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Military exercises using nuclear weapons


Nuclear weapon, like any other weapon, requires tests, the essence of which is to establish the degree and effectiveness of the destruction of manpower and equipment of a potential enemy as a result of a nuclear explosion.

Today, it is known that eight nuclear powers fired more than 2 thousand nuclear explosions:
- US 1054 testing at sites in Colorado, Nevada, Mississippi area, Marshall Islands, Alaska, New Mexico;
- USSR 715 tests at landfills in Kazakhstan, in Semipalatinsk, on Novaya Zemlya, in Toska and other places in Russia;
- UK 45 testing at landfills in Australia and the USA;
- France 210 test sites in Algeria and French Polynesia;
- China conducted 45 tests in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region;
- India 6 Test at Pokhran;
- Pakistan 6 test in the Chagai Hills area;
- DPR 2 tested on the territory of Hwadae-ri.

The first nuclear explosion was carried out by the Soviet Union in August 1949 of the year, and the last in October 1990 of the year.

Of all the USSR’s nuclear tests, only two were conducted as military exercises: at the Totsk artillery range near Orenburg in September 1954 of the year and at the Semipalatinsk test site in September of 1956. In the US, 8 military exercises were conducted using nuclear weapons.

The code name of the Tots exercises was "Snowball". An official TASS report said that an atomic explosion was being carried out in accordance with the plans for experimental and scientific research. The purpose of these tests was to study the effect of the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion for solving the tasks of defense against an atomic attack.

It is known that nuclear weapons have significant destructive power and have a number of specific damaging factors: shock wave, strong light radiation, penetrating radiation, radioactive contamination of the territory. In order to work out effective methods of protection against a nuclear attack, it was necessary to review all the acquired methods of combat operations, increase the survivability of the country and, most importantly, protect the population.

It should be noted that by the 1954 year, the US Army was armed with about 700 atomic bombs; they carried out 45 nuclear weapon tests, including two bombing of the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. By this time, the American side had already developed ways to protect against this terrible weapon and studied the main parameters of the defeat when using an atomic bomb.

By the 1954 year in the USSR, eight tests of atomic weapons were carried out, and the results of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also carefully studied. This made it possible to develop not only instructions for the conduct of hostilities under the conditions of the use of an adversary of nuclear weapons, but also to develop methods of protection against the destructive factors of a nuclear explosion. Many of the recommendations developed by Soviet specialists are still relevant today.

Combined military units assembled from different types and types of troops took part in the exercise. The personnel of the troops were fully provided with protective capes, stockings and gloves. At special points, a large number of decontamination kits were prepared for the sanitization of military personnel and equipment.

All military personnel were instructed on methods of protection from light radiation, from the actions of the shock, as well as the sound wave. And those groups that were supposed to be closest to the epicenter of the explosion were given special darkened films for gas masks, in order to provide additional protection from light radiation, and shelters and trenches were prepared to prevent the shock wave from the fighters from being hit. The special detachments of the chemical troops were assigned the obligation to ensure the protection of military personnel from penetrating radiation.

Territory within 50 km. from the epicenter of the explosion was divided into five conditional zones: 8 km., 12 km., 15 km., 50 km., and 5-I zone was in the span of an airplane carrying an atomic bomb.

All residents were evicted from the first zone, livestock, foodstuffs and movable property were removed.

In the second zone, a few hours before the explosion, the population was placed in natural shelters: beams, ravines, and holes. The cattle had been driven back to other protected areas in advance.

In the third zone, the population was taken out of their homes no closer than 30 meters from the buildings and 10 minutes before the explosion was ordered to lie down on the ground.

The population in the fourth zone was only threatened with radioactive contamination, so two hours before the explosion, people were sheltered in houses.

The population of the 5 zone was taken out of this territory, and the cattle were sheltered from barns or driven away away from the zone.

45 thousand military personnel took part in the exercises, 1200 tanks and armored personnel carriers, 6 thousand cars and more than 300 aircraft.

The exercise was attended by leaders of all clans and groups of troops, commanders of military districts, fleets and flotillas, as well as the defense ministers of friendly countries.

Military maneuvers were carried out on the ground of the ground forces, located in a sparsely populated area of ​​the Orenburg region (near the village of Totskoye). The essence of the scenario of the doctrine: on the part of the attackers - the breakthrough of the enemy's lines with the use of atomic weapons, and on the part of the defenders - the organization of defense in the use of advancing nuclear weapons.

Reset the atomic bomb power 40 CT. It was produced from the aircraft TU-4. The crew passed a special training on the accuracy of bombing.

To assess the impact of the damaging factors of an atomic explosion, samples of military equipment were placed in the explosion area, fortified engineering structures were built, and various animals were left.

It is known from archival documents that the planned security measures almost completely excluded the influence of destructive factors on the participants of the exercise.

Brief chronology of teaching:
- in 9 h. 20 min. the management of the exercises hears the report of meteorologists on the situation in the area of ​​the test site and makes a decision on the conduct of an atomic explosion;
- in 9 h. 34 min. an atomic bomb is exploded;
- reports on the actions of the troops and the radiation situation;
- after 5 minutes after the explosion, artillery fire and strikes begin aviation;
- in 10 hour. 10 min. an attack on the positions of the enemy;
- to 12 hour. advanced offensive units enter the atomic explosion zone;
- in 16 hours the teaching is completed.

The lessons and results of the military exercises conducted in 1954 played an enormous role in preparing the army for combat in terms of the use of atomic weapons, and ultimately served to strengthen the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

More than 58 years have passed since the Totsky military exercises, but measurements made on the territory of the test site show that the radiation background is normal, and the incidence rate of the population is no higher than in other regions of the country.

The 10 September 1956 military exercise at the Semipalatinsk test site was conducted with the aim of the army working out an emergency landing in the affected area of ​​the atomic explosion of the amphibious units and holding positions until the main forces approached. The Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR Marshal M.N. Nedelin The technical support and conduct of the nuclear explosion was entrusted to Colonel General V. A. Bolyatko, commanded by the landing troops Lieutenant General S. Rozhdestvensky.

The main objectives of the exercise were to specify the possible time of the landing of the assault after a nuclear explosion and to determine the minimum distance from the epicenter to the landing site, as well as to gain experience in ensuring the safety of servicemen in the atomic-destruction zone.

About 1,5 thousand troops took part in the maneuvers, but 270 people, paraded by artillery units and the chemical department, landed directly at the epicenter. The specialists of the chemical division had an important task - the implementation of radiation and chemical reconnaissance. The composition of the landing included four dosimetrist officers (one for each company of the landing). The officers had a difficult task: to eliminate the landing of the landing force on the terrain if the 5 X-ray radiation level was exceeded per hour, as well as to monitor the fulfillment by the servicemen of the work requirements in the contaminated area.

Landing was carried out using Mi-27 4 helicopters. The departure area for the amphibious units was located at 27 km from the front line and at 36 km from the intended explosion center. For the flight of helicopters was allocated a strip width 3 km. The flight was carried out simultaneously with the conduct of artillery preparation by the advancing troops. The line of defense of the enemy was marked by moats, trenches and targets.

All participants of the exercise were provided with personal protective equipment, decontamination and dosimetric devices.

An air blast with a power of 38 kt at an altitude of 270 meters from the ground was made from a Tu-16 plane that dropped a bomb from a height of eight kilometers.

Only after the passage of the shock wave and when the cloud reached its maximum height, did the radiation reconnaissance units leave for the area of ​​contamination and made the necessary measurements. And only after that an order was given to land a landing, which was landed at a distance of 1000 meters from the epicenter of the explosion. The radiation level at the landing site was 03, -5,0 X-rays per hour. The helicopters landed in a predetermined area 43 minutes after the atomic explosion. Due to the almost complete absence of wind in the area of ​​the explosion, the stagnation of smoke from fires and clouds of dust, from those who observed it, blocked the landing area and created difficulties for the fighters.

The helicopters left the bridgehead 7 minutes after landing. The paratroopers had enough 17 minutes to reach the designated line, to gain a foothold on it and repel the attack of the enemy. The exercise ended 2 hours after the explosion. All participants along with the equipment were delivered to the decontamination points.

Of course, during such exercises, it was impossible to foresee all situations, but the maneuvers were carried out with the implementation of maximum precautionary measures.

Violations were by the local population, part of which did not comply with the order to hide in the basements, and watched the explosion from the roofs of houses. As well as some soldiers did not surrender, but retained the infected form.

But these single violations can not be compared with crimes against people who took place at similar exercises conducted by the United States.

It is known that in July 1946 of the year, the United States detonated an atomic charge with a capacity of 21 kt at a depth of 27 meters in the Bikini Lagoon. Two hours later, military units entered the infection zone for research. As it turned out later, due to the lack of personal protective equipment, many servicemen were exposed to strong radiation from radioactive water.

In March, 1954, another explosion occurred in the region. 64 residents of the Marshall Islands and the crew of a Japanese ship were injured after receiving a lethal dose of radiation.

But the most inhuman was the exercise conducted at the Nevada testing ground in 1951, when the purpose of the exercises, using an atomic explosion, was to assess the behavior of soldiers and officers who are at the epicenter of an atomic explosion with an 31 power and they react to orders after the impact of the explosion .

In 1955, an atomic charge with a power of 1 kt was detonated in the immediate vicinity of the landfill, where planned maneuvers were held. Judging by the photos available on the network, the servicemen who are near the explosion's epicenter did not have any protection.

Most of the peoples of the world want to live in peace and harmony, so any threat of military action is perceived as a danger. And it is very scary when such a brilliant discovery as an atomic reaction is used not for the benefit of mankind, but as the worst nuclear weapon of today.

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  1. View
    View 29 October 2012 09: 30
    in the Union of people experiments were put (((
    1. Letun
      Letun 29 October 2012 11: 39
      Quote: View
      in the Union of people experiments were put (((

      In the Union, people were cared for, attracted to sports sections, and raised a patriotic spirit, because the leadership understood that healthy and morally stable citizens are the foundation of state security. And for some reason, you somehow understood the article selectively. It seems that it says that in the USSR people were protected quite effectively, but in the USA it is the other way around. So who set up experiments on whom?
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 29 October 2012 11: 51
        Flyer, are you kidding?
        Quote: Letun
        It seems that it says that in the USSR they provided protection for people quite effectively

        Googling, and you will find a ton of testimonies from participants in those teachings who say the opposite. In the USSR, there were not even earthquakes and the trains did not go off the rails, and Chernobyl would have been hidden, but Europe was hooked too much, and therefore failed. And so there would be another "myth".
        1. Letun
          Letun 29 October 2012 13: 37
          Quote: Skavron
          Flyer, are you kidding?

          Googling, and you will find a ton of testimonies from participants in those teachings who say the opposite. In the USSR, there were not even earthquakes and the trains did not go off the rails, and Chernobyl would have been hidden, but Europe was hooked too much, and therefore failed. And so there would be another "myth".

          Uh, Squron, are you kidding?
          Under the article there is a place for comments on this particular article. You can google anything on the open spaces of a large garbage can, right up to the point that members of the Central Committee of the CPSU of the USSR drank the blood of young virgins in the mornings. In my post, I just pointed out to your fellow countryman that he somehow perceived the filed in this particular article material seeing what is not there and not seeing what is.
          Chernobyl wanted to hide you say? Yes, they did. And what's wrong with that? Remember those times, the iron curtain, enemies all around, why give them a reason for another gloating? All the more so (now, of course, o5 you will start to argue and send me to google) the population from Pripyat and nearby us. the points were evacuated immediately, the decontamination measures were also carried out competently with the control of the received radiation doses by the liquidators, etc. (I know from their stories and not from "googling"). Yes, they were called from the military registration and enlistment offices, but how else could they be liquidated? It would not go away by itself.
          And now (I suspect that you are a champion of Western values), remember Fukushima. In no news release did I hear about the level of radiation in the area of ​​the accident. The Japanese also hid everything they could from the public.
          1. Skavron
            Skavron 29 October 2012 15: 19
            As for Chernobyl and Fukushima, I agree, my father was the liquidator of Chernobyl. By the way, they were not informed where and why they were being taken to the last. Only then they reported on the spot. And they called as if to war.

            Quote: Letun
            Under the article there is a place for comments on this particular article.

            Quote: Letun
            Remember those times, the Iron Curtain, enemies around, why give them a reason for another gloating?

            It's not like the Iron Curtain now. And the article is still "those times" and is frankly false. This is me about the Soviet part of the article, I don't really care about amers what and how they had it. Therefore, you should not look at this article as a serious source of information.
        2. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 29 October 2012 16: 30
          Quote: Skavron
          There weren’t even earthquakes in the USSR

          this sarcasm of yours is not appropriate, especially in view of the approaching anniversary of the earthquake in Armenia, I personally knew about it, but did you know about the accident at a nuclear power plant in Japan in the 80's? Not only in the USSR they concealed disasters and emergency.
          1. M. Peter
            M. Peter 29 October 2012 17: 00
            And how the Japanese were jiving about the Chernobol tragedy, they say everything is dull with the Russians ...
            And they themselves almost like kamikazes tied those who wrote in their Fukushima.
          2. Skavron
            Skavron 29 October 2012 17: 57
            Quote: Karlsonn
            Not only in the USSR were people hiding about disasters and emergency.

            Ну и что?
            What it means Not only??
            Let’s speak precisely for the USSR!
            1. Karlsonn
              Karlsonn 29 October 2012 19: 42
              Quote: Skavron
              Let’s speak precisely for the USSR!

              I like this approach when the same thing is everywhere, but we will only talk about how badly we have.
              as an example:
              they often bring Ivan the Terrible as a despot and tyrant when you indicate that at the same time 20 000 was cut out in France in one night, and in England 70 000 of their compatriots during the war, and Grozny with his 5 000, even then incomplete, looks at them the background is pale, screams immediately begin - that France and England are for us, let's speak for Russia.

              I’m telling you that not only disasters were hidden in the USSR, but it’s not interesting for you to argue more conveniently:

              Quote: Skavron
              There weren’t even earthquakes in the USSR and the trains didn’t go off the rails, and they would have hidden Chernobyl

              I ask again what do you know about the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant?
              1. Skavron
                Skavron 29 October 2012 23: 15
                Those. Are you saying that everything is relative? Yes?
                And I just tell you that the article is frankly false and that’s it.
                In principle, I don't care what and who they have there and from whom they hid. I'm not interested in this. I did not live there and therefore prefer to talk about the country in which I lived and live. This is your strange approach ... as soon as you say something bad, you immediately start screaming with foam at your mouth: "Here they have! But in the west!" etc. etc.
                Now about Japan with its earthquake. No. I didn’t hear about him then, but now I’m not interested. Just another interesting point. In the USSR they knew only what they thought was necessary for you to convey, and if you personally did not know about something, this does not mean that everyone else around the world did not know about it either.
                1. Karlsonn
                  Karlsonn 30 October 2012 15: 25
                  Quote: Skavron
                  so you immediately start screaming with foam at the mouth: "And here they have! But in the west!"

                  I do not scream, but say that everywhere the same thing and the USSR is no exception.

                  Quote: Skavron
                  Not. I didn’t hear about him then, but now I’m not interested.

                  sorry your horizons.

                  Quote: Skavron
                  In the USSR they knew only what they thought was necessary for you to convey

                  so in any country of the world, what is earlier now, if you do not understand this, I feel sorry for you.

                  Quote: Skavron
                  if you personally did not know about something, this does not mean that everyone else in the world did not know about it either.

                  I don’t know the perpetual motion machine, what do people know about this all over the world? very interesting No. .
      2. SenyaYa
        SenyaYa 30 October 2012 00: 10
        You probably lived in a different union)) and not the second where they live in barracks and go in one sweatshirt on 2ih
        1. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 30 October 2012 15: 26
          Quote: SenyaYA
          You probably lived in a different union)) and not the second where they live in barracks and go in one sweatshirt on 2ih

          I lived in a hut, though not for long, but I didn’t wear one sweatshirt for two.
    2. Lucky
      Lucky 29 October 2012 12: 22
      This is a sad experience!
    3. makarich26
      makarich26 29 October 2012 23: 10
      In the United States, experiments are still being put on the whole world, so why don’t you shed tears over this ?!
  2. Yoke
    Yoke 29 October 2012 10: 08
    but where didn’t they put it? but there were always a bunch of volunteers in the Union. Take, for example, Afghanistan and the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident.
    1. sq
      sq 29 October 2012 11: 59
      Volunteers or voluntarily forced?
      1. iCuD
        iCuD 29 October 2012 13: 03
        Quote: kvm
        voluntarily forced

        If you're talking about army units, this is their job. They serve to protect the state (which at that time was required). And by the way, I would also say thanks in their place to those people who organized their work, otherwise they would have received such doses ...
        As for civilian specialists (I mean the situation with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant), they were volunteers.
      2. Cat
        Cat 29 October 2012 20: 25
        Quote: kvm

        Volunteers or voluntarily forced?

        remember the Chernobyl firefighters who were the first to be on the roof of the burning power unit. They simply did not have time to "compel" - neither voluntarily, nor in any other way. They got there on their own, without any means of protection. And most of them grabbed a lethal dose. But they didn't think about it because it was their job to save others.

        And the same Japanese. There was an episode in the news: a helicopter with Japanese rescuers, before reaching its destination, turned around and dumped on the base. For a reason - the level of radiation exceeding the maximum permissible rate was recorded. So they did not climb, because it is dangerous. And the fact that there can explode and suffer thousands of other people is the tenth thing. Such are, panimash, civilized rescuers. Those who in "peacetime" sit on the priest exactly, receive a high salary and preferential length of service - in order to risk their lives for the sake of others at a critical moment. But when this moment has come - everything is in its holes. It got to the point that the Japanese authorities were forced to revise the maximum permissible radiation doses - upward, of course. Otherwise, their liquidators point-blank did not want to liquidate anything.

        Such is the example of the difference between volunteers and voluntary-compelled.
  3. borisst64
    borisst64 29 October 2012 10: 15
    And I remember how the whole village sprinkled potatoes with dust (DDT), they fought with the Colorado potato beetle. I think from this muck much more harm was received than from all the explosions.
  4. grizzlir
    grizzlir 29 October 2012 10: 54
    It is known that nuclear weapons have significant destructive power and have a number of specific damaging factors: shock wave, strong light radiation, penetrating radiation, radioactive infection of the territory.There is another damaging factor in nuclear weapons. All modern military equipment is being designed with this factor in mind. EMR disables unprotected electronic components of military and civilian equipment.
  5. Skavron
    Skavron 29 October 2012 11: 21
    Nice article. We praise the creators of man-made Chernobyl.
  6. strannik595
    strannik595 29 October 2012 12: 16
    they say there was no wind in the area of ​​Soviet exercises ................ judging by the chronicle, the wind was just sooooo decent .............. Americans generally crazy about kamikaze judging by the movie
    1. kostiknet
      kostiknet 29 October 2012 14: 20
      quite clearly shows how amers "love" their fighters good I am extremely far from the idea that their scientists were not aware of the fact that soldiers without protection are mere suicide bombers !!! Rather, it was their "long" experiment, aimed not only at studying the damaging factors, but also at the methods and methods of treatment when using nuclear weapons. So much "experimental material" - "dream go" wassat Since the time of the founding of their state, they haven’t put anyone in a penny, neither their own nor anyone else’s !!! Our fighters with defense had better things (judging by the film)
  7. wax
    wax 29 October 2012 16: 09
    Our compared to amers are simply lambs. firstly, we conducted exercises after amers and after REAL bombardment of Japan by amers, secondly, we had several times less exercises, thirdly, we carried out defensive measures at the then available level of knowledge.
    It should be understood that the absence of exercises in the context of the entry into service of atomic weapons would be incredible stupidity, which could lead to monstrous consequences during a real war with the use of nuclear weapons, the more likely the enemy was conducting such exercises. Unfortunately, this is the prose of life, which was created on earth by militant nations, buried in other people's wealth.
    Zhukov led the first teachings, if I am not mistaken (Totsky).
  8. Larus
    Larus 29 October 2012 16: 43
    But the liberal 5th column for Western money will scream at the bloody USSR, which sent its troops to the explosion zone and does not say a word that these soldiers did not even bother to report, and not just give out protective equipment.
  9. crambol
    crambol 29 October 2012 16: 47
    The frankly fascist-cannibalistic ideology of the American military-political circles, which does not give a damn not only to the whole world, but also to its own people - that’s what they want to conquer with everything and everything!
  10. Dr. No
    Dr. No 29 October 2012 16: 51
    Verily, man is our main wealth of the bowels ...
  11. grizzlir
    grizzlir 29 October 2012 17: 20
    Quote: Larus
    But the liberal 5th column for Western money will scream at the bloody USSR, which sent its troops to the explosion zone and does not say a word that these soldiers did not even bother to report, and not just give out protective equipment.

    Here answer me, dear visitors of the site. I am a 40 year old man, and I seem to have told a lot in my life, but I just can not understand who these liberals, liberals, liberals are, what is a liberal column?
    The modern media, who are close to power openly blacken everything that happened in the USSR, you call them liberals. The opposition is fighting the government, the Yeltsin uprooting Nemtsov is a liberalist, the outright enemies are Kovalev and Novodvorskaya are liberals. The nationalist opposition is liberals. The left front is liberals. So who is not liberalist in our country?
    I apologize, the koment is off topic, but I read the statements of Larus and decided to find out your opinion.
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 29 October 2012 17: 37
      Quote: grizzlir
      So who in our country is not a liberalist?

      (pulling the budenovka)
      - I.
      1. grizzlir
        grizzlir 29 October 2012 17: 50
        Karlsonn, I agree, you are not a liberalist. I also don’t think of myself like that, but still want to hear who these liberalists are? Now a rare topic on the site dispenses with this expression in the comments.
        1. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 29 October 2012 19: 52
          Quote: grizzlir
          Who are these liberals?

          - Russophobia;
          - anti-advisers;
          - adherents of liberal democratic ideology;
          - connoisseurs of "universal" values;
          - gay, journalists and other freedom-loving individuals ....
          here the list can be long, it’s much easier to look at their heralds and everything will become clear:
          Svanidze-Pozner-Novodvorskaya ...
    2. grizzlir
      grizzlir 29 October 2012 17: 38
      Opana, glad minus. Confirms the presence on the site of people who have nothing to answer. They can only shout: YES HELLO and URY.
    3. dimanf
      dimanf 29 October 2012 17: 49
      Quote: grizzlir
      who are these liberals, liberals, liberals, what is a liberal column?

      all who are against medveputes are recorded in this category!
      according to their concepts, you are either- EDIRAST or LIBERAST!
      There is no third !
      1. grizzlir
        grizzlir 29 October 2012 17: 56
        Quote: dimanf
        all who are against medveputes are recorded in this category!

        Remember the first interview of Dmitry Medvedev as the president of Russia. He said that he was a politician of liberal views. Something is wrong with this liberalism.
      2. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 29 October 2012 19: 55
        Why mix everything in one pile?
        Quote: dimanf
        There is no third !

        How come? but I am a Stalinist and I have claims both to the ruling party of Russia and to the liberals, although the latter, if I had the opportunity, would have drowned myself with barges.
        1. Dr. No
          Dr. No 30 October 2012 11: 45
          Today, by the way, is a day of remembrance for victims of political repression.
          1. Karlsonn
            Karlsonn 30 October 2012 15: 41
            Quote: Dr. No.
            Today, by the way, is a day of remembrance for victims of political repression.

            happy for them. these were repressed, like others, also under the 58 article, do you think that it was necessary otherwise?
            they are also now victims of political repression, will we repent or grieve for them?
            1. Dr. No
              Dr. No 30 October 2012 18: 48
              Even if one of the hundreds of thousands of executed and millions of repressed was not guilty, then, probably, you can remember about him that day. I am not persuading anyone now and not proving anything, this is my personal opinion.
            2. voxpopuli
              voxpopuli 3 November 2012 21: 24
              Sorry, but you
  12. urich
    urich 29 October 2012 20: 21
    30 December 1994 years 345 Guards Regiment celebrated 50 years since the formation of the regiment. A congratulatory telegram arrived in the regiment, in which, along with other military merits, it was reported that the regiment’s units participated in landing on Novaya Zemlya after testing nuclear weapons there.
    The only time and the only mention. I have never seen any confirmation of this event. It’s far from the idea that officials came up with this phrase (meaning?), Maybe this event is still classified?
  13. Skavron
    Skavron 29 October 2012 23: 18
    And something in the article was not mentioned the head of the Tots "teachings"! AND ?
    No credit to the author ... no credit
  14. WW3
    WW3 30 October 2012 00: 41
    Question: What is a soldier obligated to do after seeing a nuclear explosion?
    Answer: Turn your back to the epicenter so that steel from the molten bayonet does not drip onto the official boots.

    New Mexico Nuclear Explosion, well seen, all shot in slow motion.
    1. WW3
      WW3 30 October 2012 18: 36
      If you detonate all the nuclear weapons on Earth, then a nuclear winter will come, or the planet will simply turn into an asteroid belt like the planet "Phaeton", in any case no one will survive, so total nuclear war is simply nonsense in its essence ...

      Scenarios of the Third World War:
      1. World War III weapons are nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. + chem. and bio. ammunition, the rest - in fact it does not matter.
      2. Tactical and assault aircraft, precision weapons, ballistic missiles of all ranges, artillery with conventional and nuclear ammunition. Without the use of missiles like "Satan" and "MX".
      1. Vldmr
        Vldmr 2 November 2012 22: 36
        Do not read bedtime stories :))) Krakatau fell for 200000 Hiroshima and 18 cubic meters. km of ash in the atmosphere, one cold year and everything settled down. It is not necessary to exaggerate the capabilities of mankind, even in its desire for self-destruction. Something close to the end of the world, if you explode many, many cobalt bombs, Toda transdeans have every chance of being (current for complex multicellular organisms). And asteroids fell to the earth, while the energy release was many orders of magnitude higher than the megatonnes of all nuclear charges accumulated by mankind. This land, we walk along it, has not gone anywhere. But the planet does not scratch, it has survived more than one extinction of living creatures and the fall of meteorites of 10 km3. One mold will disappear, another will start :)) A holy place does not happen empty :))))
        1. WW3
          WW3 3 November 2012 21: 44
          That's about the tales ..., study the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion for a start.... here is the material if 40% of nuclear weapons will be detonated...

          Scientists began to deal with the issues of assessing the consequences of a possible nuclear war only in 1982. The studies were carried out by large groups of scientists from the USSR, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden and France. The first scientific report of the USSR Academy of Sciences was published in 1987. In the USA, research was carried out by scientific institutions of the Department of Defense, the National Academy of Sciences, individual institutes, groups of scientists in the fields of ecology, biology, economics, etc.

          It is known that scenarios of a nuclear war can be different, so the most probable ones have been selected. If we consider the most "sparing" options for a large-scale nuclear war, when for several days about 40% will be exploded in the northern hemisphere available nuclear weapons with a total capacity of approximately 5000 MT, then there will be the following consequences, which according to most scientists of the world:

          1. Direct losses from the damaging factors of nuclear explosions. In the early days, approximately 1 billion 150 million people will die, as many will be seriously wounded, at least 70% of them will die. Taking into account radioactive contamination, losses will amount to 30-50% of the world's population.

          2. A “nuclear night" will come due to smoke and dust raised into the atmosphere. Since in this case, the supply of solar energy will be blocked by 90%. "Nuclear night" will last in the northern hemisphere from 1,5 to 8 months, in the southern - from 1 to 4. Photosynthesis will stop both on earth and in the oceans. As a result, all food chains will be disrupted: plants will die, then animals, hunger for humanity will come.

          3. There will come a "nuclear winter." The temperature will drop in the northern hemisphere by 30–430С (according to the data of scientists of the USSR - by 15–20 0С), in the southern - by 15–200С. As a result of an abrupt decrease in temperature, and also considering that the “nuclear winter” will last up to a year in the northern hemisphere, up to 10 months in the southern hemisphere, all crops will die, the earth will freeze to a depth of 1 m, there will be no fresh water, and hunger will come.

          4. Climate change in various parts of the world will increase the number of natural disasters, especially storms, hurricanes, droughts and floods.

          5. There will be fires. Forests will burn out (sources of oxygen and carbon dioxide utilization) on an area of ​​at least
          1 million sq. Km. Fires in cities will cause the release of toxic gases in concentrations that will lead to poisoning of all living things. The gas composition of the atmosphere will change with unpredictable consequences for the biological world.

          6. The ozone layer will decrease by 17–70%. To restore it will require at least 10 years. During this time, the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun will be 100 times more intense than under normal conditions, and it is detrimental to all living things.

          Severe genetic consequences, mass deaths of people and animals from cancer, human degeneration are expected. True, in the first months after nuclear strikes, the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun will be absorbed by dust and soot and its effect will be negligible.

          7. According to the Swedish Academy of Sciences due to lack of fuel, drinking water, as a result of hunger, the collapse of medical supplies, etc. pandemics will occur with unpredictable consequences.

          Hmm ...... and now imagine what happens if everything is 100% exploded ?????
          1. Vldmr
            Vldmr 7 November 2012 22: 54
            I read scripts of this kind. There was a book by the Canadian journalist Lydia Dotto, published by the Mir publishing house in 1986, as far as I remember, but unfortunately I sowed it :(. Everything was chewed there, including different scenarios, taking into account the megatonnage used and the time of year, the consequences for biosphere and agriculture, etc. In all scenarios it was envisaged that due to "fire tornadoes" in the process of burning of combustible substances in urban agglomerations, powerful vertical air currents are formed, which will throw dust and soot (more than 4,5 bln. m.) high into the stratosphere, where all this will settle for months, reducing the access of sunlight to the surface, respectively, causing overheating of the stratospheric air, which in theory will interfere with the natural process of cleaning the stratosphere from dust and soot.But as I said in my previous post , Krakatoa exploded and gave out more nasty things than in the described scenarios. And everything was limited to several cold years, naturally with a drop in agricultural production and hunger. oh, an equal sign between these events cannot be put, but it makes one think that a person is not yet so developed to cause events that significantly exceed natural disasters. All these models are quite controversial, and their birth is due to a large extent to the political order that we have or in the United States. How many hysterics there were about ozone holes above the poles in the late eighties. DuPont has earned more than $ 20 billion in refrigerant replacement. Replaced, earned money, hysteria faded away. And the ozone holes are still there. It’s a natural process, however :)) And I was outraged in your post, it’s a trick with our ears about the asteroid belt :)) This is a fairy tale :))) It will take a long time for mankind to grow up to such values ​​of power supply. You don't have to talk about a thermonuclear chain reaction in the oceans, during the explosions of super-powerful thermonuclear devices. The same controversial hypothesis. You can read the book of A. Kazantsev "Faeti", he developed this hypothesis. I am not underestimating the terrible consequences of an atomic war for the biosphere, humanity in its present form will come to an end (W. Miller "Hymn to Leibovich"), perhaps final. But now it is guaranteed that it is possible to provide full n ... only when using a large number of cobalt bombs. (N. Shut "On the Shore")
  15. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 30 October 2012 14: 51
    And the head of these inhuman teachings at that time was the USSR Minister of Defense, Marshal of the USSR GK Zhukov, for whom a soldier was never a valuable element of military operations.
    I read somewhere, I don’t remember, when meeting the allies, to the question of the commander of the American army, General Eisenhour, that the Americans always had the problem of attacking German positions covered by minefields, and how did they act, Mr. Marshal, in the Red Army in such conditions?
    Zhukov answered frankly, simply and cynically: "There was no such problem in the Red Army. We attacked the German positions, believing that there were no minefields."
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 30 October 2012 15: 43
      Do you like fairy tales? Oh well laughing
  16. vadimN
    vadimN 30 October 2012 17: 59
    Veterans of special risk units can best tell how the soldiers were "protected" during nuclear tests .... Who is still alive since then. In the past, the service had to communicate with them ... I will not retell anything, whoever wants - will find information on the network. I will say one thing - our "concern" about the protection of personnel was not much better than that of the Americans ...
  17. voxpopuli
    voxpopuli 3 November 2012 21: 23
    Damn what terrible toys people play