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Brazilian press: Bolsonaro, who lost in the elections, announced his readiness to transfer power to the new President of Brazil

Brazilian press: Bolsonaro, who lost in the elections, announced his readiness to transfer power to the new President of Brazil

According to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, referring to the statement of the new vice-president elected in the recent elections, Geraldo Alcmina, President Jair Bolsonaro, who lost in the elections, agreed to transfer power to Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, for whom the Brazilians voted the majority of votes in the elections. The advantage, however, turned out to be minimal - less than 2 percent.

On November 3, a meeting was held between the defeated president and the new vice president, at which the former made it clear that the government was ready to provide any assistance to transfer power to the elected president, Lula da Silva.

According to the publication, this information was also confirmed by the head of the presidential staff, Bolsonaro, Ciro Nogueira, who said that the president supported the process of transferring power to the elected president, Lula da Silva.

Recall that the presidential elections in Brazil were held last Sunday. The current president of the country, Jair Bolsonaro, lost to the former president, 77-year-old Lula da Silva. At the same time, the difference in votes was minimal - 50,84% ​​and 49,16%. At the same time, protesters on the streets of major Brazilian cities called on the army to intervene and support Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro himself did not comment on these calls, but, turning to the demonstrators, he urged them not to block the roads, pointing out that it was illegal.

Lula da Silva was already the Brazilian president in the 2000s. On January 1, 2023, he should re-enter this position.

According to him, the country is in a difficult situation, which he will try to change for the better.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 4 November 2022 09: 10
    If so, then thank God, I am very glad that this "buza" in Brazil can end peacefully
    1. neworange88
      neworange88 4 November 2022 09: 21
      .Brazilian press: Bolsonaro, who lost in the elections, announced his readiness to transfer power to the new president of Brazil

      That's what it means when the interests of the country are put above personal ambitions. I can only applaud Bolsonaro. Surely the Americans put pressure on him, trying to arrange another revolution, but he found the courage not to become a pawn in their hands. Brazil is a key country in South America. A serious blow to American hegemony.
      1. Pereira
        Pereira 4 November 2022 10: 30
        The main thing is that Brazil is a potential emission center of Latin America. instead of the dollar. And Silva, just promoted it.
      2. volodimer
        volodimer 4 November 2022 13: 39
        If this is true, as announced, Brazil has a chance to do without a cataclysm. From Bolsonaro's side: We tried, showed.. Maybe it didn't work out, let Lula fix our shortcomings..
        Exactly the same situation with Lula. Bolsonaro screwed up, we will fix it.. We must show that our course is correct, otherwise... Bolsonaro again. And here the main thing is without interference from outside and artificial incitement of passions.
        There is nothing worse than when, for the sake of proving the superiority of their own point of view, they sacrifice the interests of their people.
  2. Taimen
    Taimen 4 November 2022 09: 11
    Toys for liberals or democracy wins.
  3. Graz
    Graz 4 November 2022 09: 15
    Bolsonaro will be a fool if he goes to a civil war, not a single post and chsv are worth the destruction of the country, I hope he saw this on the example of Ukraine. In addition, he will still have a chance to be elected
  4. Mouse
    Mouse 4 November 2022 09: 19
    what do you say ... worthy! You also need to know how to lose...
  5. Non-fighter
    Non-fighter 4 November 2022 09: 49
    With such a difference and the fact that the current government will make mistakes (and there is no escape from this), the next time he has a good chance of becoming president again. Legally :)
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 November 2022 11: 11
    He admitted that he lost and agreed to transfer power, but what to do with the street? You can't calm the street with a single movement of your hand.
  7. Fizik13
    Fizik13 4 November 2022 12: 49
    The Americans are losing their grip, but what about the Venezuelan scenario?
    They are clearly not up to Brazil, here is Ukraine, Taiwan ...
  8. Bingo
    Bingo 4 November 2022 15: 00
    The US snatched another plop with its puppet. Chased our urban