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Kudrin knows how to "save" the rating of Vladimir Putin

The report of the Center for Strategic Research, which the authors gave the name “Changes in the political mood of Russians after the presidential election”, made a lot of noise. In order to proceed to the direct presentation of the main theses of this report, it is necessary to immediately clarify that the representatives of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) did not themselves have the idea of ​​conducting this kind of research. This idea was thrown to them by the notorious Alexei Kudrin, who today is the head of the Committee for Civil Initiatives, and once worked hard in the Government of the Russian Federation, but after being disfavored by then-President Medvedev, he was forced to take a semi-opposition stance, whose status quite a degree of accuracy of Russian political scientists.

The autumn slush of the 2012 sample of the year, temperature drops and, possibly, magnetic storms did not work well for Alexey Leonidovich, and he was drawn ... no - not to a glass, God forbid, but to sociological studies of attitudes among Russians. At the same time, an order for research was made to the mentioned CSR, which since 2005 has been headed by Mikhail Dmitriev. He apparently mobilized all the internal reserves of his non-profit organization, and the employees plunged into an order from the former Minister of Finance in Russia.

There was no doubt about the results ... The main leitmotif of the prepared report was the idea that the majority of Russians were already morally and physically ripe for revolution. According to the TsSR, Putin’s position is as shaky as ever, and his political rating is “only” 42%. Like, it is very small for effective governance of the country. The experts of the CSR also somehow managed to calculate that next year this very rating, if it grows up, will be only to the point of equality between the positive attitude to the policy of Vladimir Putin and the negative attitude. Allegedly, such a "low" rating of the president could cause revolutionary upheavals in the country.

At the same time, an idea involuntarily comes to mind: maybe strategists from the CSR are not well acquainted with world trends in terms of ratings of top political leaders. In any civilized country, the rating of a politician can both grow and fall, but this does not always catch on the mechanisms of coups and revolutions. Moreover, the rating drop is often fixed to much lower levels than Vladimir Putin’s 42%.

If we consider foreign countries as an example, the approval of the work of Barack Obama in the USA is expressed by a little more than 43% of Americans, Angela Merkel's rating is balanced in the 38-40% area, the percentage of approval of David Cameron's work and even lower. However, no revolutionary upheavals are observed either in the United States, or in Germany, or in Great Britain, and no one has made such predictions. So do the experts of the Center for Strategic Research go too far ...

No, no one is going to argue with the fact that in Russia there is a rather tangible layer of people who no longer trust the authorities, no one is going to argue with the fact that problems in Russian society, as they say, are above the roof, no one is going to expose our power to the saints and immaculate ... But the words that Russians are increasingly talking about revolution can be considered, to put it mildly, rather strange. We talk about the nasty weather, and the "coming" end of the world, but no one is going to connect such conversations with some total metamorphosis in public life. So why should the report on “talks about revolution” somehow worry the majority of Russians.

Yes, apparently, the majority of Russians, he really cares little. But he himself was wounded by Alexei Kudrin. Well, who else should be disturbed by the results given by the CSR, no matter how Aleksey Leonidovich? After all, in the end, it was he who was the main customer of this work. And, as you know, those who order reports and studies have the right to see in them the information that is suitable for them. It happened this time.

The fact is that the authors of the report declared to the whole country how Russia can avoid a revolution. Yes Yes. We can still be “saved”, but only under one condition. For this, the government must go to a kind of reorganization. It turns out that there will not have to solve any legislative or institutional problems; it is enough to “simply” remove the current prime minister, that is, Dmitry Medvedev - and the whole business ...

Strategists of the TsSR analyzed and understood that it was Medvedev who was to blame for all the troubles of Vladimir Putin and the fall of the current president’s rating. This allegedly his policies forced the masses to proceed to the process of fermentation. If, they say, Medvedev is not removed from the Government building now, then through 2-3, the country will face a truly serious political crisis ...

But if you remove Medvedev, then you need to look for another head of the Cabinet. And it is here that the whole purpose of preparing this report is manifested. The new prime minister, it turns out, is already sitting, you know, ready, and just waiting for his invitation from Vladimir Putin to start raising his political rating. As you guessed, the new chairman of the Russian government, the CSR, is trying with all its might to provide us with a customer for a sociological research, that is, Alexei Kudrin.

But then Kudrin was terribly offended by Medvedev when the latter demanded that the Minister of Finance hand over the ministerial "crust". I was so offended that I still dream of a vendetta in relation to the now Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Certainly, the TsSR specialists could have presented even more impressive figures, saying that only Putin’s change to Kudrin would help the development of the country, but Alexey Leonidovich could not afford such impudence, and therefore decided to think strategically, driving a wedge between Putin and Medvedev.

Now, probably, when the president meets the prime minister for a cup of tea, the first one says to the second: “Listen, Dmitry Anatolyevich, and Kudrin said that it’s your rating that falls, you are guilty!” And Medvedev replies: “Do not listen to him , Vladimir Vladimirovich! On offended carry water ... "
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  1. sv-sakh
    sv-sakh 26 October 2012 08: 08
    The last paragraph, and the whole article as a whole, corresponds in style to the "intellectual" TV channel "Peretz" fool laughing
    1. sanyabasik
      sanyabasik 26 October 2012 08: 44
      And according to some comments, the audience level is visible ... good
      1. Taratut
        Taratut 26 October 2012 09: 05
        Kudrin knows how to "save" the rating of Vladimir Putin
        Wow, smart man, apparently. I have no idea how to save him.
        1. Joker
          Joker 26 October 2012 11: 23
          Wow, smart man, apparently. I have no idea how to save him.

          And I imagine dismissing the Stool, starting checks of officials of all stripes and mass landings, nationalizing the central bank, withdrawing from all agreements with NATO on arms limitation, lowering gas prices, improving healthcare and education. That's all you need, you can do everything gradually on points and there will be a rating not of 42, but 90, 10 of 100, and liberals will be always dissatisfied with this.
          1. dimanf
            dimanf 26 October 2012 11: 31
            Quote: Joker
            And I imagine dismissing the Stool, starting checks of officials of all stripes and mass landings, nationalizing the central bank, withdrawing from all agreements with NATO on arms limitation, lowering gas prices, improving healthcare and education

            so big. and believe in fairy tales !!!!! lol
          2. Region71
            Region71 26 October 2012 22: 16
            Quote: Joker
            And I imagine dismissing the Stool, starting checks of officials of all stripes and mass landings, nationalizing the central bank, withdrawing from all agreements with NATO on arms limitation, lowering gas prices, improving healthcare and education

            For how long are the presidencies of Vladimir Vladimirovich designed such ambitious plans?
          3. aksakal
            aksakal 27 October 2012 01: 36
            Quote: Joker
            And I imagine dismissing the Stool, starting checks of officials of all stripes and mass landings, nationalizing the central bank, withdrawing from all agreements with NATO on arms limitation, lowering gas prices, improving healthcare and education. That's all you need, you can do everything gradually on points and there will be a rating not of 42, but 90, 10 of 100, and liberals will be always dissatisfied with this.

            - Taburetkin has already received a black mark - one of his harem burned for the most part on frauds with defense property, the case is spinning up, and he cannot be let down on the brakes. So far, Putin has asked Taburetkin to closely monitor the situation with that jamb concubine, but it seems that this will not be limited to this. The next step is usually Putin asks to follow the chefs who have mowed them. So do not wait long for the stool to leave. In fairness, it should be noted that Taburetkin himself long ago asked to resign, he was not allowed to go. But then he would have left clean and, as it were, a winner - he himself left. And now it won’t work out that way. They will expel him, and then only if he himself did not mess up in those frauds. And if you get dirty - then, the Joker, to your great joy, he will not just be fired .... You have suyunshi (a gift) from you for the good news.
            1. Joker
              Joker 27 October 2012 02: 07
              God grant that it was so hi
          4. Komsomolets
            Komsomolets 28 October 2012 04: 52
            Joker you have a beautiful performance. Only this is just what the current government has never done, does not and is not going to do.
        2. bask
          bask 26 October 2012 13: 10
          Taratut, it’s that nits))))) It’s time for him to cut down the forest in Kolyma., And he gives everything, advice))))))) Though he mined the ministers from his ministers, he would have done things now. ..with............
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 26 October 2012 09: 20
      Quote: h
      and he was drawn ... no - not to a glass

      You can immediately see the devil non-Russian
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 26 October 2012 08: 11
    I read the title of the article and did not read further about the "knowing" Kudrin. Who and what he is, the whole country has already seen, a political Loser with a capital letter, who is not interested in anything except power.
    1. alexng
      alexng 26 October 2012 09: 37
      A joke is like designating who Kudrin is.

      - Are you straight or gay?
      - What?
      “Well, are you a sexual majority or a sexual minority?”
      “I am sexual loneliness.”
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 26 October 2012 10: 22
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Who he is and what he is, the whole country has already seen, a political Luser with a capital letter, who, apart from the authorities, is not interested in anything.

      Sit Putin, Medvedev and Kudrin in the Kremlin.
      Putin takes out a box, smokes a cigarette, lights a cigarette and says:
      - Putin’s plan is a great thing!
      - ABOUT! Thing of course!
      Medvedev takes out a bag, clogs a cigarette, lights it, and says:
      - The Medvedev-Sarkozy plan - well inserted!
      - Yes! Good stuff!
      Kudrin takes out something, starts to score.
      - What is it with you? - they ask.
      “Yes, I brought it from the United States — Paulson’s plan is called!”
      - And How?
      - Yes, some kind of nonsense - nifiga does not insert.

      Kudrin comes home from work - and there his wife lies, she cannot rise.
      “What, dear,” the minister asks sympathetically. - Do you want to eat?
      She nods silently, tears in her eyes.
      Kudrin takes out a thick pack of bucks from his pocket, carefully
      recounts and puts back.
      “How many times have you to repeat, you fool ?!” We can’t spend them -
      inflation in the country will rise!
    3. Wertynskiy
      Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 10: 47
      I agree, only one thing is interesting that Putin considers this loser to be his, a member of his team. Even when Medvedev took it off, Putin did not comment on it at all. It seems to me that here is some kind of personal interest of Putin.
      1. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 26 October 2012 17: 09
        Putin considers this loser to be his member of his team. Even when Medvedev took it off, Putin did not comment on it at all. It seems to me that here is some kind of personal interest of Putin.

        Can you prove something concrete or again, the fantasies of the grantee?
    4. vezunchik
      vezunchik 26 October 2012 13: 29
      And what is Kudrin dissatisfied with ??? He himself had a hand in the collapse of Russia! But humanly you can understand him - a family in the USA, money in the USA, he has dual citizenship, the owners are pushing - what to do ?!
    5. ughhh
      ughhh 26 October 2012 15: 53
      However, you must admit how awkward, but funny things a person does to get back to the feeding trough. There would be no normal work.
  3. StrateG
    StrateG 26 October 2012 08: 14
    There was no doubt about the results ... The main leitmotif of the prepared report was the idea that most Russians were already mentally and physically ripe for a revolution. According to CSR, Putin’s position is shakier than ever, and his political rating is “only” 42%

    Yes, Kudrin has already signed up for the opposition, he just does not light up. The pancake has ripened for revolution. Do we need a GKChP? No, really! They chose Putin (Speaking of his rating), let him lead the country to the end! He does it at least better than the rest. And there it will be seen.
    1. KCC
      KCC 26 October 2012 09: 28
      I agree. I support.
      1. Horst78
        Horst78 26 October 2012 10: 16
        Quote: KCC

        I agree. I support.

    2. Wertynskiy
      Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 10: 48
      Have you not seen enough in 12 years? What will be visible?
      1. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 26 October 2012 17: 14
        Have you not seen enough in 12 years? What will be visible?

        Do you like Brzezinskiy Nemtsov nicer? But it is unlikely that any of these American fosterlings will be elected for the presidency. Trying in vain. Or not in vain?
  4. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 26 October 2012 08: 28
    At the very beginning of the work of Kudrin, I had the impression that he was a mishandled Cossack. . He was kicked out of power and showed his rotten essence. In a word, he is a BELONTANT COSTUME ON THE MEN'S BODY.
    1. alexng
      alexng 26 October 2012 08: 54
      Quote: Pilot200809
      In a word, he is a BELONTANT SUIT ON THE MEN'S BODY.

      Kudrin was offended by Medvedev that even without remorse he went to the camp of the enemy of Russian statehood. So the true face appeared, once recognized by the Americans as the best financier in the world. I have long known that if Americans praise one of our people, then something is not clean with this person. And here is the confirmation of this.
  5. Hammer
    Hammer 26 October 2012 08: 53
    Well, it started ... Black watered technology in action! am
    And how does he perform something! AND?! "I am not me, and the horse is not mine!" leaked pi dara himself pin dosam half of the stabilization fund in 2008 and type as if nothing had happened. Upyrek, eat his mother! Still here it is broadcasting something ... on a kolyma, washing gold in shackles - working out the people's money, spent ... fucked up in American banks. am
    Always said - provocateurs worse than traitors. They don’t shoot them, they’ll set them alive at stake publicly! am
    Damn, as I see these "apazitsioners" - no words, just drooling ...
    1. mamba
      mamba 26 October 2012 11: 44
      Quote: Hammer
      merged amers half of the stabilization fund in 2008 and type as if nothing had happened.

      He created a colossal deficit of the pension fund by investing his money in Amer’s real estate, stupidly asked for them and after that with a clever look he broadcasts about the urgent need to raise the retirement age and reduce pensions. And from him, like water from a goose. All so white and fluffy, but very sad. And no one will regret his poor.
  6. Slevinst
    Slevinst 26 October 2012 08: 58
    I’ve never heard more than one phrase about the revolution, I heard that Putin’s radish and much more, by the way, I also conducted a public opinion poll and I can confidently say if I’m not elected president in the next election, terrible shocks await laughing
  7. zz2003_1974
    zz2003_1974 26 October 2012 09: 02
    Interestingly, God forbid the revolution, the FSBeshnikov has a plan not to let liberalism go abroad, so that they fully get their fruits? !!!!! Seeing me that wanting to feed them will be enough !!!!!! OOooooohhhhhh !!!)))))
    1. KCC
      KCC 26 October 2012 09: 33
      Good idea not to let go. And then, as you look at history, it turns out that they will muddle up here and then write memoirs abroad.
      1. Wertynskiy
        Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 10: 53
        Nitsche, let’s go. Trotsky won’t get where, and not Che. how much rope do not twist ....
  8. WW3
    WW3 26 October 2012 09: 24
    Kudrin is an element of the 5th column in Russia, also an offended ex-minister of finance .... well, what can be expected from him - only a negative against the government ...
  9. merkel1961
    merkel1961 26 October 2012 09: 31
    The statesmen are sitting in a large frying pan, which is heated by 16 trillions of debt, and so Kudrin is transmitting the "heat" of their seats. I would have traveled around the country, talked to the people: no, I made an order for the agangated CSR, but who works there? INSOR, and who ? HSE, and there are the same. All followers of Gaidar-Chubais and their foreign curators from Mont-Pelerin, which have already led to the tragedy of the country, but they, of course, need even more drastic shocks, because we are enemy number 1 for the beloved Lenins overseas bankrotov.U I myself have questions to the authorities, above the roof, but, I hope, we will figure it out without the liberals and "left" fronts lured by the State Department.
  10. подводник
    подводник 26 October 2012 09: 46
    And here is the question: "Let me know how these studies were carried out to which Mr. Kudrin refers?"
    Personally, no one came to me, did not call, did not ask questions ....
    I have already asked my neighbors and my neighbors, instead they look at me as a weirdo ....
    Apparently, studies were conducted among some narrow group of people ... probably among swamp hamsters ....
    Or maybe it’s a generally secret Russian way, a way of picking your nose ...
    Here, most likely, the latter is more suitable ... Does anyone think that Kudrin’s misfortune can allocate something from his pocket for some research ...
    After all, he was excommunicated for a long time from a free komushka ...
    1. Goga
      Goga 26 October 2012 10: 06
      submariner - Colleague, - quote - "... how were these studies carried out ..." - as a rule, such "studies" are carried out according to the "PPP" system, which has been worked out for years, that is - Paul, Finger, Ceiling - a reliable system - for the results pay regularly and there is no need to take the backside off the warm chair ...
      1. подводник
        подводник 26 October 2012 15: 34

        Thanks, laughed!
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 26 October 2012 12: 09
      Quote: submariner
      And here is the question: "Let me know how these studies were carried out to which Mr. Kudrin refers?

      Believe it or not, we in Ukraine have already started to sue sociologists, one lady said that ALL sociologists (except her own) had unjustifiably lowered their rating to her "political power". So ... this is a dangerous profession ... Kudrin recklessly makes such statements ...
  11. understudy
    understudy 26 October 2012 10: 00
    The main leitmotif of the prepared report was the idea that most Russians are already mentally and physically ripe for revolution

    The article is intended exclusively for those who were not interested in the "report" and did not read it? It is precisely in the document that the idea is traced that no revolution is foreseen. But if the authorities do not change their attitude towards the fulfillment of their responsibilities ... it will be bad for everyone and without any revolutions. The last paragraphs say ...

    In general, I recommend that the staff "approvals", before embarking on a discussion and stigma, get acquainted, at least superficially, with the essence of the problem.
    Kudring-gad, more there is this incarnation Chubais in a different shell. Personally, I somehow do not have any objections to this. But who warmed him on his chest and who considers him his friend, for whom "there is a place in the team"?
  12. djon3volta
    djon3volta 26 October 2012 10: 27
    explain to me how you can trust the ratings when a couple of thousand people are interviewed in a 143 million country, and 143 million, well, 109 million, those who have the right to vote, have an opinion on these two thousand respondents.
    for example, NO ONE ever interrogated ME, never, nobody. why did they decide that I think this way or that, if they didn’t interrogate me ??? let them come from Moscow and personally question me or ask if I’m tired of Putin, I need a revolution and etc., I can just say - went on ... with his revolution while alive.
  13. strannik595
    strannik595 26 October 2012 10: 36
    try not torture. L. Beria
  14. toguns
    toguns 26 October 2012 10: 44
    dedicated to all admirers of Kudrin :)
    Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin presented at a government meeting on May 24 a plan to cut spending to reduce the 2012 budget deficit. According to the Kommersant newspaper, the Finance Ministry for the first time called on the government to cut defense spending.
    and how then to believe Kudrin ??? To reduce the budget deficit at the expense of the army, it seems to me this crime :(
  15. Averias
    Averias 26 October 2012 10: 54
    An article from the category - why goat slaughter, get the village a tractor and more. In short - zero.
  16. Boris55
    Boris55 26 October 2012 11: 08
    Not only Kudrin can raise laughing

    1. bairat
      bairat 26 October 2012 14: 39
      it’s ... c., Ryzhkov as a politician died (does it seem like he is working out there?)
  17. Igoranama
    Igoranama 26 October 2012 11: 35
    Kudrin has been in opposition to the existing system for quite some time now. I do not advertise or defend him (I don't care about him), but I have repeatedly met statements and opinions on the Internet (not opposition, but businessmen and financiers). According to his personal understanding and opinion, he didn’t screw up, but like he kept the stabilization fund. The American financial system, although there are big problems, still existed and still exist in the hands of the most powerful tools (bureaus, institutions, agencies, transcorporations, etc.), which at times, unfortunately, can overturn any financial system if they want countries of the World (rating downgrade, inflow, outflow, capital attraction, etc.), but they will not fight with their finances. At that moment, Russia began to raise its head, resist, and speak out openly on many controversial issues to the Americans. It was because of this that at that time he drove money into their assets in order to somehow "smooth out", well, save. More of a politician ... That is why he remained Putin's "friend and ally" (they even drink tea together) and a counterweight to Medvedev. They have revived, or maybe they have even “revived” someone, right now they all think more about another issue. wink
    Here is the topic:
    icheskiy-lad.html # comment
    1. Normal
      Normal 26 October 2012 20: 16

      Good evening, Igor.
      Whatever you write, nothing compares to your profile;
      Registration 10 September 2012.
      Comments: 4
      Rating (attention!) - 25081 !!!
      Cartons of the lieutenant general.
      Maybe I'm wrong, but in my opinion you have the coolest career on the site.
      Even the members of the "Gang of Marshals" did not grow like that laughing
      1. Region71
        Region71 26 October 2012 22: 19
        True NORMAL. Something is wrong with this site. negative
        1. Igoranama
          Igoranama 27 October 2012 00: 05

          Everything is OK with the site! The site is normal and correct !!! Details noted by you and not disregarded, read all of the above ... hi
      2. Igoranama
        Igoranama 26 October 2012 23: 57

        And good night to you, Vladimir.
        I will not write anything, I will answer you about my career. You can familiarize yourself with it in detail (attention!) Here:
        These resources are linked (resource rules), you need to be a little more careful, worked there. He did not "crush" anyone with cardboard boxes, expressed his opinion, then argued, published, defended, sought ...
        I am not a member of the "Band of Marshals", I am not ranked among the "Face of Saints" ... I just do "My own thing" ..
  18. Boris55
    Boris55 26 October 2012 11: 46

    Almost any person in our country, having become acquainted with the functions of the Central Bank (CB), will be sure that only the state bank acting in the interests of its people will perform these functions. In fact, the Central Bank of Russia is independent of the state. The Central Bank of Russia and its money have nothing to do with our state. “The Bank of Russia is an economically independent institution, carries out its expenses at the expense of its own revenues ...” The state is not responsible for the obligations of the Bank of Russia, and the Bank of Russia is liable for the obligations of the Bank of the Bank of Russia… . ( Bank of Russia is not entitled to provide loans to the Government of the Russian Federation to finance the federal budget deficit.

    However, there is every reason to assert that the Central Bank of Russia, "independent" from the Russian leadership of the country, depends on the corporation of international banking clans, is subordinate to them and is an instrument of robbing Russia from their side. In fact, the Central Bank is a branch of the US Federal Reserve, since the number of rubles is printed based on the dollars purchased. And the Fed, in turn, is a "private office" for printing dollars and also does not belong to the US state. It would be more correct to call not the US dollars, but the Fed dollars.

    The Central Bank is not registered with the tax authorities and is actually uncontrollably engaged in commercial activities (its audit is English) on the most liquid product - money, which it prints itself uncontrollably.

    Issues of money emission in Russia are decided by the board of directors of the Central Bank !!! In whose interests he does this, one can see by mentally returning to the 1992 year of the “Gaidar” reform of price liberalization, the year of the great robbery, and the depreciation of all labor savings of citizens.

    But that is not all. For the Central Bank there is one sweet word - Senoraj. This is the difference between the face value of printed paper and its cost. If you print two thousandths of a bill on a sheet of paper valued at 1 ruble, then the seigniorage will be 1999 rubles. It used to be the state’s income, but now it’s the income of the “independent” Central Bank.

    About Bank Interest...... Further:
  19. Bigriver
    Bigriver 26 October 2012 12: 19
    Watching Kudrin, you need to see Chubais behind him.
    IMHO, of course, but all this swamp slime spread on the eve of the elections, and thanks to our Tolenka, Chubais. And Kudrin, as a like-minded person named, in the spring tried to find a negotiator's niche between Bolotnaya, read - the right-wing liberal opposition and the government. The GDP did not buy into the depicted fear of the "marches revolution".
    And then where to put yourself now? Kudrin, you mean?
    The second part of the Marlezon Ballet around the authorities and Putin personally.
    The sad fate of an official who does not feel like a country.
  20. Gurza
    Gurza 26 October 2012 12: 32
    Why is this article here at all?
    Kudrin is a fallen woman, of course that all this is ordered ....
  21. IRBIS
    IRBIS 26 October 2012 12: 53
    You know, it’s a talent to pretend that you are concerned about the country's problems with a serious air. And at the same time carry nonsense, nonsense and nonsense. But knowing that the goal of these guys is to return or admit to the trough, it becomes funny from their body movements. And it is alarming that there are people who believe them! It's time for the state security to deal with "comrades revolutionaries" more closely.
  22. Strashila
    Strashila 26 October 2012 13: 39
    When you read such meaningful statements, you always remember popular wisdom ... Jews would rule the world if they were smart, like Russians after ...
  23. bairat
    bairat 26 October 2012 14: 46
    Kudrina for having bled the economy for years, removing finances from the country must be judged. But you also need to understand that he was a blind performer of someone else's will, they demanded to curb inflation from him - if you please, he found the easiest way for this.
    1. military
      military 26 October 2012 15: 35
      Quote: bairat
      Kudrina for the fact that for many years bleeding the economy

      and the guarantors only looked from the heights beyond the block, shook their heads in dismay and threatened with their finger "ah-ah-ah, Lyaksey, how can you ...?" repeat
      1. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 26 October 2012 17: 22
        But the central bank after the collapse did not belong to Russia.
  24. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 26 October 2012 15: 29
    I have always voted for Putin, for his patriotic orientation in Russian domestic and foreign policy .... And now I have a double feeling, tk. foreign policy is still at the level of my perception, and domestic policy is very smelled of liberalism penetrating from the West ... We have iPhone and its government responsible for our domestic policy ... The government is young, smart but does not meet the expectations of the current president's electorate ... That is when in narrow circles the prime minister will be called prime minister, and not a blogger and an iPhone, then Putin's rating will be restored. As for Kudrin, the opinion of a person who is biased and offended by the authorities, I think, should not be taken into account ... I would draw your attention to the fact that the iPhone has offended people too much on a whim ... I focus on not dismissal, namely, he mixed with dirt .... Or rather, he began the practice of first destroying a person through the media, and then finishing it off .... I think that it is he who lowers Putin's rating inside the country ... Well, and Kudrin, having struck revenge and into the opposition movement, he made his choice ... Now he is not needed by anyone ... Now he will yap, and his barking will not be perceived ...
  25. vezunchik
    vezunchik 26 October 2012 15: 45
    A harsh statement may result in a criminal punishment for the Saratovites. A man on one of the sites of Saratov decided to comment on the material and rudely spoke about nationalities, thereby humiliating its representatives. So did the experts who conducted the examination, as a result of which a criminal case was opened.

    - The materials were transferred to the Investigative Committee and it was decided to institute criminal proceedings under the article “Extremism”. The man was calculated, he does not deny his guilt and gave a confession. A measure of restraint on his own recognizance was chosen, ”the KP was told in the investigation department of the Saratov region.
  26. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 26 October 2012 15: 48
    Such a figure as Kudrin does not even deserve discussion, not even talking about at least some respect, ENEMY OF OWN PEOPLE !!!!
  27. SlavakharitonoV
    SlavakharitonoV 26 October 2012 17: 15
    Kudrin, of course, is a bright financier, but a dumb politician wassat .
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 26 October 2012 18: 12
      "Kudrin, of course, is a bright financier, but a dull-headed politician"

      This is the whole point of Russian liberalism :))
      He thinks that he is doing a just thing, destroying the core of the Russian state. Dissolving property, diluting the economic structure of the state.
      THEY think that everyone is possessed by the desire to sleep sweetly, and eat hearty food.
      The liberal considers man a creature.
      Is such a Russian person?
  28. Karabin
    Karabin 26 October 2012 20: 07
    but after the disgrace of the then President Medvedev was forced to take a semi-opposition position, the status of which Russian political scientists still cannot determine with a sufficient degree of accuracy.
    What is there to determine, the cute scolding only amuse.
  29. Magadan
    Magadan 27 October 2012 04: 01
    Talk about the revolution, sadly, is underway. Of course, I give examples from the 1917th and the 1991th, about how those shitty people come to power, because of which the people were brought to revolt. But not sure what helps. Most of my friends just have a dumb desire to take revenge. Avenge continued privatization. Revenge that the judges are imprisoned for self-defense, for the murder of a pedophile, for a stolen chicken, and released for the theft of billions, for pedophilia, etc. Revenge for millions of salaries privatization thieves "effective managers" and for the pennies that are paid at Izhmash. For the fact that the drug police and cops protect drug dealers, and they themselves trade in drugs (and now they are pressing the City without Drugs, because it interferes with them) Just an innate sense of justice refuses to put up with the ostentatious, cynical lawlessness of bureaucrats. And for the most part, we are not the people who have "my house on the edge." Until it comes to an explosion, it is necessary to let off steam at specific bureaucrats. I don't see any other options. Removing Putin-will generally be amba to everything.
  30. military
    military 30 October 2012 09: 27
    Quote: Magadan
    To remove Putin-will be generally an amba to everything.

    Amba to all the lawlessness you have indicated? ... repeat