We are fighting with "bags" on the sides: why do our tanks need them?

We are fighting with "bags" on the sides: why do our tanks need them?
Source: iarex.ru

The question in the title is, of course, quite simple. Some people know and some don't, so it's worth talking about it a bit. As you know, in the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine, our troops are very actively using Tanks new modifications: T-72B3 model of 2016, T-80BVM and T-90M. Some of these machines are equipped with rectangular "bags" (although people call them differently) on the sides. And, although a lot of time has passed since the introduction of this technique into service, questions about these cloth attributes still appear.

Yes, this is the same dynamic protection in a “soft case”, which is also often called a kit for urban combat, but it is needed not only for him. But first things first.

Yes, they also shoot at the side of the tank

It is probably no secret to anyone that our tanks, like foreign ones, are built according to a differentiated armor scheme, when priority in durability and armor thickness is given to the most prone projections: the forehead of the turret and hull. But the sides, feed and roof, as they say, are content with the minimum wage.

The logic in this is really reinforced concrete, since this is the only way to provide high protection with a relatively small mass - imagine how much it would weigh and what dimensions a tank with equally strong armor would be. But there is also a fat minus: only the forehead is armored, so the heading angles of the tank’s maneuvering (the angle between the direction of the tank’s movement and the direction to the target) are extremely small and rarely exceed 30 degrees, so as not to expose the enemy side.

And this is not just theory, but also practice. The combat work of tankers is largely based on these restrictions. However, as we know, various anti-tank weapons, mostly cumulative, fly into the sides of tanks at right angles almost more often than in the forehead. There are many reasons for this, and the crews themselves are not always to blame for this. It's just that the nature of hostilities began to change dramatically, in no small part due to the fact that the spread of portable / transportable missile systems and grenade launchers of various sizes has reached colossal proportions.

Dynamic protection in a soft case T-72B3 model 2016. Source: vitalykuzmin.net

For us, the first clear call was Afghanistan. Then came the war in Chechnya. We have seen enough of this, and looking at Syria. Now this is manifesting itself in the zone of the special military operation in Ukraine. In general, there is a problem. Moreover, the problem is not exclusively “urban” - tanks are also in considerable danger in a conditional open field, since ATGM calculations are, in principle, considered one of the most difficult targets for both detection and destruction.

Established dynamic protection kits will not help

Now, of course, the entire information flow from the media, telegram channels and other sources is entirely focused on the events in Ukraine. But about seven years ago, when the Syrian war was the main agenda, in the comments under the videos with destroyed or wrecked tanks, you could see a lot of remarks in the style: “If only there were dynamic protection on the tank, then a grenade that flew straight into the side of it would not have done anything” .

Yes, I would, and how. Dynamic protection is not a panacea. You can’t just stick it like on a tank and hope that it will reflect any projectile without leaving a scratch on the armor.

T-72B1 with dynamic protection "Contact". The location of the blocks in the onboard projection provides poor protection against cumulative projectiles when fired at a right angle. Source: pinterest.com

In order for dynamic protection to work one hundred percent, it must be installed with a minimum angle from the horizontal. Take our ancient hinged protection "Contact" as an example. When tilted within 30-40 degrees from the horizontal, the block of this dynamic protection can provide resistance from a cumulative projectile up to 400-450 mm. If it is placed vertically, then the equivalent can be only 100-200 mm. The difference is huge. A similar trend is shown by newer dynamic protection systems.

The bottom line is that the standardly installed dynamic protection units when firing at the side at a right (or so) angle will not work normally and will not be able to “cut off” the cumulative jet, so the side projections of the tank in such a situation are poorly protected.

Soft case protection

The answer to the question of what to do in this case is very simple. If you do not block multilayer modules with total overlap even from tandem shaped charges, then a quite effective solution would be to arrange the onboard dynamic protection units at an angle from the vertical. In this way, it would be possible to protect the side projection from anti-tank grenades and missiles without greatly increasing the mass and dimensions of the tank.

Work in this area has been going on for a long time, and the first proposals for this method of deploying reactive armor appeared before the collapse of the Soviet Union. But, one way or another, one of the most famous projects, including those shown to the general public, was dynamic protection in a soft case.

BMPT with dynamic protection installed at an angle in a soft case. Source: vk.com

Initially, there were no bags, of course. The way it all looked can be seen in the example of the early versions of the BMPT, which is now called the "Terminator". In fact, these were elements of dynamic protection sewn into fabric pockets and rigidly fixed at a certain angle. This option, as a kind of pilot project, was actively promoted by D. A. Rototaev - one of those people, thanks to whom dynamic protection was firmly registered on domestic tanks and was developed.

Source: glav.su

Tests of this "soft remote sensing" kit have shown that it is able to withstand the impact of single-block anti-tank grenades and in some situations even anti-tank missiles. And all this at a right angle when shooting at the side. For example, for the BMPT, this contraption looked like a very profitable “upgrade”, provided that it was seriously considered for use in urban battles, where it could fly from any basement. Then, of course, the project was shelved, although it was embodied in various programs, such as the "kit for urban combat" for export upgrades of the T-72.

What appeared on the T-72B3 arr. 2016, the T-80BVM and T-90M are just the result of some concept improvements. Firstly, it was decided to abandon the “skirt” that covered most of the board, in the pockets of which there were elements of dynamic protection, which affected both ease of installation and performance. Secondly, the “bags” or, as they are often called, “backpacks” used instead of it made it possible to introduce plastic supporting elements that hold the dynamic protection at the right angle and provide the necessary rigidity for the entire “bag” structure.

Support structure in a "bag". Located in the form of a ladder inside, these products provide the optimal angle of inclination of the elements of dynamic protection. Source: vitalykuzmin.net

The product turned out to be working. Thanks to the inclination of the elements of dynamic protection, it was possible to increase the equivalent resistance against cumulative ammunition, such as grenades and missiles, to at least 500-600 mm. At the same time, given the fact that the "bags" are installed on top of the standard onboard remote sensing, these figures become even greater. Sources claim that even anti-tandem protection is provided. Here, of course, it is not entirely clear whether the "bags" together with the standard dynamic protection will withstand the blow of such monsters as the "Kornet", since there is no data, but from light anti-tank systems and "toadstools" from anti-tank grenade launchers - completely. And they are in modern realities and are the most dangerous because of their distribution.

It can be stated that a really necessary contraption has turned out. Nothing was done in mass production to protect the sides from a direct shot of anti-tank weapons, so the appearance of dynamic protection in a soft case is already an encouraging factor, which suggests that the Ministry of Defense is at least somehow responding to the requirements of the military.

Yes, there are reasonable objections, they say, these “bags” are easy to break and damage, but they can really save both the tank and the crew during the battle. And if there is such an opportunity, then in any case it is more promising than its absence.
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    10 October 2022 04: 29
    Really educational! Thanks Edward!
    Protection in exchange for mobility - in a closed area, just salvation.
    1. +1
      10 October 2022 16: 18
      How many years have passed, how many bursts of tank ammunition and still did not provide adequate protection to the side of the tank in the middle, where the weight of the ammunition is located.

      There you need at least reinforced steel armor + din protection + grilles.

      And by the way, each tank should have a small welding inverter for quick repairs on the field.
      1. 0
        10 October 2022 17: 30
        Yeah, and also a plasma cutter with a carbon dioxide bottle, a grinder with a set of cutting and grinding discs, a backup diesel generator, a workbench with a vise and an engine repair kit.
        1. 0
          10 October 2022 18: 06
          There is a special electrode with the help of which you can cut. A disposable Chinese angle grinder costs $15...
          1. 0
            15 November 2022 14: 05
            I’ll add, and I also need a crane, a guided pontoon crossing, a set of 3 blocks of air defense missiles, a radar, a sonar and a lip-rolling machine) laughing
        2. 0
          10 October 2022 20: 18
          The United States is developing a new Abrams, an article for review:

          General Dynamics Land Systems (GDELS, a division of General Dynamics Corporation) has officially unveiled the concept of the promising AbramsX main tank, which is an evolution of the American M1 Abrams tank. A video with a prototype demonstrator of the AbramsX tank has been published. GDELS itself stated that the AbramsX should become a "bridge" from the latest modifications of the Abrams M1A2 SEP v.3 and SEP v.4 tanks to a promising tank.

          According to information provided by GDELS, the AbramsX tank is a heavily redesigned tank equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, which is claimed to provide a 50% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the M1A2 Abrams tank. The characteristics of the new power plant are not disclosed. It is also stated that the combat weight of the new tank is lower than that of the M1A2.

          The AbramsX tank features a heavily redesigned turret shaped to reduce radar visibility and equipped with several advanced electronic optical sights, including two panoramic ones (commander and gunner). The crew of the tank was reduced from four to three people with the installation of an automatic gun loader. The turret is declared uninhabited (apparently, actually optionally habitable), and, apparently, the commander and gunner are placed in a combat position in the tank hull under the turret. The turret houses a 120 mm smoothbore tank gun, which is reportedly a "derivative" of the XM360 prototype gun and is equipped with a perforated muzzle brake. A remote-controlled weapon station (presumably Kongsberg Protector RS6) with a 30-mm M230 automatic cannon is installed on the roof of the tower, and the cannon, as stated, is also capable of defeating UAVs and incoming ATGMs.

          The AbramsX tank has a modernized version of the Rafael Trorhy active protection complex and a set of electronic-optical suppression equipment. The tank is equipped with a new generation of electronic architecture KATALYST (NGEA) and a set of cameras that provide all-round visibility on the principle of "transparent armor".

          Source: https://bmpd.livejournal.com/4595698.html
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        10 October 2022 18: 30
        Quote: Bulgarian_5
        There you need at least reinforced steel armor + din protection + grilles.

        Well, of course, wonderful Bulgarian tanks have such protection, right? What model of the tank, do you remember?
      3. +1
        12 October 2022 11: 56
        Good idea, by the way. With minimal skills, you can restore broken body kits and carry out minor repairs in minutes on your own. By the way, power can be taken from on-board batteries - they will be enough for simple work. However, there are big doubts about the implementation: either they will include some deshman in the kit, which will not be cooked, or they will plunder it in the parking lot.
        1. 0
          15 October 2022 09: 54
          Still, it's better to leave the repair to those who understand it. Not that the fighters in the field will "weld" such a thing there ...
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. The comment was deleted.
      6. +1
        3 December 2022 05: 42
        Quote: Bulgarian_5
        How many years have passed, how many bursts of tank ammunition and still did not provide adequate protection to the side of the tank in the middle, where the weight of the ammunition is located.

        There you need at least reinforced steel armor + din protection + grilles.

        And by the way, each tank should have a small welding inverter for quick repairs on the field.

        Dear, a tank is not just a steel box on tracks with a cannon, it is a whole set of combat characteristics, and one of these characteristics is mobility, respectively, increasing security by increasing armor will lead to an increase in mass, which will negatively affect mobility, and, accordingly, a decrease in security, so how to protect a tank is necessary not only for anti-tank systems and RPGs, but also from BOPS! You, as a person living in a country that has been producing the most advanced armored vehicles for many decades, will give several master classes for UVZ engineers and they will take into account all your wishes, and for now we will master what we have! angry
    2. +1
      13 October 2022 00: 28
      Interesting article. And if you simply change the DZ profile in these "bags". For example, on an X-shaped + with filling the voids resulting in the profile with a certain Newtonian polymer. Probably, such a thought had already occurred to the engineers, but for some reason it was weeded out (weight, more production costs, etc.)
      1. 0
        13 October 2022 03: 49
        Quote: al3x
        Newtonian polymer

        Like a viscous coupling? You mentioned the weight, I will add frost resistance.
        1. +2
          16 October 2022 00: 37
          Like a viscous coupling?

          A viscous coupling is known to me as a mechanical device.
          A Newtonian polymer, honestly, I don’t know if there is such a scientific term, but I would characterize the substance in this way (there is a Newtonian liquid, giving which a moment of force, it changes its physical properties at the point of application of the vector of this force and goes into another state, from fluid to solid), the Newtonian polymer seems to me to have the same property, but it is initially "slightly fluid", i.e. basically something like rubber. To be honest, now writing this comment, I came to the conclusion that this is just plastic armor, in other words. But I don't know if it works like a Newtonian fluid. And the X-shaped boxes of dynamic protection on my, excuse me, "drawing"

          It turns out in this form it is not just a DZ, but a combined armor.
          1. +1
            16 October 2022 01: 02
            Although, in principle, it looks like overlapping viscous coupling disks)
            1. 0
              16 October 2022 06: 06
              Quote: al3x
              Although, in principle, it looks like overlapping viscous coupling disks)

              No, I meant using a viscous liquid.
              Here is something similar to your suggestion.
          2. 0
            15 November 2022 14: 08
            The idea is interesting, research is required in this area, but there is something similar - "Brezhnev's eyebrows" on t62m.
  2. +7
    10 October 2022 04: 34
    Strange, the problem of booking boards is obvious, and no one wants to deal with it. It's hard to imagine why! what
    1. +5
      10 October 2022 05: 10
      Suggest your choice. How can you also book the sides without increasing the weight of the tank? In addition to dynamic protection, nothing personally comes to my mind.
      1. +3
        10 October 2022 05: 58
        Quote: Grandfather is an amateur
        How can you also book the sides without increasing the weight of the tank? In addition to dynamic protection, nothing personally comes to my mind.

        Well, dynamic protection also has weight! By the way, some kind of anti-aircraft protection (dynamic!) Was proposed from vertically located rotating cylinders or panels moved along the sides under the action of electric magnets or squibs ... In the latter case, the protection was actuated by radio frequency (such as radar) millimeter-wave sensors. The essence of the idea: as the CS penetrated, more and more new "layers" of protection "appeared" in front of it ...
        1. +2
          10 October 2022 07: 25
          There were many options, I do not argue. But there are nuances: the more difficult, the greater the likelihood of failure. The more elements and constituent parts, the greater the weight. Since plastic elements are embedded in the "bags", this design is lighter than in iron blocks. hi
          1. +1
            10 October 2022 14: 59
            Quote: Nikolaevich I
            Well, dynamic protection also has weight!

            The basic version of the Israeli KAZ Trophy,
            developed for the Merkava tanks, has a mass of 771 kilograms.
            The mass of the Russian "Arena" reaches -------------------- 1300 kilograms .....

            The maximum speed of the enemy ammunition against which the protection is effective:
            KAZ Trophy ----- 250 m/s,
            KAZ "Arena --- 70-700 m/s

            ATGM Attack has speed--------------- 550m/s.
            RPG-29 "Vampire" - rocket speed ----- 255 m / s
            9M113 "Competition" - rocket speed ----- 208 m / s
            1. 0
              15 October 2022 10: 37
              An interesting comparison - the trophy at the minimum and the Arena "reaches". Objectively :)
        2. 0
          12 October 2022 12: 02
          If you look at the scheme of operation of a modern remote sensing, then just such a principle is implemented there, but not with the help of a drum, but with the help of a steel plate flying off at an angle at the time of the explosion of the remote sensing.
        3. 0
          15 November 2022 14: 12
          no, there the idea is that the rotating block "breaks" the CS, since when it collides with the CS, it rotates on the CS from the side. And for the first time I hear about the panels, I believe the mass of the electromagnetic installation and its generator to hold even a 50mm armor plate of one will many times exceed the mass of additional armor on the sides. I'm talking about size in general.
      2. +4
        10 October 2022 06: 08
        There are also projects of "smart" (Smart) remote sensing ... In such a remote sensing, anti-aircraft ammunition is "detected" by touch sensors ... something like a touch "keyboard" ... a mini-cumulative charge located in the remote sensing panel is induced ...
        1. +2
          10 October 2022 15: 16
          Quote: Nikolaevich I
          There are also projects of "smart" (Smart) remote sensing ...
          And there are also developments of remote sensing without explosives (no details came across, only the fact of its presence)
          1. +1
            10 October 2022 17: 40
            I read somewhere: a soldier carries a bag of wool in front of him, a hit bullet moves and throms. Like DZ.
            1. 0
              11 October 2022 03: 36
              Interesting offer! And how will a soldier shoot back if
              carries a sack of wool in front of him
              ? Hands are busy, there is nothing to hold a gun ... laughing
              1. +1
                15 November 2022 14: 17
          2. +1
            11 October 2022 06: 35
            Quote: Bad_gr
            And there are also developments of remote sensing without explosives

            Well, here the principle is applied: not by washing, so by rolling ... There is no traditional explosive (BB), but other "energy" materials are used ... for example, some plastics ... Such materials under normal conditions behave like a neutral substance, but with "super-speed" pressure, they begin to act like explosives ... and there is no detonation wave "in all directions"! Such remote sensing is already appearing ... One of the "first signs" is the Israeli NERA ...
          3. 0
            12 October 2022 12: 06
            There is an idea - to fill containers with DZ with water. Upon impact of a projectile or HEAT jet, pressurized water rips off a steel plate that moves at an angle to the jet/crowbar, dissipating energy/damaging the projectile.
            1. 0
              15 November 2022 14: 22
              A great idea, but only with water under pressure and with shavings, and not just in a "box", but in tubes that are in a box with a common lid.
            2. 0
              27 November 2022 07: 31
              And if winter with sickly frosts????
        2. 0
          15 November 2022 14: 15
          To me, as an inventor, the description sounds like a "rollback" project, I suppose there are easier ways, cheaper and destroy the CS faster.
      3. +2
        10 October 2022 09: 01
        Spaced armor and ceramic slabs bonded with polyurethane proved to be excellent in Brezhnev's eyebrows, doubling the resistance of the T-62 armor to the COP. True, mass production was established using sheet metal, since their resistance was even higher to the COP.
      4. 0
        10 October 2022 09: 14
        Can I ask you a question . And what about the enemies of Russia?
        The same Abrams, or Leopard?
        Everything is probably not known, everyone has their own secrets, and yet.
        1. 0
          10 October 2022 10: 05
          They install the Israeli APS Windbreaker/Trophy.
        2. 0
          15 October 2022 10: 00
          They have 60-70 tons of mass, depending on modifications
      5. -1
        10 October 2022 22: 14
        but you don’t know anything about KAZ? It can be done without additional reservations.
    2. +2
      10 October 2022 07: 45
      Can you imagine what weighting of the tank will lead to an increase in the booking of the sides?
      1. 0
        10 October 2022 08: 32
        The total mass of the DZ complex is 1,5 tons
        I think this is not critical, if a couple more tons of weight are added, then people will be more protected. After all, isn't it?
        1. +1
          10 October 2022 09: 47
          You won’t get by with a couple of tons, the weight of the tank will immediately jump by 6 tons.
      2. +1
        10 October 2022 09: 23

        Edward Perov
        Ceramics in tank armor: protection against HEAT projectiles
        Military review
        Everything is detailed there.
      3. 0
        15 October 2022 09: 59
        And our tanks need to increase it anyway. The big question will arise with the transmission, but with a conditional duel of a 46-ton T-90 with a 70-ton Abrams, I would not bet on ours ...
        1. 0
          15 November 2022 14: 24
          I would bet on the T90, the developers of the abrams too wink laughing Because the abrams of the 90s is not the same as the abrams 2022, then put it against the armata, but here, too, 152mm will be blocked laughing
          1. 0
            19 November 2022 20: 00
            So it’s precisely that the M90A1 abrams of the 2s weighed 62.5 tons, if my memory serves me right, after the wars in Iraq their protection obviously increased, and the T-90 remained as it was, well, the new Breakthrough, well, a different form of tower, protection it should be better, I don’t have information on the mass, but since the technologies are relatively the same, 46 tons cannot be equal in terms of booking to 60-70 tons. But Armata still needs to be put in the troops, which may not happen, and the modernization of the Abrams is going on regularly and continuously
            1. 0
              22 November 2022 09: 10
              We have a slightly different booking process, as well as a different composition of armor and countermeasures. Despite how the Americans boast about their tanks, the Abrams are very primitive in design (except for electronics), to the point that they add depleted uranium to ensure the durability of the armor.
  3. -1
    10 October 2022 04: 35
    As long as there is no strike confirming the independent political will of the leadership of the Russian Federation during the conduct of the NMD, all these are just good stories, there are suspicions that there are clear red lines that NATO has drawn, which they are moving to the Defense Ministry of the General Staff of the Russian Federation and then the NMD will continue to be a local operation without significant groundwork to victory, with a clear understanding in society that the NWO is an operation to the last Russian mobilizant. We are not talking about a response to certain "attacks" by NATO and their manual Nazis, the point is to confirm the independence of the political will of our leadership
    1. +3
      10 October 2022 05: 10
      Quote: EvilCommunist
      the point is to confirm the independence of the political will of our leadership
      I am tormented by vague doubts.
      1. -1
        10 October 2022 09: 16
        and I'm talking about it, but now the force of 5 hits on kuev
        The question of political impotence is removed, but not completely!
        a little satisfied with the demonstration of the strength of the eggs, but I also want Zelensky to be beaten down, this clown
    2. AUL
      10 October 2022 07: 43
      Quote: EvilCommunist
      there are suspicions that there are clear red lines drawn by NATO, which in the Ministry of Defense of the General Staff of the Russian Federation are moving

      So it is visible to the naked eye! That's why they don't touch logistics and "decision-making centers"!
  4. 0
    10 October 2022 05: 13
    It just seems that a cheaper and more effective alternative to soft d / for does not yet exist. This is where the protection comes in. As for the possibility of damage, breakage, or loss in urban conditions, among the heaps of all sorts of ruins, then the usual d / z can also be lost and damaged by a blow, say, a fragment of a building that fell on a tank. This is natural when seeing combat operations in an urban environment.
  5. -1
    10 October 2022 05: 45
    In the late 80s, very often in interethnic conflicts a tank was shown on TV, as if entangled in some kind of cobweb. Now there is no such thing. Who knows what kind of "cobweb" it was? Thanks for the article!
    1. +1
      12 October 2022 12: 10
      Anti-cumulative protection, which was attached to the barrel and opened before the battle. It looked like an umbrella made of met. web-like mesh. Why they refused, I don't know.
  6. +2
    10 October 2022 05: 56
    Quote: marchcat
    Strange, the problem of booking boards is obvious, and no one wants to deal with it. It's hard to imagine why! what

    Really? Elementary Watson! Low bubble capacity. Inconvenience. Enough?
    1. +2
      10 October 2022 07: 16
      You are not Holmes, that's for sure. You are a drink seeker. Judge people by yourself, apparently.

      Such kits can be produced on ALL BTTs in service. It will be possible to bathe in profits even for grandchildren. Most likely the reason is something else. The military rather does not like the fact that you can lose / tear off the forest during a normal exit. Plus, the weighting of equipment, a decrease in the resource of the chassis and engine. But this is my opinion.
  7. +1
    10 October 2022 08: 47
    Good article, all right. Respect to the author!
  8. -1
    10 October 2022 10: 06
    Basalt rocks are both airy and heat-resistant.
    1. 0
      15 November 2022 14: 30
      Yeah, but granite pyramids would be better in cumulative stream disruption.

      Yes, but granite pyramids are better at disrupting the cumulative flow.
  9. +1
    10 October 2022 10: 29
    One may ask what happens to such dynamic protection when the tank starts to "rush about" in a forest plantation, or actively "dismantle" small buildings in settlements?
    1. 0
      15 November 2022 14: 32
      Well, she remains... lying on the pavement, or hanging from branches. wassat But if mesh shields are correctly welded on top, with frequent support, then less "skin" peels off
  10. -1
    10 October 2022 10: 32
    I thank the author for an interesting article. I noticed these bags and I was wondering what was inside to increase the protection of the tank. However, it was possible to obtain a more accurate layout of the internal arrangement of the protective elements. hi
  11. -2
    10 October 2022 13: 06
    They say that unlike metal casings, soft casings are more stable when shifted in urban or forest conditions. Metal fasteners can be damaged and take time to reinstall. The soft one will just move and install in place, very fast.
  12. 0
    10 October 2022 14: 26
    If it works, then it must be installed, since, due to backwardness in technology, it is impossible to equip armored vehicles with active protection, which is able to repel ATGMs on approach to the tank.

    Demonstration from rainmetal what is KAZ

    Rheinmetall – Active protection technology

    1. 0
      10 October 2022 16: 20
      so it is shown that they beat out simple RPG.
      that is, there is only one cumulative funnel and grenade speed low, kaz low-speed and intercepts.
      and if you hit it with a cornet or tou, at a speed almost three times higher and they are all tandem - will it catch? unlikely.
      1. 0
        10 October 2022 17: 41
        what they beat from a simple RPG

        ATGM ammunition is knocked down before it works with all its tandem charge. But of course there is no complete test data, which types this KAZ confidently beats off.
        1. 0
          10 October 2022 22: 14
          .freeze frame 0.31sec - the ammunition flies to the target - I did not see the rudders and wings from the ATGM.
          .RPG shown at 0.40s (grey trailer) + 3 ammo ?? - even the results of the shelling and what exactly was shelled - is not shown.
          .RPG is shown at 1.10sec - in the machine, behind it is CLEARLY the RPG bell., the results of the shelling are shown.
          .RPG is shown at 1.29sec - animation, then like the results of shelling from RPG - 2.10sec
    2. 0
      12 October 2022 12: 16
      It's not about backwardness - the first DZ was developed in the USSR in general, but that the infantry is dying around the tank.
      1. -1
        13 October 2022 06: 12
        The first DZ was developed in the USSR after studying the Blazer containers transferred by the Syrians in 1982.
      2. 0
        15 November 2022 14: 36
        And, that is, if a land mine flies into the side of a tank without dz, the infantry will not die? Or if the COP gets into the ammunition, the infantry will remain alive?
        1. 0
          16 November 2022 10: 13
          I was mistaken - not DZ, but KAZ. I read that it was tested in Syria - the spirits deliberately fired at the tank from an RPG in order to trigger the KAZ, from which the infantry around the tank died.
          1. 0
            16 November 2022 16: 04
            Ah, well, KAZ, yes, KAZ is a mower. Therefore, it is not put on the equipment on which the infantry will ride (or at least walk nearby). Those. KAZs are for tanks only.
  13. -1
    10 October 2022 16: 59
    And where are the Russian microradar? DJI industrial drones are equipped with a microradar with a range of 30 meters, it can even see thin wires.
    Such cheap radars would have detected the approach of a missile in advance and would have activated the protection.
    1. 0
      15 November 2022 14: 38
      No, as far as I know, their update rate is quite low, and there is very little time for detection. But the remark is true, it is better to have than not.
  14. 0
    10 October 2022 17: 58
    I would not underestimate these "innovative" ideas. I think that the author had in mind an important task, namely the protection or rescue of the crew, which is more valuable than the tank itself. Somehow they forgot that even German tanks had protection against magnetic mines. True, the time has passed and we will let the engineers do the research, but I want to see the result within a week (as Stalin would say). am
  15. +1
    11 October 2022 18: 08
    In the Second World War, an experiment was carried out with a sandbag, it can withstand any projectile, but once, but this is already excellent.
  16. 0
    13 October 2022 00: 33
    Interesting article. And if you simply change the DZ profile in these "bags". For example, on an X-shaped + with filling the voids resulting in the profile with a certain Newtonian polymer or without a polymer. Probably, such a thought had already occurred to the engineers, but for some reason it was weeded out (weight, more production costs, etc.)
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    13 October 2022 06: 15
    What people don’t go for, just so that they don’t have to do a normal KAZ ...