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State Rearmament Program, Increased Funding and Savings

For the past couple of years, the main topic concerning the Russian armed forces has been the future rearmament. In 2011, the corresponding State Program (so-called HPV-2020) was deployed, during which 20 trillions of rubles will be allocated for new weapons and military equipment. This huge figure is actually the sum of all planned allocations over several years. It is quite obvious that the amount of funding for the purchase of new weapons may not be the same for each year in the period from 2011 to 2020. This was repeatedly mentioned, and the other day more accurate figures appeared.

State Rearmament Program, Increased Funding and Savings

Currently, the State Duma is considering a draft federal budget for 2013-15 years, which takes into account, inter alia, previous plans to increase funding for the army. So, by the end of the planned period - in 2015 - defense expenditures overstepped the mark of three trillion rubles a year. Thus, according to the calculations of the authors of the draft budget, all military expenditures will increase in relation to the gross domestic product, from the current three percent to 3,7%. At first glance, the increase is not too large, but in practice this will entail a tangible improvement in the state of the material part and the social sphere.

Such details of the GPV-2020 course became known from the chairman of the Duma defense committee V. Komoyedov. Former Commander of the Black Sea fleet noted that the upcoming increase in army financing marks a transition from discussions and conversations to the full-scale implementation of the State rearmament program. Another words of the deputy are also worth attention. Komoyedov said that, by the nature of his service, he often has to visit defense enterprises, and during these visits he noticed a very pleasant trend: it often turns out that the customer of the products in the person of the Ministry of Defense not only does not delay payment, but even ahead of the funding schedule.

It is possible that in the future this trend will continue. Specific figures for financing the defense allow us to assume such a development of events. In the current 2012, 1,9 trillion rubles have been allocated from the federal budget for this purpose. In the next 2013, allocations will increase by 200 billion. At 2014, an increase in funding to 2,5 trillion is planned, and finally, in 2015, the country's military budget will exceed three trillion. The dynamics of the "specific growth" of the amount of money allocated for defense is as follows. This year, the military received funding in the amount of 3% of the country's GDP, next year they will receive 3,2%, in 2014-m - 3,4%, and by the end of the period planned by the new budget, defense spending will reach the already mentioned level in 3,7%.

If the upward trend in investment in defense continues, then it is quite possible that by the end of the period allocated for the LG-2020, the military budget will rise to the 5,5-6 percent of the gross domestic product. In this case, its share will be approximately equal to that of the Soviet military budget in the late seventies and early eighties. Perhaps this fact will cause an ambiguous reaction in the form of regular conversations about the resumption of the Cold War. Fuel to the fire can add a comparison of the share of military funding in the GDP of Russia and the United States. For example, in recent years, US defense spending has been at around 3,5-3,7 percent of a country's GDP. Thus, by the share of defense funding, we will soon be able to catch up with the Americans. However, only in terms of share - in absolute terms, the US state budget, as well as the military, is several times larger than the Russian one.

Nevertheless, an increase in the absolute and relative values ​​of defense financing, regardless of comparison with the economic data of other countries, clearly shows Russia's plans to increase the power of its armed forces. Due to the economic situation of the previous years, especially the last decade of the last century, the Russian army was not in the best position. According to various estimates, to maintain the armed forces in good condition, our country needs to spend on them at least three percent of GDP per year. To improve the situation, in turn, you need to increase this figure. Thus, already this year our military budget has reached the required level and will continue to grow in the future. It is worth noting that a significant excess of the optimal funding value in 3% is a kind of compensation for previous years. Since the last twenty-plus years have been very difficult for the army in monetary terms, in the near future all the losses that have accumulated earlier will have to be compensated. At the same time, it is necessary to develop and produce new weapons and equipment.

Among other areas, V. Komoyedov noted the development of nuclear weapons. Funding for this research and development will gradually increase, with the total investment planned for the coming three years, almost four times more than was allocated for the 2012 year. In 2015, total military spending on nuclear technology will reach 38 billion rubles. It is noticeable that the cost of nuclear weapons will grow disproportionately to the entire financing of the army. In the light of recent reports about the resumption of non-nuclear-explosive tests on Novaya Zemlya, this suggests the idea of ​​a future cardinal renewal of Russia's nuclear forces. In addition, recently appeared next news about the project of a promising intercontinental ballistic missile of a heavy class. It is possible that the current plans for the development of nuclear weapons have a point about the development of completely new warheads for missiles in the near future.

And yet, the positive news "flavored" unpleasant. So, in connection with the latest proposals to reduce funding for the army, including those passed to the draft budget, next year it will be possible to increase the number of contract servicemen not by 50 thousand, as planned earlier, but only by 30. In the future, it is still planned to reach the planned level of increase in contract vacancies, but there is reason to doubt the success of this undertaking. Other negative news is related in some way to the image of the armed forces created by the media belonging to the defense department. It became known that the military budget for the next year did not provide for the financing of the television channel Zvezda, as well as other mass media under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense. This step is a further development of measures taken to reduce costs by saving on non-core assets. In the media field, such savings do not look particularly large (for 2012 a year and a half billion rubles were provided for this purpose), but in practice even these amounts may be useful in other defense fields.

Summing up, we can say the following: the financing of the army in the course of the State program of rearmament is gaining momentum. At the same time, in order to “optimize” expenses, it is necessary to revise budgets of various levels. So, to improve the financial condition of the armed forces in the coming years, the size of the country's military budget, expressed as a share of GDP, will increase by about a quarter, and the absolute amount of allocations - by almost a third. At the same time, the priorities in the development of various areas are forcing military economists to now plan to divert cash flows and make plans to reduce certain expenses. In principle, this is not surprising. From the very beginning it was clear that the HPV-2020 would not be easy, and last year’s controversy around it, including with the participation of top-level officials, only proved it once again. Hopefully, the economic situation in the country will allow not only to fulfill all current plans, but also to abandon decisions regarding savings in one direction or another.

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  1. StrateG
    StrateG 24 October 2012 08: 19 New
    Let them fulfill their obligations. It will be better for them, and what would more than one ruble fall into the wrong hands! And then they took the manner of their paws to pull in the wrong direction.

    By the way, how do you like the idea of ​​creating a kind of stash, just in case you suddenly run out of money? They underestimated the possibilities - there wasn’t enough money, and here again - out of the nest egg, a trillion is different and everything is normal. M
    1. zadotov
      zadotov 24 October 2012 09: 25 New
      we have enough stash
      1. Lucky
        Lucky 24 October 2012 13: 47 New
        for example, PPSh's grandfather is buried in the garden)
      2. Lucky
        Lucky 24 October 2012 13: 49 New
        for example, grandfather PPSh buried in the garden
      3. greenx
        greenx 28 February 2013 19: 38 New
        1. Apollo
          Apollo 28 February 2013 19: 40 New
          Quote: greenx

          ?????? what
    2. Nick
      Nick 24 October 2012 12: 53 New
      Quote: StrateG
      By the way, how do you like the idea of ​​creating a kind of stash, just in case you suddenly run out of money?

      Any nest egg is a necrosis of capital, even if it is partially offset by bank interest. Money should work to create new jobs, new industries, all this will create new sources of income for the budget, i.e. working from the budget money in the economy creates additional budget revenues, simultaneously solving other social and economic problems (GDP growth, creation of highly qualified jobs, positive structural changes in the economy, etc.).
    3. Lucky
      Lucky 24 October 2012 13: 46 New
      We already have such a stash, a reserve fund.
    4. adolph1
      adolph1 25 October 2012 12: 25 New
      This stash is called the Stabilization Fund. But the funny thing is that this stabilization fund is partly in European banks, and partly probably in the United States. And since the ruble recently depends on the dollar, WE WILL NOT GET ANYTHING if necessary
  2. AIvanA
    AIvanA 24 October 2012 08: 53 New
    It’s not bad to increase, while criminalizing the failure of the state defense order and the personal responsibility of the Minister of Defense for spending funds with the strictest monitoring of the Prime Minister, then it will be possible.
  3. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 24 October 2012 11: 54 New
    For some reason, everyone considers defense spending only as arms purchases. The state defense order, like the state order in general, is primarily the development of the economy. It’s just that money is poured not directly to the manufacturer of machine tools, equipment or builders, but through an intermediary. In order to make a wheel, you need not only rubber, but thermal and electric energy, you need appropriate R&D, you need equipment, etc.
    In order for the Triumfator complexes to enter the army by 2020 now, one needs to spend money on the basis of production and research.
    Moreover, I personally do not understand what disputes with the defense industry over the price could be. The state prints money and in exchange receives new equipment and weapons, the question arises: is it difficult to type the necessary numbers in one computer?
    If you steal, then you need to fight with crooks. After all, the manufacturer will always have a cool excuse when asked about the failure to meet the deadlines for fulfilling the GOZ "We asked for 2 rubles, but gave 1"
  4. rennim
    rennim 24 October 2012 11: 56 New
    You need to save on the parasites that Serdyukov and his brothers brewed ... by creating a bunch of little firms to provide for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Who can I say ... to Moscow we are now washing laundry ... at Moscow rates. WONDER !!!
  5. sergant89
    sergant89 24 October 2012 12: 06 New
    We have it like this
  6. Volkhov
    Volkhov 24 October 2012 13: 22 New
    It’s just a global nuclear war, we are advancing with the allies, but nothing comes of it, so they order new weapons. And the military media outstripped the plan for propaganda (fooling) (most of them don’t notice the ongoing war) and reduced them - they would do it like cops who catch and create criminals, so they would be fed until the end of the world (another quarter).
    If propaganda is still needed, then it would be better to lead it to other structures, completely from scratch, call the previous lies a lie, and the current news (revealed by the truth) and people will reach for them ...
    1. Lucky
      Lucky 24 October 2012 13: 51 New
      In the words of the Emperor, Russia has two allies, the army and navy, and this should be our stash, we must invest money there too !!!!
  7. RBXize
    RBXize 24 October 2012 14: 47 New
    I like the helicopter in the photo - MI-8AMTSH!
  8. SIT
    SIT 24 October 2012 15: 53 New
    Quote: RBXize
    I like the helicopter in the photo - MI-8AMTSH!

    But you didn’t pay attention to the machine bag of the 1914 model on the shoulders of the machine gunner? Minister of Finance A. Siluanov in his interview indicated that kickbacks in the Moscow Region reach 60%. So not so many pockets will go by. It should be noted that in absolute terms, the US military budget exceeds 5 times the similar budget of Great Britain, France, Germany and China combined.
    1. aksai61
      aksai61 24 October 2012 22: 17 New
      pay attention to the fighter from the left in the flora ?! And where is the much-praised pixel? only on the pouch ?! Oh. Yes, the cap is also from pixels !!! And the fighter at the helicopter, the one in the glasses, also probably received uniforms in the warehouse ?! In total, two fighters in the photo are dressed in flora, one in a pixel and one, obviously an instructor, at his own expense !!! Everything is correct !! from the kit, someone has a new lump, someone has unloading and a “duffel bag” in short, who got what ... So to speak, security on the face laughing
  9. rennim
    rennim 25 October 2012 09: 12 New
    Look at this site why the army does not have enough money and why everyone is cutting back and saving ... Glory to Serdyukov ... http: //