In the United States openly recruit former military for "work" in Ukraine

In the United States openly recruit former military for "work" in Ukraine

In America, its own “mobilization” is in full swing to help Kyiv. On the website of the private security company Silent Professional, an announcement was posted about the recruitment of former professional soldiers for "work" in Ukraine. For the first time, a message about the search for mercenaries to be sent to Ukraine appeared in closed access on the website of a recruiting company back in the spring. Now the ad has been moved to the main page with a priority status.

The ad is headlined with the standard phrase Extraction and protective agents. This means that the work for mercenaries will consist of urgent evacuation (extraction - “extraction”) and escorting dignitaries or those whom the employer indicates from the war zone. Protective agents ("protection") means the protection of any important objects in the interests of the United States in countries that are part of Washington's zone of influence. In principle, under such formal duties in America, all mercenaries are secretly recruited, including for direct participation in hostilities in third countries.

The main requirements for candidates for the “protection and extradition” of someone and something in Ukraine are as follows:

- the total period of service in the army or PMC is at least five years, the presence of combat experience from a year is mandatory in the regions of Eastern Europe;

- skills in dealing with both NATO and Soviet weapons;

– knowledge of Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian languages;

- experience in conducting reconnaissance operations in different conditions, the ability to deal with prisoners;

- high physical fitness;

- Citizenship of one of the countries: USA, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ukraine, Poland or dual citizenship of one of the EU countries.

Here is what is included in the "duties" of a mercenary:

- perform preliminary reconnaissance of the route based on self-collected and local intelligence;

- maintain contact and use local friendly forces, local authorities or resistance fighters in various parts of the host country;

- move freely around the country of residence on any means of transportation.

The fulfillment of tasks for sabotage and reconnaissance activities in the rear of the "enemy" is clearly traced. It is possible that the tasks of the commandos, especially after the events at Azovstal (where the national battalions were just begging for extraction), will include the “extraction” of important people who were captured by the Russian military. Or maybe just their destruction as unwanted witnesses.

Future soldiers of fortune who went to the aid of the Ukrainian military are promised a reward of up to $ 2000 per day, plus bonuses. The amount of payment will depend on experience, knowledge of languages, individual training, destination and position in the team. Even “workdays, weekends, late hours and holidays” are promised. The announcement said that "both male and female agents can apply."

This is once again to the question that is being actively discussed both in Russian publics and at higher levels: who is our army actually fighting in Ukraine.
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  1. +2
    29 September 2022 14: 05
    And how much can they send these mercenaries?
    1. +3
      29 September 2022 14: 11
      with whom our army is actually fighting in Ukraine.
      The question should be put at the end of the sentence!
    2. +6
      29 September 2022 14: 13
      Quote: Lt. Air Force stock
      And how much can they send these mercenaries?

      No matter how much they send, most of them will lay down their lives in the steppes and forests, and the bonuses will remain for those who hired.
      1. +5
        29 September 2022 14: 22
        Here they openly typed, openly and apply without hesitation
      2. +1
        29 September 2022 14: 39
        And how many of our guys will lay down their lives in these same steppes and forests?
  2. +6
    29 September 2022 14: 12
    Such specialists are all in business - they will gain a maximum of a couple of hundred.
    1. +3
      29 September 2022 14: 52
      Quote: Bolt Cutter
      A couple hundred at the most.

      Less. Read the requirements for candidates.
  3. +1
    29 September 2022 14: 12
    60 a month, not bad pay for the risk.
    1. +2
      29 September 2022 14: 23
      The selection criteria are high, they will not gain an impressive number, and the US Armed Forces themselves probably need specialists. But it's still annoying
    2. +4
      29 September 2022 14: 24
      It seems to me that the calculation is made on the fact that there will be no one to pay in a month))
    3. -1
      29 September 2022 15: 40
      1000$ / day - that is, per day. $30k a month is about a million rubles
  4. +2
    29 September 2022 14: 23
    If there were no mercenaries, then indeed in Ukraine everything would have ended according to plan. This factor with mercenaries and arms supplies was not taken into account.
  5. +3
    29 September 2022 14: 26
    In the United States openly recruit former military for "work" in Ukraine
    . The standard situation ... you can forget about some kind of international, intergovernmental agreements.
    1. +5
      29 September 2022 14: 51
      Good time! hi

      Yes, the whole world will be remade, I mean almost all international structures that are now under the heel of the United States and God forbid we avoid a big war ...
      1. +3
        29 September 2022 15: 18
        Hi soldier
        To arrange Peredelkino, you need strength no less than minke whales now.
        I'm not saying it can't be done...but not right now. Another FORCE needs to get together, organize, draw up a clear plan of action and ....
        Basically, not tomorrow.
        1. +4
          29 September 2022 20: 39
          Of course, that's why the BRICS and SCO were created ...
          1. +1
            29 September 2022 21: 05
            They were created ... but somehow development, forward movement, slowly ...
            How much time will pass until it takes shape, grows, into something big, significant, no one can predict.
  6. +1
    29 September 2022 14: 28
    And why in the world no one becomes under our banners? We mobilize civilians, and the West manages with the forces of the army (vacationers) and mercenaries / PMCs. Everything is a little bit and already thousands are recruited, moreover, trained and with experience. Everyone is afraid of amers, and at the same time they do not want to throw off this yoke. They say we'll sit out quietly, maybe it will blow over. And they don’t understand that only together with the world can this mr ... zi be hit. And so it turns out the most valuable people (the Russians) will suffer the biggest losses. And the most mra ... zi will get off with minimal, and even earn money on it. This is not correct. Why mra..zey for war is easier to find than righteous volunteers?
    1. +2
      29 September 2022 14: 38
      Ptam that Amer’s troops on the border of Kaliningrad are 300 thousand + equipment, the entire tribaltic is littered
    2. +2
      29 September 2022 14: 55
      the west is managed by the forces of the army (vacationers) and mercenaries / PMCs.
      And the waves of mobilization in Ukraine?
    3. +1
      29 September 2022 14: 55
      It is more difficult for a foreign citizen to join, Russia does not have a foreign legion as such, some volunteers join the DPR, well, you may have seen blacks or Europeans in the DPR police, but this is also not so simple, some connections, contacts are needed. With a well-developed approach, I think a thousand more could only be recruited from the former Soviet republics. Some simple tasks could be done.
  7. +1
    29 September 2022 14: 29
    In the U.S. openly recruit ex-military for "work" in Ukraine
    Why be ashamed, red lines? So our whole face is smeared with them. recourse We can't wash.request
  8. +2
    29 September 2022 14: 35
    everything is according to plan, as in Syria Libya-private companies with the support of the Pentagon
  9. +1
    29 September 2022 14: 45
    Let them arrive immediately in coffins. It's just more convenient that way.
  10. -3
    29 September 2022 14: 46
    This is once again to the question that is being actively discussed both in Russian publics and at higher levels: who is our army actually fighting in Ukraine.
    While fighting against NATO trash, with which nothing can be done
    1. -1
      29 September 2022 15: 03
      How did our leaders say that? Haven't we started yet? So NATO hasn’t started yet, and we are already buying martyrs from Iran, we are no longer so actively mobbing with calibers and daggers.
      As a result, a quick victorious war on foreign territory again turns into a war of attrition, from next week also on our territory
  11. +5
    29 September 2022 14: 48
    In the United States openly recruit former military for "work" in Ukraine

    And not only in the USA, but practically all over the world, with the exception of countries that are friendly to us.
  12. +1
    29 September 2022 14: 57
    Quote: Ratmir_Ryazan
    60 a month, not bad pay for the risk.

    Well, yes. The price is that even their allies can shoot such a goose and they will not get anything for it. Mercenaries are meat whose life is worth nothing.
  13. +1
    29 September 2022 14: 58
    In the United States openly recruit former military for "work" in Ukraine

    Well, it’s only Russia, with a numerical shortage of the group, that can refuse volunteers from all over the world for months from the beginning of the NWO, and the United States themselves recruit soldiers and send them to Ukraine.
    I wonder what size of the army of foreign volunteers Russia could recruit if the Russian authorities forced the "Russian" oligarchs to unfasten a small amount of money by sponsoring this?
  14. +3
    29 September 2022 15: 43
    Mercenaries will always be in all countries.
    Big money has always removed all the boundaries of morality and principles.
  15. 0
    29 September 2022 21: 03
    According to our mobilization, tomorrow I will arrive at the personnel department of the plant with a passport and a military man.
    It must be assumed that I will also be charged with such events.
    As one friend said, he himself must be able to do everything. Right now, not past times ...

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