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The Pentagon decided to replenish the Ukrainian stocks of ammunition for MLRS HIMARS

The Pentagon decided to replenish the Ukrainian stocks of ammunition for MLRS HIMARS

Ukraine too quickly consumes very expensive shells for MLRS HIMARS, in addition, part of the ammunition is destroyed by the Russian army with high-precision missiles, which leads to their shortage. The United States cannot leave Zelenskiy's puppet regime without much-needed ammunition, which is why they are included in almost every military aid package. Today, the Biden administration will announce the allocation of funds for the next military aid.

The Pentagon decided to replenish the arsenals of Kyiv, forming a new package of military assistance from almost nothing but ammunition. According to the American agency Associated Press, which refers to sources in the White House, a decision has been made to allocate shells to Kyiv in the amount of $275 million. Artillery shells will be sent to Ukraine, and most importantly, a new batch of ammunition for the HIMARS MLRS. It is possible that some other items of equipment type will be included in the package, but their number will be insignificant. Also, this assistance will not include large weapons systems.

The new aid is expected to be officially announced today.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Valdemaras Rupshis, opposed sending self-propelled howitzers and air defense systems to Ukraine from the presence of the Lithuanian army. According to him, the Lithuanian army already has few weapons, and the government decides to transfer them to Ukraine, taking from the presence of the army. The general urged to first purchase new systems, then transfer the old ones. We are talking about PzH 2000 howitzers and the NASAMS air defense system.

After the commander's speech, seven off-road vehicles were sent to Ukraine instead of howitzers and air defense systems, but in Kyiv they were delighted with such an "equivalent" replacement.

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  1. Oleg Bagaev
    Oleg Bagaev 28 October 2022 06: 33
    And I argue that the world is heading towards a nuclear catastrophe, sooner or later the question of attacking military depots in Poland and Romania will arise, and then ..
  2. Kaufman
    Kaufman 28 October 2022 06: 38
    No, and we're supposed to make a decision in return! Meet the cargo as expected - with fireworks! Who is going to make the decisions?
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 October 2022 06: 44
    Who doubts that the Americans will continue to arm the Ukrainian troops and replenish their ammunition? There is just no doubt about this. There is great doubt that the Republicans, having received a majority in Congress, will cut this assistance, not to mention its termination. It is bad that this "help", or rather the means of killing Russian army soldiers and civilians, freely enters the territory of Ukraine. Yes, some of it is indeed periodically destroyed in storage areas, but this part is not as large as we would like. The only thing about Lithuania is that the bug is small and smelly.
    1. Victor_B
      Victor_B 28 October 2022 07: 07
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Who doubts that the Americans will continue to arm the Ukrainian troops and replenish their ammunition?
      They openly declare that their task, at the cost of ANY number of Ukrainians, is to drag out the war as long as possible!
      So, Pig Reich is guaranteed "endless ammo" ...
  4. smart fellow
    smart fellow 28 October 2022 06: 45
    Some rejoice that in the United States, the Republicans can come to power and supplies to Ukraine will stop. Harry Tabakh, a former Soviet Jew and captain 1st rank of the US Army Reserve, says that this is not so. The Republicans are proposing that the Lend-Lease law should work. In this case, the United States will not periodically consider allocating money to Ukraine and supplying weapons from the stocks of the US Army, but will supply weapons in the requested quantity from manufacturing plants. In this case, a lot of money will flow into the military-industrial complex, which will positively affect the US economy.
    1. smart fellow
      smart fellow 28 October 2022 07: 01
      On the other hand, they write that the issues of supplying the army have been transferred from the Moscow Region to Mishustin, i.e. to the government, which means "the transition of the economy to a war footing." Undoubtedly, this will have a positive effect on the provision of the army. If they stop producing conditional "Ladas", I think no one will worry, and consumer goods still come from China and the CIS countries.
  5. Li17
    Li17 28 October 2022 06: 50
    Well it is clear! But what decision will we make, in particular, on the destruction of supply routes! As usual?
  6. The comment was deleted.