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Why the Russian army needs the German “Leopards-2”, “Boxers” and “Cougars”

Why the Russian army needs the German “Leopards-2”, “Boxers” and “Cougars”

In 1996, South Korea began to receive modern at that time in repayment of Soviet state debt. Tanks T-80U and BMP-3 combat vehicles. A total of 33 "eighty" and 70 "three rubles" appeared in the army of this state. This equipment entered the arsenal of a special unit, which during exercises indicates enemy units. Differently evaluating this deal, we can confidently say that Seoul made a very profitable deal.

T-80U South Korean Armed Forces

Curiously, the potential opponents of the southerners - North Korea and the Chinese - at that time did not have military equipment that would be close in its characteristics to the T-80 and BMP-3. The Korean military intentionally, as they say, raised the bar and, apparently, did not lose.
What we remember about the South Korean experience. The fact is that now the German Rheinmetall is creating at the Mulino training ground the Center for Combat Training of the Ground Forces of Russia. Here at xnumx apt. km will be trained brigades of the Western Military District. There is an opinion that, in addition to distinguishable German equipment, it would be nice to buy more German equipment that would mark the opposing side.


Recently, according to the scenarios of most exercises, our troops are learning to fight with "gangs of terrorists." But after all, troops must be able to withstand a high-tech adversary equipped with the most advanced weapons. And, as you know, Germany is a trendsetter in Europe. For example, the same "Leopard-2" is currently one of the best-selling tanks in the world. So not to get some of these combat vehicles? The same goes for the Boxer APC and the Puma BMP. Of course, money will have to be spent (as we have already written, only the Boxer armored personnel carrier costs 3 million euros), but really the current economic condition of Russia does not allow finding means to equip several training battalions with similar equipment. Do not forget communications, weapons and equipment for infantry.

Germany is not an enemy to us, and these units will only "designate" a high-tech army. And since the Germans themselves on the exercises still decorate their tanks and armored vehicles for Russian military equipment, it would be logical to even agree on deliveries "in exchange" for T-90 and something from light armored vehicles, at their request.

BMP "Puma"

Germany has very strict restrictions on the export of weapons, let us recall at least the scandals that arose when it turned out that the equipment donated by the GDR of the former NNA was used in Kurdish regions. The Turks were so impressed with the German internal political clashes that now, on the border with Syria, only the American M-60AZ are used, just in case, and they forcefully create their own Altai tank, having long since established the release of their armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. Therefore, in the contract with the Germans we can discuss that "Leopards-2", "Boxers" and "Cougars" will be only educational, to which they, quite likely, can agree.

BTR "Boxer"

Equipped with the latest Western technology staffed by contract servicemen, these training units should improve the quality of the combat training of the Russian ground forces.

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  1. bask
    bask 26 October 2012 07: 13
    Hi everyone. Leopards why I don’t know Russia. ,, Cougars and ,, Boxeroys are needed to create ... ,, Boomerang + ,, Kurganets ,, at the world level !!!
    1. sv-sakh
      sv-sakh 26 October 2012 07: 22
      Lepard for Almaty? O_o
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 26 October 2012 08: 04
      Quote: bask
      , Cougars and ,, Boxeroys are needed to create ... ,, Boomerang + ,, Kurganets ,, at the world level !!!

      This is where such a conclusion comes from, it can then buy Leopards so that they could create an ARMATU at the world level. I recall the words of Rogozin about priorities in the procurement of Russian-made equipment.
      1. Goga
        Goga 26 October 2012 08: 52
        Alexander Romanov - Greetings, Alexander, well, what are they just coming up with, just not to give orders to their defense industry, now there are "training units" request ..., again, from the "Europeans" it is easier to get a rollback to the straight line to the Eurobanks. All these songs about the necessity of purchasing "for acquaintance" for whom are they intended? At the end of the forties, the USSR did not buy hundreds of vigorous bombs from the United States for a lot of money "for acquaintance", but got acquainted with technologies with completely different methods and issued their own product "not inferior to the best world samples" ... well, who now prevents to get acquainted in the same way with NATA's armor and vehicles? Or Shaw from intelligence, too, only a memory remained? request
        1. Tirpitz
          Tirpitz 26 October 2012 09: 57
          In the early 40s, the USSR bought the Christie tank and worked very closely with the Germans on submarines and aircraft.
          1. rennim
            rennim 26 October 2012 13: 03
            Christie was purchased in the early 30s ..... T-34 is his distant descendant ...
        2. Joker
          Joker 26 October 2012 11: 06
          Igor, unfortunately we no longer have the USSR, together with the great country, the agent network also collapsed, for 20 years we were picking our nose and only now something is being done. So it’s easier and faster to buy, especially since it is practiced in the USA.
      2. bask
        bask 26 October 2012 12: 48
        Alexander. Yes, with the tanks, everything seems to be normal ... T90MS, that they wouldn’t write at the world level !!! And there’s also the T80, which, for serious reasons, has not been modified. STUDY NOT WHEN IT IS NOT EARLY AND NOT WHEN NOT LATE. Better on strangers. Than blood, their own ones)))). Armored vehicles are needed in the first place, to save the prudent Ivanov !!!! Security and defense once again. And the Germans are always on the level in these matters. Our engineers will study, copy something. It will not be worse. I think the GDP will not allow a repeat of the situation with Iveco-Brysys ..
        1. PSih2097
          PSih2097 26 October 2012 23: 41
          ! And there is the T80, which is still, on a serious, not modified.

          Well, why - T-80UK

    3. Kaa
      Kaa 26 October 2012 11: 42
      Quote: bask
      Leopards why I do not know Russia

      Why, why, check for armor penetration by firing domestic ATGMs and grenade launchers, and vice versa, the stability of their vehicles against Western ones, and judging by the ratings, one can go crazy, however.
      1. bask
        bask 26 October 2012 15: 32
        Kaa I would very much like to shoot from T90MS by ,, Leopard ,, and see what he has for, “inside,” but it’s good to give)))))))))))))
      2. 1976AG
        1976AG 26 October 2012 15: 46
        Then it’s better to buy American along with crews. Crews do not evacuate.
        1. survivor
          survivor 27 October 2012 04: 04
          yeah. brew it in the case and feed it with a very small window)))). they still say that the "abrams" are much more comfortable t 90
    4. USNik
      USNik 26 October 2012 13: 08
      let's invite German generals then, they somehow know how to manage their equipment correctly, and even easier, so to speak for the purpose of training, to invite the peacekeeping contingent to the territory of Russia, bullshit, is there all the modern equipment there, is that logical?
    5. Melchakov
      Melchakov 26 October 2012 14: 09
      Leopards 2 will not be bought FOR THE ARMY. This is a journalist "sensation".
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 26 October 2012 23: 44
        Leopards 2 will not be bought FOR THE ARMY.

        And who will sell them to us? This is NATO ...
    6. predator.2
      predator.2 26 October 2012 15: 16
      It is necessary to purchase in minimal quantities, if they are sold, some specimens must be taken apart to the last screw, and studied, others must be shot at the firing range from various domestic weapons in order to know the vulnerabilities.
  2. krutishka
    krutishka 26 October 2012 07: 38
    I think it would be nice to buy samples of app. technicians, probably they were bought no longer for training, but for the study and creation and modernization of their types ... request
    1. alatau_09
      alatau_09 26 October 2012 10: 16
      I will support your opinion and add:
      1 - sometimes cheaper and easier to buy than risk your residency;
      2 - to be the best, you need to "feel" the advanced someone else's and if you need to adopt and improve, adapting to your plans, which saves time and money;
      3 - in order to produce good and reliable shells for your weapons, there is no better way than to shoot at the natural objects of a potential enemy ...
      after a thorough study of the technique, of course ... wink
  3. erased
    erased 26 October 2012 07: 48
    Another version of the procurement of imported equipment? May be. Wait and see.
  4. Fox
    Fox 26 October 2012 07: 50
    author's grassy grass! winked
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 26 October 2012 07: 54
      Grass grass strife wassat
  5. Vanek
    Vanek 26 October 2012 07: 53
    The enemy must know in person !!!

    Nuuu in this case is the performance characteristics, filling, features, etc.

    Hello to everyone. hi
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 26 October 2012 08: 32
      Vanek, in this case it turns out not in person, but from the inside.
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 26 October 2012 11: 36
        Quote: omsbon
        not in the face, but from the inside.

        It is also an option.
    TULSKIY CAMOBAP 26 October 2012 08: 00
    Yes, I think they’re not buying for training. laughing
  7. StrateG
    StrateG 26 October 2012 08: 06
    The enemy must know in person !!!

    They are no longer our enemies. I doubt that they have already forgotten the experience of 45 years. As for equipping "High-tech" opponents - why not take our tanks? They are in no way inferior.
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 26 October 2012 11: 40
      Quote: StrateG
      They are no longer enemies to us.

      Any state is a potential adversary for any other state.
  8. Strashila
    Strashila 26 October 2012 08: 20
    Yeah, Germany will believe so ... it’s easier and cheaper to create a model that imitates this or that technique ... and again the question ... the silhouette of the car ... will be spotted. The author writes that Germany has the most severe restriction on the sale of weapons ... the question is what you can buy ... and not new horseradish, but junk is not necessary. The price is 3 million euros and this is an armored personnel carrier ... or 4 with a penny million US dollars ... WE INDIA T-90 TANK SELL CHEAPER !!! WHAT BENEFITS !!! ??? And again the question ...WHAT IS THE WORLD LEVEL ??? Let the figures set out on paper.
    1. Artem6688
      Artem6688 26 October 2012 22: 30
      But this is the best armored personnel carrier in the world. And not our "matches". Or is it better to let the soldiers die in the backward technology, but the main thing is God forbid to spend 3 million people? Give evidence and facts about the sale of the T-000.
      1. Strashila
        Strashila 27 October 2012 19: 35
        Respected India ... Ours can do no worse with the same parameters (at least mass)
  9. kress42rus
    kress42rus 26 October 2012 08: 33
    buy to find out how and which RPG to use
  10. Samovar
    Samovar 26 October 2012 09: 01
    German Rheinmetall creates a Combat Training Center for the Russian Ground Forces at the Mulino training ground.

    Yeah, but once we taught them ... on our own head. what
    So can you buy some of these war machines?

    Well, if it is purely to imitate a conventional enemy, then why not buy a pair of each "creature". Servicemen should get used to seeing in combat (albeit in training) the BTT as a potential enemy.
    1. urzul
      urzul 26 October 2012 09: 14
      Rather, they are still in 30, selling us licenses for guns.
      1. Samovar
        Samovar 26 October 2012 09: 21
        Quote: urzul
        Rather, they are us back in 30 years

        I mean combat training. About the training of German tankers near Kazan.
        1. Brother Sarych
          Brother Sarych 26 October 2012 09: 39
          And near Kazan, and in Lipetsk, they still studied themselves, well, along the way, they taught us ...
  11. understudy
    understudy 26 October 2012 09: 16
    Lyaya ... yes it is called very simply - they wagged their tail when the Investigative Committee really loomed on the horizon. Individual samples - yes, study, develop tactics and means of counteraction. But whole divisions ??? In the end, it turns out that the "Lynx" and "Mistrals" were purchased exclusively foran order of magnitude should improve the quality of combat training of the Russian ground forces"Some people did not like it terribly.
  12. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 26 October 2012 09: 37
    Blessed is he who believes!
    Naive author rolls over ...
    1. nagual
      nagual 26 October 2012 09: 59
      As for the naivetement of Alexei Khlopotov (gurkhan), you have gone too far. negative In my opinion, a very sensible argument, a hint to the relevant departments to think.
      1. 26 October 2012 10: 24
        to think about a new informational cover for kickbacks? :)
        In principle, everything is correctly written, but great doubts prevail. Even if there were such good goals, then in our age of democracy we should not expect zeal from the performers in the public interest! They even broke military intelligence in order to redirect the budget, now there is only one way to get technology - buy.
  13. DEfindER
    DEfindER 26 October 2012 10: 10
    I think it’s worth buying, the Jews generally very actively use the captured Soviet equipment to study its weaknesses, and even modernize and use it themselves, I don’t see anything criminal in buying one dozen MBT of NATO countries .. Otherwise, how can we develop tactics of counteraction, despite the fact that Nato in bulk of Soviet technology to study, remaining in the same GDR ... and we do not even have the first F-16, the first modification, or abrams ..
    1. Recon
      Recon 26 October 2012 10: 21
      I fully support this comment, this is exactly what I wanted to write.
  14. IRBIS
    IRBIS 26 October 2012 10: 54
    The author got excited, obviously got excited. The enemy’s training battalions using state-of-the-art technology? But not too expensive a treat? And most importantly - absolutely meaningless. But what, our technology can not denote the enemy, it is not high-tech? Previously, they held major exercises, the armies opposed each other and did nothing, practiced as they should. Some ravings on a moonlit night ....
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 26 October 2012 11: 27
      It is probably more profitable for the author to buy a bunch of armored vehicles with a price of 3 million euros, instead of just hanging on our cars the designation of a conditional enemy at a price of 100 p.
      Who will drive the German cars? Isn't it better to our tank crews, advanced training in our armored vehicles?
  15. Kars
    Kars 26 October 2012 11: 12
    It is believed that, in addition to distinguishable German equipment, it would be nice to buy German equipment that would indicate the opposing side.

    This is called --- let me think of something as an excuse.

    The Yankees have been camouflaging the Sheridans and M113 for Warsaw Pact technology for decades and are happy, even if they could train ..popants from Iraq, Poland, etc. .. a couple of divisions of the whole.

    It’s not enough to just buy the equipment of a potential adversary - by the way it’s very expensive --- but it must be maintained, spare parts, lubrication, staff training - will not expensive exercises come out?
    1. Kars
      Kars 26 October 2012 11: 31
      as a variant))))))))))))))))))))))))))
      1. Ljubomir
        Ljubomir 26 October 2012 15: 08
        Yes, it is worth buying "levs" from the Greeks, and "abrash" from the Egyptians to training centers. And what about the teachings with their application - indeed, only cutting the stolen goods.
  16. sq
    sq 26 October 2012 11: 33
    The article is correct. Any technique of even the least possible potential adversary needs to be obtained by any possible means in order to see and know it in kind. All of these claimed TTX and online comic books on use are more suitable for misinformation.
    1. Voin sveta82
      Voin sveta82 26 October 2012 12: 10
      what a naive friend you are ...)))) Why ... ??)) there is no TTX for knowledge .. it has intelligence agencies ....)))) And this is pure water - pumping our ... notice ... our financial resources abroad ..)) that's all ...))) Our armored personnel carriers are much better and more effective in battle .. than these western models ...
      1. DEfindER
        DEfindER 26 October 2012 12: 50
        Where does the information that our armored personnel carriers are better if they have never even been compared even during exercises, I certainly subconsciously know that Russian gunsmiths are always the best, but somehow I want to make sure of this in practice and not just believe ..
      2. Artem6688
        Artem6688 26 October 2012 22: 34
        Especially the "quality" of our armored personnel carriers was undoubtedly proven in Avgan and Chechnya.
  17. taseka
    taseka 26 October 2012 13: 36
    No need to talk about modernization - to kill our military-industrial complex, which, in the guise of war, will only remain with us when these Cougars and Leopards attack our BEAR !!!
    1. mega_jeka
      mega_jeka 26 October 2012 22: 25
      I agree with you
  18. kov
    kov 26 October 2012 14: 33
    Vidyuha about BMP Puma and Boxer

  19. georg737577
    georg737577 26 October 2012 18: 50
    If there is an opportunity in the pre-war period to pay for samples of enemy equipment with money - this opportunity should definitely be used. Even taking into account "kickbacks", etc. Because later, for the possibility of urgently studying the same samples, you will have to pay with the blood and life of people ...
  20. Artem6688
    Artem6688 26 October 2012 22: 25
    Once again, the kitchen experts raved about kickbacks. Here, in fact, the enemy is selling his equipment, but our forum "experts" everywhere have kickbacks and the collapse of the military-industrial complex.
  21. Bosk
    Bosk 27 October 2012 02: 09
    We have the best tanks and guns .... I hope the guys are working on this ..