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Peskov: Republics of Donbass will become part of the Russian Federation along the borders of 2014

Peskov: Republics of Donbass will become part of the Russian Federation along the borders of 2014

After the start of the special operation, when in the Donbass they were still cautiously talking about the possible entry of the republics into the Russian Federation, it was assumed that this would happen after the complete liberation of the DPR and LPR. Now, due to a number of circumstances, the procedure for the unification of the former Ukrainian territories with Russia was launched literally as a matter of urgency. At the same time, two more regions joined the republics previously recognized by Moscow, one of which is partially controlled by the Russian army. And the Donetsk People's Republic has not yet been completely liberated.

At the same time, the referendums were held, and today Russian President Vladimir Putin will sign relevant agreements with the heads of four regions on joining the Russian Federation as federal subjects. In this regard, a logical question arises: where will the new western state border of the Russian Federation lie? The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, tried to answer this question, but his words did not add clarity.

Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics are recognized by the Russian Federation within the borders of 2014

Peskov told reporters.

When asked what to do with the unliberated territory of the DPR, Peskov replied that “it will have to be liberated,” since “a state recognized by us within the borders of 2014 is entering the Russian Federation.” Regarding the borders of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, Peskov promised to inform later.

Theoretically, the allied forces of the NM DPR and the RF Armed Forces still have a few days before the completion of the procedure for legal registration of the formation of new subjects in order to completely liberate the (Russian) territory of the republic. And if they don't make it? After all, Peskov confidently announced that all four regions newly formed within the Russian Federation would become “an integral part and sovereign territory of the Russian Federation” and part of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

The situation is even more complicated with the border of the Zaporozhye region, almost a third of which, including the administrative center, is under the control of Kyiv. What if here the western borders of Russia are recognized at the time of the administrative division in the former. Ukrainian SSR?

At the same time, Peskov stressed, Moscow will regard possible Ukrainian strikes on the territories that will become part of Russia as an act of aggression against our country. Accordingly, at least the military personnel of the hostile army, located on the territory of the not yet liberated part of Russia within the borders of the former DPR, will become occupiers. With all the ensuing consequences, which are still difficult to imagine.

Dmitry Peskov:

There will be a speech by the President of the Russian Federation, I repeat once again, a voluminous speech. Then there will be a signing ceremony. The head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin, the head of the Luhansk People's Republic Leonid Pasechnik, the head of the Zaporozhye region Evgeny Balitsky, the head of the Kherson region Vladimir Saldo will take part. Four agreements will be signed on the admission of new subjects to the Russian Federation.

During the speech of the President of Russia, questions about the specific borders of the Kherson region and the Zaporozhye region were not raised.
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  1. Flooding
    Flooding 30 September 2022 17: 14
    Why publish on VO the words of a person who causes only general bewilderment and irritation?
    I propose a boycott.
    Do not write anything.
    Doesn't deserve attention.
    1. Chronos
      Chronos 30 September 2022 17: 18
      Quote: Flood
      Why publish on VO the words of a person who causes only general bewilderment and irritation?
      I suggest complete disregard.
      Do not write anything.
      Doesn't deserve attention.

      Because he is the press secretary of the head of state?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. RoTTor
      RoTTor 30 September 2022 18: 12
      in comparison with Konashenkov, he is simply a giant of thought and a Chrysostom.
      Let Baranets be called up from retirement if there is no one professional and intelligent among the horde of current military durnalists, who were stamped by the Military University.
      1. silviu
        silviu 1 October 2022 19: 02
        even very sensible, but grandmothers love more than the state, and before they say something, they will think a thousand times
    4. Bulgarian_5
      Bulgarian_5 2 October 2022 11: 32
      All the outskirts must be taken.

      All other decisions are not just a compromise, but a loss.
  2. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 30 September 2022 17: 15
    What a mess he is! However! Afraid to say too much?
  3. Egoza
    Egoza 30 September 2022 17: 18
    Zelensky speaks urgently. It threatens with a counteroffensive and all sorts of appeals to international organizations. Now Russia has to prove that it does not rush words. Liberate the territory to the end from the Nazis.
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 30 September 2022 17: 23
      It turns out that the territories of Russia are occupied in the Donetsk, Zaporozhye regions and in Kherson. And what does it mean that there are several days for liberation? What is it? Maybe it won’t work in a month. In the light of current problems. Russian regions in this territory
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 30 September 2022 17: 24
      He joins NATO, but does not apply. At 19 o'clock there will be an emergency Stoltenberg. We will see, it is quite possible that this is the US + WB scenario in response, where Ukraine will follow the path of Sweden / Finland without procedures. Virtually everyone except Hungary will say yes for sure.
      1. Wildcat
        Wildcat 30 September 2022 19: 40
        Stoltenberg: "We cannot now accept Ukraine into NATO"
      2. taisiya
        taisiya 1 October 2022 14: 28
        Quote: donavi49
        all except Hungary

        Turkey will also be against it.
      3. taisiya
        taisiya 1 October 2022 14: 29
        Ukraine's entry into NATO in this situation will mean NATO's direct entry into the war with the Russian Federation. And it's definitely poison. war.
  4. north 2
    north 2 30 September 2022 17: 21
    I have such a premonition that Putin, with a specific ultimatum to Ukraine, did not want to make the accession of new republics and regions today, in this case, a secondary event. From my sofa, an expert premonition is such that either tomorrow Putin will announce a tough ultimatum to Ukraine or it will be seen from the report from the front, where the Russian Armed Forces will begin to brutally beat those who invaded the territory of the republics and regions of Russia.
    And how does it all look from your expert sofas?
    1. tatra
      tatra 30 September 2022 17: 28
      The vision from my sofa is that the Russian and Ukrainian enemies of the USSR have been fighting among themselves for 7 months - as best they can and can, and mainly with weapons produced in the USSR, which they all hate together, but with great pleasure use for 30 years everything that is produced and created by the Soviet people, which they also all together hate.
      1. north 2
        north 2 30 September 2022 17: 54
        these are the ones who are now correcting the crimes of the communists who dissolved the Empire of Russia into national farms, moreover, shedding blood in Ukraine twice in order to collect squandered lands and people by the communists. Great Stalin
        there was not enough time to move the Communist Party away from governing the country. was going to
        the Communist Party will leave only the role of priests in the Church. Just grind with your tongue, but before economic affairs or before affairs in the army, no no! Or like Faberge in sexual intercourse. Hanging out, but not participating in the process! So the communists destroyed my homeland of the USSR and one hope today is for Putin to restore the Empire. Incidentally, he also
        dislikes communists. Perhaps for the same
        1. tatra
          tatra 30 September 2022 18: 01
          Stop cowardly blaming the communists for the crimes of the enemies of the communists. It was YOU who dismembered the USSR against the will of the Soviet people in a referendum on the preservation of the USSR, it was YOU who instilled hatred for both the Soviet people and each other for 30 years, it was YOU who pitted the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, who under the USSR, except for you, coexisted calmly and amicably .
          1. north 2
            north 2 30 September 2022 18: 09
            do not confuse the Soviet people with the communist party
  5. sergo1914
    sergo1914 30 September 2022 17: 32
    By the way, France has become the largest country in Europe. Macaron already rolled a glass?
  6. zenion
    zenion 30 September 2022 23: 56
    So after all, there used to be borders to Poland and other countries, until the labeled one jumped out of hell. And the "teetotaler" finally finished off this structure. The main thing is that they made the CPSU guilty, they should have gone to prison with the whole code, as "the mind, honor and conscience of our era", but then they changed their minds and began to rob the people. What about applications? Even if 40% die out, then only the most wolfish, fanged ones will remain.
  7. taisiya
    taisiya 1 October 2022 14: 23
    Quote: RoTTor
    hordes of current military durnalists

    a Freudian slip of ten.
  8. msv2612
    msv2612 2 October 2022 11: 54
    Are the applicants aware of the events in Ukraine? Sur some.