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Is Russia the main enemy of the Arabs? ("The Telegraph UK", UK)

Is Russia the main enemy of the Arabs? ("The Telegraph UK", UK)Let me introduce you to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Yusuf al-Qaradawi) - Egyptian, considered one of the leading Sunni theologians in the world.

You may remember that in 2008, he was denied a UK visa. The Interior Ministry then declared that it would not allow people to justify terrorism into the country. Four years earlier, during his visit to London, Al-Qaradawi, in an interview with the BBC, called suicide bombings in Israel "martyrdom in the name of God."

Although al-Qaradawi, by Western standards, undoubtedly adheres to extreme views, he remains a complex figure. On the one hand, he called the Holocaust “the divine punishment that put them [Jews] in place,” supporting terrorist attacks against the civilian population in Israel, has long hated Shiites (while sympathizing with Hezbollah as Israel’s sworn enemies) from religion, in principle, deserve the death penalty. On the other hand, he condemns those who go beyond him, opposes the ideas of theocracy and democracy in the Middle East, and also called on Muslims to donate blood after the September 11 attacks, for “extremism”.

These lists can be continued. Al-Qaradawi recognizes “beating women” as the “last method,” but claims that you need to hit “not much” and not on the face or other sensitive places. He supports the practice of female circumcision, but rather strangely - only in cases where it does not cause permanent harm. He believes that homosexuals and adulterers should be put to death, but he is convinced that a woman cannot be blamed for the raped woman. He condemned the violence that followed the publication of Danish cartoons of Mohammed in 2005, however, he approved the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Al-Qaradawi’s views may be extreme, but they are more complex than many other clerics.

Sheikh received numerous awards for his work in the field of Islamic theology. He is considered one of the most influential allies of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. It is especially important that he performs regularly on the Al Jazeera channel, and tens of millions of people watch it. This greatly enhances its influence.

This week, he gave a televised speech on Qatar TV, in which he listed the main enemies of the Arabs. He did not mention Israel and the United States, but declared that “Russia, speaking out against the Syrian people, became the number one enemy for Islam and Muslims. More 30 thousands of Syrians were killed weaponsRussia has supplied. " He added that the Assad regime is also supported by Iran and China, which formed the axis of hostility towards the Arabs, and called on the UN Security Council to establish a no-fly zone over Syria, the same as the one that was established over Libya.

As a matter of fact, in the sympathies and antipathies that he expressed, there is nothing new. But it is worth noting in what harsh terms he speaks of Russia, China and Iran. Last week I wrote about an article from a former commodore fleet Saudi Arabia Abdulatif al-Mulhim (Abdulateef al-Mulhim), in which he made an unusual statement: "The Arab world has many enemies, and Israel should be at the very bottom of the list." In addition to such “enemies” as corruption, poor education and poor health care, he also mentioned dictators who, in his opinion, do more suffering and harm than Israel and the West, including Assad. Al-Qardawi is not as frank as al-Mulhim, however, emphasizing the threat from Russia, China and Iran, he supports the idea of ​​a conflict between the Arabs and the nascent "Persian empire" and takes into the background the struggle of Muslims with Israel. He also implicitly, but increasingly emphatically claims, that the interests of the Arab world coincide with the interests of the West and even partially with the interests of Israel.

The Arab Spring, more than ever, has highlighted the deep divisions, injustices and ideological contradictions that exist in the Arab world. While the center of gravity of the movement is taking root in Syria, the region’s geopolitical dynamics continue to change. Coalition forces will soon withdraw from Afghanistan, and Israel will have parliamentary elections. Netanyahu will almost certainly win, but new coalitions between Likud and some center-left parties cannot be ruled out. As a result, government policies may become more moderate. Perhaps in the coming 10 years we will be surprised to find the emerging prospects for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, as well as new alliances emerging around the world. Perhaps, as a result, peace among Islamic countries will become difficult to achieve.

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  1. Vodrak
    Vodrak 23 October 2012 06: 41
    Normal policy flyer. wants to eat fish and ........ to sit down and go to heaven.
    1. alexng
      alexng 23 October 2012 08: 12
      And there are plenty of such people in politics, who are scurrying about this incidentally. And they often say mutually exclusive things, depending on the audience. These are political chameleons and they exist in any country.
      1. Ross
        Ross 23 October 2012 10: 40
        Are we not yet accustomed to the interpretation of the Anglo-Saxon press?
    2. sergey32
      sergey32 23 October 2012 08: 21
      That's right, but you need to drive to Egypt more carefully. Arabs like to blame it on their heads for health, there are no warriors from them, but they love to tear throats. In Egypt, I learned that they have national holidays have a victory over Israel 56,67,73 years. He was laughing for a long time.
      1. alexng
        alexng 23 October 2012 08: 50
        Two Jews terrorized settlements in Egypt one after another with their sawn-off shotguns. So they were soaked.
    3. Hammer
      Hammer 23 October 2012 11: 01
      Pro-American, pro-Israel and simply political scam, I read like an "interview" from a piece of paper written in MI6 or the CIA.
      Nothing but saturation of rainwater with hydrogen sulfide (farting in a puddle) can not be called this article.
      "The dog barks - the wind carries" in one word ... hammer in general.
    4. Averias
      Averias 23 October 2012 11: 05
      Damn it, you got ahead of me :)), I wanted to say the same thing as soon as I read the first lines of the article.
      1. Sandov
        Sandov 2 November 2012 20: 52
        The article was concocted in the Washington regional committee. Everything is turned inside out. Amers are able to drive misinformation. Do not take away - the experience picked up.
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 23 October 2012 06: 48
    Israel will not have peace with Palestine! there’s nothing to say, at least in the coming years. They all got so messed up that you can rewrite history every day. Considering where this fanatic gave the interview, it’s clear where the legs are growing from. It’s more like trying to show the fanatics where the enemies are on which side . It’s not bad to see that they paid for the propaganda of the interests of some members of the United Nations if they spoke of a no-fly zone.
    1. bask
      bask 23 October 2012 07: 12
      I welcome Alexander. I agree that Israel will not give the Arabs to the Palestinians their conquered lands)))) But the most important thing is that ,,, did, amers ,,,. !!!! This is in gratitude for that help to the Arabs. (( mountains of weapons ...)))) And these shit ....... Are you our enemies? .XNUMX ........... b.
  3. Recon
    Recon 23 October 2012 07: 06
    We know, from this uncle, watched his sermons. Someone broadcasts his mouth, apparently. Who, I think you yourself understand, comrades.
    1. vpm
      vpm 23 October 2012 20: 39
      And he continues to broadcast and someone listens to him and probably believes, especially on an illiterate Arab street, in which the period between invocation and action can be very short. I don’t feel like croaking, but soon the Russian embassy may spoil it. In Egypt, in other words, ordinary citizens have nothing to do but seek adventures on the fifth point.
    2. Nick
      Nick 23 October 2012 22: 47
      Quote: Recon
      We know, from this uncle, watched his sermons. Someone broadcasts his mouth

      Duck is nothing new but one - now they have also found a corrupt pro-NATO mullah ...
  4. Alexss
    Alexss 23 October 2012 07: 13
    Well, what is not clear about him? A typical political prostitute, only parasitic on religious grounds!
  5. nokki
    nokki 23 October 2012 07: 26
    Yes, she’s an obvious American puppet: she’s not a sheikh for a prostitute!
    1. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 23 October 2012 07: 48
      As always, the PUPPET MANAGER behind this preacher-provocateur wants to transfer the HATE OF ARABS to the WESTERN WORLD to RUSSIA. WHO STANDS behind him is a question to SPECIAL SERVICES (PLEASE PUT OUT OF THE EAR AND UNDERSTAND)
      1. Goga
        Goga 23 October 2012 08: 21
        Lekha, e-mine - Greetings, Alexey, everything is correct about the "puppeteers", but also from this "faithful" it smells strongly of gas (not in the everyday sense lol ) - Well, Qatar wants to replace our Gazprom in gas supplies to Europe, so that the sheikhs-theologians have come to use, naturally Russia is the first enemy - it does not allow Qatar to turn around in Europe with its LNG ... laughing
      2. Kaa
        Kaa 23 October 2012 08: 38
        Quote: Leha e-mine
        A PUPPETTER Behind this provocateur preacher wants to transfer the HATE OF ARABS to the WESTERN WORLD

        Specific allegations will soon follow, for example:
        1) The Russians steal all camels from the Bedouins.
        2) Russian tourists violate the ecology of the Red Sea without going to the toilet.
        3) Russian tourists take out the cultural values ​​of Egypt to the Hermitage, and even a couple of sphinxes have already installed a couple in St. Petersburg.
        4) Russian tourists deprive virginity of Egyptian fights in hotels.
        5) Aswan Dam violated the ecological balance and the usual way of life of the Egyptians.
        6) Russian scientists (for example, Fomenko and Nosovsky) undermine the Egyptian business reputation, doubting the traditional history of the Great Pyramids.
        Those who wish can continue the list ... recourse
        1. Lech e-mine
          Lech e-mine 23 October 2012 08: 43
          SO DEAR KAA, let them file a complaint against the RUSSIANS to the HAGUE TRIBUNAL, maybe they will consider your list of charges-I HOPE NATO AREA FIRST-WAY ZONE will not suit us.
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 23 October 2012 08: 48
            Quote: Leha e-mine
            I HOPE NATO A FLIGHT-FREE ZONE will not suit us.

            Yes, let it be arranged, all the same it will end with the fact that a no-fly zone will be established over the entire geo-pay, and the Russian soldiers in French cafes, again, like 200 years ago, will yell -FAST winked
          2. Kaa
            Kaa 23 October 2012 10: 06
            Quote: Leha e-mine
            I HOPE NATO A FLIGHT-FREE ZONE will not suit us

            I hope we arrange a no-fly zone ... over Europe ...
  6. Shooter308ful
    Shooter308ful 23 October 2012 07: 46
    Yusuf al-Qardawi is another but extravagant US prostitute. But we see a new vector in the development of the Eastern conflict. These extremists fanatics from Vera pointed out the direction in which they gave the command: "Fas!" And who pointed out in whose interests? Near interests (S. Arabia, Qatar) - this can be seen on the TV platforms from which this doll was broadcast, and Long-range interests are those who buy oil and gas from these "fat cats" without restrictions. (USA and NATO-EU ). It's simple, if you remove the "glasses" from the eyes and the "noodles" from the ears.
  7. haron
    haron 23 October 2012 07: 49
    "The Arab world has many enemies, and Israel should be at the very bottom of the list."
    Here it is, the first swallow of the true nature of the "Arab Spring".
    Regimes are destroyed, either those who fought with Israel, or harshly anti-Israeli.
    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 23 October 2012 08: 07
      What kind of nonsense? Mubarak’s regime was more than normal for Israel. Libya or Tunisia, where the line is from us. As for Syria, are we interfering with Assad? He even removed all parts from our border with a calm soul.
      1. carbofo
        carbofo 23 October 2012 16: 47
        Aron Zaavi,
        Normal people are not afraid, and ties do not hawala.
      2. saturn.mmm
        saturn.mmm 24 October 2012 00: 25
        Quote: Aron Zaavi
        Libya or Tunisia, where the line is from us. As for Syria, are we interfering with Assad?

        Just modestly occupy the Golan Heights. Aron always treats your comments normally, just a statement of fact with neutral emotions.
  8. BSSR
    BSSR 23 October 2012 07: 56
    I read the headline and didn’t go any further.
    Russia is not an enemy to anyone. We already had enough enemies
    If it weren’t for Israel, they would be biting each other, it’s their nature
  9. mnemonics
    mnemonics 23 October 2012 08: 55
    When this would-be Arab Al-Qardawi said nasty things about Russia, no one heard him. We decided to put "news" on the front page of all Western media, well, no sooner and no one will read them
  10. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 23 October 2012 09: 45
    uh, the article gives a little of opinea and paranoia ....
  11. omsbon
    omsbon 23 October 2012 10: 04
    This article is garbage, but it smells very bad!

    He supports the practice of female circumcision
    You will laugh, but I do not understand what it is about?
    1. tan0472
      tan0472 23 October 2012 10: 50
      Quote: omsbon
      He supports the practice of female circumcision
      You will laugh, but I do not understand what it is about?

      This is a clit removal. Because sensuality is a sin.
      Correct me Muslims - if I am mistaken.
      1. wolverine7778
        wolverine7778 23 October 2012 17: 25
        No religion considers female circumcision mandatory.
        Muslims consider this rite to be forbidden. Many sheikhs and ulama have issued fatwas declaring female circumcision prohibited. It is important to note the Sharia principle on the inadmissibility of causing intentional harm to health. Despite this, this practice has become prevalent mainly in Muslim countries, it is not mentioned in the Qur'an and is supposedly rooted in the pre-Islamic past. And in fact, it is a national custom that is performed by people of different faiths, for example, Coptic Christians in Egypt and adopted in some countries of East Africa, which is so often attributed to the Muslim tradition - in fact, it has nothing to do with Islam. Thus, all forms of female circumcision are strictly prohibited by Islam and are contrary to its norms, because cause tremendous harm to the physical health and psyche of a woman)
      2. Pimply
        Pimply 23 October 2012 19: 18
        This is more of a tradition. Wearing a burqa, for example, is also not a thing. Though...
  12. vorobey
    vorobey 23 October 2012 10: 24
    good day to all.

    Sheikh is not as stupid as we all imagine him. And the author of the article makes this clear. Pay attention and analyze coldly his statements. Neither Qatar nor the Saudis now have the power and technology to establish their power in the region, but successively with the help of the West, radical Islamists are gradually seizing power. Although financing comes from different sources, the main flow of kerosene into the fire is pouring from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They are even ready to leave Israel for dessert, because at the moment they are really being hindered by Iran and Syria. All statements about Russia and China are nothing more than rhetoric in an effort to weaken their position in the region. let's hypothetically imagine a map of the Middle East on which there is no longer the former Syria and Iran. Do you think the Muslim brothers will calm down? No, maybe this is absurd. but Turkey and Western Europe will be in line. The Americans will then receive the coveted dominance by eliminating the obstacles in the form of major players in both Europe and the Caucasus.
    1. skullcap
      skullcap 23 October 2012 12: 07
      vorobey (4) Today, 10: 24
      Sheikh is not as stupid as we all imagine him
      That's for sure. More complete this material is presented on:
      Excerpts from there:
      “Brothers, these days Moscow has become the enemy of Islam and Muslims, it has become the number one enemy of Islam and Muslims because it opposes the Syrian people. More than 30 Syrians were killed. What weapon were they killed with? It was Russian weapon ...
      ... Iranians and Russians are killing us Arabs. They are killing our Syrian brothers. They slaughter them. Don't think that the Syrian army is doing it all by itself. The Syrian army does this with the help of Russian weapons that Russia is sending ... "and so on.
      It is necessary for our respective services to provide maximum airtime and Internet time to those Islamic authoritative theologians who are telling the truth. All over the Islamic world.
  13. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 23 October 2012 10: 42
    “He is also implicitly, but more and more decisively, asserts that the interests of the Arab world coincide with the interests of the West and even partially with the interests of Israel.”
    Finally, it is frankly recognized that all this activation of Islamism, all these Arab revolutions are played out by the West together with the monarchical Wahhabist thugs of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to solve the global task of gathering the forces of fundamentalists and directing them against Russia. The scenario could be this: Wahhabism supporters, who have bred in Islamic republics of Russia, thanks to Arab emissaries and preachers, will declare all-Islamic jihad to Russia and begin an armed struggle with Western support and involving a huge number of mercenary bandits who have gone through Libya and are now gaining experience in Syria. Therefore, do not wait until this happens. We must act in advance and PRESS in the bud this Wahhabi infection NOW!
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 23 October 2012 10: 46
      Dmitry is smart, developed a thought.
    2. lelikas
      lelikas 23 October 2012 13: 20
      +100500, nevertheless, our triad shot at the wrong firing range.
      How much training warheads in Qatar would have looked very good as a reminder of World Peacee.
  14. Lesorub
    Lesorub 23 October 2012 11: 13
    Enemies need to be destroyed in a timely manner, and not wait until they summon thousands of armed fanatics and send them to us with "sponsorship" money .... and the death of their "martyrs" will soon be forgotten! For in their place new clowns will be found who will excite not the best minds of mankind - by any dogmas ... Quite small local camels have lost fear under the "pernicious influence" of Western patrons!
  15. nitrid
    nitrid 23 October 2012 12: 02
    Fear was lost, and there was no and no conscience at all, both in relation to us and our people. The truth is that the Arabs do not bet on those - the time has passed for a unipolar world.
  16. JonnyT
    JonnyT 23 October 2012 12: 48
    Hostile media began to program the consciousness of the masses, today one article, tomorrow another and third, and so on. Soon the truth and truth will sink in newspaper ducks and insolent lies, it will be difficult for an ordinary person to make out where the truth is, and where is the fiction! However, this tactic of programming consciousness only works with a narrow-minded person (ram)
  17. grandfather
    grandfather 23 October 2012 14: 48
    after the attack on Iraq, the following situation was visible: we are talking about the Middle East and blaming, but now it’s becoming clear that they are sending it all to Russia.
  18. Che
    Che 23 October 2012 14: 52
    Well, if the Arabs brought such crap among themselves, then Russia has nothing to do with it. Or amers again muddied.
  19. SlavakharitonoV
    SlavakharitonoV 23 October 2012 15: 45
    Yeah, and Russia is also the most important enemy of sexual minorities, etc., etc. These Englishmen would write about the weather. In London. So that the "colored" and "multi-colored" shirts of the guardians of tolerant relations do not lose their "color", and the British do not die from the "homotheticity" (lack of diversity, of course)) of their everyday life.
  20. Kievan
    Kievan 23 October 2012 16: 20
    The same is news to me. Enemy number 1 or enemy number 147? Who cares? All enemies are unfaithful to the faithful Muslims. It's just that they don’t say it in person.
  21. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 23 October 2012 16: 52
    Muslims are one of the four main religious denominations in Russia. Russian Muslims have no other homeland. Why are Russian mullahs worse than Arab ones? They sit nicely in a row., But it’s time to act. What they are not allowed on the Arab channels? So, you need to create your own.
  22. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 23 October 2012 17: 43
    Dozens of Shiite militants from Iraq, loyal to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, are fighting in Syria against the Sunnis on Assad’s side, Reuters reported citing sources in Iraq.
    This fact strengthens the influx of Muslim volunteers from different countries and, in fact, transfers the war in Syria from the plane “oppressed against the oppressor” to the plane “Islam against the infidels”.
    According to Reuters, “Iraqi Shiites believe that a Muslim uprising in Syria threatens Shiite influence in the Middle East, so they consider it their duty to help Assad, who professes Alavism (an extreme form of Shiism that incorporates various pagan beliefs, including the Christian cult of the Trinity) .
    Reuters writes that there are former members of armed anti-American groups among Iraqi Shiite militants.
    “We formed the Abu al-Fadal al-Abbas brigade, which consists of 500 Iraqis, as well as Syrians and several representatives of other nations,” said a Shiite fighter Abu Hajar in an interview with Reuters. “When hostilities began in our area, we conducted several joint military operations with the Syrian army to clear the areas captured by the rebels,” he added. Another mercenary named Abu Mujahid said Iraqi rafidites often participate in punitive raids on Sunnis.
    Meanwhile, Shiite politicians in Iraq say that the official leadership of the police did not give permission to participate in the hostilities in Syria, and "the uprising in Syria is the internal affair of this country":
    “We did not send any people to Syria .... Some people think that the war in Syria is permissible for them, so maybe some people went there without the consent of their leaders, ”said the senior leader of the Shiite organization Badr on condition of anonymity.
    However, the mercenary Abu Mujahid says that the leader of Badr was appointed by Iran just to coordinate the actions of Shiite militants from Iraq and Alawite forces in Syria. At the same time, Tehran is killing Syrian Sunnis with the help of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah.
    Iran itself had previously admitted that it had sent divisions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) to Syria.
    “We are participating in all aspects of hostilities, both in battles and in cultural struggles,” said General Salar Abnush, commander of the Sahib al-Amr unit of the IRGC.
  23. prototype
    prototype 23 October 2012 17: 53
    Yes, all this is a simple sharing of the skin of an unkilled bear i.e. Iran, Israel is not afraid of Palestine, it might even give up the land, if only Iran would not hit first, that’s where the fuss or sale begins, what Israel and the United States will backtrack on, which bones will be thrown and who will go for these bones? here they’re tearing their throats and w ... but, in the end there will be fun .. time, as always ... ut, Amer will fuck, the ridge will be broken by the Saudis and oil and gas will become the truth of democracy, Iran and China will make nice gifts, well, like permission to build a nuclear power plant without strong control and the Chinese will support the dispute over the islands under which there is no gas, and Russia is on the side, we are not a democracy yet, so they didn’t give us a word, well, or Buta will be returned, otherwise we’ll have enough talk! Everyone will get what they wanted, but we, as children, will be crap, and it’s a shame to admit, because big and healthy already, and growth in us under two meters, and all in his pants we shit.
  24. Bosk
    Bosk 23 October 2012 19: 25
    Shale ... definitely!
  25. Botanologist
    Botanologist 23 October 2012 22: 37
    And let this pi ... dor see whose weapon the whole Arab world is fighting. And then blathers, the louse is unfinished.
    Anyway, the whole world is fighting AKM and RPG. He doesn’t want to deal with Russia - please, hand over the AKM to scrap metal and fight Thompson. Or what to buy in your Arab garbage dump. Goats are bearded.
  26. Comrade1945
    Comrade1945 24 October 2012 02: 06
    “Russia, speaking out against the Syrian people, has become the number one enemy for Islam and Muslims. More than 30 thousand Syrians were killed by weapons that Russia put "
    Oh you bastard! (Sorry) Yes, such a creature I would only want to see on a branch ... Bargain corrupt. And I don’t need to say here who and what, and what is behind it: everything here is clear without further ado, so to speak.
    Our government would have something stronger for men and, apparently, a couple of three GRU officers would have done their job.
    A righteous Muslim, you know ... we saw such.
  27. sergey05
    sergey05 24 October 2012 16: 30
    Political prostitute.
  28. klavyr
    klavyr 9 November 2012 12: 44
    after reading, I suddenly remembered from "kin-dza-dza": "says what does not think and thinks what does not think" laughing