Ukrainian drone shot down near Sevastopol

Ukrainian drone shot down near Sevastopol

An air defense system worked over Sevastopol in the morning, explosions sounded in the air. According to preliminary information, a Ukrainian drone was shot down over the city, trying to reach the Belbek airfield. This was announced by Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev in his TG channel.

At the moment, there is little information, it is reported that a certain Ukrainian drone appeared in the area of ​​​​the airfield, but was shot down by air defense systems. About type drone nothing is reported, it is possible that it was a reconnaissance drone, although the option of using a combat drone to strike equipment or ammunition depots located at the airfield is not excluded. The recent explosions in Crimea have shown that nothing needs to be ruled out.

In Sevastopol, the air defense system worked out again in the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe North Side. According to preliminary data, a drone was shot down near the Belbek airfield. Please everyone stay calm

- wrote Razvozhaev.

It is worth noting that Kyiv does not intend to retreat from its tactics of a terrorist state, striking civilian and military targets on Russian territory. It is important for the Zelensky regime to show that the Ukrainian army is not helpless, but is capable of striking "deep into Russian territory" and even "scoring victories." Therefore, an attempt to apply Drones far from the first to disable military equipment, the air defense systems deployed in the Crimea repeatedly repulsed the attacks of all the same drones.

Belbek airfield is located in the northwestern part of Sevastopol, currently used only for military flights. aviation, civil aircraft have not flown since 2014. Kyiv has already carried out attacks on the airfield, UAVs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were shot down by air defense systems twice in August. There were no attacks in September.
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    1. +2
      October 19 2022
      It would be interesting to know what kind of drone it is. Whose production. Isn't it Israeli?
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. 0
          October 19 2022
          bayraktar would not have flown so far, it is very large. There was something smaller.
      2. Two
        October 19 2022
        hi They also flew their own developments to Rostov. Apparently there is something.
    2. +2
      October 19 2022
      Today at 07.50 a strong explosion was heard, and then two weaker ones. From the boat, two contrails from air defense missiles were visible. Smoke and dust from Belbek did not observe.
    3. +2
      October 19 2022
      Imported or home-grown, what's the difference, the main thing is that they filled up ..., they will find the wreckage, look .... whose product ...., they consider it necessary, they will say no - they will keep it secret ...., it’s not for us to decide ... The main thing result.
    4. -10
      October 19 2022
      I'm off topic. Sevastopol is a city of Russian sailors. There are no inodrons over Moscow yet?
      1. +8
        October 19 2022
        Quote: angara200
        I'm off topic. Sevastopol is a city of Russian sailors. There are no inodrons over Moscow yet?

        And what should be?
    5. 0
      October 19 2022
      Today in 9: 53

      Clarification on the morning work of the air defense system: an UAV was shot down in Sevastopol.

      Part of the debris fell on a residential building in the private sector (in one of the STs on the North side). According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there was a small fire, which was quickly extinguished.

      There are no victims.

    6. +3
      October 19 2022
      With the advent of drones, you will again have to return to barreled anti-aircraft artillery such as Shilka, something is not mentioned anywhere about it
      1. 0
        October 19 2022
        Yes, powerful stuff! We, the cadets, were shown in the MP brigade its effectiveness: they fired a signal rocket and fired a volley. We were in shock, we hit the rocket, it crumbled into small fiery splashes.

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