Finnish armored personnel carriers Sisu XA-180 in Ukraine

Finnish armored personnel carriers Sisu XA-180 in Ukraine
The first known photo of the XA-180 in Ukraine, September 2022. Photo by Telegram / BMPD

A few weeks ago it became known that Finnish-made Sisu XA-180/185 armored personnel carriers appeared in the arsenal of the Ukrainian armed formations. Who and in what quantity delivered such equipment is not known for certain. By now, imported vehicles have reached the war zone and have begun to be used for their intended purpose. In addition, these armored personnel carriers are already suffering the first losses.

From an unknown ally

The appearance of Sisu XA-180 armored personnel carriers in Ukraine became known in mid-September. Then fresh photographs taken at one of the improvised bases of Ukrainian formations were distributed to specialized resources. Four combat vehicles without installed weapons got into the frame. Probably, they were recently received and have not yet had time to prepare for full-fledged operation on the front line.

It is curious that the delivery of the XA-180 became known as a fait accompli. Prior to that, not a single country that has such equipment in service has reported its plans to send it to Ukraine. Moreover, it is still not known exactly which foreign army provided such assistance. In addition, the number of armored personnel carriers transferred, their modification and other aspects of the supply are questionable.

Armored personnel carrier of the Finnish army in a characteristic color. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Most likely, the armored vehicles arrived in Ukraine from Finland, as indicated by their camouflage coloring. The XA-180 armored personnel carriers are in service with several countries, but only the Finnish army uses a similar three-color pattern with a characteristic spot shape. Other operators paint their equipment differently.

Despite such facts, official Helsinki does not comment on the appearance of Finnish-made equipment in Ukrainian formations. For what reason the Finnish leadership considers it necessary to remain silent even now, when the supply of equipment has ceased to be a secret and there is at least circumstantial evidence, is unknown.

First loss

Foreign armored personnel carriers quickly got into the combat zone and began to be used for their intended purpose. The logical consequence of this was the first losses, which became known in mid-October. First, photographs of the broken XA-180 appeared on specialized resources, and then a video appeared showing the defeat of such equipment.

Ukrainian armored vehicles on the march. Frame from video from NM LPR

An interesting video filmed by a reconnaissance UAV was published by the press service of the People's Militia of the LPR. A convoy of Ukrainian vehicles was moving along the road, consisting of one infantry fighting vehicle and three XA-180 armored personnel carriers. Suddenly, one of the armored personnel carriers exploded with a large flash and debris flying. What struck him is unclear, but the car cannot be restored. Then, at the same point, next to the wrecked armored personnel carrier, the outgoing infantry fighting vehicle was also hit. The other two armored personnel carriers turned around and hurried away.

At the moment, the available information allows us to talk about the destruction of one or two armored personnel carriers XA-180. It is known about the delivery of at least four armored vehicles, and at least two remain in service. Probably, with new offensive attempts, Ukrainian formations will again lose such equipment.

Not new technology

The future armored personnel carrier XA-180 was developed in the late seventies by Sisu Auto (later its defense department became part of Patria) as part of the Finnish army competition. In 1980, Sisu built and handed over experimental equipment for comparative testing. In 1983, her project was recognized as the most successful, and at the end of the year a contract for the production of the first batch of armored personnel carriers appeared.

The defeat of the armored personnel carrier. Frame from video from NM LPR

Within a few years, the development company reached the required production volumes and completed the rearmament of the Finnish army. In addition, the first export contracts appeared. In parallel with the assembly of equipment, the development of specialized modifications and modernization projects was carried out. The result of these works was the improved XA-185/186/188/200/202 armored personnel carriers and their variants with various equipment.

The first and main customer of the armored personnel carrier of the Sisu XA-180 family was the armed forces of Finland. In total, they acquired more than 600 armored vehicles of all major modifications - these were armored personnel carriers, SAM carriers, command and staff vehicles, ambulances, RCB reconnaissance vehicles, etc. At present, at least 470 units remain in service. technology.

The main foreign customer was Sweden, which bought more than 200 products from Sisu. 90 cars went to the Netherlands, and 75 units were transferred to Norway. In small quantities, incl. for testing, armored personnel carriers were also transferred to other states. In addition, several foreign operators at one time received used equipment. Thus, the Estonian army bought its XA-180/188 from the Netherlands, and recently an unknown country transferred such equipment to Ukraine.

Technical features

From a technical point of view, the XA-180 is a typical armored personnel carrier of its time. This is a three-axle wheeled vehicle with bulletproof / anti-shatter protection with a combat weight of 13,5 tons. It is controlled by a crew of two and carries up to 15-16 paratroopers.

The wreckage of the armored personnel carrier retains a recognizable appearance. Frame from video from NM LPR

XA-180 has a load-bearing armored hull made of armor plates with a thickness of no more than 10 mm. The bow of the hull accommodates the control compartment with crew seats; behind it is the engine compartment. Other volumes are given over to the large-capacity troop compartment. The control compartment has a large area of ​​glazing and side doors; paratroopers use the aft door.

The first modification of the armored personnel carrier used a Valmet 611 DSBJA diesel engine with an HP 236 power. Late versions, starting with the XA-200, are equipped with a 270 hp diesel engine. Torque is distributed to all six wheels. The undercarriage is equipped with large diameter wheels with spring suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers. Two water cannons are also provided in the stern. On the highway, the armored personnel carrier develops a speed of about 105 km / h, on the water - up to 8 km / h.

Finnish armored personnel carriers were originally equipped with an open turret with a 12,7 mm NSV machine gun. During the upgrades, large and normal caliber machine guns of several NATO models were introduced. In the sides and stern of the troop compartment there are loopholes for the use of personal weapons.

Deprecation problem

At the time of its appearance, the Sisu XA-180 was a modern armored personnel carrier and fully complied with current requirements. Thanks to this, he became one of the main combat vehicles of the Finnish army, and also found a place in the armed forces of several other states. With the help of the XA-180 and its versions, the infantry improved their mobility, and also received sufficient protection and fire support.

The other two XA-180s (top left) leave in a hurry. Frame from video from NM LPR

However, over the next 40 years, the situation has changed dramatically. XA-180, both in its original and modified form, no longer meets modern requirements. Its only advantage is the large capacity of the troop compartment and the ability to install a heavy machine gun. With all this, the level of protection is already insufficient, even for later upgraded options.

XA-180/185/186/188/200/202 from certain angles and distances is affected by large-caliber small arms. Anti-tank systems penetrate his armor in any conditions. In addition, the machines do not have specialized mine protection. Because of this, survivability and stability in modern combat conditions leave much to be desired.

Thus, Finnish-made armored personnel carriers are not the most successful example of assistance for Ukrainian formations. They will not be able to make a significant contribution to the restoration of the fleet of vehicles, and moral and, probably, physical obsolescence lead to known risks. Delivered machines can be destroyed at any time, and long-term successful operation is virtually excluded.

Another wrecked XM-180 armored personnel carrier. Photo Telegram / ChDambiev

Secrecy and utility

Despite the presence of circumstantial evidence, it is not known which country transferred its Sisu XA-180 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. At the same time, it is clear that such supplies were carried out in the form of military-technical assistance and were aimed at strengthening the Kyiv formations.

However, obsolete equipment, possibly of considerable age, was allocated to provide assistance, and there will be little real benefit from it. With all this, along with the XA-180, the Ukrainian side received new operational problems, restrictions and risks. Foreign aid once again proved to be at least useless.
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  1. -5
    29 October 2022 05: 33
    By and large, these deliveries will not change anything. Like, Zelegnsky and shoble poultice. With the world on a string, for the all-hearse.
    1. +6
      29 October 2022 11: 14
      Quote: Bulls.
      For the most part, they won't change.

      But the hatred will change. In fact, they won’t “change” it in such a way that all ukrov communications are supported by supplies, anti-tank systems of Western countries have already become the basis of their anti-tank weapons, and humvees, huskies and other armored vehicles become a means of transporting their infantry.

      We will definitely win, but we need to think about how to neutralize good communications and stop the oversaturation of ukrov anti-tank systems, how to suppress their artillery and air defense.
  2. +9
    29 October 2022 06: 00
    Finland is not yet part of NATO.
    And accordingly, it has no obligation to supply weapons to Ukraine.
    The fact of delivery speaks of the hostility of the current leadership towards the Russian Federation.
    Given their non-bloc status, they could well withstand neutrality.
    But they didn't.
  3. +2
    29 October 2022 06: 30
    Western equipment entering the Armed Forces of Ukraine is motley, there is no unification and a system for organizing repairs. She does not live long in battle. There is a mass throwing off of stale products and isolated cases of new developments of NATO weapons being tested in combat.
    1. +7
      29 October 2022 17: 07
      The war has been going on for 8 months. We are all at war with the illiquid. Yes, I think not a single person in VO a year ago would have believed that the war with Ukraine would not end in 3-5-10 days (well, or 2-3 months, if we take strong pessimists), but would go on as it goes.
      1. +5
        29 October 2022 18: 06
        Civil with interventionists is the most accurate definition of what is happening. Already the Supreme Commander does not deny it... The generals from both sides did not study the topic: "How to win in the Civil War."

        It is very bad that Russia has sunk to that international level, when all sorts of scum ride on its territory in tanks, absolutely not risking getting hit on their capital.

        The adversary is tearing up our gas pipelines and bridges, drowning the flagships of the fleet, destroying Russian people and cities. Moscow - "expresses concern."

        If only some fakes were written about the plans to capture Alaska in the winter or the preparation of Argentine marines to take the Falklands. We are even in INFOWAR, where any fairy tales-horror stories are allowed and nonsense DO NOT ATTACK, continuing to chew on the "infosnot of the West", justifying ourselves before the nonsense of the adversary.
      2. +1
        29 October 2022 18: 21
        It was just clear that it would not end in 3-5 days. You don't have to be a military expert not to understand that modern Ukraine is a NATO project and it was obvious that they would harness themselves.
        1. +3
          30 October 2022 12: 45
          Quote from Elissa Mare
          Ukraine is a NATO project and it was obvious that they would harness themselves.

          It is obvious that if three times more forces were allocated for the operation, if they acted according to a competent plan and managed in a couple of months, no NATO would be harnessed.
          Most likely, there would have been fewer sanctions and the gas pipelines would have been intact.
      3. +2
        30 October 2022 02: 49
        Fi. It was immediately clear that an easy walk would not work. It's amazing that our MO had a different opinion
      4. +2
        30 October 2022 09: 54
        We are already driving the T-80 t T-64 to war, and the old infantry fighting vehicles, so the "parity" is observed :(
  4. 0
    29 October 2022 07: 27
    Finland decided to suck up. And why dispose of old equipment ourselves? You can send to Ukraine, and then report "We also helped ..."
  5. +1
    29 October 2022 07: 41
    Most likely, the armored vehicles arrived in Ukraine from Finland, as indicated by their camouflage coloring.

    Despite such facts, official Helsinki does not comment on the appearance of Finnish-made equipment in Ukrainian formations. For what reason the Finnish leadership considers it necessary to remain silent even now, when the supply of equipment has ceased to be a secret and there is at least circumstantial evidence, is unknown.

    Duc, to say "yes" means to admit to the "Finnish-anti-Russian" vile things to the fullest! (Where is the document? Here it is the document!) And here you can, in which case, try to give up! Like, I'm not me and the horse (armored personnel carriers, that is) is not mine! We have nothing to do with it, drunk xoxly stole it!
  6. +2
    29 October 2022 08: 41
    It's time to stop talking to the Finns! It is necessary to break the agreement on the lease of the Saimaa Canal and other friendly gestures in their direction! (((
  7. -7
    29 October 2022 09: 18
    These Pasi are complete bullshit, for us only shmurdyak is transported and not fought ... so they slipped Ukraine another bullshit ...
    1. +1
      30 October 2022 15: 33
      Well, the BTR-80 is not much different in performance.
      Only the size is larger, it's easier to get into.
  8. -1
    29 October 2022 10: 20
    XA-180/185/186/188/200/202 from certain angles and distances is affected by large-caliber small arms. Anti-tank systems penetrate his armor in any conditions. In addition, the machines do not have specialized mine protection. Because of this, survivability and stability in modern combat conditions leave much to be desired.

    What is this, a war machine? The fact of its use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and similar M113 and other rear boxes suggests that they have no choice, they use what they give, and there is no one to think about the harmfulness, inappropriateness, one way or another, these are disposable machines that are deliberately sent for recycling to on par with Ukrainian soldiers
    1. +2
      30 October 2022 12: 50
      Quote: Materialist
      What is this, a war machine?

      This is an armored personnel carrier, and far from the worst.
      Designed to deliver infantry or cargo to the line of deployment for an attack or to the front line.
      Quite a useful machine in a war.
      1. -2
        30 October 2022 14: 25
        No, an armored personnel carrier is a rear cargo transporter, to lead an attack, to support on the battlefield and, in the end, serve as a home on the front line, in which case, an infantry fighting vehicle should be for the soldiers, the same armored personnel carrier but with devices to survive on the front end and with a caterpillar mover
        1. +1
          30 October 2022 18: 29
          BMP is not enough for everyone. Not in any army in the world.
          Each type of weaponry and equipment has its own list of tasks.
          1. 0
            30 October 2022 19: 48
            Enough or not enough is a question of the resources that it seems possible to spend on the production of these infantry fighting vehicles (conceptual, not specific models)
            I have already written that the use of armored personnel carriers as combat vehicles is a problem not only of army supply, but also of the economic system, the capitalists do not really try in the theory of using vehicles with a specific specialization, task number 1 is to maximize the cost of a serial vehicle, and how to use it, the army will decide for themselves
            The use of a vehicle in combat formations, which are opposed by the most dangerous means of destruction of all possible ones, should neutralize the effect of these means of destruction with their own means of protection, but if the latter are inferior in durability to the striking ability of the former, then there is no point in using them, since vehicles of any degree of security, not capable of tanking (in particular) the most effective environments. por., equally disposable, only their resource and labor intensity can be categorically different
  9. 0
    29 October 2022 11: 48
    After this war, there will be many new exhibits in Kubinka, every creature in pairs.
  10. +6
    29 October 2022 12: 24
    "However, obsolete equipment, possibly of considerable age, was allocated to provide assistance, and there will be little real benefit from it ... Foreign aid once again turned out to be at least useless." writes the author of the article. And I personally believe that during the conduct of hostilities, any transport unit is of great importance. Everyone knows that the enemy makes extensive use of unarmored, often civilian, vehicles to break through our defenses. And, unfortunately, often succeeds. And here, after all, a whole armored personnel carrier, and the speed is under 100.
    You have to burn them. And for this, fighters, means of destruction, ammo, etc. are additionally needed.
    1. +1
      29 October 2022 14: 56
      The Russian Armed Forces burned out the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and this is thousands of vehicles, burned out almost the entire armored vehicles of Eastern Europe, and these are several thousand more vehicles, we will also destroy those single armored vehicles that are now being supplied to Ukraine by the West ... As stated, and more than once, our leadership: supplies of weapons by the West may delay the course of the NMD, but they will not be able to change it .... We will still carry out both the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine ...
      1. +4
        29 October 2022 15: 22
        Theoretically it is. Otherwise, Russia, as a single and independent state, khan.
        But how long will it last, practically?
        That is why any supply of weapons, even "junk" postpone our victory, but in no way cancel it.
        Our cause is just
        the enemy will be defeated
        Victory will be ours!!!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. +1
    29 October 2022 12: 25
    They were clearly delivered through underground tunnels.
  12. +3
    29 October 2022 17: 06
    In the last picture, by the way, French VAB 4 × 4, not Sisu
  13. +2
    29 October 2022 18: 08
    Technique "does not bear losses." Losses in equipment are borne by units using this equipment.
    In general, the supply of weapons for the war against the Russian Federation by Finland should have serious consequences for Finland from the Russian Federation. In any case, financial. These "Europeans" understand money well. In the meantime, only the Russians are paying, they are winning.
  14. +1
    29 October 2022 21: 05
    They burn well and well. They seem even worse than the Americans M-113
  15. +1
    30 October 2022 11: 28
    Necessary, not needed, but a shell must be used on it. And this is our projectile, our rocket, everything costs money.
  16. 0
    31 October 2022 12: 05
    Sisu produces good equipment, only there are a couple of problems. Equipment cannot be refueled with manure and requires COMPETENT maintenance.
  17. 0
    11 December 2022 15: 08
    Stop writing nonsense about the uselessness of foreign aid!!!

    We have already left Kherson, we are digging trenches in the Crimea, Belgorod and Kursk regions !!!

    What's next? Retreat to Moscow?!

    NATO handed over 20 Hymers, 150 howitzers and 400 old tanks, and the Russian generals whined that they were at war with all of NATO. Shameful.
  18. 0
    25 December 2022 17: 01
    BTR-80, of course, also do not shine with novelty. And they also have protection no more than 10 mm. Well, yes, we managed to install a module with a gun, bringing it to the level of the BTR-82. However, it is not noticeable that something was done on the BTR-82 to increase security. It seems that the Finns were inspired by our armored personnel carriers, however, they reached normal power density immediately. and we are only on the BTR-80. By the way, I don’t remember that in the world until the 90s they did something similar to an armored personnel carrier. They did mainly BMP. Of the armored personnel carriers, I can also recall the "Piran", well, also the South African vehicles of the "Hippo" type - by today's standards, a mixture of an armored personnel carrier and a MCI.
  19. 0
    13 January 2023 09: 17
    How to cut off the oxygen with these supplies.
    Russia can also declare an embargo on supplies and everything to Ukraine and intercept ships with weapons in neutral waters "on suspicion" In the implementation of these deliveries, how is the United States doing, let's say, with Iran?
  20. 0
    16 January 2023 10: 13
    In the picture from TG Dambiev, isn't it a French VAB?