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History of Chechnya from a former resident of Grozny

I'll tell you briefly. Believe it or not, but as a former Grozny man I history I know my region quite well.

Damn, at least do the FAQ. Zadolbalo the same thing to tell.

By the way, I warn you in advance - I present all this to impossibility softly, correctly and tactfully. In fact, you need to talk about it strictly - mat.

So - the so-called Chechnya has only one relation to the Chechens - the Chechens captured this Russian territory. Yes, yes, that's right - this is the territory of Russia, it never belonged to the Chechens. At all. Surprised, yes? I hope. Read on.

The Chechens are a handful of tribes of similar linguistic composition that lived in the mountainous regions of the Caucasus, approximately where the current CIASR has a mountainous part. Actually, I'm not even sure that this can be considered a people - they are united (or rather distinguished from their neighbors) only by a catastrophically low level of development. Of course, we are talking about the Chechens, as they were before the white / Russian civilizers. The social system is something between a stunted slavery and an underdeveloped feudalism. There is no writing (the only ones for the whole Caucasus!). A language consists of approximately one and a half / two thousand words in general - it is extremely difficult to speak, it is impossible to express complex thoughts without borrowing the words of other languages. Primitive household, rough cold weapon, clothes - well, savages, in general. They were drawn as such somewhere in the fourteenth century.

They did not live on the plains - there were more developed neighbors who “had” them, so the tribes lived in their fortified villages, where they could fight off the attack of their neighbors (their own Chechens or any others). A small share in their society was brought by the fact that rogues from other tribes migrated to this wilderness - thieves, murderers, fraudsters - those who were expelled or who managed to escape. "The national sport number 1", apparently, was theft, with the ability to catch slaves could compete with it. These two applied disciplines were the most profitable, far more profitable than farming. It is a shameful thing among stupid Russians to steal - for the Vainakhs this is an honorable, worthy man affair. Therefore, the experience in such matters is wonderful. And own poverty turns around with eternal malicious envy to more successful neighbors.

Such an interesting specimen of a hypertrophied robber gang. I hope there is no need to explain the fact that no state or just the unification of these tribes into something whole was observed there?

And then Georgia was accepted into the Russian Empire and Russia began to build routes of communication to Georgia and Armenia. It is logical, natural and normal.

The problem turned out to be that any transport route is a source of profit for the surrounding robbers, and the robbers in the Caucasus turned out to be a fig - even though the stove swamped by robbers. Chechens, as the wildest and most impoverished, have done more than others.

Fighting with them is quite simple - they put Cossack settlements in the valleys (uninhabited, I recall). This was the beginning of the Terek Cossacks. Somewhere this force was enough, but in these parts - no. Chechens began to gather in groups large enough to attack Cossack villages - “salt, matches, but sugar”. The Russians in the valley had what the Chechens in the mountains really wanted - “luxury” items, weapons, slaves, just money. Then there were introduced regular troops and set up military fortified settlements. One of these settlements was the fortress of Grozny, founded by General Yermolov in some forgotten year there. Later, this fortress, along with the settlements that grew around it, became the basis for the city of Grozny.

The Chechens' abbreviations were drowned in blood - Yermolov understood perfectly well with whom he was dealing, and showed the only argument understandable to the savages - force. Cruelty, bloody revenge, collective responsibility. For the attack on the Russian settlement, the troops massacred the nearest village. Mutual love, as you understand, it did not add, but saved many Russian lives. This is the very “we-they” confrontation of IMHO and united the neighboring villages under the banner of hatred into a single people.

Further, the Chechens were actually divided into two camps: assimilated, or rather, adopted the culture and ideology of the Russians, and brutalized, cultivating hatred of the Russians in their mountain refuges. The first ones do not play a big role, but the second ones showed themselves to the full after the October Revolution, when the thesis was advanced “to every savage according to a book and a bar of soap”. The Chechens were given the opportunity to settle in the Russian villages, cities - and this was the beginning of the end of the Cossacks. The Chechens simply ate them, they survived, they squeezed them out — like a more arrogant, pushy, angry and very prolific folk.

And then there was the Great Patriotic. The Germans were standing under the city, oil factories were burning, the city was preparing to surrender to the Nazis - the regional committees / district committees were taken out, the troops were withdrawing. And when the city was mostly civilian, there was a riot. Varfolomeevskaya night, Night of the Long Legs. Russian slaughtered like sheep, killed with all the Asian cruelty. Imagine you can not imagine this, do not try.

Would you be able to imagine what can be done with human guts after having cut a stomach and pulled the guts out? They can decorate the fence at home. Like a garland. This is very funny, by the way. A raped woman, if still alive, you can give thanks to the very dagger that just cut her children. This is even funnier - everyone just laughs.

Hemtsev still somehow repulsed, the troops returned to the city - too much blood was spilled. Still would! It was then and precisely because of this rebellion that the decision was made to relocate the Chechens away from the front line — beyond the Caspian Sea. In order to avoid such incidents, this fifth column was loaded and shipped - blood was also spilled, I think, you know. They took it by force.

After the death of Stalin, the pendulum of repression swung in the opposite direction - they started choking them joyfully to rehabilitate indiscriminately "who and for what." Well, and Nokhchi for the company, and since they turned out to be “undeservedly repressed by a small people”, “an offended member of the friendly family of the conscientious peoples,” Moscow began to kiss his ass, they were all returned (who wanted), they were made into an autonomous republic (!) the territory of Russia, where the Nokhchi shed so much Russian blood, they were given a minimal percentage of national representatives in the power structures - and this was the end of the lands. Vainakhs bred like rabbits, according to 10-15 children in the family, the key places in the power structures allowed to steal a lot, often and regularly - there was enough not only kids to eat, but also a sheepskin coat, a car and a house for each son. For example? only for the appearance of the fence around the villa, it was possible to plant 3 / 4 of the Chechen population of the villages - the fences were built from such sheet metal that it was impossible to buy. He did not go on sale just fundamentally. He was allocated only for the construction of petrochemical apparatuses, but three-quarters of the houses of Serzhen Yurt were fenced in with this very sheet.

The key positions in the republic were occupied by clever and far-sighted Chechens. They knew that the thin world is better than a good quarrel, the animals were held in their hands, they did not allow lawlessness. Of course, that order would be lawlessness for Petrograd people - how many people are used to the fact that from a night walk through the Soviet city of stagnant years it is very easy not to return alive? The Russians lived as if they were under siege, but nobody wanted to leave their home - let these reptiles survive us ?!

Then the power of the center weakened, the clever Chechens foresaw the mess and quickly flowed to Russia. A bloody mess started in the republic, for three years it was a perfect lunatic asylum, in words it is extremely difficult to tell - this was to be seen. The half-million Russian city was ravaged and dispersed, the second largest complex of oil refining and chemical plants in the USSR was destroyed. And only after three years of bloody lawlessness troops were brought into the city. Stupid and inept.

Further you saw yourself. I will only add that for some reason it is Russian refugees from Chechnya who have fled the people from the bloodthirsty savages who have lost everything — Russia still despises. Where are the camps for Russian refugees? Where?
I know old people who, having run away from Chechnya, have returned back - they prefer to wait for death from a knife in their native land, than to die at train stations together with the homeless!
Nobody helped the Russians, nobody. We kicked, spat, sling mud - no one helped us in word or deed. But for the protection of these dirty cattle, the democratic humanists rose a mountain, shameful bitches, Judas ... Demonstrations held "hands off Chechnya." How I wished for all of them to find themselves there, among the Vainakhs - to sip slave lobe for clarification in the brain!

During the 1941-1945 period, the country also sacrificed its people. For the same reason. Some people decided that he was the best. That Russian lands suit them better. They (the enemies) captured a part of the territory of my country, on the occupied lands they staged a planned extermination of my people. GENOCIDE. Destruction by nationality. At the cost of many deaths and mutilated lives, the enemies were defeated and driven out of our territory. Only then no one dared to call the Soviet troops "occupiers and invaders."

They wanted to separate - the flag in their hands, while Russia does not interfere. Easy! Let the whole million Nokhchi together apply for leaving the country.

Though in Antarctica. But I do not intend to give my house for this.

Hundreds of thousands of murdered Russian civilians of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR and the surrounding lands, how many slaves in the pits of the Vainakhs, the money going into this hole in billions, is not known And whom to separate, if most of them are already here? Has Russian citizenship?
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  1. radio operator
    radio operator 30 October 2010 09: 47
    Yes! And in Grozny, a monument to Alexei Ermolov was blown up every week, although he was behind two rows of barbed wire, which was under tension.
    1. Evgenx
      Evgenx 4 February 2013 11: 25
      There was no live barbed wire! That you sir lied! The fact that you blew up you are completely right. I myself am from Grozny, my father at that time was engaged in the restoration of this monument. So, it was not strange that the Ingush blew it up. And who remembers after that the Ingush riots in Grozny began, which were quickly and professionally "strangled"!
  2. Farvil
    Farvil 31 October 2010 02: 37
    No matter how much the wolf doesn’t feed, he still looks into the forest. The authorities are freaks and crooks.
  3. bomj
    bomj 31 October 2010 16: 16
    There are many Russians, they are kind and stupid, they can be cut, trampled, killed, but they will still help and feed. It’s shitty when the black-eyed people think so, but even worse when they’re theirs - peep presidents treat their people like that and never really put it on or value it, that’s where the ass is. First you need to put these pip metropolitan-Jewish, snickering at a stake, then black-asses will be afraid.
  4. Your name
    Your name 31 October 2010 21: 12
    post such muck on the site, not professionally
    1. Evgenx
      Evgenx 4 February 2013 11: 28
      The article says everything is true, as it is! Even during the so-called stagnation, all this could be seen in the Grozny Museum of Local Lore!
  5. Igor
    Igor 5 November 2010 02: 43
    First, you need to destroy this Jewish Kremlin power. Now Vova is the best friend of these animals. They know this and behave accordingly. Remember Kondapoga and how it all ended.
  6. Valera
    Valera 7 November 2010 19: 04
    The article is 100 percent valid. He himself repeatedly communicated with the Chokhi and the inhabitants of Grozny back in the 70s. I have not heard a single kind word about the animals. By the way, they hate the Ingush. There is even a saying among the Chechens "Ingush is shit, worse than Russian"
  7. Chechen
    Chechen 8 November 2010 00: 17
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 13: 07
      I knew an adequate Chechen, a former special forces soldier ...
      He did not return to Chechnya, he remained in the Far East. God grant and is alive now.
      I hope, the Chechen, that you are one of those who understands all the stupidity of the acts of villains who are called Chechens.
      And if the Russians are enemies for you, then write so, why the hell?
      How is it? Cut enemies then?
      There is nothing to add.
  8. naivety
    naivety 28 November 2010 14: 28
    hmm .... I had met something like this before in some publications. but everything was exposed there simply in the light of the appearance of the nation.
  9. native of Grozny
    native of Grozny 30 November 2010 19: 17
    if some write like that, while others support, everyone will be bent: Russians, Chechens and all the rest. After each "wild" there will be another. We will not have Russia! We will all die, except for the emigrants. Do you understand this, you fools ?!
  10. Max
    Max 27 December 2010 09: 09
    Sdelali 4e4encev i russkih vragami, tolstie dyadi s bolshimi koshelkyami !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Siberian
    Siberian 4 January 2011 15: 40
    Well shit is your article. Thank God that Russia is the earth cursed by Him and therefore it will never be well. Prison of the Nations! and the land of venal geeks like you. - The servile skin made by Rurikovich.
    1. Evgenx
      Evgenx 4 February 2013 11: 34
      I was born and lived 18 years in the city of Grozny! Patom military school with all its consequences. The article is correct! All the welfare of this republic is made by representatives of NOT the Chechen people !!
  12. radio operator
    radio operator 5 January 2011 08: 21
    Quote: Siberian
    Well shit is your article

    And what, in fact, is the author wrong?
  13. Siberian
    Siberian 5 January 2011 20: 56
    And you name at least something that would correspond to reality and other facts pointing to that ?! Unlike this geek, I already lived in this Chechnya before the war and during and now I live !!! I know these people well and respect them very much!!! I can't blame the Chechens for anything, because anyone can turn away from anyone if they so plentifully and constantly throw mud at him and meanly try to put a knife in his back. Look at these people, they lived all their history in difficult conditions high in the mountains, and they were happy with this and did not climb to anyone. And then both imperialism and the Soviet government, including the current one, do not favor him for his stamina, and now he exists. But I know he will still survive. This nation has a great past, which means it is not without a future, like many other nations. I am Russian and I remember how during the war my Russian relatives deprived me of my home and husband, and I remember how these commanders mocked their own soldiers, young boys, how many of them were killed and how many of these same Chechens were put indiscriminately, such a small people - strong man. We died there, for other people's money, and now there are still such geeks, also with such writings, throwing bones between us Russians and Chechens so that we gnaw each other, and they themselves earn money for it!
    1. faust
      faust 29 May 2011 00: 56
      What are you Russian? You are the same Russian as your friend is worthless.
    2. EVIL
      EVIL 1 November 2011 14: 25
      What great past are you talking about?
      - Great are called exclusively creative deeds;
      - about the Chechens, I can only say that nothing is not so great, but at least they did not create anything small. For some reason, the history of their people is replete with the DESTRUCTION created by others.

      No need to romanticize the image of a Chechen, you seem to believe in the good Indians of Fenimore Cooper, a person for whom the status in society is determined by the number of sheep, the ability to steal, the ability to get money without working - a savage. The savage is not romantic, it is mean, cruel, dirty.

      I’m not saying that everyone is the same, I believe that a case is concrete, a specific person - it can be kind, proud, selfless and SMART. I even believe that in Chechnya there are .... units.

      For some reason, I know for sure that in Russia you will not find a single village (if there is no barbed wire around it) in which everyone is ready to cut the throats of Chechens, and in Chechnya there are many such villages ... a lot ...
      But there were almost no Russians left, but there were many ... very many ...
    3. litvinoleg
      litvinoleg April 26 2012 18: 11
      Well, he lived .......... the village of Silkovskaya ... Kosova St. 97 .... a neighbor was stabbed in the 90s ... 20 or 30 stab wounds .... the murderer was released three months later
    4. Evgenx
      Evgenx 4 February 2013 11: 44
      My parents lost everything in Grozny! The friends of my parents and my friends lost everything !!! Moreover, this was done by white and fluffy (miserable and oppressed) Chechens! True, almost all of them (Chechens) had a couple of cars and so on in a good house. And the so-called Russians (all who belonged to the Christian faith) were hunchbacked for the good of the republic in factories and research institutes.
  14. radio operator
    radio operator 6 January 2011 09: 24
    Yes, you repeat words from Wahhabi sites. Word by word. I also had friends Chechens who could die protecting me. It was not arguing. But it was also that he could poke another Russian for an arrogant look or a grin.
    Grandmother told how the massacre began in 57. And if my grandfather, a front-line soldier, didn’t have a gun and brothers, I wouldn’t have either.
    My wife is a Terek Cossack. Full of stories about how men leaving in the field - returned to the village cut out under a root. And hanging from the stags of garlands. Under the old regime, everything was simple - an eye for an eye. Under Soviet rule, this was not allowed. More precisely, they allowed the Russians to be cut out, but to take revenge on the Nokhcham. Where's the justice?
    I remember that in 89 on the tram tracks near the market there will be two mountaineers on Mercedes and speak demonstratively. Just think, a dozen trams in one direction or the other got stuck in traffic - what is it that, in the trams, the Russians mostly moved around. What do you think would happen to me or to you if they made a remark?
    In 90, my father stood at a bus stop in the 2nd microdistrict and a 15-year-old mountaineer tried to snatch the briefcase from a Russian peasant, and when he failed, he shot him in the stomach. How many such horror stories, which he himself was a witness - do not count. And during the first Chechen war with such views as yours, Andrey was called with the Chechens in the 1st microdistrict on Dudaev Boulevard, they shot 3 armored personnel carriers with unarmed recruits who escaped from the encirclement, driving towards Khankala. And then he went down to the basement, where the Russian old men were sitting, wanted to drink champagne with them "for the victory", Judas. Then his own Vainakhs shot him, when it became hard and he tried to escape from them, now he lives in Georgievsk, receives a pension from Russia, a freak.
    Please answer why the Vainakhs are such a wonderful people, and there are almost no Russians left in Chechnya? For some reason, most of the proud people live in Russia, and not in the Czech Republic! Why, if a Russian is killed by a Chechen, is he on trial for "inciting ethnic hatred" and for "murder"? And Nokhchas, in such a situation, are charged with "hooliganism" and released after 1,5-2 months. Is this normal in your opinion? The law is on the side of the highlanders. Excellent!
    Chechens have qualities worthy of respect and approval, of course! But do not build relationships on silence and lies. Under Soviet rule, this ended with 44 year.
    Do not call the author a geek. First, he expressed his opinion, which is worthy of respect, like yours; Secondly, the majority of those who left there think so (those who survived, or rather, were not killed and did not fall into slavery).
    1. Evgenx
      Evgenx 4 February 2013 11: 49
      I agree with you by + 1000%. My sister stood in line for milk, a trio of cars drove through with villages from villages, the guys were happy, they shot from machine guns into the air, they killed a woman standing in front of my sister ricochet!
  15. Siberian
    Siberian 6 January 2011 21: 38
    You don't know what Wahhabism is, and you didn't live in Chechnya during their times. You don't even know how ordinary Chechens survived during their atrocities. How people turned away even at the sight of white cars (they always drove all sorts of brands of cars and mostly white). These Wahhabis see nothing but money and do not appreciate it. Sorry, I could tell you a lot about this time and what they did with ordinary Chechens, but I can’t just be afraid of them and my own. Ordinary Chechens are ordinary people, like us, Russians and far from rich, but very hardworking, clean. You say that as if we Russians are so perfect! Look what we've done to ourselves. When girls are called bitches, sorry for using such words, just drink and fuck and that's it! And moreover, the boys do not want to serve, but they are already intercourse with each other. Girls, even from school, also begin to fuck, worse than otters and again with each other! And this is being promoted very actively, unknown forces release huge amounts of money in order to push through this propaganda and thus deprive us of the Russian future! Now our children, how are they talking?! As if they were all children of convicts and, moreover, born in the zone! We even forgot our own language! From European and other countries, people come to Russia for free and crazy sex! Saying that they say, we Russian women are the best and most beautiful women in the world and immediately want to fuck, and moreover, they also need to express gratitude for this!

    and how we eat this vodka, why God sent this vodka to us, it would be better if we did not know about it! We are degrading! And I cannot be indifferent to this, I love my Motherland and do not want it to perish! Why do they show such an attitude? It’s just that they don’t consider us as people, they sing tales in your ear, and why? Because we do not respect ourselves and do not know the value of ourselves! They all believe that in Russia you can break all the rules and laws. Because, in fact, we have a law, like a drawbar! where he turned there and left. for the theft of 2 geese they are imprisoned for 8 years, and for pedophilia they are released on a written undertaking not to leave. And this geek does not know the history of the Chechens! Because he apparently does not know that we are the descendants of serfs. Not so long ago, boyars-fathers could exchange us for hounds, lose at cards, etc. I'm sorry, it's not very pleasant for me to write such things, but I understand that I can't rewrite my history. When a young guy gets married, he cannot even spend his wedding night with his young wife, and his master can make her a woman and leave him. God, what did they have to endure.

    And you do not drag the blanket over us. On the contrary, when our Russian begins to climb himself and open his vile mouth with a fume, without saying a word in Russian, because begs. Why does a Chechen fill his face and then we, Russians, start to talk about the interethnic. conflict, intolerance, etc.

    It is not fair to delete my comments! I communicate with a person. He wants to know the truth!
  16. Siberian
    Siberian 6 January 2011 22: 01
    ps I don’t understand at all if they are so tired of us, why did they start this war in the 90s, but they would give them freedom and independence and all the other Caucasian peoples, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, the peoples of the Volga region, Siberia!

    And then we would have lived in Moscow alone and everything would have been fine. Besides Chechens, Russians, Armenians, Chinese, Turks, Tatars, Kumyks, Nogais, Cossacks, Ukrainians, Greeks, Belarusians, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, etc. live in Chechnya. Moreover, they work, study, live, marry with Chechens.

    If you live in the Southern Federal District, I can officially invite you and even introduce you to many people. We have our own Church and we are always open for everyone, all sorts of people come to us. Come to Chechnya and find out how we live and how we breathe. you can evaluate everything yourself.

    Do not erase my messages addressed to this person ...
  17. radio operator
    radio operator 7 January 2011 10: 39
    You are right when speaking about the degradation of us Russians, so right that sometimes it seems like a couple of generations and we will go into oblivion. The problem here is in ourselves, and as a result, in those whom we elect.
    Stolypin said: "A people that has no national identity is dung on which other peoples grow." For 70 years healthy and unhealthy nationalism has been knocked out of us. When a person tries to say that he is Russian, repression follows. Well, yes, this is our internal affair, God will give strength and patience - let's figure it out.
    In my opinion, living in Chechnya, one must abide by secular laws and respect the customs and customs of the Vainakhs. Right? It is logical then to demand from Chechens compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation and respect for the Russian way of life in Russia. This, just, does not happen. And, what is most terrible, the power (consider Russian) in every possible way indulges them in this. The Internet is full of commercials of bullying, violence and murders of Russians by Chechens. These sites are not interesting to the prosecutor's office, but the next day, after the appearance of the manifestation of Russian nationalist thoughts, videos, etc. the repressive machine begins to work in full force. This not normal!
    I believe that there are two types of Chechens, from my point of view:
    1) are quite adequate, ready to live according to the laws of the Russian Federation and the laws of morality.
    2) are irreconcilable, avenging the 44 year and considering Baisangur Benoevsky their idol.
    If you can and should talk with the former, then you should communicate with the latter in Yermolovsky.
    You are asking why Chechnya was not given independence? Then, in the 90s, Dudayev asked for sovereignty, even less than Shaimiev. And on Grozny TV they showed how in 93 Dudayev and Grachev drank champagne "for friendship." But politics, or rather politicking, prevailed. The result, as we know, is sad: war.
    Thank you for invitation! One could go to Grozny, behind a cannery, to the graves of their ancestors, but in the cemetery, even in the first Chechen one, all the monuments were demolished, and then feces were lowered into the cemetery.

    Add more.
    The Chechens were "lucky" to live between Russia and Georgia, which asked for citizenship. Hence such an interest in it on the part of Russia, Turkey, England and others. If Russia had not "annexed" Chechnya to itself, the Turks and the British would have done it. I do not think that the Chechens would have had any sweeter from the Turkish - British protectorate, which is clearly demonstrated by the behavior of the British in India. As cynical as it may sound: the Chechens shared the fate of small nations. Submission, either exile or death. It wasn't the Russians who came up with this. This is world politics, alas.
  18. Siberian
    Siberian 11 January 2011 19: 41
    Oh, don’t say nonsense now, it’s not to face us, people who have lived their lives and have seen a lot of interesting things and more! You say that we are law-abiding comrades! And although you and I, this site and the author of the above article have already violated the law, and each to a certain extent!

    This kind of stupidity is inherent in women, not men! For our general information, it must be said that there are about 80 million of us Russians out of the total population of our country (142-145 million). I may not be accurate in the numbers, but the errors there are not great. And the entire population of the North Caucasus, both in terms of numbers and territoriality, can be accommodated in one district of Moscow. We Russians perform the function of "Big Brother", take our Constitution of the Russian Federation and Article No. 3 - power in our country is exercised by a MULTINATIONAL people! And that says it all, we are all Russians and all other representatives of national minorities, unless of course we consider our Russia to be the state of the "RF", then we are obliged not to violate all the rights and freedoms of each other, according to our Constitution of the Russian Federation. Recognized as the most democratic, humane in the whole world!

    Even now, I’m looking at Google according to the data of 2002, there are 115.. million Russians in the 1st place, and 1,5 million Chechens in the 6th place. And you want to say that the younger brother rapes and beats the Elder? This is stupid! It should be taken into account that among the peoples of the North Caucasus, the Chechens are in the 1st place in terms of numbers. But I am a person who lived all 15 years of the war in Chechnya and knew it before and after the war. I have the right to doubt the official figure, because it is beneficial to attribute, they say, there are as many as 1,5 million in order to justify and hide the true human losses in these wars!

    Yes, and never dare to invent a story for other ethnic groups, because. we ourselves are ashamed of the fact that our history is being rewritten from year to year. I can tell you this as a historian. And small peoples always take big ones as their ideals! So you can see what kind of example we are setting and far from being positive! Alas ... So that they have their own history and it must be respected, like your own! This is also stated in the preamble of our Constitution of the Russian Federation. why it is always necessary to compare modern Chechens with Chechen highlanders who lived in the 19th century. At least they were free and fought for their freedom. What are we? Well at that time we were slaves with you! So let's compare them with the highlanders, and us with the serfs. You need to think about yourself, and these small nations always think about themselves about the family! Therefore, through the millennia, they go hard, but proudly and still go far! While we're here to eat vodka! Look at how many millions of homeless children, drug addicts, HIV-infected, mentally ill children we have ...

    Sorry, modern young people in Chechnya living there, especially in the mountains, are well educated! There is an incentive, they study well so that no one tries to humiliate them. I think this would not hurt us either. Partly speak languages
  19. Siberian
    Siberian 14 January 2011 12: 34
    And yet, where did you get such false information again about cemeteries in Grozny? Even 2 years ago, they began to clean and keep clean all cemeteries, regardless of faith, especially Christian ones.
  20. radio operator
    radio operator 16 January 2011 12: 27
    Quote: Siberian
    You need to think about yourself, and these small nations always think about themselves about the family! Therefore, through the millennia they go hard, but they will proudly and far go! While we will eat vodka here! Look at how many millions of street children we have, drug addicts, HIV-infected, mentally ill children of ours ...

    I absolutely agree with you! We need to restore order in our own home. Live by the law, EVERYONE live by the law.
    Quote: Siberian
    What are we? Well, we were servants at that time!

    Strongly disagree! A servile country cannot nurture such a powerful cultural layer of poets, writers, composers. It is not without reason that the 90th century is called in Russia the "Silver Age of Literature". A servile country, in principle, cannot give a powerful impetus to culture. And how many talented foreigners came to Russia at that time in order to realize their talent, as it is now in America. Mind you, they fought, and culturally developed, and GARLED, and everyone could openly proudly say: "I am Russian." This is now our servile psychology. For XNUMX years now.
    Quote: Siberian
    And yet, where did you get such false information about cemeteries in Grozny?

    In 1998, my uncle went to Grozny to put his parents' graves in order. Arriving, he said that in the place of the cemetery there was a fetid swamp, with fallen and broken crosses and monuments. To find out where the required graves are located was not possible. I just laid the flowers in the place where the graves were located approximately.
  21. Ik
    Ik 13 February 2011 22: 45
    I sincerely despise people like the "Siberian". Call us in his first post "geeks of Rurik" and "rotten country", and then complain.
    You are like one vile Jew (no offense to other Jews) who got mad after I refused to believe that "Russians have a slavish mentality."
    I live in Siberia, by the way. Caucasians crossed only at the University. I did not observe wild antics. Insolence was at the level of all young people.
  22. satto
    satto 24 February 2011 07: 57
    I am a Chechen. For the author, the radio operator and their beloved, if it were not for you and your home, then the world would get rid of lies and justice would reign on earth. We, Chechens, have enough intelligence and nobility to treat everyone living in Chechnya as brothers and sisters. Yes, we were very badly wounded, but the wound will heal and we will be healthy again. Your situation is much more tragic, you have no conscience and you are not tormented by a feeling of shame for your shameful actions, not before people and not before GOD, you are doomed on disappearance.Russian, this is a diagnosis of "CHAINS IN HEADS." You have never respected neither your own nor others, neither laws nor traditions. Only you hate us, the whole world hates you. We Chechens will never be like you, you are terrible We'd rather die all than live as a swami. Better a horrible end than endless horror.
  23. radio operator
    radio operator 26 February 2011 11: 29
    I am Russian and proud of it! We have a rich history, a powerful cultural heritage, and long-standing scientific traditions.
    Quote: satto
    We, Chechens, have enough intelligence and nobility to treat all those living in Chechnya as brothers and sisters.

    Is there anyone else left in Chechnya? Well, maybe. 1-2% (?) Of the total population of the republic. The rest were “wisely and noblely” driven out, slaughtered and driven into slavery. When such a number of foreigners live in the republic, it is already possible to be noble.
    By the way, what do you regret? We are dying off at a tremendous speed, years through 50 with your birth rate - you will get a huge territory with a ready-made infrastructure, and share 1 / 6 part of the land with Dagestanis and Ingush. Is it bad? Such a unique chance is given to you! You want a secular state, you want - according to Sharia. We will never give birth, most likely. So you and the cards, as they say, in your hands!
    Quote: satto
    You never respected neither your own nor strangers, nor laws and traditions.

    That is why you behave in Russia as you like, and the Russians, having arrived in Chechnya, must strictly consider the traditions and way of the Vainakhs. Right?
    Quote: satto
    Only you hate us, the whole world hates you.

    Well yes. From Europe, the so-called refugees from Chechnya are being squeezed back. Have seen enough, apparently. Even from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, students from Chechnya are first imprisoned and then expelled from the country for "immorality." The Russian Foreign Ministry must settle this all.
    You see, I am not against normal relations with the Chechens. This is necessary and important for everyone. But I’m sure that the basis for this should be LAW and MUTUAL RESPECT. The only way.
  24. Escander
    Escander 6 March 2011 22: 14
    Caucasians understand only power. Kindness is perceived as weakness. You can talk to them, but they understand in their own way (the mentality is different).
    Well, they themselves would live according to their own principles, but they are trying to impose them on others. Himself from Siberia. More than once I had to clash with them on the part of "in a strange monastery with their own laws." Now they say hello from afar.
    For "Big Brother" you need to be strong and wise. The fish rots from the head.
  25. Nokhchi
    Nokhchi 1 July 2011 22: 24
    You don’t know that we here in Chechnya have survived Russians from you and you expect us to love you !! You are brave in the internet to chat, and on the street ..... we all know this, cowards !!!
    1. radio operator
      radio operator 4 July 2011 13: 28
      Quote: Nokhchi
      we all know, cowards !!!

      Why did you decide this? Enough Russian, who can fend for themselves and loved ones. Enough knives with injuries. But why?
      Hyomsara, I believe that we have nothing to share. It is time to collect stones. I have friends Chechens who, if necessary, will die protecting me, even from a Chechen, even from a Russian. So am I, a mountain I will stand up for each of them. Because we are FRIENDS. And it doesn’t matter what they consider the hero of Baysangur Benoysky, and I am the great - Alexei Ermolov. This disagreement may be a matter of controversy, but not murder.
      We can and must fight, but side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and not against each other.
      I think so. And not just me.
    2. Din rid
      Din rid 12 July 2011 03: 35
      Not only everyone heard about the bravery of your "warriors of Allah", but they saw ...
      1. Evil Tatar
        Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 13: 46
        Of course they saw ...
        Especially in Purgatory.
        So, as the Russian guy (tanker) was dying in the film, yours will not be able to die. I think so...
    3. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 14: 02
      We, this is the gang among which you, nokhchi, are you trading?
      Wandering around in a crowd, hollowing out unreasonable youngsters, what would they be when they grew up, they were afraid ... And they told everyone about their terrible Chechens?
      Clear task ... heroes!
      And one by one you are pissed off and you shriek more squeamish than youngsters.
      In 1984, I served with such people, like a hero ?, but you’ll check the breather and that’s it ...
      Immediately after the codla he ran ... Instead of waving.
      The crowd will run, they can’t beat, they are carduelis ...
      And there was a strong lad in the regiment, so he drove your nokhchis alone ... The whole kodlu ... They pissed off with boiling water, avoided it side by side ...
      In short, if a decent answer is caught, immediately piss.
  26. Din rid
    Din rid 12 July 2011 03: 23
    I won’t get into an old argument now. It just reminded me of a joke (from Zadornov) when a drunk Russian peasant for a long time proved to a Muslim that some Muslims are right and Russian bastards, and when he agreed, the peasant filled his face ... This sheds a little light on the difference in mentality between...
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 13: 51
      Dean Reed, but there are Russian Muslims, what do you think?
      Do not confuse religion and nationality ...
  27. Nemo
    Nemo 20 June 2013 18: 42
    If you are madam "Siberian", that is the corner of the ball. In Siberia people like you are called CHECHEN. My grandfather told me what heroes came after the eviction. Men at war, women and cripples on the farm. Nothing has ever disappeared in the village, not even castles. And then a heroic nation appeared. Theft after theft. Would beat them with mortal combat. "Little proud people", damn it, the last of the Mohicans. It is a pity that their Mohican fate did not befall them.
  28. Guilty
    Guilty 29 October 2013 08: 21
    A classmate in 96 was discharged from the army. Castrated !!!!! More precisely, castrated. The wounded man was taken prisoner, raped and castrated. And all this in half a day, tk. was soon released by his own. He doesn't say anything himself, he hums only and tears flow. The officer who brought him spoke for him. And then get drunk, and only me. I know what I'm talking about, because met them at the station, my mother asked. And after that someone will sing to me that we are one people? A familiar warrant officer, after another business trip, lamented that in the 44th they had to be taken not to the Caspian Sea, but to the Pacific Ocean, in barges. I didn't have to serve or fight, but Genka's tears and hands clinging to me and the stupor of his mother, who was dumbfounded by the carriage, did not cause anything other than that very "inciting ethnic hatred". So go to the forest, chichi gentlemen. We got it on our unreasonable heads, no need to press on pity now. By the way, since 95 I have never heard from the Chechens that we are one people.