Residents of Kupyansk - to a Ukrainian reporter: When we had Russians in our city, we could at least buy something

Residents of Kupyansk - to a Ukrainian reporter: When we had Russians in our city, we could at least buy something

After the breakthrough of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Izyum-Balakleysky direction, Kyiv began to restore the old order in the newly occupied territories.

Kyiv propaganda raised the usual hype about the "atrocities of the Russian occupiers", Ukrainian and Western journalists willingly picked up and began to replicate this nonsense. At the same time, representatives of the Ukrainian media began to look for eyewitnesses who were supposed to tell with tears in their eyes how badly they lived under Russian oppression and how happy they were with the arrival of the liberators. But something went wrong...

So another interview of a Ukrainian journalist who arrived on a planned visit to Kupyansk did not go according to plan. A representative of the Kyiv press stopped two young girls and asked them to tell how they lived when the city was under the control of the Russian army. Naturally, the question was asked with a transparent hint that now, when the old government has returned, everything has become better.

The girls, by the way, knowing full well that they could be subjected to repression for their answer, were not afraid to tell the truth. The journalist asked:

Was the return of Ukraine a pleasant surprise?

To which one of the girls, who introduced herself as Yulia, replied:

Well, that's... 50 to 50... It was immediately clear that the center would be bombed.

Even more disappointing was the answer of the second resident of Kupyansk:

When we had Russian money, we at least bought something. And now all the shops are closed, you can’t even buy bread.

The interview ended at this point.

Even more eloquent attitude towards the "liberators" was demonstrated by the inhabitants of Izyum. When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived on a demonstration visit to the city, the locals were not at all happy with him. A video appeared on the network in which Zelensky, accompanied by security and journalists, walks along one of the streets. From the crowd they shout to him:

And where did this ... go? Come here, chat...

The Ukrainian president ignored this call. After his trip to Izyum, not a single photo or video appeared in the Ukrainian media, where Zelensky communicates with the townspeople, only pseudo-patriotic footage surrounded by the military.

And why should the inhabitants of the same Izyum rejoice? The fact that the new / old authorities called on the townspeople to evacuate, since they cannot provide the city with heat in the autumn-winter period? Or the repressions that the Ukrainian security forces launched in the occupied territories against pro-Russian citizens? And certainly the recent events near Kupyansk, where Ukrainian nationalists shot a column of refugees, will not add popularity to the Kyiv regime.

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  1. +2
    30 September 2022
    For sofas, nothing has changed, but there the population backfired ....
    1. -1
      30 September 2022
      I think in a couple of days (I knock on wood three times), soon the girls from Krasny Liman will give interviews to English journalists, how good they were under the Russians ... I hope the interview was like under Sobyanin, we won’t hear? But only in the case of elections in Russia.
      I have been writing for a long time, the joke that the Ukrainians will reach the Urals is no longer such a joke. Seriously though, they're outnumbered. Well, perhaps together with the Poles and Romanians.
      1. 0
        October 1 2022
        Quote: Nevsky_ZU
        I have been writing for a long time that the Ukrainians will reach the Urals, it has long been not such a joke. Seriously though, they're outnumbered. Well, perhaps together with the Poles and Romanians.

        They may well reach, especially with the Poles and Romanians. There are still many camps near Magadan from Stalin. Let them march there in orderly rows.
    2. 0
      30 September 2022
      If they minus, it means more on the sofas ...
    3. +10
      30 September 2022
      Quote from uprun
      For sofas, nothing has changed, but there the population backfired ....

      You can see from the faces of the girls that they are afraid. Chose the same paskuda girls. No matter how they were taken to the SBU.
  2. +6
    30 September 2022
    Girls, by the way, are well aware that they can be subjected to repression
    They should beware, do not climb on the rampage.
  3. +10
    30 September 2022
    Directly, the "liberated population" will answer your provocative questions sincerely.
  4. +4
    30 September 2022
    The girls, by their simplicity of soul and lack of life experience, told the truth to the Ukrainian reporter provocateur. It is regrettable that they will suffer for this at the hands of the "liberators".
  5. +3
    30 September 2022
    It is felt by speech that Ukrainian is non-native for everyone. Words are carefully chosen, every sentence is considered
  6. 0
    October 2 2022
    Girls will be snarled. Oh, they freeze.
  7. 0
    October 2 2022
    Well done girls! Hope they go well

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