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The United States is preparing to supply Kuwait with NASAMS complexes worth several billion dollars

The United States is preparing to supply Kuwait with NASAMS complexes worth several billion dollars

The US Defense and Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced the intentions of the Middle Eastern country, notifying the US Congress of the potential sale. In addition to the NASAMS air defense system, Kuwait will receive dozens of missiles of various types. These are AIM-120C-8 (AMRAAM), AMRAAM-Extended Range (AMRAAM-ER), AIM-120-C-8 AMRAAM and AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II. The Kuwaiti order includes a complete package - radars, missiles, cryptographic modules, information distribution terminals, control centers, simulators, radar units, etc. The United States will provide full logistical and technological support to Kuwait.

As of October 6, the US Congress has 30 days to consider Kuwait's application. There is a possibility that the price will not be $3 billion, but will undergo a correction. It depends on Raytheon, who together with Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace are the manufacturers of the system.

In recent years, NASAMS has begun to attract more and more customer interest. It is Norway's national air defense system. The range is medium and it is designed to deal with drones, helicopters and all types of fighters. NASAMS successfully countered, intercepted and destroyed cruise missiles.

Currently, five countries are awaiting a response to its acquisition. Hungary, Qatar and Taiwan have already placed their orders for NASAMS. There is interest from India, Estonia and Latvia. Not to mention Ukraine, which is going not to buy these air defense systems, but to take them as a gift ...

NASAMS has an average range of 25 to 30 km, depending on the rocket used. The maximum height at which the rocket flies is 21 km.

The system can be integrated into vehicles and, thus, turn from a ground-based system into a mobile system for operation in difficult terrain. The NASAMS complex is often seen on a 6x6 chassis, but its practicality lies in the fact that after a quick modification it can be easily integrated into cars with a 4x4 chassis.

The NASAMS I system works with the US-made MPQ-3 Sentinel X-band 64D air defense radar, NASAMS II, in addition to Link 16, has a significant upgrade of the radar system, which experts say is better than version 1.

It should be noted that NASAMS has secondary armament, which is designed to provide crew protection in close combat. It includes a MANPADS system with an RBS 70 laser guidance system and a 40-mm Bofors L70 gun.

Experts are debating whether these systems will end up in Ukraine. Given the chain of events, you need to be prepared for such a development of events.

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  1. Asad
    Asad 8 October 2022 12: 57
    Why does the US need an intermediary? It seems that they are not at all embarrassed in the supply of weapons to the country.
  2. Fangaro
    Fangaro 8 October 2022 13: 01
    One country wants to buy something from another country. Is this straight news? I don't like what they want to buy from staffers. But it means I either don’t have it, or it’s expensive, or the wrong product. (
  3. Fangaro
    Fangaro 8 October 2022 13: 04
    This is not about Ukraine, but about Kuwait. But where Kuwait will then resell it, or how to use it ... We need to write a new news article.
  4. Cat Alexandrovich
    Cat Alexandrovich 8 October 2022 13: 06
    "Currently, five countries are awaiting a response to its acquisition."
    It seems that the author is a migrant janitor who is not familiar with the rules of the Russian language! And there are several such blunders in the note! A shame!
  5. Normann
    Normann 8 October 2022 13: 06
    We were already ready, but as it turned out, we were not at all (
  6. Arkady007
    Arkady007 8 October 2022 13: 32
    A response to a reduction in the oil production quota. Interesting maneuver.
  7. Two diplomas
    Two diplomas 8 October 2022 13: 34
    Buy missile defense from a potential adversary in order to be left without protection? Powerful Arab mind.
  8. rocket757
    rocket757 8 October 2022 13: 34
    The United States is preparing to supply Kuwait with NASAMS complexes worth several billion dollars
    serious business, serious money...
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Kurva18
    Kurva18 8 October 2022 14: 31
    It is not clear from whom they are going to fight back. Although in today's world, today a friend and brother, and tomorrow a fierce enemy. Or your revolver does not pull your pocket.
    1. Nickelium
      Nickelium 9 October 2022 05: 21
      There are inter-Arab graters. Kuwait seems to be between Iraq and Iran. And Saudi Arabia is nearby.