Rheinmetall showed the layout of the BMP Lynx OMFV

Rheinmetall showed the layout of the BMP Lynx OMFV
Model BMA Lynx OMFV at AUSA-2022

By order of the Pentagon, several companies are developing a promising armored combat vehicle OMFV, which in the distant future will replace the existing M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. One of the participants in the program is the American branch of Rheinmetall. It recently presented a full-size mock-up of its version of the OMFV, based on the well-known Lynx armored vehicle.

Layout Path

The OMFV (Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle) program was launched back in 2018 under the name Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV). In the near future, the Pentagon planned to receive proposals from potential contractors, and in 2020 they were going to conduct comparative tests of equipment. However, for a number of reasons, only a few applications were received, and the customer approved only one.

In April 2020, the OMFV program was forced to restart, having revised all the tactical and technical requirements. This time the program interested more companies. In particular, the American branch of the German company Rheinmetall again submitted an application. Raytheon, L3Harris, Textron Systems, etc. also participated in his project.

It is curious that Rheinmetall submitted a previously rejected project to the restarted competition without significant revision. She made this version of the "optionally manned" armored vehicle on the basis of the already well-known KF41 Lynx infantry fighting vehicle. It was proposed to supplement the finished chassis with a new combat module and equip it with means for remote control.

Promising armored vehicle in advertising

In 2021-22 the developer company has published various materials on its Lynx OMFV project several times. However, until recently, only XNUMXD images and other promotional materials were displayed. A new stage in the promotion of a promising infantry fighting vehicle began just a few days ago.

On October 10-12, Washington hosted the annual conference of the US Army Association, an obligatory part of which is an exhibition of advanced developments. On the eve of the conference, Rheinmetall announced a display of several new products. The main model in its exposition was to be a full-size layout of the Lynx OMFV.

With the help of such a product, they showed the appearance of a promising machine and the composition of the main units. In addition, augmented reality technology allowed visitors to the exhibition to see the internal structure and various design features. For those who did not get to the exhibition, they published a promotional video with all the necessary information.

Operating schedule

At the moment, the OMFV program is at the stage of competitive development of preliminary projects. In addition to Rheinmetall, BAE Systems, General Dynamics Land Systems, Oshkosh Defense and Point Blank Enterprises participate in it. All contestants have already published various materials on their projects, but only Rheinmetall has shown a full-size sample so far.

Modular hull armor

According to the program schedule, preliminary projects will be accepted until November 1st. In April next year, the Pentagon will name the three most successful developments for further development. The next two years will be spent on the development of technical projects and the construction of prototypes. Comparative tests of three infantry fighting vehicles will begin in July 2025.

About a year and a half is allotted for testing - they will be completed by the end of 2026. In January 2027, the winner of the program will be determined. In the coming months, it will begin mass production "at a slow pace." Due to this, by the fall of 2028, the first battalion of the ground forces will be transferred to the new equipment. A full-scale series will begin only in 2029-30.

Which of the five projects will move to the next stage of the competition is unknown. So far, it will not be possible to guess the winner of the entire program. At the same time, all participants are optimistic and look forward to further success. Thus, Rheinmetall received a new reason for positive forecasts. She was the first to complete the preliminary study of the project and showed a full-fledged model of her BMP. Whether it will be possible to maintain such “leadership” in the future is unknown.

Armament complex; the launcher and loitering ammunition are highlighted

Key technologies

The Lynx OMFV project is being created on the basis of the existing Rheinmetall KF41 infantry fighting vehicle. The use of a number of ready-made units and systems is envisaged. At the same time, the full composition of equipment, equipment and weapons is determined taking into account the terms of reference of the Pentagon. As a result, the two versions of the BMP Lynx are similar in appearance and architecture to each other, but have significant differences and fundamentally different capabilities.

The US Army offers a tracked combat vehicle with a combat weight of up to 45-50 tons, depending on the selected configuration. The front-engine layout of the hull is preserved. Behind the engine compartment is a two-seat control compartment, and the remaining volumes are given over to the troop compartment for six seats. On the roof there is a combat module-tower.

Like the KF41, the U.S. IFV has bulletproof/projectile-proof hull armor. Installation of various mounted modules is envisaged, raising the protection to the required level. At the request of the customer, an active protection complex can be mounted.

Lynx OMFV gets a 700-750 hp diesel engine. and Alisson eGen Force electric transmission. If there is an order, a hybrid power plant can be made on the basis of the latter. In any case, the armored vehicle will show high mobility and maneuverability.

Sights of a new type

A new remote weapon station has been developed for the BMP in the form of a full-size turret. His main weapons is the 50mm XM913 automatic cannon. It also provides for a launcher for two loitering ammunition of the Raytheon Coyote type. It is proposed to equip the DUBM with two multi-channel sights from L3Harris with thermal imagers of the 3rd generation. The panoramic commander's sight carries a heavy machine gun and performs the functions of another DBM.

With the participation of several companies, jobs for two crew members were developed. They house large-format screens and the necessary controls; there is equipment for receiving and processing data, a fire control system, etc. To increase the situational awareness of the crew, cameras and sensors are located around the perimeter of the vehicle. The equipment will take on some of the tasks and reduce the load on the crew. It is proposed to fully include the BMP in the network-centric control loops of the army.

The machine will have a remote control mode. If necessary, the crew will be able to take seats at the control station and fully control the armored vehicle. The station and the infantry fighting vehicle will exchange data over a secure radio channel; communication range is not specified. Perhaps the Lynx OMFV will receive some autonomy and be able to independently perform simple tasks, while a person will be responsible for the use of weapons.

Plans and promises

To date, Rheinmetall and subcontractors have developed only a preliminary version of the Lynx OMFV project. However, they are already claiming that such a combat vehicle will show high performance and be able to solve all the intended tasks.

Department of management with the necessary devices

Depending on the current needs of the unit, the armored vehicle will be able to transport and land infantry, as well as support it with fire, participate in patrols, perform reconnaissance, etc. In all cases, the Lynx OMFV should show certain advantages over the current BMP M2.

Thus, an increased level of protection against ballistic and other threats, as well as explosive devices, is declared. Despite the large mass, mobility will be at the required level. A significant increase in fire performance is expected - it will be provided by new sights, FCS, a larger caliber gun, etc. In various combat and non-combat situations, the presence of autonomous or remote control will be an advantage.

However, development companies should not yet indulge in excessive optimism. The Lynx OMFV project is characterized by great courage, and its participants will have to solve a number of difficult technical problems. In fact, to date, only an armored tracked platform and some other components have been developed, refined and ready for production.

Control equipment and other means

In turn, the key systems that determine the main capabilities and advantages of a promising infantry fighting vehicle are still under development. Their creators may face various difficulties that will prevent them from completing the development with the desired results and / or within the specified time frame. As a result, the actual characteristics of the finished armored vehicle may be more modest than those declared, and besides, it will not receive all the promised features.

Uncertain Future

The Pentagon OMFV program currently involves five projects from different developers. In the near future, the army will study them and select the three most successful ones. Whether the BMP Lynx OMFV project will be among them is unknown. The real potential of this development is not yet fully clear.

In addition, the other participants in the competition have not yet submitted all the required materials, and it will not be possible to compare the projects. It cannot be ruled out that the Rheinmetall armored vehicle really has advantages and gets every chance of winning. However, to date, the company has outstripped competitors only in the construction and demonstration of the layout. Whether it will be possible to maintain leadership in the next stages of the program, time will tell.
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  1. -4
    20 October 2022 16: 04
    Rheinmetall showed the layout of the BMP Lynx OMFV
    Crap ordinary, but spectacular, possibly effective. But to make such sweets you need money and production. And Germany is a closed project. Now everything is in the USA. request
    1. -4
      20 October 2022 16: 51
      Germany is a closed project.

      Why? German rifles use
    2. -1
      20 October 2022 16: 51
      Here, look. Programmable shells against the smallest UAVs
      1. -1
        20 October 2022 17: 17
        "Armata" inspired many that you can get rid of mockups ...
        1. 0
          20 October 2022 18: 14
          I think not armata, but events in Ukraine, the concept of armored vehicles is coming out of the shadows to the fore, and in fact, quite recently they put a bold cross on it, the maximum is the suppression of residual foci and scattered units of resistance
    3. +3
      20 October 2022 19: 18
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      Now everything is in the USA.

      I completely agree. It is very doubtful that the contract will be given to a non-American company. I wonder why you got downvoted...
  2. -1
    20 October 2022 16: 21
    Something similar to the Polish "stealth tank".
    Who slammed who's concept? what
  3. -6
    20 October 2022 16: 26
    I can imagine how much such a prodigy will cost. They will declare 300 pieces, but they will make a dozen and will carry them to exhibitions.
    1. +6
      20 October 2022 17: 57
      This is how it is done in Russia. Unfortunately.
    2. +1
      20 October 2022 19: 46
      Quote: Yrec
      They will declare 300 pieces, but they will make a dozen ...

      Well, yes, instead of 3700 Bradleys will order 300 new ones ...
  4. 0
    20 October 2022 16: 42
    If Rheinmetall moves production to the United States, they may have a chance and will be ordered from the Pentagon, otherwise ZiRo
  5. -5
    20 October 2022 16: 55
    And he will burn this beautiful thing for a lot of money some kind of RPG-7 for three kopecks.
  6. +2
    20 October 2022 16: 57
    BMP, in terms of its combat "value", loses MBT in everything, it remains only to balance
  7. -2
    20 October 2022 17: 03
    Israeli Namer will light up all armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles laughing
    1. 0
      20 October 2022 19: 18
      Quote: Mint Gingerbread
      Israeli Namer will light up all armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles laughing

      Inexpensive and very light.
  8. ASM
    20 October 2022 17: 13
    It's the technique of good roads. When turf is wound on the tracks, and even worse, bushes - these will be krants. Well, it’s impossible to make the panels above the tracks folding and removable. Yes, this will not get rid of cleaning, but the equipment will at least stop for a short time, but will not get up at all, since the team will arrive at the hat analysis.
    1. +1
      20 October 2022 17: 19
      Quote from A.S.M.
      It's the technique of good roads. When turf is wound on the tracks, and even worse, bushes - these will be krants. Well, it’s impossible to make the panels above the tracks folding and removable. Yes, this will not get rid of cleaning, but the equipment will at least stop for a short time, but will not get up at all, since the team will arrive at the hat analysis.

      they have a powerful "karcher" with them.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. +1
    20 October 2022 18: 43
    If both opponents are of the same technological and resource level, the robots will kill each other, a draw, and again people will come into play (see the next article about the infantry).

    But if the unmanned army turns out to be stronger than the "animated" one, then things are bad. In the end, if we consider the multi-thousand-year history of mankind, then in most cases the more technologically advanced ones won, and only occasionally the "barbarians", and even then it is not a fact that they were so technologically lagging behind.
    1. 0
      20 October 2022 19: 19
      Quote: Maxim Davydov
      If both opponents are of the same technology and resource level

      Is this possible? Especially in today's environment...
  11. +1
    20 October 2022 19: 14
    In response to this wooderwafer, the projectile will be steeper, the core at high speed. Armor is surplus in our time, the detection speed and shot, both in aviation and on the ground, will be better more and cheaper. Cheap robotics.
  12. +1
    21 October 2022 03: 42
    I wonder how they are going to repair the tracks in combat conditions? Even with the World War II, the Germans have problems with tanks, replacing rollers and gooses, and here it is again!
  13. 0
    21 October 2022 11: 03
    Not a word about security. Most likely 100% protection against 30mm and possibly even against heavy anti-tank systems in safe corners, plus from 12.7 / 14.5 and cumulative trifles such as toadstool and mestizo in a circle.

    But the gun is rich, 50mm gives several ballistic solutions when you can play with the weight and volume of the projectile, and the weight of the charge. Here you have more than 500 kJ of crowbar (and this is 150-170mm ghosts for two km, everything less than the t-72b makes holes in the silhouette), you can throw an analogue of 60mm mines with a small charge, and you can also make a quite fast universal HE with a programmable detonation.

    All the same, the Germans are able to create a wunderwaffe. I wonder how much this beauty will cost? And what about field repairs, better than howitzers that, after a couple of months of active databases, are being repaired in Lithuania?
    1. 0
      21 October 2022 11: 19
      Yes, the gloomy Teutonic genius knows how to create knights, whom three can hardly put on a horse laughing
    2. 0
      13 January 2023 14: 42
      From heavy anti-tank systems, definitely not ... From old RPGs, such as a fly or an spg-9 spear, this is another matter.
  14. -3
    21 October 2022 11: 33
    I don't know what's in it for the future. The nose and turret are good. The sides are disgusting. Extended, apparently not particularly protected. Perhaps the developer is planning a variety of situational body kits for them, increasing the "formal security", but given their length and the significant weight of the product itself (already), this probably will not improve the situation much. In the era of URO and various means of anti-tank infantry, leaving such a huge space at right angles to the surface and in the zone of minimum armor is such a thing.
    Judging by the layout, the developers also did not give birth to anything new in terms of the roof-killing threat. The machine from above will be protected no more than any current tank or infantry fighting vehicle, retiring what is called "for a sweet soul".
    In general, according to the sensations, the United States still has strong residual tendencies of wars with bearded men - they themselves are not really catching up yet, how much the era of weapons has changed.
  15. Eug
    21 October 2022 18: 32
    Hmm ... as for me, the space between the rollers and the armored panels covering them can easily become clogged with sticky mud, which again can freeze during night frost ... will the armored panels be thrown back with crowbars?
  16. 0
    21 October 2022 22: 43
    With tightly fixed side screens, they will become in the mud, like good morning. Rain in the evening, frost in the morning and ... that's it. fellow
    1. 0
      21 December 2022 08: 10
      Or protection of the sides and survival, climbed in the mud, picked it up after the march or bare sides