Global Leviathan

Ostromenskiy M.P.

MOO "Veche", MG "Alternative"

"They promise you freedom, being slaves of corruption themselves;

for who is defeated by whom, so is the slave. "

2-eq. last ap. Petra, 2: 19

"There are ways that seem straight to man

but the end of which is the way to death "

Proverbs 14: 12

"And the people were delighted that they were again led like a flock and

that finally a terrible gift was finally removed from their hearts,

brought them so much flour. "

F.M. Dostoevsky "The Brothers Karamazov"


The collapse of the USSR and the departure into non-existence of a completely stable and, as is now clear to all, in the provincial quiet, bipolar world, set in motion the entire deep tectonics of human civilization. The attempt of the global elite, through the USA, to grab political power on the planet and unilaterally create a unipolar world, almost succeeded. Fortunately, for now, only almost. And today, voluntarily or involuntarily, we are actively or passively taking part in the ever-increasing tensions of the two most probable models of the future political and social structure of human civilization.

Firstly, the first model or the first trend is still the establishment, in one form or another, of a unipolar world, if not in the manner of US hegemony as PAX AMERICA, which apparently has not happened for objective reasons, then through the establishment of a global government that generates, approves and enforces binding decisions for the entire world. The current international organizations, primarily the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO, are already trying on the role of future global commissariats. This model is today the most revealed, the most active and even universally propagandized. Often it is served as a non-alternative benefit. Its ideological foundations lie in the extreme Protestant providentialism of building a paradise not on Earth. However, with the possibility of saving the few pre-elected. A significant role is played by the Catholic understanding of Christianity with a Gnostic Jesuit tinge. Especially after it fell before the so-called. the postocene dilemma of evil. In fact, much frivolous and even more bloated, as well as the entire branch of theodicy, as such.

Secondly, or the second model, the second trend, is the formation of several very significant centers of power with a comparable amount of resources controlled by each of them, that is, the creation of a multipolar world. International organizations, with such a political structure of the world, can only play the role of platforms for negotiations and the development of compromise solutions. The very idea of ​​a multipolar world is, in fact, the development and continuation of the idea of ​​a bipolar world in which we lived more than 40 years after the end of World War II. This past world is perceived by so many with nostalgia and emotion. The desire for a multipolar world is the desire to restore a new, higher level, found by mankind such a successful scheme of the global political system. Get as close as possible to world political harmony. The multipolar world here is seen even more resilient than the bipolar world, in which the strategic loss of one of the “pillars” leads to the collapse of the entire system.

However, the idea of ​​political and social multidimensionality is not only nostalgia and vague languor of spirit, but also objective factorology and the prospect of real development, positive dynamics stories. Nowadays, the apparent fiasco of the peaceful and conciliatory establishment of PAX AMERICA, as well as the perceptible discomfort of most participants in international relations from the emerging unipolar unidimensional world according to Anglo-Saxon patterns, forces many, or so passively contemplative changes, center of forces to be active. The true lack of a big idea, comparable in strength to the communist one, could also lead to multipolarity, which could become a creative, vital opposition to a liberal idea, as it was during the 19 and 20 centuries. However, the unipolar world itself does not shine with ideological depth, but relies, first of all, on the primitive material aspirations of people, believing the soul to be a product or even an attribute of the body.

In the ruling group of Russia, and throughout its upper social stratum as a whole, including among business people, there are supporters of both the described trends. Both those and others expect to get the most out of the dispensation of one of these two most likely scenarios of a new world political structure. But while supporters of the first path, globalization, had previously had an overwhelming advantage, today, more and more, the ruling group is becoming aware of the fact that, firstly, there, in the West, no one is waiting for them, by themselves, as such, and secondly, that their strength and influence in the world are due primarily and even in a single place to the strength and influence of Russia - their main resource. Russia is strong - representatives of the ruling group are strong and respected, the country is weak - and regardless of the size of the personal condition, representatives of the ruling group [1] are weak and not respected.

In our opinion, for the absolute majority of the population of the planet, as well as for Russia as a historical subject and for the people of Russia as the protagonist of world history, its active actor, the variant of a multipolar world is much more preferable than the competitive organization method - the unipolar world. Let's try to show it.


But at the beginning it will be appropriate to stop and decide on a number of concepts, a part of which have already been encountered in this text and are important for further reasoning [2] (A similar approach can be found, for example, in N. Alekseev [3]).

From our point of view, the term "elite" and even "ruling elite" is a rough and unsuitable tool for analyzing political processes. The reason is the excessive breadth of coverage and the arbitrary inclusion of too diverse political and social strata, social forces and groups in the above notions only on the grounds that they are raised above the majority of the population or have, from the point of view of the classifier, important differences, by virtue of its primacy of property, whether due to the predominantly mental nature of their labor, in view of the characteristics of their social origin. But since we consider society from the point of view of its political structure, and in politics there is only one question - the question of power, we can only include into the elite only those groups that have the ability, desire and really determine power in the state. Today, entry into the "elite" is often made regardless of the real involvement of these groups in power and the extent of their influence on it.

In connection with the noted feature of using the term "elite" for the purposes of this text, the following, usually united into "elite," but, in fact, are essentially different and not reducible to each other, the actors of political action seem to be more functional: "The ruling a group "is a group of persons, usually quite narrow, who either directly controls the country itself (in terminology, for example, J. Sharp controls the sources of power), or has a decisive influence on the appointment and removal onkretnyh persons to public office. It can be said that the ruling group is the only people in the state who have the right of command and the right of demand for the execution of the order. From the point of view of modern power relations, they have a right, but no obligations. The "dominant social force" is a group of individuals that is much broader, but closely connected with the ruling group, and from which the latter mostly recruits the highest and middle level of the state apparatus, the army, the police. However, the ruling group, by virtue of its exclusive position in relation to power in the state, is always isolated from the dominant social force, including at the level of personal and group reflection. What is extremely important for any political analysis. In the dominant social force includes a significant proportion and so-called. intellectuals or intellectuals serving the ruling group.

The dominant social force, as a rule, supports the ruling group. But its significant layers may well be in a rather long time in intense and even antagonistic relations with the ruling group. A vivid example of such a situation is represented by the representatives of the Russian dominant social power - the nobility and the intelligentsia, starting, probably, from the middle of the 18 century. And the latter, up to our time, in its large part, probably traditionally opposes in general any ruling group of Russia.

Outwardly, the dominant social force can be assembled according to national, racial, property, etc. distinctive features, but the only true criterion for the inclusion of any social group in the dominant social force is the following characteristic of it: for a person’s belonging to this social group, he has the right to be included in the ruling group by the whole society. If he is not assigned to one of these groups, which constitute the dominant social force, then he can be admitted to power only by the results of his exceptional personal value (military prowess, great wealth, outstanding administrative abilities, etc.). Examples of the dominant social power are: the white minority in South Africa and Y. Rhodesia, during apartheid, the nobility in the Russian Empire, the white Anglo-Saxon Protestants in the US for most of its history and, in fact, to the present (the dominant social force can be and strongly blurred, as was the case, for example, in the Byzantine Empire or in the USSR. However, in these and other similar cases it can be easily distinguished from among the little people. On the other hand, despite significant influence, it is impossible to speak about inclusion in the dominant social force, for example, neither Jews before the Alhambra Edict, nor Moriscos (in the Spanish Empire), or fanariotes in the Great Ottoman State.

In modern Russia, the dominant social force is a broad coalition of associations, groups and groups, often politically in very tense relations, but quite reached a consensus on full acceptance of the consequences of the events of the first half of the 90-s in the USSR. And the consequences of all: political, social, geopolitical, and economic. For them, the collapse of the USSR, with a different attitude towards it as such, is a fact not just accomplished, but there is a fact that is not subject to revision and change in the future. This is entirely an event of the past. It can be studied as a story. But only. It, this event, is reflected in a certain way. Certainty consists in accepting the fall of the USSR as the last page of historical duration Russia - the Moscow Kingdom - the Russian Empire - the USSR. The result of this reflection determines the belonging of a person or group to the Russian dominant social force.

For example, our dominant social power and the ruling group lack geopolitical ambitions. Even more, the lack of geopolitical reflection. The basis of the geopolitical doctrine of modern Russia is the preservation of the status quo for as long as possible and as for where. For them, Russia in real borders is a value that is not subject to growth. They are not even very comfortable for its current immense size, still uncomplicated span and turbulent history. They are not always even able to imagine the scale and role of Russia, this Job of the History of Mankind.

But in reality, the consequences of the reflection they have done are even more significant, since they do not even understand the very possibility of justice for the whole History of Russia! Having accepted the end of the history of the thousand-year ascent of Russia, they closed for themselves both the vision and the reflection of the future, i.e. closed the space of the ideal, the premium, the upper, remaining or better closed in the eternal present, i.e. in the space exclusively material, perishable, long. It can be said otherwise that they are united by political provincialism. Having established the results of their reflection for a point of reference or having passed through this reflection as a bifurcation point, they became completely alien to the people who, with their senses, are rooted in the past, with which he alone can grow into the future and without which he does not think at all. The people almost did not change. The masses of little people are extremely rarely capable of a radical restructuring of meanings. This requires exposure to cyclopean power. Even the October Revolution, not like the events of 90's, although it was also revolutionary in terms of results, and she could not generate a new people. The current dominant social force of Russia and its ruling group, having approved the result of this reflection of their end of the USSR, became unable to practically express the interests of a completely alien people now to it. This is tragic for the people and for the ruling group. Indeed, as a result of the continuing coexistence, mutual influences and influences, someone must either completely give up and be reborn, or both must perish ...

The ruling group of Russia is a community of individuals, widely and not very well-known, headed by V.V. Putin, but not necessarily close to him spiritually. (The author hopes to consider the issue of assembly points and possible fault lines within the ruling group of Russia in one of the next works.) Both these consortia, in the language of L. Gumilev, are traditionally included in the elite. The elite in the usual definition [4] is an even broader concept than the two we have considered and put together.


A state owned by the dominant social force, and often just the ruling group (as, for example, in Russia), is a visible manifestation of their power and their main resource. Naturally, any ruling group in any state is forced to defend its “place in the sun” by defending and arguing its right to it.

There are, in fact, two types of competitors or two types of forces that the ruling group has to reckon with. First, it is internal forces. For example, competing groups from the native dominant social force, not entering or excluded from participation in the ruling group, social groups that are not part of the dominant social force, but presenting a request for a more significant and even leading political role in the state, the so-called counter-elites, as well as other organized social groups not included for one reason or another in the existing ruling group and the dominant social force. Secondly, it is external forces. These include, first of all, the ruling groups of other states, but not the foreign dominant social forces, always concluded within their countries, although they can exert some pressure on their ruling groups, but are not independent actors. We also take into account representatives of other significant foreign and international actors - interstate associations and organizations, the largest TNCs, business conglomerates, etc.

The ruling group in the struggle for its privileged place in society and the state is forced to resist and / or negotiate with representatives of both of these forces. And although at times it attracts external forces to suppress internal opponents, it is usually, and especially for states, the level and significance of Russia that these external forces pose the greatest threat. For our country, these threats are paradigmatic. They are permanent, effective and have existed for centuries!

With the fall of any state, it is the ruling group and the dominant social force that loses most of all, for some reason there is a cardinal and irrevocable loss by them of their privileged position, of all the material and non-material benefits that are associated with it. Although some representatives of both of them may well expect and hope to gain significant dividends as a result of letting the state to foreign beneficiaries, but in general, the losses tolerated by the ruling group, in this case, are irreplaceable and in fact fatal for it, because process, at best, passes into the lower stratum of the dominant social force (for example, the ruling group of the Anglo-Saxons after the conquest of England by the Normans or the Chinese aristocracy after the conquest of China by the Mongols in the 13-14 centuries and manch in the 17 century, in the worst, goes even lower, sometimes disappearing from the historical scene at all (Orthodox ruling groups of Chervonnaya Rus after its capture by the Poles in the 14 century and the Orthodox and pagan nobility of the Lithuanian principality after the last Lithuanian union with the Polish Kingdom in the 16 century or the aristocracy of Latin American states after the Spaniards conquered them in the 15-16 centuries).

However, in the fight against external and internal opponents, the ruling group has a natural and very powerful ally - the little people of their own state, who in a healthy state actively resists and opposes both external aggression and an internal sharp change in the social structure of the society that has developed in the state of power hierarchy, yes and in general any revolutionary, drastic changes. That, however, is normal for systems of this kind. It is extremely important to emphasize and take into account the fact that little people - the very basis of society, the masses of the people, “black people”, plebos, “simple people” - never directly claim power. They are the homeostatic element of society, which gives it stability in all the vicissitudes of historical life. They are the custodians of the meanings of the people [5, 6].

But pinky people may well be unhappy with the results of the ruling group. These basic social groups of the population - little people - serve both as a stabilizer of the whole society and the main ramming destroy the current power structure, throwing off one ruling group by refusing to obey it and placing it through support, through consent to be governed by the new ruling group, the other. In this sense, the little finger people are true "sovereigns" in the whole history of human civilization.

Therefore, it is short-sighted and even stupid on the part of the ruling group to be afraid of the social lower classes as competitors in the struggle for power, because they never claim power and never take it for themselves. They do not know what to do with it and do not want it. They are not interested and do not need. They have no power ambitions at all, and at the first opportunity they give power, even if they come into contact with it directly, into the hands of the most worthy people, from their point of view.

Here we can recall the theory of Lenin V.V. about the organizing role of the party in the proletarian revolution. Bourgeois revolutions can occur without the organizing role of outside power, only due to internal factors. After all, the question of power in the bourgeois revolution still boils down to the question of redistributing political power in favor of the social stratum that already has economic power at the time of the revolution. But for the little people, or for the proletariat, from the point of view of the communists, there are no real prospects for obtaining economic power before they gain political power, which they do not seek at all. Consequently, the proletarians themselves, without a specially created political organization, for example, a party that deliberately goes to political power for redistribution, after its seizure, economic power, can ripen only to trade union (ie, economic, not political) requirements, As other actors, as politicians, they have no other interests. And the theory of Marxism and revolutionary practice too have already confirmed the loyalty of this thesis. It is necessary to add that bourgeois revolutions are being carried out by social groups, at least partially belonging to the dominant social force, possessing economic and political influence and experience of power. Obviously this is not the case with the little people.

However, with all the indifference of little people to the power for themselves, they can be used, on their own or through misleading them, to change the ruling group and even the dominant social force. Understanding the causes of possible developments in this direction and preventing it is the central task of retaining power by the ruling group.

By virtue of such a degenerate attitude towards the authorities, only the little people of the world are brought to the real allies of any ruling group, are its real support. (This was remarkably illustrated by the election battles and the very results of the last presidential elections in the Russian Federation, when the majority of the population, sincerely fearing the “color” revolution in Russia, went and voted for VV Putin, while not supporting the United Russia party at all. , not the people from the environment of the then Prime Minister [10].) After all, it is the little people who give her most of the power resources, it is they that represent the real power of the state and, consequently, the real power of the ruling group lies in their support. Without the voluntary consent to subjugate the little people, there is neither the power of the ruling group nor the state as such. Therefore, the political struggle, including the non-violent political struggle, which is so popular today, is taking place over the minds and influence of these little people. The essence of non-violent struggle is to unbalance the stabilizing state power hierarchy of the mass of little people in order to push them to the refusal to subordinate to the current ruling group. At the moment when the old ruling group loses support from the little people, a seizure of power takes place, usually prepared in advance (classic examples - Serbia 2000, Venezuela 2002) with a new ruling group. This is exactly the technology of seizing sources of power and power itself according to J. Sharp [7, 8]. Therefore, there is nothing more important for the ruling group in terms of its longest and more peaceful rule, as the establishment of a close ideological, mythical, transcendental connection with little people. Communication at the level of meanings. The Moscow kingdom of the period of its formation and prosperity, the People’s Militia 1612, and the actions of the Russian peasants in the Patriotic War 1812 and ordinary Russian soldiers and the whole people in the Great Patriotic War well illustrate the real thesis.

Therefore, in order to have a strong ally and stable own power, an adequate ruling group of an independent state, which is a special and significant actor in international politics, must be interested in a strong society, in an influential and active society, in consciously supporting her little people. It should cherish and nurture such a society, because the power of little people only guarantees the power of its power, the guarantee of its support from their side, usually completely disinterested, the guarantee of its control over the dominant social force. And if in the dominant social power the ruling group, despite all the apparent closeness of interests and "soul relatedness", cannot always be certain (for example, the February revolution in Russia, organized right before the victorious conclusion of world war, and the further complete helplessness in ruling the country vividly outlines the traditional the level of responsibility and ability to dominate by the dominant social force), the fundamental interests of little people and the ruling group, having a talent and desire, giving baa work to think the scale of the state, the leadership of which she is the fate, always in the main match. That is, in the general case, the ruling group and the little people, in whatever tense relationship they were temporarily located, must hold on to their own thoughts alone in their defining long-term interests. After all, neither one nor the other disadvantageous weak government or a weak society. And it’s curious that the little people most often feel much more deeply the commonality of their original interests with the interests of the ruling group than the latter, usually immersed either in an internal squabble, or even sometimes not able to understand this commonality of interests, believing the deadly people to be their worst and not natural enemies, treating them with fear and scorn.


The situation is completely different in this relationship between little people and the ruling group in the presence of a global, global government, controlled by a global ruling group.

Unlike an ordinary state, one of many, the ruling group of a state the size of planet Earth is not at all interested in strong, capable, independent-minded citizens, united with it by some general idea, common meanings, common goals and related common resources ensuring their mutual maximum comfortable and long coexistence. Such a global ruling group will, in fact, have only one opponent - this global society itself, these little people. It has no competitors on the part of other states, on the part of other ruling groups and other dominant social forces that are not dependent on it. It seems obvious that for the ruling global group, which has only an internal enemy, there is not a single reason for a strong global society. Rather, on the contrary, the global ruling group, which is reliable and free from any restrictions, can only secure itself if the whole society is fragmented, weakened, broken, atomized, and various social, national, religious groups in it are related to each other mistrust and suspicion.

A global society shaken by conflicts and local wars is the ideal control object for the global ruling group with a Western way of thinking. Here only a solid government with great powers, Global Leviathan, will be able to maintain the appearance of the global and local order, be the supreme arbitrator in an endless series of conflicts and give humanity a "hope" for stability. To be, in fact, the only source of this stability.

And in this artificially created and artificially maintained situation of controlled chaos, the global ruling group will be supported by the majority of the population and local ruling groups, and they, and the population and local ruling groups, will put up with many inconveniences and losses, as long as they are provided with at least some it is the appearance of a peaceful existence in this world-wide, endless war of "all against all". Indeed, in conditions of general chaos, only the global ruling group will be able to create and maintain islands of security and stability through its absolute military, economic, media power. Only she will have the resources and opportunities for this. And all this will be conveyed to her with hope and voluntarily. Although today it is possible and electronic control over every inhabitant of the planet, of course, with the most good purpose.

Thus, with the establishment of a global government or one, but, undoubtedly, dominant power throughout the planet, we get a completely stable, in the long term, two-part political structure of humanity. On the one hand, the ruling global group (*), organized and controlling power, legal, political and, a significant part, of material resources, supported by pseudo-independent, fully loyal to it local ruling groups, and on the other hand, scattered, heterogeneous, torn, saturated with mutual distrust , embittered, poor, endlessly agonizing shreds of a global society. The first will be a true sovereign, because it is she who will determine, according to her complete arbitrariness, the rules of interaction and the very life of all forces and strata of global and local societies, their social statuses, property relations, family and religious rules and obligations, both within themselves and between these communities and in relation to the central government.

"Yes, we will make them work, but in the time off from work we will arrange their life as a child's play, with children's songs, chorus, with innocent dances. Oh, we will allow them sin, they are weak and powerless, and they will love us as children, because we allow them to sin, we will tell them that every sin will be redeemed, if it is done with our permission, we allow them to sin because we love them, the punishment for these sins, so be it, And we will take upon ourselves, and they will adore us as benefactors who have borne their sins before God. And neither will no secrets from us. We will allow or forbid them to live with their wives and mistresses, to have or not to have children - all judging by their obedience - and they will obey us with joy and joy. The most painful secrets of their conscience are everything, everything they will be borne by us, and we will solve everything, and they will believe our decision with joy, because it will save them from the great care and terrible present torment of personal and free decisions. And everyone will be happy, all millions of creatures, except hundreds of thousands of managers. For only we, we who keep secrets, only we will be unhappy. There will be thousands of millions of happy babies and one hundred thousand sufferers who have taken upon themselves the curse of the knowledge of good and evil. "[9]

Here, on the part of the global ruling group, if we look at the picture from the outside, it is important to constantly maintain the situation of controlled chaos, anomie, economic problems, the presence of acute social contradictions, smoldering national conflicts, permanent political instability and uncertainty on a significant part of the planet, thereby crushing society in the "tone" local ruling groups and not allowing the society not only to rally or reflect on their common interest, but even try to realize its existence, realize put the essence and root of the problem! And in such a situation, the ruling group will be the only island of sustained hope, it will show the "true" path, a real example to all peoples, and therefore all eyes and aspirations, especially local ruling groups, local kings and "presidents of independent states" will be turned to her, and therefore her power will be all the stronger, the desire to become like her the more powerful, the desire to listen to her and obey her the stronger, the more striking will be the contrast in the position of the lucky "civilized humanity" and all the rest of

The process of preparing for such a controlled global instability, working out the mechanisms and methods of creating and maintaining it endlessly up to date are clearly visible today in North Africa and in the entire Arab East. It seems illogical and even senseless actions by the United States to overthrow fully pro-American (Egypt) or sufficiently stable neutral secular regimes (Tunisia), replacing them with either amorphous semi-bandit formations (as in Libya and, apparently, in the future in Syria), or weak and unable to support itself acting as states (Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan), in which Islamic radicals so seemingly hostile to the US are now playing a very significant role. The USA, as if they do not notice, that very serious fundamentalist Islamic forces come to power in these countries in the form of the same "Muslim Brotherhood", even on the eve of being included in the list of terrorist and extremely hostile organizations. And all this is under the crash of arguments about freedom, democracy, equality, opportunities and human rights.

There is an intense, by nature of impact and large-scale coverage of territories, the destruction of established state and political structures and a violent, externally carried out change of the traditional power roles of social, religious and ethnic groups of the population in the states of the region is carried out. There is a change not only of the ruling groups, but also of the dominant social forces in the vast area of ​​North Africa and the Near and Middle East.

Often, the elimination of a legitimate sovereign even without the introduction of a new one (as in Libya) takes place. The destroyed state and social structures of society are left in such a disordered state, such a social "primary broth". Although, we note in a completely controlled state from the outside. Those. the entire social and political structure of society collapses completely, and it is artificially mixed, society from an organized, systematic and regular structured state is driven into a turbulent state of war "of all against all." Destruction is carried out up to almost the complete disintegration of the value structure of society, in which "primitive", pre-state and psychological, and moral, and social states, more ancient even than traditionalist, begin to predominate. It is as if society is being torn off from the society of thousands of years of civilization, of thousands of years of the moral path, and this bloody nature is thrown at devouring demons caused from the mythological depths of the world of Id. And this is no longer a state or a country, but the territory of Chaos, where there are no moral taboos on which everything becomes possible. Deviant here goes into the category of normal and even regulatory. (**) This is the territory of the present social Experiment, the territory of Modeling, the territory of the Future. One of his probable variants is the World of the Grand Inquisitor: "Do you know that centuries will pass and mankind will proclaim with the mouth of its wisdom and science that there is no crime, and therefore there is no sin, but only the hungry." Feed, then ask virtues from them! "- this is what they will write on the banner that is erected against you and with which your temple will collapse. In place of your temple a new building will be erected, the terrible Tower of Babel will be erected, and although this one will not be completed, just like the old one, but could you avoid this new th tower and reduce the suffering of people for a thousand years, because they will come to us, tormented for a thousand years with their tower! They will find us then again underground, in the catacombs hiding (for we will again be persecuted and tormented), will find us and they will cry to us: "Feed us, for those who promised us fire from heaven did not give it." And then we will complete their tower, for the one who feeds will finish, and we will feed only in your name and we will lie that in your name. Oh, they will never feed themselves without us! No science will give them bread as long as they remain free, but they will end up bringing their freedom to our feet and tell us: "It is better to enslave us, but feed us." Finally, they will understand for themselves that freedom and bread of the earth will be completely unthinkable for everyone, for they can never, never, be able to divide themselves! "[9]

In this regard, we would like to point out, apparently, the first experience of such an impact on society, perhaps accidentally, on the process of the decolonization of Africa. The territories of the newly formed states, even within the framework of the colonial possessions of one dominion, were cut without any consideration of their possible future existence as independent full-fledged uniform system formations. They sometimes even just rushed, just as suddenly and "by chance" as they were captured in 200 years before. All these state neoplasms are not the result of a natural long evolution, but the result of the external division of huge colonial possessions into arbitrary parts. The governments of these new “states” were immediately demanded to fully comply in all respects with the UN member state. For most of these pseudo-states, this was either completely impossible or extremely burdensome. However, for the most part, the change in the status of the territory from colonial to, supposedly, independent, did not change the situation of ordinary people and did not reduce the profitability of investments in their economies for Western concerns.

Bole meaningful, in terms of goals and understanding of the result, was certainly an act of replacing the power of the ruling group and the dominant social power in Southern Rhodesia, now sad memory, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

African continent so can be considered as a testing ground for working out various methods of influencing large territories and considered as a model of the future world on a quite decent scale. From a political point of view, today, Africa, for the most part, is a series of pseudo-state poor entities that are not able to even independently support regular government structures that do not have their own resources, immersed in an eternal tribal hell with a quartered corrupted top. then the ruling group does not turn the language. These African pseudo-states themselves do not have, as a state-forming core of a society with a state sense, aware of themselves as one, whole, without a single system of meanings of the people as the most important homeostatic and sense-preserving internal factor, and thus do not have any stabilizing and unifying resources other than external ones. and to them completely out of their control, these "states" are constantly in a state of unstable equilibrium. The ruling group in such a state to retain power has only two ways: brute force, but this force can only maintain police order, and financing government expenditures from outside sources located outside of these countries and not subordinate to them. There is no need to speak about any development and positive growth in such a situation. And these pseudo-states themselves are completely in the hands of the external beneficiary.

Further. We hear, read and see in TV about the atrocities of the regime being overthrown, we hear loud statements about the need for international intervention from the highest officials of very powerful states, but only until the task of destabilization and the subsequent slaughter of the victim state has been brought to its logical conclusion. The first example is, of course, Southern Rhodesia - already mentioned by us - Zimbabwe, immediately forgotten by the whole world after the departure of the government of John Smith and accession through the regular ritual elections of Robert Mugabe.

After achieving the goal of "killing" such a victim state, the world community is no longer interested either in its population or its further positive fate. It falls out of the field of reflection of the media, politicians of major countries and world public organizations. This is such a white spot on the eye of "civilized" humanity. No one is interested in even the revealed facts of the lie of these high foreign officials about the alleged "crimes" of the official authorities of the country scheduled for slaughter (recall the waving of US Secretary of State C. Powell with test tubes with allegedly poisonous substances extracted in Iraq) the crimes of "enthronement" in such a state of forces (the example is no longer brighter than Libya).

All of these, real elements of controlled chaos, which we have identified, clearly, vividly, colorfully demonstrate how the global society will be manipulated by the global ruling group.

Thus, it seems quite clear that the establishment of a global government or the construction of a global strong and self-sufficient coordination center with global powers cannot bring anything but misfortunes and misfortunes to the absolute majority of the human race. This particularly applies to our country in its current extremely weak state. Moreover, misfortunes will pursue both ordinary citizens and the absolute majority of our dominant social power, not to mention our ruling group, which will lose everything. And it is quite possible and life, too. Probably even through a preliminary global trial. After all, a concrete scapegoat is needed to justify the hell of life in the World of the Grand Inquisitor ...


What is the way out? As already noted, the most realistic alternative to the Global Leviathan today is the struggle to build a multipolar world, in which there are a number of independent states-worlds, empire states or close inter-state formations that have comparable power and lead an independent policy, both internal and external, and only coordinating with each other their actions.

So, we, as citizens of Russia, thirsting for the independent and self-willed existence of our Motherland and us in it, need:

1. To prevent the establishment of the hegemony of one state or one close group of states on the world stage, for which we must:

a. To contribute to the formation of several centers of power, ideologically, culturally and religiously as diverse as possible, but unified in the desire for a distinctive, willful existence in this world. The world oligarchy of imperial formations is our ideal of the post-Soviet world. The form of the state, social, economic and political structure should be born for everyone. These entities are as independent as possible in making internal decisions. Only they themselves have the opportunity to limit their sovereignty. Ordinances or decisions of no ordinary broad interstate entities, in contrast to how they are happening today, cannot take precedence over the internal laws, decrees, and customs of these imperial entities, these meta-states.

b. To promote a policy of maximally limiting the independence of global organizations such as the IMF, MB, WTO, etc. These organizations should have only the functions of facilitating the coordination of opinions, assistance in coordinating the actions of the said world oligarchy of meta-states, world states. International organizations can only have a very narrow focus. They do not have the right and should not be able to develop an independent decision and even an opinion. Those. It should not have its own, independent opinion belonging to them, for example, the UN, or the IMF, or the WTO. Only Russia, or China, or the EU, or another close integration interstate or imperial entity can have an opinion. In this regard, the struggle against the WTO, with the membership of Russia and other states, appears in a new light. The WTO is the real heart of the Global Leviathan, through this organization every state, every nation, every person becomes attached, riveted to it every minute of its life. Army everywhere can not hold. Yes, and it is expensive. And the economic conditions of your existence are almost like breathing air. The growing specialization of states and territories within the framework of the world economy has the effect on: sprawling and less secure communications, widespread curtailment of local production that meets the needs of the native population, monopolization of intellectual property. Specialization, praised as the height of economic efficiency, is thus one of the most important factors that strengthens the control of the global ruling group over local groups and global society. Those. we will still pay for our chains. Therefore, at the present stage, the fight against the WTO is, in fact, almost the center of the fight against Leviathan himself. Although it is not his brain.

c. Do not accept and in every way prevent the legitimation in the minds and practice of the global coordinated or standard or recommended devices of the public and political system of the state. For example, declaring a Western-style democracy as the supposedly better way of political organization of society, or a capitalist economy as the most advanced and exemplary. Each actor in international politics can, in his own mind, determine his own political, social and economic structure. No one has the right to indicate the best management system and organization. Each center of power decides for itself what is its internal structure and what is its internal policy. Categorical rejection of the so-called. universal norms, rules, etc. illusory, contrived concepts.

d. The most active propaganda and work on and in the natural spheres of influence of imperial and meta-state formations, conditioned by their historical, geopolitical, cultural, ideological dominants, senses, perceived and organically peculiar to the peoples united in them.

2. Building, if you want, restoration at a new level and in a renewed form and in a new capacity of imperial meta-formation, of a world state, a catechion state — Russia. This is our own topical meta-task. Without solving this task and solving the task of creating a world oligarch of meta-states will be impossible. Those. in fact, the unifying, system-forming idea of ​​our present, our providential idea should consist in the revival of Russia and its area, its ecumene as a hope and as the heart of a multipolar world.

3. Strengthening of civil grassroots public relations, organizations, their structure both within interstate and imperial formations, and outside them. Strengthening and development of international political and cultural relations at the grassroots level with a focus on cultural, social and political organizations (not parties) and communities. But all these contacts should not be cultural or social, but a political dominant, for the first time we are fighting for power, fighting for the structure of power, fighting for whom we entrust power, and therefore our past and future, the past of fathers and grandfathers , the future of sons and grandchildren ... Therefore, these ties themselves should pursue exclusively the goals of coordinating the actions of various groups of little people on the issue of power.

4. Within the framework of the previous paragraph, propaganda and building of the “Public Defense” system [2, 7] becomes relevant - a social horizontal structure of relations between individual citizens, territorial, professional groups of citizens, social communities, within existing countries and in the territories of future meta-states, as well as between citizens of these states-worlds. These are structural associations of citizens politically active, accustomed to political and social mass actions, united, trusting each other and having experience of non-violent political struggle. The structure of the Public Defense, built and created outside both the parties and the state, without replacing the latter and excluding the first, has a decisive impact on both the personalities in power and the entire state policy. The peculiarity of Public Defense as an organization of little people is the absence of its own political ambitions.


(*) It is clear that the actual management of 100% territory in fact is not required. It is enough to control the most important resources or even the delivery and distribution of them and goods, to convey information to the population, to have an absolute advantage in technology and military power. Then direct control over, for example, Africa or over countries like our Baltic states that are completely de-industrialized and totally dependent on the EU, will not be necessary. There, local local elites will do whatever they are asked for and even beyond that. What happens in case of any disagreement with the proposed role-distribution scheme is well demonstrated to us in Libya. The UN decision, bombing, terrible shots of bullying rebels, who are naturally to blame for everything, a happy ending and awarding of heroes - ordinary soldiers who once again saved civilization.

(**) However, similar processes, less outwardly dramatic, but no less deep, occur today in almost the entire territory of the Earth. Vivid examples of such metamorphoses of deep meanings are the legitimation of same-sex marriage and deviant sexual behavior in Western societies, as well as the creation of the institution of juvenile justice in Europe and an attempt to introduce it in Russia.


Ostromensky MP, The fate of Russian capital

Ostromenskiy M.P. The basics of countering civil society "color" revolutions View / 62983 /

N. Alekseev "Russian people and state", M .: "Agraf", a series of "New History", 2003. 640 p., P. 458-478, 488-492

Ostromenskiy M.P. Meanings, language and values ​​of the people,

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Ostromensky MP, Philosophy, Theory and Methods of Nonviolent Political Struggle by Gene Sharp

F.M. Dostoevsky "The Brothers Karamazov", part 2, Vol. 5, ch. 5

Ostromenskiy M.P. Elections 2012: Why did VV Win? Putin?
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  1. +13
    24 October 2012 15: 49
    Fuck me! Has anyone read to the end, huh? What is it about?
    1. 0
      24 October 2012 16: 45
      There, about what we should strive for, but which, most likely, unfortunately will not happen.
      It’s also not clear -
      social horizontal structure of connections between hotel citizens - about tourists? (joke)
      1. Pit
        24 October 2012 17: 59
        Thank you for clarifying the text. smile
    2. +3
      24 October 2012 16: 53
      Yes, the treatise is straightforward, a lot of beechs, well, I smell it written in the case ...)
      1. ughhh
        24 October 2012 18: 20
        do not disgrace guys ...
    3. +4
      24 October 2012 18: 23
      Quote: IRBIS
      Fuck me! Has anyone read to the end, huh? What is it about?

      Yes, it’s not an article for our mundane problems ... more precisely, a lecture .. about the dangers of global global capital about global government .. Well, the conclusion is that we are peepets .. they will defeat Putin's Russia

      Thus, it seems quite clear that the establishment of a world-wide government or the construction of a worldwide strong and self-sufficient focal point with global authority is unable to bring anything to the vast majority of the human race. This is especially true of our country in its current extremely weakened state. Moreover, misfortunes will haunt both ordinary citizens and the vast majority of our dominant social power, not to mention our ruling group, which will lose everything. And life is quite possible too. Probably even through a preliminary global court. After all, we need a specific scapegoat to justify the hell of life in the World of the Grand Inquisitor, Thus, it seems quite clear that the establishment of a global government or the construction of a worldwide strong and self-sufficient coordination center with global powers can do nothing but bring troubles and misfortunes to the absolute majority of the human race. This is especially true of our country in its current extremely weakened state. Moreover, misfortunes will haunt both ordinary citizens and the vast majority of our dominant social power, not to mention our ruling group, which will lose everything. And life is quite possible too. Probably even through a preliminary global court. After all, we need a specific scapegoat to justify the hell of life in the World of the Grand Inquisitor

      I recommend not reading everything else .. Scapegoats, we are all headed by Putin ..
    4. +2
      24 October 2012 22: 07
      Arrangement on the philosophical level of what we ourselves have reached on the simple proletarian here and are actively discussing. Moreover, we did not need a higher philosophical education, just a little brains, intuition, flair and life experience were enough.
      In general, the author inflated the topic. And the topic is from the same category - "how to happily get along with your wife?" You can dilute a psychological treatise into 300 pages, or you can use one phrase "yes you need to love her! It is desirable every night and more than once!" In both cases, the goal will be achieved, just why go the long way and spread a lot of words? The Kazakhs say - "cop soz - bok soz!" Literally - "many words - g ... nye (side - cow poop literally laughing ) the words "! Popular wisdom, however. laughing
    5. +1
      24 October 2012 22: 50
      There are a lot of letters A ... with them, obviously too much. The bottom line - "If an earthquake of magnitude 9, constantly shakes at one point - it's awful. Let's arrange it so that it shakes, quieter - some sort of, points by 6-7, but at ten to twenty points. Thus, you can minimize losses, and to this it is easier to adapt. Let's apply all the forces to this, and then the curve will take out. " Really, there is no other thought in the text ... *)) No attempts to declare about the ways to overcome global development impasse... *) By and large, what difference does it make, 1 dead end, or 20? *)) Dead ends ... *)
  2. vladimir64ss
    24 October 2012 16: 12
    The article should be noted, not commented.
    Quote: IRBIS
    Fuck me

    Creating an empire in detail.
    1. +1
      24 October 2012 16: 46
      Thanks! It will be necessary to read at your leisure, it may come in handy when. Suddenly they will invite the Empire to build?
  3. +2
    24 October 2012 16: 14
    Well, damn it ..... Given that most visitors to the site hang out on it during working / working hours and attentive reading, and even more so the reaction and comments, there is very little time left for AAAAAA, the author could be more concise ... lol

    .... we can read it in a week, then we'll talk ...
  4. +1
    24 October 2012 16: 21
    He didn’t go further than two lines! Or is the weather like this ?! :)
    1. Brother Sarych
      24 October 2012 21: 07
      A piece of junk is just ...
  5. +3
    24 October 2012 16: 35
    Read at work, unrealistic)))
  6. sq
    24 October 2012 16: 38
    The old idea of ​​solid power. It has been and continues to be in many sources. Its meaning: "little people" (in the sense of the productive force - peasants, workers and others like them) agrees to give up part of their rights and freedoms in the name of stability of life. Therefore, they are so nostalgic for Soviet times, then people were somehow more confident in the future and could plan their lives for years to come.
  7. +3
    24 October 2012 17: 12
    Throughout the history of mankind, not one global, cosmic, and universal catastrophe has brought so many troubles to a person, how many politicians, bankers and bankers of politics brought it. It is necessary to create an army to liberate mankind from all this "crap" - forgive the word; crap. "
  8. 0
    24 October 2012 17: 21
    Night, street, lantern, pharmacy,
    A senseless and dim light.
    Live for at least a quarter of a century -
    Everything will be so. There is no outcome.

    Dying - you'll start again first
    And everything will repeat, as it was in old age:
    The night, the icy ripple of the canal,
    Pharmacy, street, lantern.
  9. badabum
    24 October 2012 17: 21
    The direction is correct, but only time will show where it will bring us.
    We will see .........
  10. 0
    24 October 2012 17: 21
    I don’t even know what to say ...
    A creepy prospect ...
  11. Kaa
    24 October 2012 17: 35
    All this, of course, is very interesting, but the multipolar world carries a lot of risks, just like a unipolar one. An axis forms between the two poles, the world revolves around, events, people. This is a relatively stable state, remember a children's top. But if there are several poles, therefore - several axes of rotation, you will get a chaotic and little predictable state. If this happens (and is already happening), then this will lead to political chaos with unpredictable consequences. In America, apparently, this suits someone, why they no longer really cling to PAX AMERICANA, but I personally feel somehow uncomfortable about that ...
    1. Pit
      24 October 2012 18: 09
      America is essentially no longer able to cling to PAX AMERICANA, because for this they will have to increase physical pressure on countries that do not yet belong to them, and they, in turn, will resist more strongly and not the fact that it can withstand. Apparently there they understood it.
      The bipolar world, in fact, also showed its inconsistency, one pole collapsed and the whole system is similar to it. (the spinning top also falls sooner or later)
      But a lot of the polar world is essentially more viable, because in the process of competition between the poles, neither will let anyone relax and will strengthen the progress of civilization.
      In what he said. Do not judge strictly, I myself am not local :)
      1. Kaa
        24 October 2012 18: 56
        Quote: Pit
        The bipolar world, in fact, also showed its inconsistency,

        But what about the philosophical concepts of "yin" and "yang", good and evil, plus and minus in physics? Are they ... also untenable? and "one pole" collapsed temporarily, I assure you.
    2. Alexander 1958
      24 October 2012 23: 53
      For kaa
      Good afternoon! I must admit that I also had such thoughts. If there are two poles, they are as hostile to each other as they need each other .. This is all the more understandable now that the United States, albeit in a weakened form, is the leader of a unipolar world It is unlikely that anyone wants to repeat the path of the United States from a superpower to the state of decay that everyone expects. In any case, the United States will no longer be a superpower. ! And what the author offers - several centers of power - so it was already before the First World War, and before the Second World War. It all ended with world wars and why now it should be different, it is not clear, or vice versa, it is clear .. It's just that it will be easier for someone to lead everyone by colliding, from time to time, one center of power against another. This is the same scheme of global chaos - "all against all", only there are fewer subjects in it, and the control system is the same. The article by A. Fursov, presented here earlier, emphasizes that this is a Rothschild scheme in economics. They want to be intermediaries between centers of power and make money on this. And the best income is during the war!
      With uv. Alexander 1958
  12. Brother Sarych
    24 October 2012 18: 08
    What the hell is this dissertation? It seems like a place to take has never been set on the site ...
  13. 0
    24 October 2012 18: 22
    I agree, - "Having established the results of their reflection as a starting point or having passed through this reflection as through a bifurcation point, they have become completely alien to the people, which by their meanings is rooted in the past, by which only they are able to grow into the future and without which they cannot be imagined at all." - Then I came home from work, there I got this "bifurcation" with reflection - in short, it all came down to juvenile hakasti, with a touch of tolerance !!!
  14. Gorchakov
    24 October 2012 18: 30
    Everything that is written by the author is absolutely true .... But, I would say that the topic is not fully disclosed .... And if you reveal it completely, then only a few will read it in this forum ... The rest is actually boring ..... Most people have actions on this site, and few people are interested in the geopolitical analysis of unipolar and multipolar worlds ... It’s a pity, of course, but I think that this analysis has a place in
    1. 0
      24 October 2012 21: 01
      I did not expect that there are so many superficial people on the forum. It was worth touching on a really serious and life-determining topic in flood comments at the curb level. Have liberals reformatted our people? I do not believe!
      1. Brother Sarych
        24 October 2012 21: 06
        And who raised a serious topic here? Author, or what? I just didn’t touch upon it - it’s just verbal pseudo-scientific garbage ...
  15. Alex 241
    24 October 2012 21: 11
    Too lazy to read, turn on REN TV ......... conspiracy of the world government, Belvedere Club, the conspiracy of the Masons, and other near-scientific nonsense ...............
  16. 0
    24 October 2012 21: 12
    In short, it was impossible to say that there is a redistribution of spheres of influence in two directions, they just do not know yet which way to go and which one is right
  17. sergeybulkin
    24 October 2012 21: 41
    Nonsense! You need to stop drinking cheap vodka, and you need to be more in the fresh air.
    But seriously - it’s the bourgeois who weep about their failed dream of world domination, we thought Russia will be bent and not come out!
  18. -1
    24 October 2012 21: 43
    Singe alcohol and the lack of a good snack greatly undermine health. The author should be more attentive to this.
  19. Alexander 1958
    25 October 2012 00: 07
    Good day!
    It seems to me that the majority of authors who criticize the article on the principle of "bukaff a lot" simply complex not understanding much of what is said there. And completely in vain! The author emphasized that it was the "mezin people" that is. all of us are keepers of meanings, understanding them at a subconscious level. Each of us is an expert in some other areas of life and has the right not to understand this hard-to-read text, but we need to strive for this .. After all, if we do not understand the problem, then it will not disappear from this.
    With uv. Alexander 1958
  20. Edumog
    25 October 2012 00: 45
    Awesome article !!! Such clarity of vision and rigid logic that neither add nor take away! The author considers the situation of public administration at the highest worldview level. There would be more such generalized analysis on the site, and not just factology and history (although their presence is, of course, also fine). I remember the name of the author.
  21. +2
    25 October 2012 01: 17
    Quote: aksakal
    Arrangement on the philosophical level of what we ourselves reached on the simple-proletarian stage and are actively discussing

    Well done, Aksakal! This is exactly what I wanted to say. The ideas of the article are certainly correct, but something the author completely philosophized and speaks of simple things as a nuclear physicist. It was not clear to me even with my higher linguistic education that he wrote there winked
    It’s easier to be, comrades! Simplicity and brevity - this is true talent, not your philosophical corrals!

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