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Putin and Russians

Putin and Russians

When we are now being told about the Marches of millions or about the Russian revolution, then everything largely depends on the figure of Putin. The main intelligible slogan put forward by the opposition, which is repeated as a mantra: “Putin, go away! Russia without Putin! ”And so on.

Russian nationalists largely share this slogan and also require Putin’s departure. Why? Because they say: “What, in fact, did Putin do for the Russians in his ten years of rule? Has he ever noticed any Russian problems? Has he ever tried to enter into dialogue with the Russian movement? ”

During these ten years, the legislation has tightened so that already about two thousand Russian activists are languishing in prisons and camps ...

Many claims to Putin have accumulated in the Russian people - this is true. Therefore, this spiritual cry "Russia without Putin" is often expelled from the mouthpieces of Russian nationalists.

Why Putin did not deal with Russian problems? Why did he so easily sacrifice the rights and interests of Russians, for example, in the same legislative sphere?

And why should we be considered? We had no political holdings, we did not constitute a force in politics. The power was different - these are the very same system liberals that Putin needed to push back from power and property. That Yeltsin team, brigade, political shobla. Here it was necessary to remove it! And so removed so that there is no civil war.

Therefore, for Putin, building relations with the liberals was in the first place. How to deprive them of real power and property, and to avoid an explosion at the same time - what they are now trying to do with hindsight, having already lost their positions in politics and economics.

Therefore, we - Russian nationalists, the Russian movement, and indeed the Russians, were for him a bargaining chip. When he traded peace and prosperity from the liberals, he easily sacrificed our interests.

And what happened since December? We saw, clearly saw, that Putin would not get rid of peace and prosperity from the liberals with any concessions, no victims of peace and prosperity. He gets a knife in the back at the first "happy opportunity".

And now a completely different political picture emerges! A completely different alignment of political forces!

Yes, of course, Putin, until recently, struggled to pretend that no special “Russian question” simply existed. Well, it is not, and that's it! All of us are fellow citizens of Russia, Russians, we are all united before the law, and so on.

The Russian question as such did not arise for him. Putin remembered him only in very rare election situations, he threw out a single phrase. Like the funeral of General Malafeev, the hero of the First Chechen War. He said then: "Many times the hostile forces tried to put Russia on their knees, and each time a simple Russian man stood in the way of these sinister plans." Of course, the whole of Russia’s ears were pricked up by hearing about the “simple Russian man”, the oil spilled over the heart, and everyone voted for Putin.

In 2008, when Angela Merkel came to Russia, Putin introduced her future president Medvedev and said that he was an even bigger Russian nationalist "in a good sense of the word than I myself".

Again, everyone thought: “Ah, after all, somewhere in the depths of my soul, the Russian nationalist and Putin.” We have already seen what nationalists they are, especially Medvedev! However, such applications were made. It is clear that these were opportunistic remarks, timed to coincide with the pre-election moment, or when it was necessary to introduce the figure of Medvedev into circulation, to generate some hopes and illusions about him.

But now everything should be different. What can you hope for? What to count on? What does the new post-election situation promise us? To talk about it seriously, you need to return to the personality of Putin.

What is imputed to him, what reproaches? What is he rich? But the ruler must be strong, toothy, economically independent. Some should serve him out of fear, others for good bribes, others for the idea. Otherwise, he just will not last.

What is my personal claim to Putin? The psychology of an athlete is very strong in him - not a warrior, but an athlete (not by chance, because he is a judo player). The fencers have such a term: “show” - when you do a lunge, but do not touch the enemy's rapier, but as if you show that you can destroy it, prick it. But do not stick. Get your applause, awards, bow, go off the track. This is the psychology of an athlete - not to finish, not to destroy, but to show that "I can finish, I can destroy." For a politician it is rather weak, not enough. That is my personal opinion.

I am not sure that Putin will be able to do as a fighter, as a warrior, in that war with the system liberals, which has now begun. Indeed, from the point of view of a Russian nationalist, we must, if we go on the March of millions, then with one slogan: “Finish the reptile!” And will he finish it off? I have big doubts. This reptile is a multi-headed hydra.

Will Putin come this time as an athlete? Then he himself can not survive.

However, let's see, for example, here's what. When I wrote about the Chechen war, I said that the main war criminals who killed, tortured, expelled from Chechnya, robbed the Russian people should not get away from the answer. Recall that starting with Dudayev, all the major field commanders (Maskhadov, Basayev, Gelayev, Raduyev, and others) are in the next world.

Many, probably, are already forgetting what a “seven bankers” is - a group of Jewish oligarchs who directly dictated their will to Yeltsin and carried out their policies throughout the country. Where is she now? It is not in sight.

There was such a federal law “Production Sharing Agreement” (PSA), which allowed foreign capital to shamelessly plunder Russia on official grounds, and we still had to them. So, this law has been repealed, it has long been inactive. We are no longer robbed as robbed under Yeltsin. By the way, who does not remember or does not know: this “wonderful” law was lobbied and passed by Yavlinsky and his company in the Duma.

Where is that Yavlinsky? The two main parties of the liberals - SPS and Yabloko - have lost their positions in society. Neither the SPS nor Yabloko have really participated in politics since 2003. It is possible to list such positive for quite a long time - for the nation as a whole, for the Russians, in particular, for Russia - the shifts that occurred under Putin.

But this, probably, would not be enough, hadn't happened in the last year of events that allow me to look into the future with cautious optimism and write about it. It is clear that the war will go on life and death. Let us not delude ourselves and be mistaken about this.

No one is going to forget what Putin did with Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, Nevzlin and others, because we are talking only about the tip of the iceberg, and there everything goes much deeper. When we compare the Forbes lists, we see that six or seven years ago, Russians occupied about 45%, and now under 60%. That is, it is not only about the upper layer and symbolic names. This is not forgiven him. Never.

Putin is not stupid and capable of learning. We have been convinced of this many times. Surely he already understood these simple things. And he realized that the time of the auction had passed, and the time of open war had come.

Who can he lean on in this open war with the liberals? On the Communist Party? They are rotten support - everyone understands this. On "our" youth? Funny and talk. For career success do not die. They are going to die for ideals, for ideas, that's what they are being killed for, that's what they are dying for.

By and large, there are only two such ideas - social and national. The time of the social idea has passed - communism cannot be returned. The time of the national idea is appropriate, and this means that Putin has not and will not have any support other than the nationalists.

If Putin today does not begin to support reasonable and constructive Russian nationalists, then tomorrow will be too late. I am sure that Putin will certainly have progress towards the Russian side, and they are already going. Not because he is so good or bad, whether he loves us or not, but because the political situation dictates this.
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  1. bask
    bask 26 October 2012 07: 26
  2. tm70-71
    tm70-71 26 October 2012 07: 28
    A competent article, without “soon the time will come and we will all of you ....” So I wanted to ask a question, is Russia lucky with Putin or not?
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 26 October 2012 07: 51
      I agree with you, the article is complete and direct. On the forehead.
      Russia now has no other leader of such a GDP, and in the foreseeable future it will not be observed. I think the author is largely right. And I also share his hopes.
      Only terry nationalism with marches and a swastika on the sleeve somehow is not for me.
      1. Wertynskiy
        Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 10: 24
        what kind of solid? Another agitation! It is necessary to ask not "how I feel about Putin," but "What exactly did Putin do for me personally!" And then you will get an unambiguous answer "Nothing". Ask everyone - Have I started to feel better in my own country! And answer - No. Has my family become better off - No! Am I worried about which country my children will live in? Yes. Of course I'm worried, I'm scared that they are growing and when they will have to face all this.
        Under Putin, nothing has changed. Remembering Khodorkovsky, Yavlinsky and Berezovsky - everyone forgets about Abramovich, Vekselberg and Chubais. what is the abolition of the seven-bankers-what are you talking about?
        The only thing that I liked about the article was that We Russians did not manage to unite and create at least some kind of power. Wow ...
        1. Pit
          Pit 26 October 2012 10: 44
          Do not ask the fatherland what it has done for you. Ask yourself what
          you did for your fatherland.
          I personally have not done anything and therefore I am ashamed of myself. But how do you
          it wouldn’t be strange, I began to live better in the last few years. AND
          Progress began precisely after the coming to power of GDP.
          I am not his supporter, but I am a patriot of my homeland and do not wish her again
          to get through the d ... about in which the same liberals are trying to drive us.
          And yes, I look to the future with alarm, but I really hope that we can
          erase this dirty trick from our ranks.
          1. Brother Sarych
            Brother Sarych 26 October 2012 11: 04
            And they didn’t think, HOW MUCH could you live BETTER if that manna of heaven, that golden rain that had spilled on the country in recent years, all this went to the development of the country, and not settled in the pockets of all evil spirits? The list of the main beneficiaries is in full view - there have never been so many obvious and hidden billionaires in Russia ...
            It’s clear that some crumbs fell into your hands too - and you rejoice at it ...
          2. Wertynskiy
            Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 11: 47
            Pit - thanks for the directness and honesty. But I can’t say that I did nothing. Yes, I also began to receive more money (salaries). But money is not the first place in my life values. much more important is security, confidence in the future. and most importantly - a sense of pride in their country. about the liberals-completely agree with you.
        2. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 26 October 2012 11: 40
          and "What exactly did Putin do for me personally!" And then you will get an unambiguous answer "Nothing"

          Yes, wonderful selfish interests, "and what has this Putin done for me ?!"
          "Nothing!" What a weirdo!
          Million on a plate did not bring?
          Or didn’t allow the looting of the country?
          Once again, I am convinced how many of these people do not feed (after all, the real standard of living in Russia is one and a half times higher than in Ukraine) anyway people with a redneck mindset will be unhappy with the "level of service".
          And did I begin to feel better in my own country! And answer - No.

          Surprisingly, even in Ukraine, people do not feel bad.
          These statements are most similar to propaganda, State Department grantors.
          1. Wertynskiy
            Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 11: 51
            “Once again I am convinced how many of these people do not feed (after all, the real standard of living in Russia is one and a half times higher than in Ukraine), people with a redneck mindset will still be dissatisfied with the“ level of service ”.
            I don’t need a million, and I don’t even need a plate, I’ll somehow earn a living. The level of service of the bureaucratic apparatus is zero - and the head of the bureaucracy is Putin, so this is his direct task, which, admittedly, he cannot cope with.
            And about the rednecked mindset you are in vain, if you in this sense understood my comment, then I am sad.
            1. 11Goor11
              11Goor11 26 October 2012 16: 52
              if you in this sense understood my comment, then I am sad.

              I have something to compare with, and the standard of living is in last place in these estimates.
              How do politicians take care of their country?
              So Putin is the best of the presidents who are now.
              While some are dancing to the tune of the State Department, the President of the United States is dancing to the tune of the Federal Reserve System. Many, such as Prime Minister Erdogan (in Turkey, the Prime Minister has more powers) simply bluntly pulling their obstinate people into the war. Our Ukrainian is neither fish nor meat, Akhmetov's pawn. The only politician who has firmness who develops his country is your Putin. But! Whiners at first cry that they were not given something, when you ask, "Isn't there enough sausage?" proudly stick out that "they provide for themselves, but the rulers are scoundrels anyway"
              In my opinion, this is just a whining.
              1. Wertynskiy
                Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 17: 56
                Why the hell did we surrender to us? Well, yes, there is hardness, so what? Develops ??? Yes. something is done in separate microscopic doses, but for a country, the scale of Russia, this is equivalent to a rollback.
                In the world, absolutely non-charismatic leaders come to power, controlled from the outside, weak, and against their background, of course, Putin looks like a superhero! But this does not mean that he is! And if in Russia in the 90s there was no sausage and pensions were not paid, but in the zero they pay and there is sausage, this also does not mean that we are developing pancake. If in the 90s the president was an alcoholic, but an athlete in the zero years, this does not mean that he now needs to be prayed for, so that an alcoholic does not come again! Well, some elementary things have to be explained, then!
                Against the background of Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, of course, Russia looks safe, but we have a pancake other times in the yard, other requirements of the people and time!
                Let's change something, and not hold on to the old, because "what if it will be even worse"! This is regression !!! Oh my friends, dave use common sense!
                1. 11Goor11
                  11Goor11 27 October 2012 19: 34
                  Why the hell did we surrender to us?

                  Why the hell did someone whine to you?
                  Revolutionary? Let's throw off the "bad" power and immediately heal very well?
                  You are on the way with Hillary Clinton, she is hysterically filled with "Assad must leave!"
                  Why, to whom should? America lacks instability.
                  Belolentochnye are filled with the same hysteria "Putin must go!"
                  Who benefits from this?
                  You will hardly be better off when the pro-American liberals who have replaced Putin (after all, if you change the "bad" Putin, then change for someone who is not following his course?)
                  And these wonderful Prokhorovs, Nemtsovs, etc., will be sold offal to Russia to foreign corporations.
                  Your well-being and, moreover, their opinion are not at all of interest. You will resent loudly, go cut the Siberian forest.
          2. PSih2097
            PSih2097 27 October 2012 00: 10
            Surprisingly, even in Ukraine, people do not feel bad.

            You tell this to the collective farmers and collective farmers, and face it (after that, your face will be collected piece by piece, provided that they have time to repulse) ...
            1. 11Goor11
              11Goor11 27 October 2012 19: 08
              You tell this to the collective farmers and collective farmers, and in person (after that, your face will be collected piece by piece

              I communicate wonderfully with collective farmers, and as a rule, people do not say "oh mustache pagano mustache pagano!" Only those who are already overweight whine like that. Who is not enough for a new car.
              And mine in the village, though not so prosperous already, the village "on the outskirts"
              But each "collective farmer" has his own farm, cows, pigs, potatoes and beetroots in the garden (15 - 20 acres), but it is necessary to work, but some grandmother who has no children - it is hard for her. But everywhere - there are no children - it's hard.
              And if someone is young and "bad" for him, it means either the poor fellow is sick or just a loafer - a drunkard.
              By the way, no collective farms have already divided the land and now former collective farmers usually rent to farmers for money or grain (a good way out for single grandmothers)
        3. ughhh
          ughhh 26 October 2012 12: 20
          Quote: Wertynskiy
          The only thing that I liked about the article was that We Russians did not manage to unite and create at least some kind of power. Wow ...

          with you, chtoli, unite, follow?
        4. Ascetic
          Ascetic 26 October 2012 19: 58
          Quote: Wertynskiy
          Another agitation! It is necessary to ask not "how I feel about Putin", but "What exactly did Putin do for me personally!"

          Nothing for me personally (although I didn’t lie, I doubled my pension), but for the army and the military-industrial complex, progress has begun. If in 2008, being at various meetings in the upper headquarters, despondency and anguish reigned, then there isn’t that, they didn’t allocate money for it, otherwise it’s time to spare ... and in general soon the amers will pinch us. It was painful and sad to serve in such an army, and therefore went to 45 on a demobilization though papahu they promised and an apartment .. Anyway, he left (and since then I have been waiting in line for the apartment since that year). Now the work has begun to boil, I work in the structure of the military-industrial complex, I haven’t gotten out of business trips recently, there is some purpose and sense in working, not for money, but for which you can be proud of. We were brought up like that .."Think about your Motherland before, and then about yourself." Therefore, the army in the 90s somehow survived in spite of everything (the army would have ceased to exist in such conditions, turning into a gang of looters)
          Although I’m not such an ardent patriot, my position is closer- do what should and be what will be. Now we need not fiery appeals but well-trained and competent specialists who are able and willing to work for the country and not for green papers and State Department food or Israeli matzo. But with this we have a problem so far. The demographic gap of the 90s and the collapse of the country cannot be shut up with any money ..

          Quote: Pit
          I personally have not done anything and therefore I am ashamed of myself. But how do you
          wouldn't be weird

          Create a strong family, give birth and bring up children, the more the better, Family is the BASIS, a unit of a healthy society and not a liberal gay community like in the West-Do not forget about the past, think about the present, hope for the future. This is a contribution to the country .. And you say nothing has been done.
          1. PSih2097
            PSih2097 27 October 2012 00: 12
            Create a strong family, give birth and raise children, the more the better

            And then the juveniles will tidy themselves up and destroy it ...
            1. 11Goor11
              11Goor11 27 October 2012 19: 53
              And then the juveniles will tidy themselves up and destroy it ...

              Note that this vile juvenile ritual is the dream of all "developed" common people. These western megabankers
              And I doubt very much that they can completely impose it in our countries in our countries. Our culture simply will not allow this.
      2. vadimN
        vadimN 26 October 2012 10: 59
        Quote: sergo0000
        Only terry nationalism with marches and a swastika on the sleeve somehow is not for me.

        Dear, terry nationalism is not to the liking of most normal people. Nobody argues with this. Pay attention - the author of the article speaks about "reasonable and constructive Russian nationalists". And there are a lot of them. Let not explicit, but deeply sympathetic.

        In Yeltsin's mess, we gave the good concept of "patriot" to the mercy of scoundrels. Now is the time to correct the error. A patriot and a reasonable nationalist are one and the same!
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 26 October 2012 12: 04
          Quote: vadimN
          Pay attention - the author of the article speaks about "reasonable and constructive Russian nationalists". And there are a lot of them.

          What are the names, at least some?
      3. Brother Sarych
        Brother Sarych 26 October 2012 11: 00
        Not "no leader", everything was done so that no one could see him!
        The same Navalny and the company are just a cover operation to obscure the topic of choosing the future path for the state ...
    2. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 26 October 2012 10: 59
      Very difficult question!
      Personally, I think that after all, NO, no luck - he had a chance to become great presidents in the history of Russia, but he safely failed ... he blew it ...
      1. Averias
        Averias 26 October 2012 11: 42
        Forgive me, but I do not agree with you. From time immemorial, we are accustomed to believe and wait for a miracle. The tale of Ilya Muromets is an example of this. Everyone thought that Putin was doing fine, he would restore order, that is, put all responsibility on him. And they themselves are what, we want someone to do everything for us, and they themselves should be prepared to consume without hitting a finger on a finger. If you like what Putin is doing - cheers, he is good, as soon as something went wrong we wanted to and invented for ourselves - well, he’s bad, he’s like everyone else. And what did you do?
        1. Wertynskiy
          Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 13: 03
          I want to answer your comment with the words of Prilepin "I have done all my business, screwed a light bulb in the entrance, paid taxes, work, raise children. I take an active civic position."
          Who has been waiting for a miracle in Russia from time immemorial? What nonsense? Russians should not be equated with lazy people and dreamers. Maybe you have other "Russians", my Russians have always worked all their lives, fought to the death for their homeland, performed feats, built an EMPIRE, and no one expected any miracle. They expected only one thing from the country's leadership - justice and the fulfillment of their duties.
          And you don't have to make a sufferer out of Putin. What has he put on himself, poor man? Once he volunteered to govern the country, and once the people believed him in the elections, voted for him, then be good to fulfill your duties, and not "charge" them to yourself. You can't tell me honestly. But you don't need to make yourself a sufferer.
    3. ughhh
      ughhh 26 October 2012 12: 27
      Quote: tm70-71
      So I wanted to ask a question, is Russia so lucky with Putin or not?

      And this question is too early to ask, the main achievements are yet to come. Ask him in 5 years.
      1. Karabin
        Karabin 26 October 2012 14: 17
        Quote: ughhh
        Ask him in 5 years.

        Why trifle, ask after 12.
  3. Mikado
    Mikado 26 October 2012 07: 42
    The strength was different - these are the very system liberals whom Putin needed to be squeezed out of power and property. That Yeltsin team, brigade, political shobla. Here it had to be removed! And so remove so that there is no civil war.

    Nice to read. What are the "systemic liberals"? Can you, please, list who and what property with power was deprived of the successor of Bori the Three-Fingered?
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 26 October 2012 11: 05
      Announce, pzhlsta, the entire list of pushed back!
  4. Fox
    Fox 26 October 2012 07: 45
    Jewish Medvedev (Mendel) Russian nationalist .... just oh ... oh! it is stretched in the article of merits to Putin before the Russians ...
  5. Shooter308ful
    Shooter308ful 26 October 2012 07: 51
    If we compare Yeltsin-Putin, then not only was Russia lucky with Putin, but much more. It is not yet known that the drunk sold Yeltsin from Russia, be this TV-r in power and further.
    Yes, now it is time for Putin to pay attention to this national problem, as the belittling of the Russian people, a people that unites all the peoples of great Russia. If there weren’t this people, there wouldn’t be Russia, all the remaining peoples would not get along together under one state called Russia.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 26 October 2012 19: 03
      Quote: Shooter308ful
      It is not yet known to sell

      Yes, as you know, the Kuril Islands were the first.
  6. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 26 October 2012 07: 53
    I didn’t understand what kind of nationalists we were talking about, not about those that Udaltsov had heard of. If so, then with such support, which is ready for the sake of momentary profit, we will have more oligarchs to move from camp to camp. Putin does not ideal, but now there is simply no one to replace it, and whoever says that it’s impossible to make a worthy of 140 million worthy people, let them show the candidate, not whistle.
    As long as Putin says that the law is the same for everyone, having sanctioned officials with immunity, until millions of billions, or even billions, have minimal or conditional terms for officials who steal parliamentary immunity, Putin’s support will fall. It’s these problems that Nemtsov’s company.
    1. Goga
      Goga 26 October 2012 09: 37
      Alexander Romanov - quote - "I did not understand what nationalists we are talking about, not the ones that Udaltsov smelled about" - Sasha, apparently about those who hung out with imperial black-gold-white flags on Bolotnaya with K Sobchak ... wassat .
      But seriously - what, again "crying" about the "infringement" of the Russian people? The President from above, by his decree, does not want to order at last to consider the Russian people a great people - that's a bad luck. Are we again begging the authorities for preferences and special rights? And the fact that the rights are not given, but the rights are taken - no one wants to remember? Over the entire period of development of the patriotic Russian movement, starting with the semi-pereticular "Memory" by D. Vasiliev, no one has been able to create any capable, sane organization, not only at the national level, but even at the regional level. Purely "Slavic" visits - no one wants to be a "second", no one wants to be a performer and engage in practical work day after day - everyone marks themselves as "ideologists" and sees only themselves (and no one else) in the "Fuhrer".
      With whom, with what social force should the president of the Russian Federation reckon and take into account its interests? With the Russian people? - too "general", and in whose face?
      They are to blame, again the calculation for the "good" king. Until we ourselves understand that we are not just a population, but a people - no one will take our interests seriously. At the same time, the screams - Russia for the Russians - is a direct provocation and direct sabotage of the development of a real paraiotic movement. Like this ... hi
    2. vadimN
      vadimN 26 October 2012 11: 04
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      I didn’t understand what kind of nationalists are we talking about, aren't they the ones that sniffed with Udaltsov

      Nationalists sniffed with Udaltsov and others like him for only one reason - they do not find understanding from Putin. This is not friendship with the liberals, it is a tactical alliance against misunderstanding by the authorities.

      In reality, constructive nationalist-patriots have nothing in common with Udaltsov, Nemtsov and other "swamps"
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 26 October 2012 11: 07
        Quote: vadimN
        . This is not a friendship with the liberals, this is a tactical alliance

        Amused, thanks. Sex with a condom is not treason, with a silencer is not murder, and shoulder to shoulder is not friendship wassat
        1. vadimN
          vadimN 26 October 2012 11: 41
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          and not shoulder to shoulder friendship

          In the late thirties, Stalin was also "friends" with Hitler ...
          1. Goga
            Goga 26 October 2012 11: 51
            vadimN - Colleague, how the "friendship" with Stalin ended for Hitler is well known. And you, in this unnatural alliance of "patriots" with liberals, of course assign the role of Stalin to patriots? Does it not occur to you that the fate of Hitler in this "friendship" will befall just such promiscuous "patriots"? wassat
          2. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 26 October 2012 11: 52
            Quote: vadimN

            In the late thirties, Stalin was also "friends" with Hitler

            It’s ridiculous. Well, even if your way and to what friendship led.? No need to call black white, today people have long figured out what and how. Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. Friends on, see you indeed with them along the way wink
  7. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 26 October 2012 08: 23
    "... We did not make a scandal - we lacked a leader.
    There are few real violent ones - so there are no leaders. "
    V. Vysotsky
  8. predator.2
    predator.2 26 October 2012 08: 41
    the problem of the Russian people lies in the fact that the descendants of shtetl and fiery revolutionaries of the bloody 17th zones are firmly established in its elite — matte, though now almost all of them have original Russian surnames.
    1. Pit
      Pit 26 October 2012 11: 10
      "One of the main destroyers of our country, the governor of the Jewish-Masonic World Government in Russia, the Jew A. Chubais, in his 2004 interview with the London Financial Times" admitted: "I have read all of Dostoevsky, and now I feel nothing for this person except physical When I see in his books the thought that the Russian people are a special people, chosen by God, I want to tear them to pieces. "
      Text from

      That's while they live and parasitize on the body of our Motherland, we must fight their stomachs without sparing !!!
      Otherwise there will be no honor to us !!!
    2. PSih2097
      PSih2097 27 October 2012 00: 45
      the problem of the Russian people lies in the fact that the descendants of small-town and fiery revolutionaries of the bloody 17th

      ugum, especially comrade Koba, he is Stalin and Beria ... All those you are talking about were knocked out in the "bloody" 30, and they knocked out their own:
      all sorts of -zones - matte, though now almost everything is with original Russian surnames.

      apparently fought for power fought ...
  9. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 26 October 2012 08: 43
    what are these Russian nationalists? those who are marching with gays over squares and engaged in occupations? where sane party of national sense
    1. kontrzasada20
      kontrzasada20 26 October 2012 09: 42
      This is in the west they are gay, we have them n ...... sy.
  10. Snake831
    Snake831 26 October 2012 08: 47
    Article is complete nonsense.
  11. Cold
    Cold 26 October 2012 08: 57
    When the new Gorbach Yeltsin or the adored nationalist Führer comes, then the dream of the nationalists will come true am
  12. vorobey
    vorobey 26 October 2012 09: 14
    Bullshit. I agree with some commentators. Nazism, if it became the pillar of the state, then led to collapse. World 2 lessons do not teach anything. Russia is a multinational state and it is impossible to single out one over the other. otherwise, back to the Stone Age with warring clans and clans.
    1. Pit
      Pit 26 October 2012 11: 14
      And who is talking about Nazism !? Here we are talking about the fact that the people who created this state, who have been living on their land for many millennia, are systematically and purposefully exterminated. It's time to wake up and show who is the boss in the house.
      1. Goga
        Goga 26 October 2012 11: 42
        Pit - Colleague - quote - "It's time to wake up and show who's boss" - who are you talking to? Are you addressing a kind president? Or is it to ourselves? To show who is the boss, you really need to be the OWNER! And now honestly, what is called honestly, tell me how many of us behave like masters, not only in the country - at home? Look at our villages in central Russia not on TV - you can turn gray a second time ... It is clear that to a large extent this is the result of a long-term undeclared war against our people, but here it is not necessary to beg for privileges from the authorities, but to correct the situation ourselves, the main thing is to work with children, and this process is not fast, but "all at once" only in our fairy tales it happens ... .

        Sincerely, Igor.
    2. Goga
      Goga 26 October 2012 11: 20
      vorobey - Colleague, full "+" - The whole history says that empires exist until they begin to divide the inhabitants into 1st and 2nd grade according to nat. principle or by faith - this was the case with the Mongols (converted to Islam - they collapsed), this was the case with Byzantium (they designated the Greeks as a "state-forming" nation - and everything was kirdyk) - Russia developed into a powerful empire, incorporating different peoples with different religions and ways of life. Unlike the United States, the peoples living in the annexed territories were not annihilated but organically included in the imperial system, their best representatives were included in the country's elite, many of them brought great benefits to Russia in science, art and on the battlefield. It is strange to hear from people who sincerely want the best for our country and our people, demands to recognize on paper the exclusive rights of Russians. This is a path to collapse, all the more, one must fix one's exclusivity with deeds, and the entry, even in the Constitution, has very, very little relation to real life - did they make a record and everyone around them respected the Russians just for this? Oh, nafig, they respect something completely different ...
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 26 October 2012 11: 49
        Quote: Pit
        It's time to wake up and show who is the boss in the house

        What is in the way. Why, somewhere together, the five of us can fight back twenty. somewhere even without fists to restrain presumptuous, and somewhere only with Uzbek hammers to drive. why black marks are written out to Tajiks and Uzbeks and not to those who accept them for work?
  13. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 26 October 2012 09: 21
    The article is literate, probably ...
    But the main leitmotif - HOPE, somehow sad ... It becomes sad.
    Why? Maybe because all the years of his reign, we already HOPED precisely for the solution of social and national ideas (the latter is still not there). And the social sphere, too, is solved through one place.
    Hope is a "thing" of course a good thing ... But how much hope is there? ...

    Meanwhile, the quotas for migrant-gaster are increasing, the Masulman are "tolerated", today or tomorrow they will pray in large numbers and LOUDLY ...

    Hope is good - but I SEE I’m completely different ...
  14. virm
    virm 26 October 2012 09: 45
    In my opinion, Mr. Putin is a convinced liberal and universal man. For him, Russia is something like a corporation, LLC, JSC. Rather - Closed Acc. Total Closed to the Russian people and open to buddies-oligarchs. And he rules our country, as he runs the organization. Reduces costs, optimizes financial flows. In personnel policy, he rewards some subordinates - Abramovich, Vekselberg. Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky punishes some. The logic of the corporation led to the fact that the Russian population was not profitable and not effective. and his Mr. Putin replaces migrants from the Caucasus and Wed. Of Asia. Mr. Putin is not Russian. And he absolutely does not care, for example, who lives in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in the Pskov village. The main thing for him is corporate reporting, annual balance sheet. This is the psychology of a hired manager, a temporary worker, a small shopkeeper. Such people do not have strategic thinking, a perspective look.
    The article supports the tale that Mr. Putin matures to condition. Until the moment when he begins to pursue a policy based on Russia's strategic interests. And such a policy cannot be anti-Russian. As it is now. but he has already been in power for 12 (!!!) years. and everything will not ripen in any way. And, in general, he is already 60 years old. It’s time to rest.
    1. Wertynskiy
      Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 10: 31
      I completely agree with your comment. I'm already tired of him. There were hopes, but they have all been eaten by me. I want fresh air, ideas, projects. And from Putin there is only one chewing gum, in which even taste has disappeared. TIRED!
      1. bddrus
        bddrus 26 October 2012 18: 40
        Want???!!!! Well, well, sit back and wait for someone to come to you and give you "fresh air-ideas-projects" LET AT THE END OF THE ENDS SOMEONE WILL MAKE MY LIFE BEAUTIFUL !!!
    2. vadimN
      vadimN 26 October 2012 11: 11
      You are right in many ways ... But ... And who in return?
      In one of the comments, someone wrote that a real patriotic force, capable of defending the interests of the Russian people and all the peoples of Russia, has still not been able to form in the country. Not a single leader is visible on the horizon capable of taking the baton of power.

      Well, it’s not for Nemtsov to vote with Navalny, not for Zyuganov ... We choose the least of several evils ...
    3. Cadets
      Cadets 26 October 2012 11: 20
      I repeat, but this is my opinion. Speaking about the President, it is necessary to admit that "the retinue makes the king", therefore, despite patriotism and many personal positive qualities, the GDP moves in the rut of the financial and industrial group, whose nominee it is (it will not surrender the positions indicated, as well as they will apply all forces to leave him (read yourself) in power. For these purposes, all state institutions will be involved. Unfortunately, no one has abolished oligarchic-bureaucratic capitalism in Russia, and for him patriotism is secondary - if only it does not contradict his own interests.
  15. neri73-r
    neri73-r 26 October 2012 09: 50
    which means that Putin has no other support, but no nationalists.

    Nonsense, and provocative nonsense. Everyone knows that nationalists are financed by the Anglo-Saxons. The goal is to break the bonds of the state along the national line, to pit the fraternal peoples! Divide and rule!
    1. Wertynskiy
      Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 10: 34
      And here, in general, who finances whom, when it comes to an idea, and not about specific organizations?
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 26 October 2012 10: 41
        Quote: Wertynskiy
        And here, in general, who finances whom, if we are talking about an idea, and not about specific organizations

        Look for someone who benefits - a well-known expression. As you know, Americans, and now the Saudis, devote a lot to the development of societies around the world. therefore, the difference is just there and it is very important who allocates the money .. a paradox, but money always requires back and forth with dividends.

        Quote: Wertynskiy
        I want fresh air, ideas, projects.

        Have you had enough of experiments yet?
        1. Wertynskiy
          Wertynskiy 26 October 2012 12: 01
          I also do not support any of the nationalist organizations, because there is a complete confusion with their real goals, I don’t know with funding, not a specialist. I am for healthy nationalism at the state level. If you look at the level of financing of the regions of Russia, it turns out that the "Russian" regions are financed many times worse than the Republic.

          And I was not talking about experiments, but talking about PROJECTS. They are not, there are no BAMs, flights into space, Transibs ... And this is perhaps the main thing that is needed now ...
    2. tm70-71
      tm70-71 26 October 2012 10: 40
      The nationalism you write about is the fifth column. Healthy nationalism is good when all nations have good neighbors, but I’m the boss in the house and don’t have to teach me if I don’t come to you for advice. I also wanted to congratulate everyone with the Muslim holiday of Kurban Ait.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 26 October 2012 11: 01
        Quote: tm70-71
        Healthy nationalism is good

        I would like to see the program, goals and objectives of healthy nationalists. and in the examples.
        So far, apart from radicalism, I have not seen anything.
      2. alatau_09
        alatau_09 26 October 2012 11: 11
        Nationalism in an international state should and must be HEALTHY and, as such, it must be with all self-respecting peoples, BUT only in a CULTURAL plan and must be MUTUALLY RESPECTED, provided that it is desired to keep IT WHOLE and ONE.
        Without a national culture, national language, traditions and folklore, the existence of any nation can be put an end to ...
        But the foreign policy of an international state should and must be ONE, domestic policy is EQUAL for all!

        I join ktm70-71 and Congratulations to all without exception on the holiday of Kurban-Ait - the Sacrifice, which is in all world religions, but celebrated in different ways.
        All Peace and Affluence on the tables!
        1. vorobey
          vorobey 26 October 2012 11: 45
          Quote: alatau_09
          Nationalism in an international state should and must be HEALTHY

          Well, we have vivid examples of the Baltic countries, plus independent, fraternal Ukraine.

          And why only Belarus remained a pillar and so does not like the general people?

          I would like to hear a clear definition of Russian nationality. I gave an example of my wife to her ancestors and Russians and Ukrainians and Tatars and Mordva. Is she not Russian? So my three sons whom I bring up in the spirit of love for the Fatherland are not Russian because my mother is not Russian?
          1. virm
            virm 26 October 2012 11: 52
            Give a clear definition of nationality Chinese, French, Arab, Turkish, Italian. What is the new universal cartoon? Formulate the customs of the Russians, who are the Russians, etc. Only heard from everywhere. These are stupid questions. Do not strain yourself. Make yourself pilaf or matzo.
            1. vorobey
              vorobey 26 October 2012 12: 42
              Quote: virm
              These are stupid questions. Do not strain yourself. Make yourself pilaf or matzo.

              is this a manifestation of what, healthy nationalism?
          2. alatau_09
            alatau_09 26 October 2012 12: 03
            Dear Vorobey,
            I think that my post expressed everything that I had in mind about HEALTHY NATIONALISM is short and clear, but you need to read it completely without breaking, then the meaning is not broken!

            There is no need to look back and level up, I think that in the national question it is necessary to observe the principles and laws of our country that are fair to everyone and not bend to anyone, that's all ...

            As for belonging to one or another nationality, then the Person himself decides personally - who and what is closer to him, how and by whom he considers himself - associates with what nationality and this should not be discussed and condemned by anyone and anyone! in this matter, the decision of the Person is above all.
            After all, we know, and here on the site it is clear that the most vulnerable feelings are national and patriotic feelings ...
            All the best to you and your family.
            1. vorobey
              vorobey 26 October 2012 12: 39
              Thanks Alatau. I did not tinker with it and until a certain point did not delve into some things, but for some time now I began to do this and come to disappointing conclusions.
              They are trying to rally the Russians now in the teachings of neo-Nazism or neopaganism, and they all point blank to not notice the foes of these movements from Europe and the USA. Everyone turned into Rodnoverie or Nazism. But this is a direct path to the fragmentation of Russia, first on the Tribal basis, then on religious, and then territorial. What kind of integrity of Russia will we talk about then.
              Nationalism blurred the borders beyond which Nazism and racism began, and then there was an eye for an eye. Peace to you.
      3. virm
        virm 26 October 2012 11: 43
        Quite to themselves, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks and Tajiks show healthy nationalism in relation to each other when they are fighting for land in the Osh Valley. And all of them taken together when they expel the Russians from their camps. (in search engines - Russian genocide in Central Asia).
        No sarcasm. They are doing the right thing. They consider my land - this is my land. And your land, Russia, is ... also our land. Come here - bring their own customs and practices. And they talk about internationalism.
  16. wulf66
    wulf66 26 October 2012 11: 33
    The double attitude to the article ... First of all, we seem to have completely forgotten that Russian is not just a nation, it is a culture, it is a civilization! It would never occur to anyone to call Aivazovsky the great Armenian artist. Aivazovsky THE GREAT RUSSIAN ARTIST! I have never heard that Bagration is a great Georgian commander, but since childhood I knew that Bagration is a GREAT RUSSIAN SILVER! The same as the Russian SUVOROV and the Pole Rokossovsky.
    THE WHOLE WORLD, EXCEPT US US, CALLS US RUSSIAN !!! Here in this context, this article is very much in the subject, and they are Natsik Natsik ...
  17. tm70-71
    tm70-71 26 October 2012 11: 47
    Thank you ala-tau 09, you answered everyone that there is a healthy nationalism. I have nothing to add.
  18. WW3
    WW3 26 October 2012 13: 09
    It is a pity that 66 km were not reached. Russian tanks to Tbilisi, there would not even be a hint of the presence of future NATO in the Caucasus ....
  19. Karabin
    Karabin 26 October 2012 14: 49
    Reading Sevastyanov, Starikov, Kalashnikov and others who can write and call themselves nationalists, one gets the impression that they are somewhat split. Being anti-liberals, realizing that Putin's course is purely liberal, criticizing this course, understanding all the perniciousness of the course for the Russian idea, Sevostyanov and Co. are once again waiting for the main liberal to be their allies and, moreover, to become leaders. For 10 years Putin has only been doing what he says to these comrades "gentlemen, I am not yours." But comrades itching to "Our you, ours! You just do not know about it." Such invocations take time, the golden time.
    1. virm
      virm 26 October 2012 16: 33
      I would add Prokhanov to them. Sorry. A couple of years ago, he was a man whom I believed unconditionally. But not now. He defends power very zealously. And he shares power with Putin.
      Bad boyars and a good king. Favorite game of approvers at all times.
      Prokhanov and the above-mentioned people are trying to go through a thin thread. Branding liberalism and barring Putin. The problem is that this thread does not exist. Because, Mr. Putin is a stubborn liberal.
      An interesting point is the following. As soon as someone begins to slightly approve of power. So right away he was sliding into frankly Russophobic positions.
      There is a duel between Prokhanov and Savelyev.
      On the Russian question.
      Prokhanov in some places drives about bad Russians and good migrants. You can’t tell directly from Novodvorskaya.
      You can’t be a little burden, Alexander Andreevich.
  20. Nechai
    Nechai 26 October 2012 17: 27
    "... in that war with the systemic liberals that has just begun."
    What kind of war? That ostentatious, staged booth, circus, vaudeville, whatever, BUT not a real confrontation. The authorities use the "general political movements" that have completely discredited themselves in the eyes of the people. The goal is as simple as a stick - See these radishes "fight" against us, so who are we? That's right, protectors of society and patriots. And the gathering at the American embassy, ​​widely covered in the media, all with the same purpose - they are traitors and enemies of Russia. And they roll the barrel at us ...
    Mudaltsov was puzzled by the discrediting of the communist idea. Gaining strength in society.
    Imagine, in February 1917, on one podium. Milyukov, Purishkevich, Grand Dukes, Kerensky, Trotsky and all in one dudu ...
    So a real (yeah, not a systemic) opposition for power DOES NOT FIGHT. And the authorities do not deal with their competitors like that! If it had not been agreed and settled that for all their "speeches" well, nothing really would happen, then by no means would this audience be dragged into "rallies" and "protest actions". “God forbid! You’re not just getting a rubber democratizer, you’ll also get a hold of gas, or even shoot them, as it was almost a dozen years ago.” This audience is brave only if it is absolutely safe. Own .. but the most important value. And you're talking about baricades, chest on the trunks. No, it's not for them.
  21. in reserve
    in reserve 27 October 2012 13: 40
    What can a man deserve to be recognized as a Russian? By behaving in accordance with generally accepted norms of Russian culture, it does not climb into our monastery with its own charter. Words and deeds show solidarity with the Russians. Finally, he himself wants to be perceived as Russian, as a compatriot. One scientist made a brief conclusion about this:

    1. Two people belong to the same nation.if, and only if, they are united by one culture, which is understood as a system of ideas, symbols, connections, behaviors and communication.

    2. Two people belong to the same nation.if, and only if, they recognize each other's belonging to this nation. An ordinary group of people (say, residents of a certain territory) becomes a nation if and when the members of this group firmly recognize certain common rights and obligations in relation to each other by virtue of their unifying membership.

    This seems to be simple and obvious. But important consequences follow from this. First, we must remember that for us, everyone Russian - brotherUntil he crossed the line, he himself did not renounce his nation.

    Secondly, when a person who is in something different from the majority of Russians declares that he considers himself to be Russian, he takes a very important step. Especially now, when Russia is experiencing difficult times, when the Russians are in trouble. Such people can not be repelled, they must be supported. We need to help them master our culture and language, understand the rules of life and the worldview of the Russian people.

    This attitude is part of the Russian culture, and therefore the Russian people grew by such people as Suvorov, Lermontov and Bagration. Therefore, the Russians have become one of the ten great nations of the world, although during the invasion of Napoleon we were one and a half times smaller than the French.

    Now, under the pressure of a national catastrophe, some want to change this attitude of our culture, to shut themselves up in Russian. This is a big mistake. On the contrary! Russian will not survive without Russia, and it must be strengthened, increasing the attraction to the Russian core.

    We repeat, a person who was born in a Russian family may cease to be Russian, having himself abandoned his national identity, voluntarily turned into a “common man”, “who does not remember his relationship.” But another thing is also true - a person can become Russian, voluntarily and clearly accept this title - both happiness and the cross.
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 27 October 2012 13: 45
      I’m Russian, I’ve been, is and will be, regardless of whether some kind of mu will consider me as such .. eccentric or group of those!
      I also found Goering, like I myself will consider someone Jewish or not ...
      1. in reserve
        in reserve 27 October 2012 23: 54
        Brother Sarych
        It seems to me that you did not understand the essence, you must have been mishandled by the Cossacks under the Uzbek flag.
        1. Brother Sarych
          Brother Sarych 28 October 2012 14: 58
          I perfectly understood what you wrote, unlike you, the author of the post above ...
          Instead of inventing something, it was better to read Stalin on this topic - he probably had the clearest explanation of this issue ...