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Dark horses of the SVO: ground-based weapons systems, information on the use of which in Ukraine is limited or absent

Dark horses of the SVO: ground-based weapons systems, information on the use of which in Ukraine is limited or absent

We have previously talked about air defense systems (air defense), as well as about aviation complexes, information on the use of which in Ukraine is limited or absent. Now it's time to get down to earth.

Armored vehicles of the Armata family

There is no information about the use of combat vehicles of the Armata family in the NMD zone. Most likely, their design is too "raw" to release them on the battlefield. In addition, armored vehicles of this type will have to operate at the forefront, the temptation to destroy or capture it from the enemy will be maximum - a natural desire to please overseas owners, so the appearance of "Armata" in the NWO zone would rather surprise - there is no point in taking such risks.

Tank T-14 and heavy BMP T-15 on the platform "Armata". Image by

2С35 "Coalition-SV"

This newest self-propelled artillery mount (ACS) has not yet received distribution among the troops. There is no information about its application during the JEE. However, unlike tanks and heavy infantry fighting vehicles on the Armata platform, its use in a special operation would be fully justified, at least in some areas - you can even not withdraw the samples involved from the territory of Russia, simply destroying those who like to shoot at Russian cities and villages with a flurry of fire.

The highest rate of fire, according to various sources, from 10 to 16 rounds per minute, in combination with the “fire raid” mode, will leave no chance for the Ukronazis. And the firing range of the Coalition-SV self-propelled guns must exceed the firing range of the Msta self-propelled guns.

SAU "Coalition-SV". Image by

MLRS "Tornado-S"

Ukraine is actively using American multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) HIMARS with precision-guided munitions guided by the coordinates of the GPS satellite navigation system. In principle, HIMARS is no longer quite a MLRS - it is a tactical high-precision missile system, and when it uses ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, it is already an operational-tactical missile system (OTRK). Also, Ukraine is less active, but uses the MLRS of its own production "Vilkha" with high-precision projectiles, perhaps even surpassing the HIMARS system projectiles in their characteristics.

Russia has a similar complex - "Tornado-S", also equipped with high-precision projectiles, made, like the Ukrainian "Alder", on the basis of the Soviet development - MLRS "Smerch". However, there is very little information on the use of the Tornado-S MLRS in the NMD zone - apparently, the use of the Tornado-S MLRS and high-precision 9M544 projectiles is episodic.

MLRS "Tornado-S"

Self-aiming combat elements (SPBE) "Motive-3"

In continuation of the topic of MLRS, there is somehow not enough information on the use in Ukraine of self-aiming combat elements Motiv-3, which can be used both in MLRS shells and in aerial bombs.

SPBE "Motive". Image

It seems that they were used in Syria, but as for the SVO, there is very little information about their operation.

The alleged remains of the SPBE "Motive-3" in Kramatorsk

At the same time, judging by the photos and videos from the battlefields, the armed forces of Ukraine are driving equipment in such huge columns that it's time to detect them with aerial reconnaissance and cover the SPBE "Motive-3", but for some reason this does not happen. Or is it that we don't know anything about it?

SPTRK "Competition"

Let's leave alone the latest developments - the Konkurs self-propelled anti-tank missile system (SPTRK) was put into service back in 1974 - it was for the diagnosis and repair of this vehicle that the author passed the exam at the military department as the commander of the ATGM repair platoon. How terribly outdated this design already seemed then - the string of cables stretching to it from the diagnostic equipment resembled a robotic octopus hunter from the movie "The Matrix", and the concept of "ergonomics" was not heard at all during the years of its design, however, this applies to most combat machines designed in the USSR. What is the operator's workplace worth - it's not even a chair, but something like an iron stool - would a normal chair with seat belts really ruin the Soviet military-industrial complex? However, this is a lyric...

It would seem that this machine has no chance to go into battle - satellites, stealth fighters, combat helicopters, laser-guided missiles and much more. However, if we ignore everyday inconveniences, then this machine can still show itself on the battlefield.

Its base - BRDM-2 - has a fairly high cross-country ability, can force water barriers, and 9M113 or 9M111-2 guided missiles can accurately hit and destroy most armored targets on the battlefield at a distance of up to four kilometers. Of course, modern tanks are not up to them - but where are they in Ukraine? And with everything else, the “Competition” will cope with a bang.

Romanian SPTRK "Competition". Image by

Nevertheless, there is no information about the use of the Konkurs SPTRK by Russian troops in the NVO zone. Missing, and okay, perhaps the RF Armed Forces have more modern equipment, but were the Konkurs SPTRKs transferred to the LPR and DPR detachments even before reunification with Russia? And if not, why not? It's a pity, isn't it?


Formally, these complexes belong to air defense, but the lack of modern guidance systems makes their use for this purpose practically meaningless. Another thing is the destruction of ground targets. In this case, 57 mm shells are in many ways superior to their 30 mm counterparts, which explains the return to this caliber on promising combat vehicles.

Anti-aircraft artillery gun S-60 caliber 57 mm. Image by

Information about the use of portable S-60 anti-aircraft artillery systems during the NWO appears periodically, but there is no information about the use of the ZSU-57-2 self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery mount in the NWO zone.

At the same time, the ZSU-57-2 has firepower exceeding that of the modern AU-220M Baikal combat module. For example, the Baikal has only 140 rounds of ammunition, while the ZSU-57-2 has 300 rounds of ammunition. The practical rate of fire of the ZSU-57-2 is 100–120 rounds per minute per barrel, that is, a total of 200–240 rounds per minute, while the AU-220M Baikal has only 80 rounds per minute.

Module AU-220M "Baikal". Image by

Of course, this does not mean that the ZSU-57-2 will surpass the combat vehicle with the AU-220M Baikal module - after all, more than half a century of development of equipment and technologies lies between them, but still it can be assumed that the ZSU-57 -2 can become a serious opponent for enemy ground units, especially in the case of modernization, similar to that which will be subjected to T-62 tanks, which are only slightly older than the ZSU-57-2.

ZSU-57-2. Image by

Ultimately, a lot depends on how many of these machines are in storage and what their technical condition is.

In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, especially in the Ground Forces, there is a huge number of promising and existing models weapons and weapons, as well as those that are in storage depots, and which can potentially be used in the NMD zone. It is not possible to consider them all within the framework of one article, however, readers can supplement the list of interesting types of weapons and armaments in the comments to this article.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 14 November 2022 06: 37
    Some sad conclusion suggests itself after reading the article, they started the NWO, being not ready.
    1. YOUR
      YOUR 14 November 2022 07: 02
      Also about the fact that we do not have modern weapons, according to the author. It is necessary to use what is lying around in the warehouses under the shelves. But he very weakly illuminated the possibility of using slingshots in the NWO.
      Some kind of nonsense S-60, ZSU-57-2, ATGM Competition, the missiles of which, if left somewhere, have been "rotten" for a long time.
      About ATGMs, most of them are equipped with high-explosive fragmentation warheads, and not cumulative ones. They took into account the experience of the Chechen wars.
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 14 November 2022 08: 28
        Well, why offend "Competition"? Normal ATGM! Similar TOWs are still used by the Americans, and they can hardly be called retrogrades! As far as I know, the 9M113 "Competition" birds were transferred to the NM of the DPR, LPR back in 2014. , somewhere ... The HSR uses 9M113M "Konkurs-M" with a tandem cumulative warhead ... "Old" 9M113 "Competition", like 9M111 "Bassoon" are used (how they "shoot" with a "bassoon" I definitely saw in one from video reports "from the front"!) Not as an anti-tank weapon. But as an assault (anti-bunker) and "sniper" weapon to suppress snipers, machine-gun positions and other firing points, incl. and positions of anti-tank systems, heavy grenade launchers ...!
        1. YOUR
          YOUR 14 November 2022 09: 34
          Well if so. Well, if it is constantly modernized.
      2. bayard
        bayard 15 November 2022 02: 28
        Quote: YOUR
        Some kind of nonsense S-60, ZSU-57-2,

        And why did the "Hell's Thresher" not please you? If it is possible to put such vehicles into operation, this is an excellent BMPT \ ShMPP, only strengthen the reservation with mounted spaced armor (turret, side screens). To support assault units, destroy enemy firing points and light / medium armored vehicles - that's it.
        On our lack of fish in "Terminators" and heavy infantry fighting vehicles.
        It is for these purposes that such machines are used to this day in various conflicts in Africa and BV. To support tanks, the same thing.
        But unfortunately, there is no certainty that their technical condition at the storage bases will allow them to do this quickly enough.
        The S-60 was installed in the back of trucks, equipped with an armored shield. For guarding columns, for serving at checkpoints and strengthening auxiliary units - it’s quite an option, no worse than 23 mm. double-barreled shotguns in the same quality. On the contrary - much more brutal.
        1. YOUR
          YOUR 15 November 2022 08: 17
          You have to understand that the infernal thresher is the ZSU-57-2. So we most likely didn’t have them left, they were all sold out or even donated.
          1. bayard
            bayard 15 November 2022 12: 38
            Quote: YOUR
            You have to understand that the infernal thresher is the ZSU-57-2.

            Well, of course . Yes, I have already learned about their fate. It's a pity, now they would be very out of place.
        2. 28st region
          28st region 15 November 2022 09: 06
          What you call the S-60 is an anti-aircraft artillery system that includes an 8 gun battery, RPK-1 (radio instrumentation system), SON-1 gun guidance station.
          In Vietnam, this complex was the first to shoot down the latest FB-111 aircraft at that time.
          The gun is called the 57-mm AZP-57 anti-aircraft gun.
    2. Civil
      Civil 14 November 2022 07: 04
      The author about new weapons as a dead man "Either good or nothing"
    3. faiver
      faiver 14 November 2022 07: 34
      And without reading the article, the conclusion suggests itself differently?
      1. AUL
        AUL 14 November 2022 10: 27
        The article is reminiscent of the program "Serving Russia!" and "Military Acceptance". It seems that there is everything, moreover, "having no analogues", but in the army - no!
    4. bandabas
      bandabas 14 November 2022 14: 40
      It just had to be done right from the start. That is, roll everything into dust, and not build "peacekeepers" out of yourself. Citizens of Russia pay with their lives for the treacherous show of the Lilliputians. Russians, Kabardians, Tatars...etc. In short, citizens of the Russian Federation.
    5. AAK
      AAK 14 November 2022 22: 32
      I, a colleague, would say a little differently - we were not that we were NOT READY, we were NOT PREPARING FOR OWN FROM THE WORD AT ALL !!! For example, let's go through the main "reference" points:
      - the OBJECTIVELY defined GOALS and OBJECTIVES of the IEE with a breakdown of their preparation and implementation into STAGES;
      - measures were not taken to obtain RELIABLE INTELLIGENT INFORMATION, its analysis and development of managerial decisions based on it;
      - an OBJECTIVE EVALUATION was not carried out:
      1 Forces and means of a potential enemy, the presence and condition of his reserves;
      2 Own forces, means and reserves, incl. preparation of reserve components of all types (people, weapons, logistics, logistics) for use in the proper amount immediately after the start of the NWO;
      3, an assessment was not made of the creation after the start of the NWO or before its start of possible alliances, both on its own side and on the part of the enemy, incl. their potential sustainability and effectiveness;
      4, the main methods and methods of conducting hostilities were not defined, depending on the season, the nature of the terrain and the enemy’s will to resist, the system for evaluating the effectiveness of the methods and methods used with the issuance of recommendations for their adjustment was not immediately thought out after the start of the SVO. .
      This is only briefly what a competent SUPREME RULER and ARMY COMMAND had to do even before the start of hostilities ...
      Therefore, we have what we have, and not even so much an enemy as our own leadership ...
    6. Bayun
      Bayun 15 November 2022 10: 32
      What if it's positive? The author is 100 times RIGHT! For example, piston aviation of the 40s of the last century is an excellent tool for destroying low-speed missiles and UAVs. But she's gone. Old "horses" with modern radars and communications - "furrows will not spoil." A raid of 20 diving "old-fashioned" bombers on fortifications is even today many times worse than a pair or square of Su-24s.
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 14 November 2022 06: 53
    About (SPBE) "Motive-3" - a video very similar to its use.
    My opponent gave a tip.
  3. Alexander Trukhanov
    Alexander Trukhanov 14 November 2022 09: 42
    There is nothing on the CBO, since they were not launched into the series.
  4. Sergey Sfiedu
    Sergey Sfiedu 14 November 2022 12: 26
    Very few ZSU-57-2s were produced, and those that were released were handed over to "friends" back in Soviet times, so we cross out this item.
  5. SARANCHA1976
    SARANCHA1976 14 November 2022 13: 36
    Most of the above are more suitable for the epithet old nags
  6. Mikhail Ivanov_6
    Mikhail Ivanov_6 14 November 2022 14: 42
    With such weapons, it seems that they do not know what they have.
  7. Reznov
    Reznov 14 November 2022 14: 53
    2S35 Koalitsiya-SV has a claimed range of 80 km with precision guided shells. Which would make it superior to every western counterpart, even to the Excalibur. Of course we don't know if it's even used in the SMO or not.
  8. Alex037
    Alex037 14 November 2022 15: 41
    All this is great, but why then did we retreat 40 km. from the front line and surrendered the Russian Kherson? Maybe Liz Truss knew something more about Voronezh and Rostov at the negotiations on February 11, 2022 with Sergey Lavrov?
  9. Aleprok
    Aleprok 14 November 2022 16: 01
    Of course, we don’t have enough high-precision ((now we can already say for sure that victories in the future will be forged with just such highly effective weapons
  10. optika20
    optika20 14 November 2022 16: 51
    Ukrainians alone wrote exactly the following back in May, I quote, removing obscene language: "Based on what we know and saw personally, we can conclude that moksha between the cities of Kh. axes" in these places is a haunting palliative (I hope you know this word). What is 2s35? Now, if you somehow, deep behind the front line, catch about forty incoming 2-mm in a minute and a half - this is it, Putin's monster ". - ссылка на оригинал.
    Again, the author of the article tactfully bypassed the LMUR "Product 305" - of course, I'm not a fan-warrior who meticulously follows the latest in the military-industrial complex, but I was surprised that we had analogues of "Helfires", moreover, thicker and, it seems, more long-range. Kamikaze UAVs, especially the autumn benefit performance of the Lancets, judging by dozens of videos produced and used in large quantities.
    At the same time, I absolutely cannot understand why T-62s, often never even modernized (even without remote sensing), should be transferred to the troops. Is there really no T-72 in storage?
    1. Mikhail Maslov
      Mikhail Maslov 15 November 2022 23: 58
      You have probably heard about the effectiveness of the Ukrainian DRGs, if not, then read it. In short, the DRG on light vehicles bypasses our fortified posts, directs artillery, captures strong points in the rear, mines approaches and kirdyk to our opornik, and so on step by step. some kind of mobility of the supporters, as planned, tanks are needed. And the t-62s are suitable for this role. True, I think the DRG will quickly rebuild and take more ATGMs, so let's see whose tactics will win.
  11. Mekey Iptyshev
    Mekey Iptyshev 14 November 2022 19: 41
    Yesterday I watched an interview with Yevich on YouTube on Roy-TV. He perfectly described all the advantages of the Javelins over our real ATGMs. In the trenches, they don’t look at the performance characteristics of what is shown at parades and exhibitions, but they look at what the enemy and you have.
    Javelin is cooler than "Bassoon", period. Who has not watched, I advise. Two good interviews on the Roy-TV channel.
  12. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 14 November 2022 20: 27
    In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, especially in the Ground Forces, there is a huge the number of promising and existing models of weapons and armaments, as well as those that are in storage depots and that can potentially be used in the NMD zone.
    One clarification - should be. According to the documents, everything is probably perfect, but in reality?
  13. vm68dm
    vm68dm 14 November 2022 20: 48
    . another dark horse, 9K512 "Uragan-1M" - Russian bicaliber (220 mm / 300 mm) multiple launch rocket system with batch replacement of guides
  14. cmax
    cmax 14 November 2022 22: 01
    Oh, these storytellers! hi Everything is almost according to Pushkin, a fairy tale about a trough and a goldfish. The Ministry of Defense in the role of a grandmother, unfortunately. fellow The adversary can be slandered only with a finger and a Russian word.
  15. alexoff
    alexoff 15 November 2022 00: 02
    In service there is everything you need. However, such complexes as mobility, planning, coherence of work and interest in defeating the enemy are practically not used in the NMD.
  16. KostikTail
    KostikTail 15 November 2022 01: 51
    Armata is not used, so as not to destroy Europe ahead of time)))
  17. Togilen
    Togilen 15 November 2022 10: 13
    Fairytale article.
    Yes, God be with him. However, I remember how everyone gave me a CHOICE when I criticized the authorities, and then all of a sudden all the minus people changed their shoes in the air.
    Citizens, I will say this, as you did not see the real situation, you still do not see it.
    Everything is divided with you like dill - "peremoha / zrada".
  18. Togilen
    Togilen 15 November 2022 10: 15
    Quote from alexoff
    In service there is everything you need. However, such complexes as mobility, planning, coherence of work and interest in defeating the enemy are practically not used in the NMD.

    The BTR-2008 was put into service in 90 - is it in the army?
    And I don’t want to talk about these devices.

    P.S. If you are not in the know, the Czechoslovak self-propelled guns "Dana" were in service with the USSR Ministry of Defense. But she was never in the army.
  19. futurohunter
    futurohunter 15 November 2022 22: 33
    Is the ZSU-52-2 still gathering dust somewhere? It's probably been disposed of a long time ago.