are annually increased (indexed) taking into account the level of inflation (consumer prices) in accordance with federal law on the federal budget for the next financial year and planning period. " In this connection, the Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to envisage, starting from 2012, in the development of the draft law on the federal budget, allocations for the implementation of these measures. That is, to allocate funds both for increasing the monetary allowance of servicemen and pensions, and for the inflation component.

What will it give? According to official data, inflation in our 2012 year will be 5 – 5,5 percent. On 2013-th is about the same value. The expenses of the Ministry of Defense for the monetary allowance of military personnel in the draft budget for 2013 year are planned in the amount of 341,9 billion rubles. On the MVD - about 600 billion. Thus, this measure will save about 50 billion rubles. Serious amount. But how to justify the planned step? But life makes its own adjustments. Now it is supposed to save on the army and the Interior Ministry. How? With the initiative not to index in 2013, the cash content was made by the Ministry of Finance. The government agreed with this. But in any case, our plans should be carried out through the law “On the federal budget for 2013 year and for the planning period 2014 and 2015”. To this end, the State Duma made the corresponding amendment, which proposes to suspend in 2013 the effect of one of the provisions of the law No. 306-FZ "On the monetary allowance of military personnel and the provision of separate payments to them" (from 7 November 2011 of the year) guarantees to employees of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation ”(dated 247 July 19), which provide for indexation. This amendment must be approved by the Federation Council and the president. But I think this is a procedural formality. However, in fairness, we say that the decision to increase (indexing) the salaries of military personnel is made by the Government of the Russian Federation, which is also spelled out in the law "On the allowance of military personnel and the provision of certain payments to them."

In the explanatory note to the document received by the State Duma, the need to abandon indexation is motivated as follows: in the 2012, the military and the police were significantly increased in pay, but their colleagues from the FSB, FSO, SVR, FSIN, prosecutor's office, TFR and other security forces will only increase salaries since January 1 2013. Therefore, if the servicemen and the police are now indexed, then since 2014, there will be a big gap between the revenues of the security forces of various departments. For the sake of the triumph of justice, so to speak, and we must abandon indexing.

But even after the increase in the pay, the officers of the Armed Forces receive not much more than the officers of the FSB, FSO, SVR and other security agencies. Because official salaries and salaries for the title in the FSB and the FSO were initially greater than in the army. Lieutenant FSO received about the same as the captain of the Armed Forces. Therefore, such explanations do not hold water.

Does not take into account the explanatory note and the fact that the pensions of prosecutors and investigators, judges constitute one hundred percent of their salaries. Whereas for military retirees introduced a discriminatory reduction factor 54 percent.

Recall that the monetary allowance of servicemen undergoing military service under the contract is the main means of providing them with material support and encouraging them to fulfill their duties in preparing for the armed defense of the Russian Federation. But now, under the pretext of the need to equalize the salaries of military and policemen with the salaries of other security officials, the cabinet and legislators suggest that they should not be indexed.

“We considered that annually the total volumes of the indexation of the money allowance of the servicemen only by the Ministry of Defense and the internal troops would be 44 billion rubles,” Deputy Finance Minister Leonid Gornin told the Economic Council in the Federation Council. - And if you take the military personnel of other federal structures, then in aggregate 67 billions more must be spent for these purposes. Taking into account the extra payment of indexation for long service to military retirees, this is still 26 billion rubles. ”

Thus, the total costs will amount to 93 billion rubles, which, apparently, is costly for the state. Therefore, the salary indexation planned for next year in the army and internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is postponed to the size of inflation to 2014.
Pensioners will not be affected

You can understand this, of course. The budget is not rubber. But where is the guarantee that next year there will not be any weighty reason again? Alas, there is no such guarantee. Moreover, a downturn in world production could hit energy prices, and therefore budget. Then again it is necessary to look no longer for the inflationary component, but for measures more abruptly.

But for military retirees, payments will be indexed next year. As before, retired military service pensions will be charged in accordance with the following formula: 50 percent for years of service and an additional three years of service for each year, but the total amount should not exceed 85 percent. As for the promised annual cash supplement to their pension satisfaction by two percent, it should exceed the level of projected inflation. And if the Ministry of Economic Development on 2013 determines it in, say, 5,5 percent, then payments to military retirees will grow by at least 7,5 percent. But this is also only preliminary calculations.

The growth of pension payments in the draft budget for 2013 year laid twice. Since January 1, retirees are planning not to accrue 54 percent from the new base military salaries, as it was this year, but 56.

In conclusion, we recall that the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of November 7 2011 No. 306-ФЗ “On the allowance of military personnel and the provision of certain payments to them” was adopted by the State Duma and approved by the Federation Council. Of course, this is a step forward. But as many military pensioners still believe, the downward coefficient 0,54 laid in it is pure discrimination on the social basis, which is strictly prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and international conventions ratified by Russia. It should be urgently canceled so as not to look ugly in front of other developed countries, or to introduce the same reduction factor for all officials, primarily deputies, governors, mayors, judges, prosecutors, etc. They currently have an average pension not 22 thousand rubles, and under 100 thousand rubles and more. People who have devoted their whole life to serving the Fatherland, who have risked their lives more than once, should live with dignity and after being transferred to the reserve.

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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 31 October 2012 06: 38
    I would like to look at officials. Who put forward a proposal to cut salaries and expenses for loved ones. If it is necessary to reduce salaries and payments, then it is to them. All officials are far from poor people, a significant part of them are dollar milloners. To reduce 20% of officials in the country and to get rid of not a few billions and not rubles.
    1. max-02215
      max-02215 31 October 2012 07: 23
      Like grown-up, but believes in fairy tales -This is everything - a separate caste of "untouchables" and yourself, loved ones, no one can reduce. Take your head out of the sand, the state, now, works for the bureaucracy and the oligarchy, it was in America in the 30s under Hoover, this is, in fact, in the world today. And all foreign and domestic policies serve their interests.
      I agree, Putin, now, there is no alternative, maybe there is, but since the media has long been free only for yellow diarrhea and the fight against pseudo-opposition, we do not hear and do not see other leaders, or they are destroyed in the bud.
      When Roosevelt came to power, he pressed the oligarchs and bureaucrats, the result of which was the Great Depression. And the first oligarch himself will not squeeze GDP
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 31 October 2012 07: 30
        Quote: max-02215
        Take your head out of the sand, the state, now, is working for the bureaucracy and the oligarchy

        Thank you, I didn’t even know belay
      2. smel
        smel 31 October 2012 07: 32
        I agree, Putin, now, there is no alternative
        It is unlikely that anything worthwhile can grow on a carefully trampled political field (I apologize for the tautology)
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 31 October 2012 07: 44
          Quote: smel
          I agree,

          I agree with whom, please contact more precisely, otherwise it is not clear to whom this applies.
  2. sv-sakh
    sv-sakh 31 October 2012 06: 39
    Who will be the first to shout "Banduputin's submissions !!" ? laughing
    Although not on this resource, the majority will shout ... "We have a good tsar - the boyars are completely loose."
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 31 October 2012 06: 52
      Quote: sv-sakh
      "Banduputin's submission !!"

      Putin's trial is not a question, one problemma, who will put him instead? There are proposals for candidates what
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 31 October 2012 07: 31
        Clearly, there are cons, but no candidates laughing
        1. Aleksey43
          Aleksey43 31 October 2012 08: 15
          Alexander, I agree. Apart from Putin, there are no candidates to be seen. And I don’t care whether he is a millionaire or a millionaire. The main thing is that the people should benefit. But it’s time to take officials in hedgehogs. The property was confiscated from all members of the family. Yes and I need to master the north. I think that we have a lot of harm from the inflated number of officials of all ranks. The same is in the power structures. And there is nobody to WORK (SERVE) ...
        2. Igarr
          Igarr 31 October 2012 08: 33
          Well, let's shout - Gang Putin's court.
          We’ll shout twenty more times ..
          What will change?
          Among the muti - let's not forget that the increase is really GOING.
          Is it good or bad - the second, third question.
          With EBNe - did you raise a lot of pensions? Was there an explanation about indexing?
          In court, a gang ... immediately another will come. Not sure which is better. Because - the hungry will come, snatch what she wants at once.
          He introduced himself, for example - as a deputy. Member ... of the State Duma.
          So something flashed in my brain at once, such "lordly" thoughts began to stir.
          They will take care of pensioners there. Pensioners run around ... from a heart attack - from the bureaucrat to the secretary. They have the right way of life, they don’t get fat, they don’t start sores.
          And here - sedentary work, hemorrhoids. It’s uncomfortable to sleep in the chair, the lower back is numb. On getting a rollback, they can grab it. The food in the dining room is very cheap, it has gluttony. For harmfulness would pay extra ...
          "..Russian revolt ... senseless and merciless ..."
          It will come to this.
          1. starpom
            starpom 31 October 2012 08: 54
            Quote: Igarr
            Food in the dining room is cheap

            Complaints from State Duma deputies and employees about high prices and small portions in the parliamentary canteen have stirred up the public and the blogosphere. The department managers of the Russian president said they were surprised by such statements, and noted that, apparently, the inhabitants of house number 1 on Okhotny Ryad "have not dined outside the State Duma for a long time."

            RIA Novosti found out what they feed in the dining rooms of the state authorities and how much it costs for a two-course meal and a drink in both houses of parliament, the Russian government and the Central Election Commission.

            In the Duma canteen and buffets, according to the calculations of RIA Novosti correspondents, you can eat for 150-200 rubles. Lunch includes an appetizer, vegetable salad, first or second and tea-coffee. Soup costs about 30 rubles, the second without garnish - from 60 to 160 rubles, snacks - 50-70 rubles. If a deputy or an employee of the apparatus wants to have a snack with tea and a sandwich, he will have to pay 35-60 rubles. A glass of juice in a buffet costs more than 35 rubles, two sausages - 63 rubles. The most "democratic" coffee and tea. Coffee from a coffee machine costs 17,5 rubles (100 grams), tea from a bag 7 rubles.

            True, the serving size has decreased over the past two years. Thus, in the presence of a RIA Novosti correspondent, one lady in a buffet refused a portion of fried halibut for 98 rubles (75 grams), complaining that "there is nothing to eat here."

            Lunch at the Federation Council will cost less than 120 rubles. So, green cabbage soup with eggs and sour cream cost 27 rubles 60 kopecks, kharcho with lamb - 48 rubles 20 kopecks. A fish cutlet made of cod fillet with cheese costs 71 rubles, beef goulash - 72 rubles 90 kopecks. For goulash, you can take boiled pasta for 16 rubles 90 kopecks or mashed potatoes for 12 rubles 80 kopecks. You can finish dinner with a compote of plums for 21 rubles 60 kopecks.

            If you have a snack in the buffet, you can keep it at 60 rubles - the price of a cup of cappuccino is 36 rubles, a cheese sandwich - 26 rubles, and carbonate - 24 rubles.

            In the dining room of the government of the Russian Federation there is a fairly wide selection: there are always more than five types of salads and appetizers, three first dishes, about five second, three side dishes. You can also take dishes that are made to order by the cook, but their cost will be slightly higher than ordinary hot second ones. In the assortment of the dining room there are seasonings, juices, drinks. The cost of a comprehensive lunch is about 150 rubles.
        3. urzul
          urzul 31 October 2012 10: 05
          Cons from those who want to manage
      2. baltika-18
        baltika-18 31 October 2012 09: 20
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Putin's trial is not a question, one problemma, who will put him instead?

        Yes, I can offer myself, but I’ll have to endure five years. A revolutionary change of power is currently not desirable, a little later.
        1. urzul
          urzul 31 October 2012 10: 08
          I can offer myself, but I’ll have to endure five years.
          I understand you, and then endure the next? Here you honestly put forward yourself, and what is your leadership experience?
          1. baltika-18
            baltika-18 31 October 2012 13: 52
            Quote: urzul
            I understand you, and then endure the next? Here you honestly put forward yourself, and what is your leadership experience?

            I will answer a question with a question. And what was Putin’s leadership experience before joining Yeltsin’s team?
            1. urzul
              urzul 31 October 2012 15: 06
              The very beginning and before EBN:
              Since the beginning of the spring of 1990, the main official place of his work was Leningrad State University (LSU) named after A.A. Zhdanova. At LSU, Putin became assistant to the rector Stanislav Merkuryev (for international issues).
              Well, then 10 years to the Presidency, but what about your achievements?
    2. urzul
      urzul 31 October 2012 10: 07
      I will answer why I do not scream.
      Read the military memories of 90's: and compare what's on the news now.
      I remember how we turned the military uniform into a work robe, in which we changed clothes when we came to the department and took off leaving home, because the prestige of the army dropped below the baseboard, and in the cities there were more cases of military beating.
  3. smel
    smel 31 October 2012 06: 41
    I have affirmed and continue to assert that all the problems of our society are the result of the fact that no one in our country from the bureaucrats ever answered for anything. If only they asked the powers that be for his work, I would stop thinking about how to circumvent the law. Yes, get into the pocket of a hard worker or a military man
  4. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 31 October 2012 06: 42
    "Our tsar is a good one - the boyars are completely loose."
    Yes? Haha YOU SAME yourself the first to say it -LOOKING for similar logic.
  5. logic
    logic 31 October 2012 07: 04
    Quote: smel
    nobody in our country from bureaucrats ever answered for anything.

    the question is not even that officials are not punished. The question is rather in the very ability of officials to interpret any situation in their favor. There is no rigid framework, only declarative positions.
  6. merkel1961
    merkel1961 31 October 2012 07: 23
    I think Chubais and Kudrin raised their heads for a reason, opened their mouths with forecasts of mass riots, and their supporters in the Ministry of Finance whine about the lack of funds. In the Duma, Fedorov raises the question of nationalizing the Central Bank, while liberals want to follow the guidelines of the US State Department. It is high time to send those who wish to "rock the boat" to rock the box.
  7. radar69
    radar69 31 October 2012 07: 33
    The Minister of Defense is a furniture maker. The first person of the state is a silovik. Who will seriously deal with the problems of the Army? Everyone thinks that it will form by itself.
  8. sergo0000
    sergo0000 31 October 2012 08: 23
    Why are you guys completely off topic left somewhere. winked
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 31 October 2012 08: 38
      Quote: sergo0000
      Why are you guys completely off topic left somewhere

      Hi Sergey, yes, because the topic is this, you pull on one, but everything starts to fall out. The topic is about one, but it implies a lot. hi
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 31 October 2012 09: 02
        Alexander Romanov,
        I see Sasha! Hello! hi
        I just wanted to hear the opinions of the army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs here. In my opinion, there is so much injustice!
        And always as far as I remember it was practiced.
        But in my opinion, in a slave-owning state and with the same economy, it is impossible in another way.
        Should anyone stand above our heads with a club!
        Well, pay accordingly for the risk.
        And the army, as Putin said, have never whined! If necessary, they’ll even cook porridge from an ax !! soldier
  9. predator.2
    predator.2 31 October 2012 09: 44
    Until the next presidential election, you can forget about indexations.
  10. rennim
    rennim 31 October 2012 09: 55
    You still do not know about the retirement of ordinary officials ... for example, from culture ... Military pensioners are just resting. And given that they want to equate them to the rank of military in rank .... since 2013. Just hands drop from such discrimination ...
  11. volcano
    volcano 31 October 2012 10: 00
    The expenditures of the Ministry of Defense for the monetary allowance of military personnel in the draft budget for 2013 are planned in the amount of 341,9 billion rubles. At the Ministry of Internal Affairs - about 600 billion.

    Everything is clear to the court ..... When almost 2 times more is spent on the Ministry of Internal Affairs than on the Army, this is some kind of worthless state with an unreal distortion ...

    Cops on every corner, but there was no sense. The army at least poorly supports the country's defense capability, but there’s no sense from these ....... The people of the Ministry of Internal Affairs never believe and want to defend themselves.

    The army is now about 700 thousand. And the Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the explosives, is about 2 million. What is this priority? We are afraid of the internal enemy more than the external.

    Dear GDP, I'm afraid that you began to hammer carnations one at a time in the lid of the coffin, where I will put my respect for you