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Shows the elimination of Ukrainian militants surrounded

Shows the elimination of Ukrainian militants surrounded

The fighters of the people's republics of Donbass make a significant contribution to the defeat of the enemy, and in a number of areas they are the main striking force of the Russian troops. The units of the LPR once again showed combat prowess and a high level of coherence, encircling and destroying the enemy.

The TG channel "Military Chronicle" showed footage of the liquidation of Ukrainian militants surrounded. Soldiers of the 4th brigade of the LPR, during the assault on an enemy position located in a forest belt, went to the rear of the enemy and took him into the ring. Mortar crews worked out on the encircled enemy forces, after which the infantry went on the attack and entered into a shooting battle with the enemy, crushing the resistance. Part of the militants fled through the forest plantation, but thanks to aerial reconnaissance, they were discovered by drone operators, whose coordinates were hit by artillery strikes, destroying the remnants of enemy forces.

Thanks to this “comprehensive approach”, the enemy lost his position along with the militants holding it.

This example demonstrates an exemplary attack in terms of the level of coherence - everyone was responsible for his own business. While the infantry occupied the lines, surrounding the enemy, the mortar fire distracted the enemy forces, and the drone operators carefully monitored the development of the situation and timely gave target designation to the artillery that successfully finished off the enemy forces.


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  1. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 27 October 2022 13: 42
    I hope that it is the soldiers of the NM LDNR who pass on the experience to those mobilized at the training grounds ..
  2. Bingo
    Bingo 27 October 2022 13: 43
    Uno, dues, tres, I'll get a pig cutter)))
    1. Quote Lavrov
      Quote Lavrov 27 October 2022 13: 45
      As I understand it, was it hidden somewhere in the folds of the combat sofa?
      For some reason, the farther from the front line, the more public heroism.
      1. Bingo
        Bingo 27 October 2022 14: 21
        1) Learn modern classics - you can type a phrase into a search engine.
        2) Do not get in the habit of being rude to strangers - you can crap yourself cool
        1. dmi.pris
          dmi.pris 27 October 2022 15: 04
          Classic..Modern. When did she manage to become one? It is scary to imagine that Tolstoy had such phrases in War and Peace...
          1. Bingo
            Bingo 27 October 2022 15: 19
            If you remember Tolstoy, then this is an absolute analogue of "It was smooth on paper" - the front-line awkwardness of an artillery lieutenant at the front. Not?
          2. Two diplomas
            Two diplomas 28 October 2022 23: 43
            What about Tolstoy? In total, almost 200 years have passed. Let's remember the "Lay of Igor's Campaign". That's where the classic is.
        2. Shark Lover
          Shark Lover 31 October 2022 05: 22
          Where is he rude to you???? Or is the exact opinion on your post considered rude? They yell from the sofas, do not take prisoners, wet them, etc. You were rightly told, go and wet them. Watch a film about Sands, there in the third part our attack aircraft are sitting, one is 60 years old, an uncle is fighting. And they say there are many of them. Therefore, they correctly cooled you a combat assault on horseback on a sofa with a saber unsheathed))))))). Now I'm not rude at all, I just think so.
    2. Normann
      Normann 27 October 2022 16: 12
      How much can you talk about a pig cutter, every day the same thing (
      1. Bingo
        Bingo 27 October 2022 17: 14
        Such is the fate of neo-Nazis. Now everything that begins with the word Ukraine will end with a pig cutter...
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Bingo
            Bingo 27 October 2022 21: 03
            Poor, unfortunate children who are trying to kill the citizens of the Russian Federation and support the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv with weapons in their hands.
            These are the soldiers of the neo-Nazi regime, that is, the Nazis
            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. Bingo
                Bingo 27 October 2022 22: 14
                You don't have to be a lawyer to not support fascism. Proven by the militia. And do not engage in verbiage - "Because he fights with weapons in his hands, and his guilt does not require proof" - the meeting place cannot be changed. A soldier of the neo-Nazi regime is a fascist, and the correct name for a fascist is a Nazi - this will not change. As well as all sorts of dodges about "the poor who do not support." About 40% of the Germans voted for the NSDAP, and ALL Germany is paying to this day, and everyone, including the Germans, considers this to be correct. And among the soldiers of dill, the Nazis are all. For the soldiers of the fascist regime. And they are not subject to capture, but to destruction. Taken prisoner only on the condition that there is no longer a threat to themselves
              2. Two diplomas
                Two diplomas 28 October 2022 23: 46
                Stop flooding. The Commander-in-Chief of the Saloreikha lit up a bracelet with a swastika. G-L-A-V-K-O-M.
            2. 2112vda
              2112vda 29 October 2022 07: 22
              Soldiers of the neo-Nazi regime, neo-Nazis. Fascists from another "opera". The Italians were fascists along with their Duce, and the Germans were Nazis.
              1. Bingo
                Bingo 29 October 2022 07: 51
                And we were called fascists. So I will send historians and philologists in the ass with their correctness - a bastard with a wolfsangel or a swastika - a fascist. And the point, damn
          2. Turtle
            Turtle 28 October 2022 06: 57
            Even if you can easily be right, then you still need to start with the fact that these are armed enemies.
          3. NetKeys
            NetKeys 28 October 2022 07: 32
            Lawyer ukroreykha? You call to understand the varieties of mercenaries, opponents, cannibals, Bandera, needle organ cutters and other lovers of artillery safaris against the cities of Donbass and any Russians. Onizheshchildren, unihzhemateri, hate Russians with an anise, Russians with anise.
            1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Smoked
    Smoked 27 October 2022 13: 46
    Most of the video seems to be new, and towards the end where the wounded are lying around and one is shaking his hands in convulsions under the branches, from another old video.
    1. 4ekist
      4ekist 27 October 2022 19: 22
      Smoked : Most of the video seems to be new.......

      I didn't like the music accompaniment of the video, it was very tense somehow. Ukronazis crawling out of different holes like cockroaches, it would be better if they played a song about a balka-bandera
  4. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 27 October 2022 13: 47
    So their bastards... good job... don't feel sorry for them guys. good
    1. yuriy55
      yuriy55 27 October 2022 14: 33
      Autumn. There are torrential rains.
      Shooting in the field, sit at home and wait...
      Fuck there! Went following orders
      For the first and yes, the final time.
      The "pig-faced" went to kill everyone.
      Apparently they forgot that we are the army!
  5. Fitter65
    Fitter65 27 October 2022 13: 47
    Shown Liquidation Ukrainian militants surrounded
    "It's a pity" that the Ukrainians did not want to surrender ...
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 27 October 2022 13: 57
      Quote: Fitter65
      "It's a pity" that the Ukrainians did not want to surrender ...

      Well, yes, somehow we are not very grieving.
      1. Fitter65
        Fitter65 27 October 2022 14: 04
        Quote: tihonmarine
        Well, yes, somehow we are not very grieving.

        Oh, and don’t say, let alone how we didn’t get upset ... drinks
    2. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 27 October 2022 14: 57
      You did the right thing, feed them later. And so, fertilizer ..
  6. Emergency
    Emergency 27 October 2022 13: 54
    That's fine. You don't need to feed or treat. Yes, and at home, after the exchange, they will not carry a blizzard.
  7. Woodman
    Woodman 27 October 2022 14: 06
    And they say yesterday's batch of Natsiks and Poles continued closer to the night
    On yesterday's conflict between mercenaries from Poland and the Nazis. Yesterday, the Poles refused to go forward, and because of this, one of the attacks in the Liman direction bogged down and the Nazis suffered losses.

    Representatives of the Nazis came to investigate this matter and the Poles flunked them. But that was not all! Closer to the night, the Nazis decided to take revenge and went to the camp of the Poles. Outcome: 23 killed, it is not clear from the wounded. People only counted the body bags.
    1. Bingo
      Bingo 27 October 2022 14: 17
      Yes, they argued about music, which is right - the puppy died or the puppy died
      1. Woodman
        Woodman 27 October 2022 14: 20
        Quote from Bingo
        which is correct - the puppy died or the puppy perished

        Perhaps they agreed that they would soon die ...
        1. Bingo
          Bingo 27 October 2022 14: 24
          But not right away))) Bullshit, they will be taken prisoner - they will recite in unison from a stool "the priest had a dog." They sing the anthem of the Russian Federation in captivity very sincerely, so to speak. already a tradition, and an old one
    2. Normann
      Normann 27 October 2022 16: 15
      "They did not agree on one passage from Blessed Augustine"
  8. Kriso Sborshik
    Kriso Sborshik 27 October 2022 14: 08
    Of course, I understand everything, but why do we need such jerky cuts where we can’t make out anything?
    1. Piramidon
      Piramidon 27 October 2022 14: 48
      Quote from Kriso Sborshik
      Of course, I understand everything, but why do we need such jerky cuts where we can’t make out anything?

      Well, sorry. There was no film crew of the central television with professional cameras nearby. And the Natsiks would hardly want to shoot in another double. Well, at the expense of the fact that "what for it to us" - no one forces anyone to watch.
      1. Kriso Sborshik
        Kriso Sborshik 27 October 2022 16: 40
        well, they wouldn’t have shown it, the news was presented in text and that’s it. Our valiant MO delivers exactly the same shots, where nothing is visible, and the unfortunate "kraken" is being ground in the fifth circle.
        1. Piramidon
          Piramidon 27 October 2022 17: 07
          Quote from Kriso Sborshik
          well, they wouldn't show

          So don't watch it if you don't feel like it. You don't have to speak on behalf of everyone. Some are interested, some are not.
  9. Igor Korbut
    Igor Korbut 27 October 2022 14: 31
    Nobody called them to the Donbass, they got the ki they deserved
  10. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 27 October 2022 15: 24
    Experience comes with battles, we worked well together, well done. The Banderlogs had the option of raising the white flag, they did not use it, so that's where they are going.
  11. Oleg . B.
    Oleg . B. 27 October 2022 17: 21
    There was a shooting battle at a distance of less than 50 meters and suddenly artillery. Whose? Or cut into pieces? Video more questions. than answers.
  12. Alemax
    Alemax 27 October 2022 20: 49
    And the capture of the next settlement 404 is not shown? Not? What a shame. I forgot, we have a plan.
  13. VB
    VB 27 October 2022 22: 10
    It hurts to read some of the comments. They were enemies exactly until the moment they died (not for sniffing tobacco, really), but after they died, one must treat the dead like human beings. There is no need to be ironic about death.
  14. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 28 October 2022 04: 32
    everything sucks - the cookies from nuland were poisoned. it's so people blown the roof, what kind of amers go to die.
  15. topol717
    topol717 28 October 2022 17: 56
    Can someone explain how to distinguish a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a soldier of the Russian Federation or the DPR / LPR?
  16. Bayun
    Bayun 28 October 2022 20: 13
    If the mercenaries - approve-S! If the Ukrainians are sorry for the men ...

    Putin has already openly admitted that in some sense the war is civil. Although, six months ago, some were strongly bullied for such a look.

    If not Russian and not Ukrainian are heard in battle - it’s worth not even thinking about the prisoners - 100% liquidation of the invaders.
  17. Sergey Egorov_3
    Sergey Egorov_3 29 October 2022 00: 12
    there are more and more such things in telegram channels every day, far ahead of all the Wagners, 2-3 videos are released per day, like, just for today, I counted 31 prisoners from them, although they themselves count there, the prisoner counter was turned on, but so far not on all views...
  18. Technician_Harlan
    Technician_Harlan 30 October 2022 22: 11
    Quote from Ale_XXX
    And what about the children? I'm talking about the fact that people who use the words "Nazis", "nationalists" and "fascists" do not know the meaning of these words. Even after reading Wikipedia, they will not be able to understand the difference, since there are a lot of letters and it is difficult to write. Why do you think they support? We also have a lot of people mobilized who do not support. Not all people are legally savvy and can defend their rights.

    And they, in your opinion, need to distribute coupons for enhanced nutrition from the LPR? If they are on the front line with weapons in their hands and do not surrender, then this is a normal military legitimate target. And how they got there and who they are is absolutely not important!