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New batch of TOS-1A "Solntsepek" for the army

New batch of TOS-1A "Solntsepek" for the army
TOS-1A from the new batch. Photo "Omsktransmash"

The Russian military-industrial complex continues to produce new equipment and repair the vehicles available to the troops. The other day it became known about another result of such activities: a new batch of heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A Solntsepek was handed over to the armed forces. These vehicles will help maintain the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the entire fleet at the required level and, most likely, will take part in solving real combat missions.

Recent successes

On September 26, the Omsk Transport Engineering Plant (part of the NPK Uralvagonzavod of the Rostec State Corporation) announced the successful continuation of work under government contracts of the Ministry of Defense. This time we are talking about the shipment of a batch of TOS-1A systems. It is noted that the batch is transferred to the customer ahead of schedule.

The number of delivered combat vehicles is not specified. Published photos and videos show no more than two "Solntsepekov" at the same time, but their number may be more. It is also not reported whether these are new machines or whether it is about the repair and modernization of equipment from combat units. Which formation or unit will receive armored vehicles, for obvious reasons, is also not said.

At the same time, a surprise awaits the recipients of the equipment. The cars are loaded with letters from the children of Omsktransmash employees. The guys sent good wishes and drawings to the flamethrowers.

Omsktransmash, Uralvagonzavod and Rostec have published several photos and a short video showing the dispatch of armored vehicles to the troops. Two "Solntsepekas" installed and fixed on railway platforms are demonstrated. In addition, in the background, a couple of modern tanks, also ready to be sent to the troops.

Repair and modernization

The TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower system was created on the basis of the TOS-1 Pinocchio product and entered service with the ground forces in the XNUMXs. Armored vehicles of a specific appearance with special capabilities were produced in a small series. According to various estimates, the flamethrower units of the radiation, chemical and biological defense troops received up to several dozen Solntsepeks.

Since February-March, units of flamethrowers on TOS-1A from different military districts have been participating in the Special Operation to protect Donbass. Flamethrower systems with enviable regularity go to firing positions and fire at the enemy. Rocket projectiles with a thermobaric warhead effectively hit various objects and manpower.

Active operation of equipment in the area of ​​the operation and regular combat work are associated with increased loads on the structure as a whole and its units. As such a service, "Solntsepeki" gradually develop a turnaround time. In addition, armored vehicles operate at the forefront and are exposed to known risks, and there is a need for some kind of repair.

Accordingly, there is a need to withdraw equipment to the rear for work. In addition, it is required to send new combat vehicles to the combat zone in order to maintain the required strength of the existing group. It is quite possible that the Suns, recently handed over to the Ministry of Defense, were previously in the Special Operations zone and then were withdrawn for repairs, and also, probably, for modernization.

Apparently, we are talking about the restored and updated armored vehicles, but not about the equipment of the new construction. So, contracts for the production of new TOS-1A have not been reported in recent years. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense previously issued an order to NPK Uralvagonzavod for the modernization of combat vehicles.

Probably, on September 26, the next result of such an order in the form of several updated machines left the factory. At the same time, according to the existing order and due to the current situation, new batches of Solntsepekov should be expected after one or another repair. Whether completely new machines of this type will be built is not yet known.

With high efficiency

The TOS-1 and TOS-1A systems have been repeatedly used in real military operations and have demonstrated their combat potential. During the current Special Operation, they once again confirm the high tactical and technical characteristics and show the need for such equipment.

"Sun" involved in the Special Operation. Photo by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The high efficiency of the "Solntsepeka" is due to several main factors and features of the system. In fact, we are talking about a successful combination of ready-made and newly developed components, each of which contributes to the characteristics of the complex and affects the overall result.

TOS-1A can be considered as a specialized multiple launch rocket system. At the same time, unlike the vast majority of modern MLRS, it is made on a tank chassis. The caterpillar undercarriage and tank power unit give the Solntsepek high mobility and maneuverability and allow the use of positions in hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, the tank chassis retained the combined anti-projectile armor of the frontal projection, and it is planned to supplement it with dynamic protection units. This drastically reduces the risks when working on the front line. The chances of the enemy to defeat such a machine with the available means are sharply reduced.

"Solntsepek" uses specially designed 220-mm unguided rockets of several modifications with a thermobaric warhead. Modern missiles of this family have a firing range of up to 6 km. It was reported about the development of promising ammunition with a range of up to 8 km and the same combat equipment.

The TOS-1A launcher carries 24 rockets. One volley, depending on different parameters, covers an area of ​​up to 35-40 thousand square meters. A reliable defeat of manpower, unfortified buildings, unprotected equipment, etc. is ensured. Armored vehicles or fortifications take significant damage.

Rocket launch. Photo UNM DNR

The combat vehicle is equipped with a special fire control system that ensures high accuracy in the use of heavy missiles with special ballistics. It includes a control panel, a ballistic computer, a laser rangefinder, and a set of machine position sensors.

Thus, even one Solntsepek combat vehicle is capable of covering a significant area with fire and inflicting great damage on the enemy. It is also possible to fire salvos with a smaller number of missiles at targets of a small area or firing a whole battery. At the same time, the system is protected from most threats. High survivability is ensured both by its own armor and by a high firing range that exceeds the capabilities of the main modern anti-tank weapons.

Service continues

Thus, the Russian army continues the regular operation of its TOS-1A Solntsepek flamethrower systems. Training events are held with the participation of RKhBZ flamethrowers, and, if necessary, the equipment is being repaired and modernized. Over the past few months, combat use in the Special Operations zone has been added to these activities.

A few days ago, the army received a new batch of repaired Suns, which will now return to one of the units and continue their regular service. Perhaps in the near future they will go to the zone of the Special Operation. In any case, the repaired equipment will remain in service along with other machines. It will again contribute to the overall combat effectiveness of the ground forces and to the solution of the assigned tasks.

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  1. Wesker gorlovka
    Wesker gorlovka 1 October 2022 05: 02
    Here I sit and listen.
    I forgot this silence, in general, no one shoots here in Gorlovka.
    Evil is not destroyed, it lurks.
    This is after joining the Russian Federation.
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 1 October 2022 05: 14
      Ukronatsiks are still deciding what to do... a temporary lull... do not relax.
      1. Wesker gorlovka
        Wesker gorlovka 1 October 2022 05: 27
        Although I go outside to smoke. There are constant flashes of light in the sky. Somewhere a battle is going on, but very far to the north.
      2. Anna E
        Anna E 1 October 2022 06: 01
        "Don't get used to the silence
        At war, at war, at war.
        Silence is only a deception, only a deception."
      3. vlad106
        vlad106 1 October 2022 20: 30
        Quote: Lech from Android.
        Ukronatsiks are still deciding what to do... a temporary lull... do not relax.

        Sunlights are good!
  2. Anna E
    Anna E 1 October 2022 05: 57
    The article consists of some assumptions: "probably, perhaps, probably" and a listing of long-known facts. Is there really nothing happening at all that you desperately need to fill the void with at least something? Well, then write about life on Mars or publish an astrological forecast.
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 1 October 2022 06: 22
      Quote from Anna E.
      The article consists of some assumptions: "probably, perhaps, probably"

      Well, why, in the article there are quite specific photos from Transmash itself. You can carefully consider them and, for example, remember that today is September 30 ... in Siberia ... lush greenery on the trees and green grass. Hmm...
      1. Wesker gorlovka
        Wesker gorlovka 1 October 2022 06: 33
        Is this irony about greenery?
        I just haven't even picked all the tomatoes in the garden yet.
        Well, we do not have Siberia, the DPR is the same.
        1. Lech from Android.
          Lech from Android. 1 October 2022 06: 48
          And we had snow for two days ... now it is melting in the garden.
        2. Ryaruav
          Ryaruav 1 October 2022 19: 22
          Anton, you no longer have the DPR, but Russia, our common fatherland
      2. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 1 October 2022 07: 17
        Quote: NDR-791
        remember that today is September 30 ... in Siberia ... lush greenery on the trees and green grass. Hmm...

        Well, you can hope for a "green kirdyk" in early November! request
        1. Bad_gr
          Bad_gr 1 October 2022 09: 04
          It looks like the work of "The Sun". Shelter in the forest belt did not help from the word "absolutely".

    2. svoroponov
      svoroponov 7 December 2022 16: 49
      I am writing for you. They are being tested with a missile operating at a range of up to 16 km. Projected - with a range of up to 25 km.
      The installation will change slightly, the missiles will be slightly smaller, but they will be somewhat fuller and longer in size. Loading either piece by piece as now or as a block immediately. The shock part is thermobaric. They will try to make the missiles universal for use on some other multiple rocket launchers.
      I drew this from our various Heralds of the Armed Forces. Putin set the task.
  3. Andrey Moskvin
    Andrey Moskvin 1 October 2022 06: 09
    How much is unknown. Where, unknown. Official news. And the performance characteristics are already known. feel
  4. Azis
    Azis 1 October 2022 06: 18
    Only 2 cars, you can see by the numbers of the cars.
    installed and fixed on railway platforms
    They are NOT fixed on platforms
  5. Cheburek
    Cheburek 1 October 2022 09: 04
    2 pcs. - this is really a "new party", all Ukrainians immediately went nuts, and the situation in the photograph looks like in a museum ... It would be more - they would take a different angle to show the whole composition ..
    1. Rasp
      Rasp 1 October 2022 13: 46
      I’m sure that the Ukrainians didn’t just go crazy, but pissed right off the collar, especially those who saw the consequences of even one hit of the sun
  6. Buyan
    Buyan 1 October 2022 09: 56
    Good cars, more of them. Thanks to designers and manufacturers
  7. dnestr74
    dnestr74 1 October 2022 12: 52
    Until such a machine drove up to us, we could not take the heights in front of the Staropromyslovsky district.
    Just a miracle machine.
  8. DrVintorez
    DrVintorez 1 October 2022 19: 28
    Ryabov.. please stop. beg. you can call it spam
  9. tsvetahaki
    tsvetahaki 2 October 2022 00: 40
    Sorry, but it’s somehow unpleasant to hear about the great successes of a great nuclear power in repairing two machines, and perhaps even a few more.
  10. Krilion
    Krilion 2 October 2022 07: 17
    it remains to find out why these systems are not used near Donetsk .. soon we will celebrate 8 months of "great standing" in place ... although, given the current realities, I'm starting to fear that Donetsk will not be surrendered ..
    1. svoroponov
      svoroponov 7 December 2022 16: 56
      Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. They also use it near Donetsk. But with a short range of ammunition and a large number of surveillance drones at such a range, it is problematic to work.
  11. Alexander Toroshchin
    Alexander Toroshchin 2 October 2022 09: 57
    Dill holds a referendum in the red estuary for a return to the Nazi harbor. So you need it, only in parades you know how to flaunt stars, warriors.
  12. Alexfly
    Alexfly 2 October 2022 15: 27
    Those. the range of this offspring is equal to the range of the regimental mortar ... With greater efficiency in good weather conditions ..... This is where all the advantages end .. as vulnerability to artillery fire increases ... Even ordinary quadrocopters can detect movement and preparation for firing .. With modern saturation, the advanced is very, very possible ... Again, not individual guidance reduces performance ..
  13. maximace
    maximace 6 October 2022 18: 37
    And why is nothing heard about melancholy anywhere? not available?