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Syria: a holiday under the sinister sign of terrorism

Syria: a holiday under the sinister sign of terrorismDamascus is already beginning to overwhelm autumn. Together with her came the days of Eid al-Adha, the holy Muslim holiday of sacrifice. And the UN Security Council adopted a statement in which it supported the initiative of the UN special envoy for Syria Ibrahimi on a temporary ceasefire during these holidays. The government and the High Command of the Armed Forces of the SAR have agreed to an armistice. According to Ibrahimi, the so-called "Free Syrian Army" seems to have also given him a promise to abide by the cease-fire. On Friday, 26 October, with the beginning of the holiday, the agreement entered into force.

And ... in the evening of the same day, the "truce" worked. As a result, 47 people were killed, around 100 were injured. In the Damask quarter Daf Ash-Shuk, terrorists blew up a car bomb. Most of the dead and injured are children.

“We were presented with a kind of“ gift ”!” Said the mother of the wounded four-year-old boy when the Syrian Minister of Health, Saad An-Naif, and journalists visited the hospital to which the injured were taken. “My son and I went for a walk and celebrate a holiday, but then an explosion thundered, and my son was wounded in the head and in the arm” ...

This holiday exists only for normal people, and not for those who, striking themselves in the chest, declare "jihad in the name of Islam" ... The explosion in the capital is not the only violation of the declared truce. Attacks on military checkpoints, civilians, and government offices are noted in many cities in the provinces of the country - Damascus, Homs, Idleb, Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor. Naturally, the military were forced to return fire.

But what did Al-Ibrahimi say when he put forth his initiative? What, they say, the "opposition" made him a promise, and if someone did not fulfill this promise, then, they say, the Syrian people will have the right to punish them.

Does the “global community” now recognize Syria’s right to punish the bandits? Judging by the mood of some members of the UN Security Council - they have very different plans ...

Once again, the UN Security Council, despite Russia's proposal, refused to condemn the barbaric attack. Is the death of a 47 person for someone a trifle unworthy of discussion? And it is during the sacred holiday and during the truce achieved with difficulty!

... The streets of Damascus are unusually empty. Syrians, sighing heavily, recall how this Eid al-Adha was celebrated before “democracy” brought its bloody terrorist dagger over the country. “It was fun and crowded,” says one of the Syrians, “all the cafes were crowded.” It was a holiday, much loved by the kids - crowds of parents with children walked through the streets of the city, for the little inhabitants of Damascus there was plenty of entertainment. Now, people once again prefer to sit at home, so as not to become victims of the next explosion.

It is not surprising. For nearly a month, terrorist attacks in the capital occur daily. And even two or even three terrorist attacks per day ...

Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad decided not to sit in the residence, but held a festive prayer in one of the mosques of Damascus. Prime Minister Vail Al Khalki visited the suburb of Damascus Jaramana, familiarizing himself with the lives of ordinary people, visiting a bakery, stores, hospitals. Defense Minister Fahed Al-Freige visited hospitals where wounded soldiers and officers are being treated. He congratulated the wounded heroes on the holiday, wished them a speedy recovery, and thanked them for their valor in fights with armed terrorists. The injured police officers were visited by the UAR Security Minister Muhammad Al-Shaar.

In the city of Tartus, on behalf of President Al-Assad, awards were given to the families of the deceased heroes. Most of the people of Tartu, who gave their lives in other, less calm cities of the Motherland, come from the Sheikh Badr area. When I was in Tartus for two weeks, I saw that the whole city was hung with portraits of fallen soldiers and officers.

At the award ceremony, Syrian Minister of Waqfs Muhammad Al-Seid recalled that residents of the Sheikh Badr region are descendants of Saleh Al-Ali, an outstanding fighter for the freedom and independence of Syria, who fought against the forces of the French colonialists. Now new heroes follow in the footsteps of their ancestors in their opposition to the new colonialists and their accomplices, who are arming the Western countries and the monarchies of the Gulf.

The behavior of the country's leadership shows that the state does not leave its warriors and their relatives in trouble, that Syria takes care of its sons, despite all the incredible difficulties that it had to face now ... When every day there are terrorist attacks, when people are unable to celebrate the holiday and even once again get out of the apartment ...

Cases of violation of the truce - not only in Damascus. In the provinces of Damascus, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Daraa, Deir-ez-Zor - attacks on checkpoints, barracks, military units and buildings under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are carried out everywhere. But not only with the military and law enforcement officers are fighting gangsters.

They attack civilians, including children, cause great damage to the country's economy, causing all people to suffer.

Thus, in the city of Idleb, terrorists laid an improvised explosive device in a dumpster near one of the hotels. As a result, two children were injured.

In Aleppo, militants attacked a pumping station and blew up five pumps that ensured the operation of the water supply system. Residents of the western areas of the city were left without water.

In the province of Deir ez-Zor, armed bandits sabotaged, destroying the pipeline.

This is the third attempt at a cease-fire, which is frustrated by armed terrorists — agents of the United States, the West, and the reactionary states of the Middle East region. The first was at the end of 2011 - the beginning of 2012, when observers from the League of Arab States arrived in the country. The second - in April of this year, when there was an attempt to fulfill Kofi Annan’s six-point plan. Every time the forces hostile to Syria, instead of helping in a cease-fire, indiscriminately accused the government of Syria, not noticing the crimes of the armed rebels. Every time they were incited to violate the cease-fire, they were supplied weapons, ammunition, money, they instigated the army and the people, calling them "revolutionaries" and "freedom fighters". This untied their hands. Therefore, innocent Syrian citizens died again and again from these unleashed hands of terrorists, houses, hospitals, schools were destroyed ...

Shortly before these alarming holidays, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanded a unilateral cease-fire from the Syrian government. He argued that this would end the violence in Syria. However, in practice, we see that all attempts at a cease-fire lead only to exaggeration of terrorists and, ultimately, to increased violence, to the fact that even more Syrian blood is shed.

Syrian leadership documents cases of ceasefire. The SAR Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a detailed document to the UN, which describes in detail where and when the militants commit violence, despite the promise to cease fire.

Will the UN listen to what the Syrian side says? Unfortunately, practice shows that some countries that are trying to subdue the UN by themselves are pursuing a policy of double standards. If Syria and some other countries are not forgiven for the slightest violation of any resolutions, and if they are not, then these violations come up - a completely different attitude to Syria’s aggressive neighbor - Israel.

October 23 Israeli aviation made a gangster raid - you won’t call it anything else - at a military plant in Sudan that manufactured conventional weapons, not weapons of mass destruction. As a result, two factory workers died. This is not the first time Israel has allowed itself such robber raids - and for some reason it has never been condemned for violating the airspace of other countries or for pirate hijackings (such as the recent hijacking of the Estelle ship, on which activists Europeans wanted to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip), not for other flagrant violations. If Iraq was destroyed for the slightest suspicion of "manufacturing weapons of mass destruction" (which, moreover, was not confirmed and, as it turned out, was falsified initially), if many US politicians constantly insist that they should invade Syria under the same pretext "Weapons of mass destruction," the Americans bashfully close their eyes to Israeli atomic weapons.

At one of the UN meetings, the representative of Syria, Bashar Al-Jafari, on behalf of his country, directly accused the “world community” of such double standards. If Iran is imposed sanctions for the fact that it seeks to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes, if Syria is stifled with sanctions and threatened it for the slightest suspicion of having chemical weapons, then Israel is not even asked to put its nuclear facilities under IAEA monitoring.

Israel responds to such accusations that, they say, it has the right to defense. But the question is - aren't Iran and Syria entitled to protection? Is the right to defense the privilege of the elect, and not the legitimate and inalienable right of every sovereign state?

But the so-called “world community” is stifling sanctions not on those countries that fly into the night at other people's plants, and certainly not those that have bombed far more than one country. No, those countries that simply want to live in peace are being stifled with terror and violence. Those nations who just want to live in peace. Those people who just want to celebrate their traditional holiday in peace and joy ...

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  1. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 29 October 2012 08: 08
    that’s because Ms. Gromova is distorting. Sudan accused Israel of raiding without providing any evidence, since Syria could be accused of killing Kennedy, i.e. maybe in the factory and the Hamas bases in Sudan and Israel worked, only this still needs to be proved. You don’t translate arrows on us, tear apart with your swamp. Are we not touching you? And you don’t touch us.
    1. Cavas
      Cavas 29 October 2012 08: 20
      Quote: Aron Zaavi
      that’s because Ms. Gromova is distorting. Sudan accused Israel of raiding without providing any evidence.

      The Israeli Air Force carried out an attack on the Yarmuk arms factory in a suburb of the Sudanese capital Khartoum, with eight combat aircraft taking part in the operation. This statement was made today by the Sunday Times of London.
      "In the morning hours of October 24, eight Israeli multi-role attack fighters F-15I / Ef-15-Ai /, of which four carried two one-ton bombs, and the rest carried out security, struck the giant Yarmouk production complex," the newspaper reports. “Everything suggests that this attack is a dress rehearsal for the upcoming raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities,” ITAR-TASS quotes.
      "According to estimates of Western military experts, during the operation, Israeli aircraft spent four hours in the air and covered a distance of 3900 kilometers," the newspaper said.
      According to her, "the flight was carried out over the Red Sea, and the entry into the airspace of the Sudan - from the east in order to bypass the air defense system of Egypt."

      "In the immediate vicinity of the Sudanese border, fighters refueled in the air. At the same time, a Gulfstream G550 aircraft with modern electronic equipment on board completely jammed the radars and other air defense systems of Sudan. As a result, not a single MiG in service with this African country and did not rise into the air, "- indicates the Sunday Times.
      According to the newspaper, "the current operation began two years ago with the murder by Mossad agents in a Dubai hotel of a Palestinian businessman and high-ranking Hamas activist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh."
      “Before leaving the hotel, they took from his portfolio a copy of the military agreement between Iran and Sudan,” the newspaper reports. “The documents showed that Sudan had given Tehran the full right to create weapons on its territory.”
      According to The Sunday Times, "Iranian Shahab ballistic missiles were produced at the Yarmouk plant under the leadership of Iranian specialists. They were intended for further transfer to Hamas structures in the Gaza Strip and other regions of the Middle East," the British newspaper concludes.

      Again the "preemptive strike". Again "necessary defense". This is what they will tell everyone now.
      Israel has already bombed Iraq, Syria. Now Sudan.
      And nobody was punished. On the contrary, awarded.
      Is Iran Next?

      And did anyone remember international law?
      Or is there only the right of the strong?
      Yes, these guys themselves understand only power ...
      And very afraid of her. Therefore, they beat under cover of night.
      And this is their weakness ...

      1. View
        View 29 October 2012 09: 21
        How would Israel and Sudan are at war. Caravans of weapons to terrorists go to Gaza through Sudan and from Sudan. What actually Sudan does not suit?
      2. Dinver
        Dinver 29 October 2012 10: 57
        About the fact that it drowned out Sudan’s air defense systems, it’s said very loudly that you’ll look at what the Sudan’s air defense and radar systems are armed with, it’s not even the 60 years of the last century, but at best 40-50, from missiles only old arrows, everything else is different ZSU.
        1. rero
          rero 29 October 2012 11: 14
          a mig 29 toze 50- ie godi?
          1. Dinver
            Dinver 29 October 2012 11: 25
            I kind of wrote about air defense, and not about the Air Force, you read the comments before answering them.
            1. View
              View 29 October 2012 12: 23
              Ie in the air defense structure of aviation can not be? Do not shoot down a plane by plane?
              The Western air defense concept implies, among other things, the dominant role of aviation in air defense tasks
              1. wax
                wax 29 October 2012 13: 51
                To raise planes in the air, you need to obtain data on the goals. The dominant role in air defense is the means of location of the threat (goals).
                1. View
                  View 29 October 2012 14: 06
                  Well then, Sudan needs to be quieter, otherwise somehow they are not ready for an answer
              2. Sandov
                Sandov 30 October 2012 18: 08
                There is air defense aviation, there is attack aircraft, etc. The difference in characteristics.
                1. View
                  View 30 October 2012 20: 52
                  so nobody argues. Already here they mentioned the MiG-29, a completely multifunctional aircraft
          2. fern
            fern 30 October 2012 00: 08
            Well, the air defense technology is really in a sad state. The best representatives are zu-23, m163 volcano and man-portable strike arrow-2
      3. rero
        rero 29 October 2012 11: 17
        a snabzat teroristov raketami eto kakomu mezdunarodnomu pravu atnositsa? ia ne vizu nekakoi slabosti vetoi operacii '', iizrail nikavo ne boitsa, eto vashi fanzazii: D
        1. wax
          wax 29 October 2012 13: 48
          Israel is not afraid of anyone while it is in conjunction with the United States.
          1. homosum20
            homosum20 29 October 2012 14: 58
            But in vain. For the United States, it is already a burden.
      4. Trevis
        Trevis 29 October 2012 13: 08
        The movie "Red Heat" is killing me with its primitivism! But thanks for the shot, laughed.
    2. 1976AG
      1976AG 29 October 2012 08: 28
      Ms. Gromova may cringe, but if Israel had not pursued an aggressive foreign policy, it might not have been thought of. Or maybe there is evidence, but you do not know about them.
      1. rero
        rero 29 October 2012 11: 23
        po vashemu izrail dolzen slaza ruki smotret kak na evo grazdanax sipiatsa raketi da? ne dazdiotes..budem bit etix shakalov i griaznix teroristov i ix pakravitelei. eti tupie sudanci taikom pamagaiut ubiicam akagda ix pa rukam biut nachinaut gavkat i begut v oon zalavatsa..prativno ..
        1. wax
          wax 29 October 2012 13: 45
          Double standards both in heads and actions. As Aaron Zaavi said: “We don’t touch you? And you don’t touch us” Is it a florid phrase? It can be paraphrased: "We are touching you. And you do not touch us."
    3. View
      View 29 October 2012 09: 19
      Ms. Gromova is not the first to distort, she is here as a freelance (or still full-time?) Representative of the Ministry of Propaganda of Syria
    4. dirty trick
      dirty trick 29 October 2012 10: 25
      Quote: Aron Zaavi
      only this still needs to be proved. You don’t translate arrows on us, tear apart with your swamp. Are we not touching you? And you don’t touch us.
    5. alexs30
      alexs30 29 October 2012 16: 50
      I read the article, internally agreed with it .. Everything is so. Gromova voiced something that many thinking people are internally sure of. But there will certainly be a person who will call black white and vice versa. ...
    6. elenagromova
      29 October 2012 17: 11
      Who is touching you? And if your leadership killed two innocent workers, then what - to write about it - is this "touching"? Disgusting, however, to bomb like this ...
      1. View
        View 29 October 2012 17: 30
        Elena continues to live in some kind of fictional world of her own. Probably the caravans with weapons from Sudan, black-bearded brothers, who are now wetting you, were invented? Ay yai yay, not good
        1. elenagromova
          29 October 2012 17: 37
          And those specific workers at what?
          1. View
            View 29 October 2012 17: 40
            Well, Elena, when Hamas, sponsored by your "leader" blew up discos with children in Israel, they did not ask these children what they were.

            And these workers are at least adults, and even at a military factory, and indeed the workers, the grandmother in two showed
      2. Aaron Zawi
        Aaron Zawi 29 October 2012 21: 57
        First not proventhat ours. Secondly, Sudan has been with us in a state of war since 1948, so if anything happened in a war like in a war. their freaks should be enough.
        29.10 08:14 In the Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian city of Deraa, two Hamas branch leaders, Ahmad Khalil Khalil and Ahmad al-Harubi, were killed. The bodies of Hamasniks lay on the street for several hours, and they were afraid to approach them - both were shot by snipers of the Syrian government army. In early October, 20 Palestinians died as a result of shelling by a government army of a refugee camp in Deraa. In just 19 months of Syrian civil war, more than 400 Palestinians have been killed.
    7. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 29 October 2012 21: 48
      However, it is surprising how they like it here when people express an opinion that does not fit into the local "Procrustean bed". wink
      1. View
        View 30 October 2012 13: 12
        We don't need no education.
        We don't need no thought control.
        No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
        Teacher, leave those kids alone.
        Hey, Teacher, leave those kids alone!
        All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
        All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

  2. 1976AG
    1976AG 29 October 2012 08: 49
    Little kittens that shit anywhere, poke their faces in the shit in order to wean them from evil. These ones also need to be understood what is good and what is bad.
    1. View
      View 29 October 2012 09: 23
      Ms. Gromova, by all the rules of the information war, made an informational flush - she tried to switch (as always) attention to Israel from the bloody affairs of her bloody god
      1. max-02215
        max-02215 29 October 2012 11: 22
        You are either blind or dumb. I wonder who in this region has such power All this will pass as soon as they get in the face, but it’s a long wait, but I’m sorry
      2. DEfindER
        DEfindER 29 October 2012 11: 53
        Actually, you don’t even have to write anything here, even if you didn’t believe a single word by Elena, just one video of the material is enough to make everything clear, seeing thousands of demonstrations in support of the legitimate authority, crowds of people trying to give flowers to the soldiers liberators .. And what about the opposition , a maximum of 20-30 people at the same time clearly visible personnel can be seen with the naked eye, moreover, if the army fought with the people, then the whole opposition would consist of Syrians and not of Turks or other foreign mercenaries .. I saw a lot of fakes where the demonstrations for Assad, rude photoshop rudely, his posters were crossed out, inscriptions were signed, they created an illusion designed for the western man in the street, weaned out of turning on his own brain swollen with fat ..
      3. Che
        Che 29 October 2012 12: 27
        Quote: View
        Does the “global community” now recognize Syria’s right to punish the bandits? Judging by the mood of some members of the UN Security Council - they have very different plans ...

        The world community is under the fifth State Department, so it is doubtful to wait for positive results.
        1. Sandov
          Sandov 30 October 2012 18: 14
          The Washington regional committee is deliberately leading to a world war. They hope to sit over the ocean. Hope in vain.
  3. YOUNG
    YOUNG 29 October 2012 10: 06
    How, after this, it can be argued that these are freedom fighters or civilians craving justice !!! YES real terrorists who are stupidly trying to make an armed coup! Where is the UN Security Council looking?
  4. Lucky
    Lucky 29 October 2012 10: 38
    I think it's time to mobilize reserves and conduct a complete sweep of all the cities of Syria, and leave the troops on the border, otherwise this is not the case!
    1. View
      View 29 October 2012 12: 24
      On whose border are you going to leave the troops? North Caucasian District? wink
  5. Samovar
    Samovar 29 October 2012 11: 26
    And ... in the evening of the same day the “truce” worked. As a result, 47 people were killed, about 100 were injured.

    In the event of such "operations", the Syrian leadership must immediately withdraw from the truce and continue the operation to remove the cancer (that is, terrorism).
  6. View
    View 29 October 2012 12: 31
    The article by Ms. Gromova is very similar to the report of the engineer Gavrilin at the opening of the tram))

    Ostap suddenly heard loud laughter in the crowd
    Bender. He appreciated this phrase. All neighing. Encouraged
    reception, Gavrilin, not understanding why, all of a sudden
    spoke about the international situation *. He is somewhat
    once tried to launch his report on tram rails,
    but with horror he noticed that he could not do this. The words
    by themselves, against the will of the speaker, some
    international. After Chamberlain, to whom Gavrilin
    took half an hour, the American entered the international arena
    Senator Bora *. The crowd went limp. Correspondents
    they wrote at once: "In figurative expressions, the speaker outlined
    the international position of our Union ... "Inflamed
    Gavrilin spoke badly of Romanian boyars
    and switched to Mussolini *. And only at the end of the speech did he overcome
    his second international nature and spoke
    good business words:

    She would have to talk about the tram .. the affairs of the Syrian mournful, when some Arabs urinate other Arabs, and she about the international situation lol
    1. Rockets
      Rockets 29 October 2012 12: 55
      Quote: View
      She would have to talk about the tram .. the affairs of the Syrian mournful

      His .. doesn’t smell like a wise guy?
      You would be happy to write about your elections, but you’re getting into other people's affairs. Watch yourself home-grown prodigy
      1. View
        View 29 October 2012 13: 47
        We master a higher style of argument. A dispute without facts. Dispute on temperament. A dispute that goes from unfounded affirmation to the identity of the partner.

        What can the lame say about the art of Herbert von Karayan? If he is immediately told that he is lame, he recognizes himself defeated.

        What can a person who did not change his passport argue about? What views on architecture can a man express without a residence permit? Caught red-handed, he confesses and admits himself defeated.

        And in general, how can we be interested in the opinion of a bald man with such a nose? Let him first correct his nose, grow his hair, and then express himself.

        Behavior in an argument should be simple: do not listen to the interlocutor, but look at him or hum, looking into his eyes. At the most acute moment, ask for a document, verify registration, ask for a testimonial from the place of work, it is easy to switch to "you", to say: "But this is not your dog's business", and your partner will soften like scalded.

        laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing

        "and you get into other people's affairs." L E Z E T E !!! Russian language textbook for some class
        1. 1976AG
          1976AG 29 October 2012 14: 21
          And in what, in fact, is Mrs. Gromova wrong? In what he calls bandits bandits, and defenders - defenders? Or that he accuses the United States of using double standards? Are you saying that the United States is pursuing an honest, peaceful policy? But this is clearly absurd. Furthermore! US policy has been aggressive and inhuman for decades. Only for the period since 1945 it is difficult to list the facts of manifestation of the bestial essence of this empire. The use of atomic weapons against Japan alone is worth something! By all their actions, they show only that they don't give a damn about everyone, if only they themselves live well. Wherever states enter, chaos begins, terrorist attacks occur, and civilians die. Imagine armed men bursting into your house and saying that your life is not at all right. It must be different. And if you don't want to, we will shoot you. Is that great? This is the true face of the states. And you say Gromova ...
          1. View
            View 29 October 2012 14: 58
            Mrs. Gromova is wrong only in that she shows on the pages of this portal all the same double standards - the angelic Assad all in white and thousands of "mercenaries" who were citizens of the same country yesterday. I do not argue that there are mercenaries there, they definitely are. Syria now resembles the Spain of the 30s, only the International is not communist, but Islamic

            All of them are standing there each other, and Assad, and black-bearded uncles with bearded faces.

            So, this is their mess, they brewed it themselves, this abscess matured for a long time and now it burst through.
            1. 1976AG
              1976AG 29 October 2012 15: 16
              The point is not that Assad is angel-like or not, but that it is the internal affair of Syria and only they themselves must deal with this. And here again the states climb. It didn’t work out legally through the UN Security Council, so they did it through neighbors, through mercenaries, through special services. Just like in Libya. I fully admit that some of the locals are dissatisfied with the regime, but how it was inflated and what was created from it is a completely different story. And the fact that members of the territorial groups are fighting against Assad speaks for itself - they do nothing for it. And the innocent as usual suffer the most.
              And about the abscess, doesn't it seem strange to you that he broke through in several countries at the same time?
              1. View
                View 29 October 2012 16: 56
                The natural processes of history, alas! Some dictators are leaving, others are coming. As the elder Assad came to power in 70 as a result of a coup, the “wrong Muslim” Assad Jr. will now be whipped up. And some regular “correct” Mahmud I will come in his place. And then it will be pulled up after a while .. The circulation of Arabs in nature
                And as for the States, taking into account the graters between the "right" and "wrong" Muslims in Syria, and the quantitative ratio of both, I am sure that the "revolution" broke out spontaneously, the States just want to lead it ... well, why not?
                If booze cannot be prevented, then it must be led drinks
                1. elenagromova
                  29 October 2012 17: 05
                  Take care of your neck.
                  Today, your parliament passed into the parliament, and then, as it were, they would not hang for fascism.
                  1. View
                    View 29 October 2012 17: 24
                    as it passed, it will leave. I did not vote for him. In any case, it was held on the basis of the popular will, as a result of the elections .. and not like dad Asad 40 years ago wink
                    1. elenagromova
                      29 October 2012 17: 35
                      well, yes, such people vote for death with a scythe, which is no better ...
                      And Asad the Elder has lifted the country from the ruins. And the evil spirits did not stand on ceremony - they tried to arise in Hama, but the lads got what they deserved
                      1. View
                        View 29 October 2012 17: 46
                        I am glad that you are interested in the political situation in Ukraine, but Yuliya Volodimirіvna didn’t please you, I don’t understand - I didn’t roof the militant in Ukraine, I didn’t open the Basque terrorists headquarters in Kiev, I didn’t create the Irish militants bases in Crimea

                        And as for Hama, daddy Assad somehow slipped past the international tribunal in '82, he is not humane with "evil spirits" then, from artillery pieces, but in residential areas, and there are children, well, yes ... they are not children. This is evil.
                        So the children have grown up and want to see what Assad has inside, the same color of blood in him is like them

                        Lena, you leave from there, take all your relatives, relatives, acquaintances, and back to Russia!
                      2. elenagromova
                        29 October 2012 23: 59
                        Oh, yes, then Carla del Ponte has not yet made a career .... And thank God.
                        And where should I go, I'll sort it out myself, okay?
                      3. View
                        View 30 October 2012 12: 49
                        Where you go is your own business, but once in your life you have already come to the wrong place
                      4. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 13: 10
                        It was a conscious decision when it could not be otherwise. Only you do not understand.
                      5. View
                        View 30 October 2012 13: 16
                        No comments. Your decision is your decision
                      6. Sergh
                        Sergh 31 October 2012 05: 13
                        Quote: View
                        No comments

                        Yes, View, I read your comments, you are a miserable creature, in addition and rotten, sitting behind Klava in the kitchen by the refrigerator next to a tit, you are trying to somehow virtualize the brains of people who are in a combat situation, in the center of fear and danger perform a civic duty. Your sycophancy spawns me, if I was not there, then sit and drink in a rag, just silently, and do not advise with your crazy pearls who where and what to do. "Brothers" are wed, ept.
                      7. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 00: 03
                        As for Yulia Vladimirovna, on the one hand, I respect her for courage, but on the other hand, her Russophobic pro-Western political program is not a single Russian person, especially a patriot, to cause disgust. And it is difficult to understand where her courage ends and impudence begins
                      8. Cat
                        Cat 30 October 2012 00: 18
                        Quote: elenagromova
                        As for Yulia Vladimirovna, on the one hand, I respect her for courage, but on the other hand, her Russophobic pro-Western political program is not a single Russian person, especially a patriot, to cause disgust. And it is difficult to understand where her courage ends and impudence begins

                        And since when has Yulia Vladimirovna been listed in Russophobia? The famous Gas Agreements, under which she agreed to pay for gas more than any European country, did she spite anyone? Hatred of Russia, or the beloved West?

                        Its political program is pro-government and monetary. And for the sake of its implementation Yu.V. ready to change the rest of the "pro" at least three times a day.
                      9. View
                        View 30 October 2012 12: 43
                        you do not argue with Elena, she begins to have big problems with logic when she is asked uncomfortable questions request
                      10. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 13: 16
                        What does gas have to do with it? This was a necessary measure. She hates everyone who speaks Russian. She arrived in Crimea, everyone there speaks Russian and many of this "language" do not "understand" at all. They asked her to speak there in Russian, but she flatly balked.
                      11. View
                        View 30 October 2012 13: 31
                        A forced measure of what? unwillingness to recognize that we are a different state and relations with us need to be built accordingly?
                        Gas is just very much in fact. .a then comrade Putin and the patriarch together, from the Russian zombie channels, shout that we are brothers, and at the price of gas we see that Germany is their brother

                        And there are no problems with the Russian language, either in the Crimea or in Lviv
                      12. Sergh
                        Sergh 31 October 2012 05: 24
                        Quote: View
                        recognize that we are a different state

                        What kind of tries are you ... the state, tramps from the highway, nobody wants to talk to you anymore, weather vane, in a word. It’s possible to exchange money with the Germans, but you can’t even take fat with you, it’s over, View got it all.
                      13. tekinoral
                        tekinoral 30 October 2012 01: 22
                        Destroying weight city with a population of women, children and the elderly.
                      14. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 13: 22
                        And there were also "Muslim brothers" who tied people to two different cars and tore them apart.
                        He gave them a few days to leave the city. Who has not left - is to blame. What to do? Allow the rebels to commit atrocities? Then more people would have died.
                      15. View
                        View 30 October 2012 13: 32
                        Anecdote of the "bird" flu era

                        -Mom mom! Why are the birds killed?
                        so they don’t get the flu!
                2. 1976AG
                  1976AG 29 October 2012 17: 54
                  You are apparently quite young. A little naive. Believe us, the United States will never go anywhere! They seek profit everywhere. Why do not they climb into some kind of Papua New Guinea or something like that? The main goal is energy and control of world markets. Therefore, they are primarily eager for the Arab region. And if they were interested in ordinary people, they would first of all have appeared somewhere in Africa, where every year hundreds of thousands of children die from hunger, disease, feuds. Only children! So draw conclusions.
                  1. View
                    View 29 October 2012 18: 11
                    probably because nothing happens in Papua New Guinea, no? If there is someone from old memory ate a white man wink , then for this there is the police.
                    Syria has no particular energy sources, so it does not fit into your conspiracy theory.
                    And about hunger, disease and civil strife, so this is of less interest to the same Arabs. Choosing between the construction of a military factory and the acquisition of food for their own people, they will always choose the first option request

                    about youth, merci for a compliment! drinks But judging by your nickname 1976 ... I'm older than you wink

                    The pursuit of disease, hunger and more

                    Sudan. Kab would have chewed up this topic here

                    Two online quotes


                    GDP per capita in 2009 - $ 2,3 thousand (181st place in the world). Below the poverty level - 40% of the population (in 2004). The unemployment rate is 18,7% (in 2002). Inflation - 14,3% (in 2008).


                    The Sunday Times claims that Israeli intelligence managed to establish what exactly the Iranians were going to produce at the Yarmouk arms factory in Khartoum. We are talking about Iranian Shihab-3 long-range ballistic missiles. The plant also served as a starting point for weapons caravans bound for Gaza.

                    And you say hunger ...
                    1. 1976AG
                      1976AG 29 October 2012 19: 03
                      In order:
                      In Syria, there is the main energy carrier - oil.
                      Hunger, disease, feud - I'm more about Africa
                      1976 is not the year of birth
                      Regarding Israeli intelligence - at one time, the last argument in favor of the invasion of Iraq was the data of some kind of intelligence (or French, I don’t remember) about Hussein's chemical weapons. Hussein was hanged; no chemical weapons were found. It is done. I don’t even want to remember how the Democrats dealt with Gaddafi. So do not rush to conclusions.
                      P .S. In addition, with the fall of Syria, Iran is almost isolated and it will be easier to deal with it.
                      1. View
                        View 29 October 2012 19: 49
                        Briefly, theses
                        There is very little oil in Syria. Very little. The game is not worth the candle
                        About Africa - Sudan, by the way, Africa. Although there are Arabs, Muslims. And Nigeria Africa. And in Nigeria, Christians are slaughtered. Muslims, by the way, are slaughtered. This is me to the fact that it is possible to draw some logical conclusions, hu from hu on this planet

                        1976 - no comment

                        According to Hussein, at least I don’t cry. I already unsubscribed here - all dictators end badly. He is no exception. Restoring order in such countries is the burden of a white man.
                        Iran, too, has not learned any lessons, they believe that the "rake of history" is not written about them. They are obviously wrong. Syria is already tied hand and foot and no longer affects the speed of Iran's "fall"
                      2. 1976AG
                        1976AG 29 October 2012 20: 14
                        Oil in Syria is still FEW. New deposits offer good prospects. And here it is important to adhere in time (which is done).
                        Then I did not quite understand. Does anyone wonder that Muslims slaughter Christians? Personally, I don’t. Let the amers work there. They have similar habits.
                        According to Hussein, I do not cry either. I simply do not trust links to intelligence data.
                        I will disagree about putting things in order. The UN was created for this, so that there would be no lawlessness. Not a single country in the world has and cannot have the right to "restore order" anywhere. As a last resort, with the approval of the UN Security Council. Otherwise, who will determine where to put things in order and where is aggression?
                        In Syria - Iran: the dependence is direct. The sooner Syria falls, the sooner they will tackle Iran.
                      3. View
                        View 29 October 2012 21: 19
                        well on that and decided
                      4. Sandov
                        Sandov 30 October 2012 18: 25
                        Dramocratic dictatorships should also end badly in this case. Your ochlocracy cannot offer anything good. Only massacre and suffering.
                      5. View
                        View 30 October 2012 20: 53
                        Democracy is not a goal, it is a means. Not all nations have grown to it
  7. wax
    wax 29 October 2012 13: 56
    More correspondents like Gromova. For her head, probably, the fighters for tolerance will soon announce the award.
    1. View
      View 29 October 2012 14: 10
      Come on, and tolerance, when the black-bearded uncles begin to walk freely on the streets of Damascus, God forbid that Assad reserved a place for her on the plane winked
  8. View
    View 29 October 2012 17: 26
    Elena, how is the fight against the "mercenaries" progressing? In the news, they write their own aircraft bombing their own suburbs of their own Damascus soldier
    1. igor67
      igor67 29 October 2012 17: 29
      Today I watched the news on RTR, they said that they were bombing despite the fact that he himself had declared a moratorium, some kind of nonsense
      1. View
        View 29 October 2012 17: 33
        Well, there’s some kind of moratorium, I beg you .. a feast .. sacrifice. So they fill it. meaning, God forgive me
    2. elenagromova
      29 October 2012 17: 34
      What nafig own aircraft? Listen more to jazzir! Militants in Jaramana, a mined car blew up, 10 people died, and no aircraft could be heard!
      1. igor67
        igor67 29 October 2012 17: 40
        Look at RTR planet news in Syria, they also have it before minus. By the way, this is the official Russian channel, not al Jazeera,
      2. View
        View 29 October 2012 17: 49
        I am sorry, I read on tape. Sru, for what I bought, for that I sold, here is a reference, admire

        Lenta.sru refers to Francepress, then I did not unwind the chain, sorry
        1. elenagromova
          30 October 2012 00: 06
          Well, it is clear that this is the source ...
          Here, in Damascus, another terrorist attack took place, your favorite crap craps staged it ...
          1. View
            View 30 October 2012 12: 46
            It was arranged by your fellow citizens, not mine. This is your Sunnis, Alawites, others .. ity, all have the most "correct" religion and most importantly, it allows you to easily kill the "wrong". You nourished and covered them, now scoop them with a full spoon
            1. elenagromova
              30 October 2012 13: 13
              Syria has always had normal Islam and normal Christianity. Your beloved West nurtured "Muslim brothers" and all kinds of jihadist extremists, first to fight the USSR in Afghanistan, then to fight in Russia in Chechnya, to hurt Yugoslavia in Kosovo, now to fight all normal forces in the Middle East.
              1. View
                View 30 October 2012 13: 22
                There is no concept of "normal" Islam. Islam is normal only when its representatives are in the minority among the peoples around it. When you are in a state of lean and accumulate strength to cleanse the lands of the infidels from the infidels themselves. You have the Middle Ages in your head! You are already evolving faster on your own!
                And do not blame the West, Islam did not arise in Antwerp, and Mecca is not in Scotland. You have all the problems in your head and in your book; you yourself know which one.

                PS When dad Assad with a multinational force wet his neighbor Hussein, was everything normal with jihad? wink
                1. elenagromova
                  30 October 2012 13: 25
                  You are so opposed to all of Islam. But I wonder why support more radical groups?
                  1. View
                    View 30 October 2012 13: 34
                    God forbid! I do not support any radical groups! I’m trying to convey to you the idea that in Syria there is no white and black side, both sides are black! All stained with blood
                    1. elenagromova
                      30 October 2012 13: 55
                      I am here and I see something completely different - one side - the legitimate government - strives for peace, the other side - the so-called "opposition" - sows death, blows up everything, kills people, kidnaps ...
                      1. View
                        View 30 October 2012 14: 12
                        Everything in the world is relative and depends on a reference point. I'm here a little smile aside and I see that on the one hand, the regime, a dictator from a family that came to power as a result of a coup, a minority in the country of the majority, overlooked the typical Leninist situation "the upper classes cannot, but the lower classes do not want", who did not notice that the USSR is no longer there, no one will close the eyes of the bombing of cities. A regime that has supported terrorist groups throughout its existence, etc.

                        On the other hand, citizens of the same country, who have decided what is enough for them,
                        They also do not cause emotion for me, because Islam is in their heads, and their methods are typically Islamic, fu, fu, I can not stand medieval bearded uncles with the Islam of the brain, for whom the slaughter is also the same as a ram

                        you do not have right and white there. Syria has come to what itself went for a long time

                        Could the current situation have been avoided? It could be
                        To do this, unpopular decisions had to be made - not to support the terrorists, conclude a peace treaty with Israel, not buy military pieces of iron, but use this money from an already poor country for the needs of its own people. And radicalism would be conceived in the region - Israel, Syria, Lebanon. There would already be three countries with a secular path of development. Assad all profiled
                        Now Syria is waiting for the collapse of the enclaves on the basis of whose Islam is more correct

                        As there Vanga said "Syria has not yet fallen .."
                      2. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 14: 16
                        There is no "dictator". You cannot even imagine how far the image of the real Bashar al-Assad is from what the media portrays. I personally met him ... I looked into his eyes ... I can't even imagine that he would shout at someone ...
                        And how can you make peace with Israel if a part of the country's territory is occupied by it?
                      3. tekinoral
                        tekinoral 30 October 2012 14: 20
                        Tell us about the SHABAK creations?
                      4. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 14: 23
                        There are no "shabah". But yesterday I saw the creations of Erdogan against the opposition demonstration - that's where the horror is!
                      5. tekinoral
                        tekinoral 30 October 2012 15: 20
                        At least Assad did not shoot his citizens.
                      6. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 15: 25
                        Yeah, just from a water cannon watered, gassed and beat with batons ....
                        Well, so the demonstrators in Turkey were really peaceful demonstrators, not murderers, thugs, bandits and terrorists. If the Kurds are armed, Erdogan shoots them.
                      7. tekinoral
                        tekinoral 30 October 2012 15: 40
                        where the Kurds are here, the situation is different there, we, as Assad, are not destroying everyone in a row. and with the PKK we are mainly fighting in the mountains,
                      8. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 15: 50
                        No one destroys everyone. Well, yes, of course, you can fight against bad Kurds, but you can't fight against bad Wahhabis ...
                      9. tekinoral
                        tekinoral 30 October 2012 16: 10
                        In Syria, they want to change the regime and not take away the territory, but to Turkey, these are two different things, and why the Asad family did not give citizenship to the Kurds
                        Rifat Assad is unshakably convinced that he will be expected as a savior, and claims that “today it will be easier to return and carry out reforms of the Syrian state than 20 years ago. Because everyone is aware of the need for change. Most people reject the regime. Syria wants to live in security, and therefore should not pose a threat to its neighbors, and neighbors should not pose a danger to it. Nevertheless, the Syrian leadership has long been thinking only about power and has lost its mind and sense of proportion. ”

                        According to Rifat, Bashar played with fire, and the situation got out of his control. Under pressure from his Iranian allies and Hezbollah, he tried to imitate their model and form religious groups, which in Iran (guardians of the revolution) and Lebanon (Hezbollah) became even stronger than the regular army.

                        Read more:
                        Follow us: @inosmi on Twitter | InoSMI on Facebook
                      10. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 16: 16
                        They want to split Syria by confessional basis.
                        And I would like to see how Erdogashka would react if his regime were to be changed.
                        However, what is there to watch? Post a demonstration yesterday dispersed, eh?

                        As for Rifat Assad, this is Hafez's brother, who back in the eighties wanted to take advantage of his brother's illness to make a coup. But he didn't succeed. Now he wants to take advantage of the situation, and even under the banner of "reforms". Will not work. Now there is only one reformer in Syria - Bashar al-Assad.
                      11. tekinoral
                        tekinoral 30 October 2012 16: 33
                        Well, what do you compare Turkey and Syria. Erdogan came to power with free elections, unlike Assad

                        Rifat lived in Geneva, Paris, London and Spain and even returned to Syria for some time after the death of his mother, but was forced to leave the country again when his brother began preparations for the transfer of power to Bashar. He himself claims that his confrontation with his brother and nephew is primarily ideological, and that if he wanted to take power in 1992, he would have the means:

                        “No one can stop me from returning to Syria. I am sure that most of the population in both camps supports my return. The troops fighting the regime are former Ba'ath party activists and former military, who for the most part are still loyal to me. Not all those who defected (and went over to the side of the uprising) were Sunnis. There are even people from my native Alavite village who lead a free army ... Bashar is not just trying to flirt with me from time to time ... "
                      12. Yarbay
                        Yarbay 30 October 2012 14: 30
                        Quote: elenagromova
                        I looked into his eyes... I can’t even imagine him shouting at someone ...

                        How touching)))))))))))))))))
                      13. View
                        View 30 October 2012 14: 46
                        I won’t even comment on this. Woman is woman)
                      14. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 14: 55
                        What does it have to do with the floor?
                      15. View
                        View 30 October 2012 15: 13
                        It was just very emotional and touching said
                      16. View
                        View 30 October 2012 14: 55
                        Pride, of course, does not allow making peace, when the desire to agree is mistaken for weakness. This part of the territory is "doubtfully" Syrian, it was presented to you by French and English rulers. In any case, you lost it through your own fault, it is a war trophy. They wanted to return the Golan to you, but, Elena, but pride, pride. Assad wanted more and more.

                        Without sacrificing small, now lose everything
                      17. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 15: 04
                        This we still see who will lose what!
                      18. View
                        View 30 October 2012 15: 06
                        of course we'll see
                      19. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 14: 22
                        And do not fall, do not wait. Personally, for my part, I will do everything to prevent it from falling. And here we are 23 million such!
                      20. View
                        View 30 October 2012 14: 51
                        Elena, I respect your decision even despite the fact that in my opinion it is erroneous

                        In order to cure a disease, you need to understand the causes of its occurrence. I don't know about Assad, but you look at the "disease" through the prism of delusions

                        For example, in these 23 million you wrote down the Sunnis, of whom the majority, and even if even the majority had previously been loyal to the Father of the nation, then after flying the Albatrosses with bombs over their neighborhoods, they want to see him hanged at least
                      21. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 14: 53
                        Let them keep their fantasies about "hanging" to themselves, or better - demonstrate them on themselves!
                        And then - before all this, no one has ever looked who is Sunni, who is Shiite. Here they said: "There are 23 million Christians and 23 million Muslims in Syria" - that is how everyone lived together and united.
                      22. View
                        View 30 October 2012 15: 12
                        And what has changed, how did the fertile ground for what we have?
                      23. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 15: 19
                        What changed? The West began to interfere in the affairs of Syria, along with Saudi and Qatar sending out mercenary bandits, sowing discord in society ... It was not only Syria that was affected. Libya, too, it was completely destroyed.
                      24. View
                        View 30 October 2012 15: 28
                        We returned to where we started .. Everything in the city .. and only I am all in white

                        I will try to draw parallels. Ukraine. We, too, are all slightly different Ukrainians and Russians, Moldavians, Tatars and Jews, Orthodox and Catholics, Protestants and Muslims. We know the Ukrainian language, we do not know. .da even if at least 100 billion US dollars Euro)) NATO / China / Qatar / the Masons and Jehovah's Witnesses will spend on the emergence of even very remotely similar to your situation
                        Well, they won’t succeed, the Ukrainian will not go to kill the Russian, Orthodox Catholic. They will only spend money in vain

                        Your situation has ripened for a long time, and here is the denouement.

                        Syria will not be the same as before, if what remains of it can be called Syria
                      25. elenagromova
                        30 October 2012 15: 49
                        Ukrainians have already killed Russian, under the influence of fascism. At least, zapadentsy. There were such - Bandera and K., their heirs are now climbed into parliament.
                      26. View
                        View 30 October 2012 17: 03
                        You have simplified the situation of the period of the World War. Now it is not possible
                      27. Sandov
                        Sandov 30 October 2012 18: 38
                        Your intelligence agencies have done nothing surprising.
                      28. View
                        View 30 October 2012 20: 55
                        I didn’t understand whose special services they worked on and what?
                      29. Sergh
                        Sergh 31 October 2012 05: 52
                        Quote: View
                        how did the fertile ground for what we have?

                        So what is the question, have France Press really not yet rattled you that all of a sudden they wanted democracy? You google on copper, or you ask stupid questions, the West will not forgive you for this.
                      30. Sandov
                        Sandov 30 October 2012 18: 32
                        These pieces of iron your amers force to buy. And how do you still resist shit and general people.
                2. Yarbay
                  Yarbay 30 October 2012 14: 48
                  Quote: View
                  Islam is normal only when its representatives are in the minority among the peoples surrounding it.

                  What do you mean by that??
                  1. View
                    View 30 October 2012 15: 11
                    By this I would like to say that from a long list of countries with traditional Islam, the vast majority are struck by extremism and radicalism. Islam with a more or less "human" face I observe only in Turkey, and in the exUSSR republics, which at the very least are following the western path of development. .with local specifics
                    1. Yarbay
                      Yarbay 30 October 2012 16: 29
                      Quote: View
                      the vast majority are affected by extremism and radicalism

                      You're wrong!!
                      Part is hit-illiteracy!
                      This is a smaller part, but AGGRESSIVE and supported by big money and certain political circles in the West!
                      Quote: View
                      Islam with a more or less "human" face

                      Well yes .. and Indonesia, Malaysia ??
                      The same Pakistan, I agree that the state does not control part of its territories, but where is it controlling what problems ??
                      and dozens more countries I can name!
                      1. View
                        View 30 October 2012 17: 10
                        In principle, I agree. But not really. Again, the West accuses the minority aggressiveness (which, excuse me, from my bell tower does not look like a minority). Who and what prevents any of the Islamic countries from overcoming illiteracy? Who makes buying weapons, not textbooks? Muslims must admit that Western society is developing, and there stagnation and neither the Americans nor anyone else is to blame. You just need to see that there are other books besides the Koran, and to see that the world is big, there are many other peoples and cultures from which it is not a sin to learn anything and there’s nothing wrong with that
                      2. Yarbay
                        Yarbay 30 October 2012 17: 42
                        Quote: View
                        Again in the minority aggressiveness

                        I emphasize illiterate minority!
                        Quote: View
                        blame the West

                        Not to see the influence of the West on these Satanists is stupid (please do not take it to yourself)!
                        in Afghanistan they sang, then they led us by the hand! With the creators of Al Qaeda, they were friends, everything is clear to everyone !!
                        With the hands and money of the Saudis, these ignoramuses are producing all over the world !!
                        Wahhabism at one time was created with the direct support of England !!
                        I can write a lot about this here, but only a blind person will not see what exactly the West supports these non-people, it is possible that certain, but very influential forces in the West!
                        And illiteracy, underestimation, indifference, corruption and lack of interest in the leaders of these countries and unconditionally subversive activities of the circles I have mentioned above prevent me from overcoming illiteracy!
                      3. View
                        View 30 October 2012 21: 09
                        Yarbay, in Ukraine, they say "who is to blame? Nevistka" smile
                        This is me about the fact that "the West is to blame for everything"
                        You named Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan as bright examples. For me they are exactly that, I do not want to give "googled" not bright examples of extremism in these countries ..
                        Excuse me, but these countries spend colossal amounts of money on armaments, and not on the education of the "gray" masses.
                        Why do Indonesia need the dozens of Leopard tanks they are currently purchasing? Who are they going to fight on the islands with?
                        Why did al-Qaeda find fertile ground in Pakistan?

                        We need a reform of the consciousness of the Islamic world, no reform, no more time for reform, REVOLUTION of consciousness!

                        And the first step for this should be - Islam should become the religion of the day off, then extremism will go away, then these people will be able to hear others who are not like them, and will be heard themselves
                      4. Yarbay
                        Yarbay 30 October 2012 23: 17
                        Quote: View
                        Why do Indonesia need the dozens of Leopard tanks they are currently purchasing? Who are they going to fight on the islands with?

                        Then, like all other countries !!
                        Why do Western countries need tanks, missiles, planes ??
                        Or do you think that all countries except the West should have only slingshots and give up at the first attempt to * democratize them * by Western countries ??
                        Recently in Thailand there was a real massacre of Muslims, hundreds of women, children, civilians were killed, just because they are Muslims !!
                        Western media were silent, who in the world was indignant ??
                        Who lit up ??
                        As if this was not !! All because the West did not need this event now !! It was necessary to remain silent and the whole world was silent!
                        The same thing happened at the end of the 80s and when we started pogroms, killings and expulsions of Azerbaijanis in Armenia, all the media were silent about this! We were shocked why even in the USSR everyone is silent !!
                        We did not know then that the representatives of the Armenian diaspora presented a very expensive diamonds to Raisa Gorbacheva for silence !! But the pogroms organized by the Armenians themselves in Sumgait were widely advertised around the world !! 3 Armenians were arrested among the rioters in Sumgait, including Eduard, who killed Grigoryan and raped his snotmenikov in the gang which he led!
                      5. Wanderer1980
                        Wanderer1980 31 October 2012 11: 02
                        For the Armenian people, Gorbachev’s “perestroika” and “glasnost” became a return in the years 1915-1920. The ruthless destruction of the Soviet Union was carried out with the relentless threat of creating the “Great Turan” - in Turkey, maps were published on which many territories of the USSR were painted green or blue, and children were taught using these cards in schools, saying that all these lands, including Armenia , turkish lands. Having the sad example of Nakhichevan and the village of Chardakhlu in Northern Karabakh, the Karabakh Armenians began to collect petitions and organize demonstrations demanding the reunification of the NKAR with the Armenian SSR. However, the Azerbaijani-Turkish invaders refused to give back the stolen land and, with the help of the Soviet special services, organized a series of provocations. Anti-Armenian sermons in legal and underground mosques, the creation of the myth of Azerbaijani “refugees” from the Kafan region of the Armenian SSR, the intensified fanning of rumors of “tortured Azerbaijanis”, “raped women” and “a carriage of children with their fingers chopped off” and, finally, the Askeran incident, when at least one Azerbaijani was killed by his own KGB officer of the Azerbaijan SSR dressed in police uniforms - all these provocations led to the bloody Sumgait pogrom. At the end of February 1988, young, healthy guys from 18 to 25 years old with pre-compiled lists of addresses of Armenians living in the city and with pre-sharpened rebars and axes raped and killed Armenians with impunity, robbed and set fire to their homes - and all this happened in the state, in which the dominant ideology was “friendship of peoples” and in which the omnipotent KGB dominated. In the spring, summer and autumn of 1988, new acts of terror against the Armenians were organized in Shusha, Kirovabad, Shemakha, Shamkhor, Mingachevir, Baku, Nakhichevan, and this time there was a response - the eviction of Azerbaijanis from Stepanakert and the Armenian SSR, which turned into a mutual exchange of refugees .
                        Further steps to “finally resolve the Armenian issue” were no less consistent - the energy, transport and food blockade of the Armenian SSR and NKAO, the massacre in Baku (January 1990), ethnic cleansing of the Armenian villages of the NKAR, Shaumyan and Khanlar regions of the Azerbaijan SSR (Operation Ring) , raising the Musavat flag and, finally, the declaration of independence of Azerbaijan, immediately supported by Turkey. Moreover, interestingly, the declaration “On the restoration of state independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan” said that “the Republic of Azerbaijan is the successor of the Republic of Azerbaijan that existed from May 28, 1918 to April 28, 1920 ... with the preservation of all decrees and laws that do not contradict its administrative territorial arrangement. ” What gloomy and sinister parallels! Franjo Tudjman calls the Ustash NDH created in 1941 as a result of German-Italian occupation “an expression of the historical aspirations of the Croatian people”, and the Azerbaijani SSR Parliament announces its continuity with respect to Musavat Azerbaijan, created as a result of the Young Turkish occupation of Transcaucasia in 1918!
                      6. Wanderer1980
                        Wanderer1980 31 October 2012 11: 13
                        And, by the way, you can earn extra money for a "not good" Alibek))))

                        The public organization "Initiative to Prevent Xenophobia" issued a statement in which it officially announces its intention to purchase the books "Resurrection of Our Soul" and "In the Name of the Cross" and expresses its readiness to pay $ 15 for each of these books.

                        Such a decision is determined by the public organization as “continuing anti-Armenian propaganda and misinformation by Azerbaijani officials, public organizations and citizens for many years, based, inter alia, on references and quoting excerpts and extracts from a number of works allegedly written by Armenian writers Zoriy Balayan and a certain Davut Kheyryanom ".

                        As noted in the organization’s statement, this amount is proposed, "given the uniqueness of the publication, since no one except the representatives of Azerbaijani propagandists has read and seen this book."

                        The basic criteria that each book must meet and the additional requirements can be found here

                        You are so fond of referring to these mythical books.
                      7. Wanderer1980
                        Wanderer1980 31 October 2012 11: 21
                        And this is probably one of those notorious "3 Armenians".
                        Yes, Alibek?

                        Follow the link and do not disgrace
                      8. Yarbay
                        Yarbay 31 October 2012 21: 50
                        [media = http: //]
                      9. Yarbay
                        Yarbay 31 October 2012 21: 52

                        So far, you have disgraced David !!
                        That Grigoryan did not rape the Armenians, did not kill in the group of Armenians ???
                        You finally admitted it !!
                        Now again do not agree?))))
                        Here is the film Echo Sumgait, where there are shots of interrogation of this jackal Grigoryan !!
                        The notorious Armenians?)))))))))
                        Stop David shame !!))))
                      10. Wanderer1980
                        Wanderer1980 31 October 2012 22: 53
                        This Turkish blockbuster))) you are already showing for the hundredth time))
                        Grigoryan appears there for a few seconds - is this the interrogation? )))
                        And it tells the old counterintelligence)))
                        Who are you bred here?
                        Let's better adjust the "Resurrection of our soul" - you will cut down the money)))

                        Guy's name is Pantelei
                        Born in 1968 in Tbilisi. By nationality Greek.
                        The video was made in early July 1988.
                        - In February 88, I served in the army in Sumgait. On February 28, Sunday morning, I was dismissed, got from the unit to the city on foot, there were no buses. The city was closed, fire engines and police stood on the highway and did not let anyone in. I also left the road in another way, through the steppe I went to Sumgayit. First I went to the post office to call, but the post office was blown up, there was nothing there. Azerbaijanis walked around the city in crowds - mostly young people, 16–25 years old, 100 or more people. They walked in the streets, in the yards, went into the apartments. Then he found out that these were the apartments of the Armenians and they also told us that the day before they had visited the housing offices and asked what apartments the Armenians lived in. Basically, there was nobody in these apartments, and if someone was found, they were killed.
                        That day I saw both killings and beatings ... In front of my eyes, an Armenian girl of 16-17 years old was caught near the market. She was raped right on the street - 4 people, then she was cut into pieces with a knife. Seeing this, I went up to intervene and got hit, my jaw was broken, I was beaten well. I saw how an Armenian woman aged 58-60 was killed on the street. Several people stabbed her with knives, I stood 15 meters away and could not do anything. I saw with my own eyes how the crowd stopped the car in which two Azerbaijanis were sitting and under the pretext that they supposedly did not help them, which means they were on the side of the Armenians, they were killed. The Azerbaijanis killed their own Azerbaijanis. I also saw other Azerbaijanis who refused to participate in the pogroms and were beaten and killed. One climbed a tree, fleeing the crowd. He was killed right on the tree only because he refused to show where the Armenians live.
                        On that day, the 28th, they had not yet touched the soldiers, in general I did not see the military on the streets that day. But on the 29th they began to attack the soldiers too.
                        “Did the rioters have weapons other than cold weapons?”
                        “They had the same weapons as ours — assault rifles, guns, and also hunting rifles, improvised weapons.” They did not look like a crowd, in their actions was organization.
                      11. Yarbay
                        Yarbay 31 October 2012 22: 36
                        The problem is that David was organized by the Armenians in Sumgayit!
                        One of the organizers was Eduard Grigoryan!
                      12. Sandov
                        Sandov 30 October 2012 18: 41
                        Quote: View
                        Who makes buying weapons, not textbooks?

                        Briefly - amers.
                      13. View
                        View 30 October 2012 20: 55
                        briefly not happy))
            2. Sandov
              Sandov 30 October 2012 18: 29
              And is Judaism the best religion? I like Buddhism more.
              1. View
                View 30 October 2012 20: 57
                Mmm, the buses don’t blow up, they don’t drag out their faith, they sit quietly and eat matzo, Idil !!! laughing
  9. Yarbay
    Yarbay 30 October 2012 19: 23
    ** “As part of the operation to eliminate prominent Syrian citizens and Syrian scientists, members of armed terrorist groups killed Syrian Air Force General Abdullah Mahmoud al-Khalidi in the Rukn al-Din area in Damascus,” the statement said, Interfax reports. ** -
    In short, law enforcement agencies work out of the ordinary poorly!!
    1. View
      View 30 October 2012 21: 10
      The word "bad" very mildly describes the situation
  10. igor67
    igor67 30 October 2012 23: 24
    The first Syrian Air Force raid on Damascus
    Photo: Reuters
    The Syrian military aircraft made the first raid on Damascus since the start of the civil war in this country. “The plane dropped a bomb in the Jobar quarter of Damascus,” said director of the human rights organization, Rami Abdel Rahman.

    The France Presse correspondent confirmed that a terrible roar was heard throughout Damascus caused by the bombing.

    Quarter Jobar is located next to the suburb of Damascus Zamalka, which is held by rebels. He added that a fierce battle was going on between the rebels and government forces in the area.

    The French agency notes that so far only military helicopters have been used in the sky over Damascus.

    Air raids have intensified in recent days across the country.

    On Tuesday, Syrian television reported the assassination of Air Force General in the northern quarter of Damascus, blaming the "terrorist groups."

    “As part of a campaign aimed at killing prominent figures of the nation and academics, armed terrorist groups killed Air Force General Abdullah Mahmoud al-Khalidi,” state television said he called him “Syria’s largest aviation expert.”

    Based on materials from Now Lebanon, prepared by O. K-th
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 31 October 2012 06: 20
      director of the human rights organization Rami Abdel Rahman ...

      Libyan representative to the UN
      Representative of the Transitional National Council of the Libyan Socialist Party
      Libyan opposition representative
      Syrian Human Rights League representative Rami
      Representative of the British human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
      Representative of the British human rights organization Rami
      Rami Supervisory Board
      Human Rights Defender Rami
      Representative of the London-based Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Board Rami
      Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary GCC GCC

      igor67I beg you, you yourself know who this man is? I won’t be surprised if he is elected tomorrow ... Papa Carlo.