Self-propelled guns Zrinyi: The pride of Hungarian tank building

Self-propelled guns Zrinyi: The pride of Hungarian tank building

The Zrinyi self-propelled artillery mount is called in many sources the “masterpiece of Hungarian tank building”. These guns were among the best in their class, second only to the German ones.

By the way, the successful use by the Wehrmacht of its Shtug guns, the 75-mm gun of which could suppress firing points and destroy fortifications, prompted the development of self-propelled guns by the Hungarians. At the same time, the 50-mm armor of the hull and cabin easily withstood the hit of the "forty-five" (45-mm anti-tank gun).

Already in the fall of 1942, a draft design of a new "self-propelled gun" was ready, and in January 43 the first prototype was assembled.

It is worth noting that Zrinyi was built on the chassis of the Hungarian tank "Turan", which caused a lot of indignation on the part of the tankers. The latter protested in every possible way against the serial production of the new self-propelled guns, since the "Turans" were not produced in "commercial" quantities.

However, by the middle of 1944, the Hungarian industry produced 72 self-propelled guns, which stopped their production due to the destruction of the plant.

The assault version of the self-propelled guns "Zrinja-2" or "Zrinja-105" received a riveted hull with a fairly solid wheelhouse armor: forehead - 75 mm, sides and stern - 25 mm, and roof - 13 mm.

The body of the self-propelled guns had lighter armor protection: the lower frontal part - 35 mm, the upper one - 13 mm, the sides - 25 mm.

The weight of the self-propelled guns "Zrinyi" reached 21,5 tons. The engine from "Turan" allowed to reach speeds of up to 43 km / h. The power reserve reached an impressive 280 km at that time.

In the assault version of the self-propelled guns, a 105-mm cannon was used. The ammunition load was 52 rounds.

True, there was also an anti-tank version of the "self-propelled gun", which received a 75-mm gun and was called "Zrinya-1" or "Zrinya-75".

Despite the fact that the Hungarians turned out to be really worthy self-propelled guns, it did not have any serious impact on the course of hostilities. After all, only 72 such guns were produced, despite the fact that initially the Hungarians planned to produce more than 250 self-propelled guns.

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  1. +1
    November 11, 2022
    Curious specimen. Thanks for the article, I didn’t even suspect such a prodigy hi
    1. +2
      November 11, 2022
      "Kindred" of the family of Italian self-propelled guns "Semovente"!
      Riveted. Chassis to military development (Czech).
      Weak Hungarian tank industry!
      Luckily for us...
      1. 0
        November 12, 2022
        The chassis has literally Czech ancestry. But at the same time, a planetary gearbox and pneumatic control drives with exemplary convenience.
        1. 0
          November 12, 2022
          Czech pneumatic actuators Pz. 35 (t) in the frosty winter of 1941-1942 "felt very bad."
          1. 0
            November 12, 2022
            In that frosty winter, the simpler equipment felt very bad. The Germans then nevertheless decided to once again use similar drives on Ferdinand, convenience was more important.
  2. 0
    November 11, 2022
    Self-propelled guns late for the war. Although she could not influence the course of the war. The Germans, even without the Hungarians, had good self-propelled guns, and the metallurgy of the axis could not be compared with the Soviet one.
  3. +1
    November 13, 2022
    He would have been a masterpiece at the beginning of 40, by 1943 it was an anachronism.
  4. 0
    November 17, 2022
    Yes, the Hungarians used the chassis of the LT-35 and LT-38 tanks. The Hungarians actually adopted all the ideas and material. The soldiers were good in the battle for Budapest, fought along with the SS troops, but lost. As a Czech, I try to be objective am
    1. 0
      December 16 2022
      The LT-35 and LT-38 were light tanks, and the Turan was based on the chassis of a Czechoslovak medium tank under development, which the Germans were not at all interested in.
  5. 0
    December 18 2022
    The hull is riveted, as in the days of WWI. Welding was not given to the Hungarians?

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